Your Federal Elections 2006

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into complaints about the income trust affair – a matter already under investigation by the RCMP.  The American market watchdog says it's taking "very seriously" the complaint made by NDP finance critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis. The RCMP is investigating opposition allegations that the decision on tax policy regarding income trusts was leaked prior to its Nov. 23 announcement.  Opposition politicians point to a flurry of market trading in the hours before the announcement by the Liberal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale and claim inside information benefited Liberal-friendly traders and investors.  Wasylycia-Leis filed a complaint with the SEC last month.  "We are taking your complaint very seriously and have referred it to the appropriate people within the SEC," legal counsel, Ann H. Sulzberg wrote in an e-mail to Wasylycia-Leis.  Sulzberg wrote that the SEC "generally conducts its investigations on a confidential basis and neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation unless we bring charges against someone involved." Paul Martin I told you not to bash Bush for you never know when you might need his help next. ( The Liberals next complained about the RCMP public remarks here and next blamed this event  as one of the main cause of their losing the federal lection 2006)

The RCMP  dismissed the notion the NDP MP Wasylycia-Leis's complaint may have been taken more seriously than that of someone outside national political circles. "At the end of the day, we're responsible to answer to a complainant, be it an MP or John Doe on the street."   and it is still too much  this Mickey Mouse RCMP crap that the PM, parliamentarian and legislative members do not carry any special  weights.  as for Mr Who? you do too often have to go public, contact news editors, write a book theses days to get the RCMP to do their work.
 "Phase II of the campaign and Stephen Harper began by setting five key priorities for a new Conservative government:

1. Clean up government by passing the Federal Accountability Act;

2. Provide real tax relief to working families by cutting the GST;

3. Make our streets and communities safe by cracking down on crime;

4. Direct help to parents with the cost of raising children; and

5. Work with the Premiers to establish a Patient Wait Times Guarantee.

Stephen Harper understands the importance of priorities. Know what you believe in, what you want to do, and have a plan to do it. Paul Martin, he likes priorities. So much so that he had over 56 top priorities during his two-plus years in office. To Martin, every issue is a very important priority…all very, very important. Canadians know that without clear priorities, one can find himself pulled in 56 directions. And end up accomplishing little…very, very little…the Martin do-nothing government.

Entitlements Paul Martin says, “The Liberal Party is not corrupt.” Canadians know better.

The Conservative Party has unveiled a new television advertisement designed to help put an end to the Liberal culture of entitlement and an end to money for nothing contracts."

I really also do dislike all these overpaid consultants working for the Liberal governments and not really producing much good too. This has been going on for the last ten years too even I wrote and complained about it.. but Mr Harper these basics are really not enough, not even by a long shot now too. We really need much more amd much better ministers, governments.

 B.C. coal port sale a political hot potato  Thursday, January 5, 2006       The proposed sale of a money-losing coal terminal in Prince Rupert, B.C., is creating strange bedfellows in the federal election campaign, putting Industry Minister David Emerson at odds with fellow Liberal and Transport Minister Jean Lapierre and on the same side as Conservatives who oppose the deal. Mr. Emerson, speaking on behalf of the B.C. Liberal caucus, believes the proposed sale to a partnership led by London, Ont.-based Fortune Minerals Ltd. should not go ahead and will take that position in talks with Mr. Lapierre, a spokesman for Mr. Emerson said Thursday. Mr. Emerson made similar comments over the past week to newspapers in Vancouver and Prince Rupert, which is about 800 kilometres north of Vancouver. Conservative MP John Cummins has been speaking out against the proposed sale for months, arguing that it would put an important public asset in the hands of a private company that could jack up rates for competing producers and use revenue from the terminal to support its own mine project in the region. Fortune says such concerns are unfounded.   The company is developing the Klappan coal project in northern B.C. and hopes to ship coal from that mine through Ridley Terminal.  Conservative leader Stephen Harper has promised to put the brakes on the sale until it can be reviewed. John Reynolds, co-chairman of the Conservative campaign, Thursday said his party wants a review of the process because the proposed arrangement is a “bad deal for B.C.” and that the facility should remain in public hands. Mr. Reynolds, who is retiring as an MP after the Jan. 23 election, said Mr. Emerson is contradicting his colleague now the proposed deal has become an election issue. “Emerson's now trying to keep some votes,” Mr. Reynolds said. Meanwhile, Fortune says it played by the rules in an open bidding process for the terminal and that a booming commodity market has raised the political stakes. “If [the price of] coal had stayed where it was and nobody cared about coal, nobody would care about this,” said Julian Kemp, a spokesman for Fortune. Ridley Terminals, a federal Crown corporation, is a deep-water port built in the 1980s as part of an ambitious scheme to ship B.C. coal to global markets and to spur economic development in the northeast part of the province.  But hoped-for prices did not materialize and the project was largely a bust. The Quintette mine, near Tumbler Ridge, closed in 2000 and nearby Bullmoose closed in 2003. Built at a cost of $250-million, Ridley never operated at its capacity and required federal funds to stay in business. The terminal was on the block in the mid-1990s but no buyer was found. The government tried again in 2003, issuing a formal request for proposals. Fortune Minerals and Federal White Cement Ltd., a privately-held company with its main office in Woodstock, Ont., formed Northwest Bulk Terminals Inc. and was selected as primary bidder by Transport Canada. Documents released by Mr. Cummins in October show the partnership proposed in 2003 to pay $20-million for the facility, including $3-million up front and the remainder to be paid out over 40 years. That raised howls of protest from Mr. Cummins and others who accused the government of sloughing off a prize asset at a fire-sale price. Coal prices have more than doubled over the past two years, with contracts soaring from $50 (U.S.) a tonne in 2004 to as high as $125 last year on surging demand from steel makers. The Ridley Shippers Coalition, a group of B.C. coal producers, has banded together to fight the deal, saying a sale to a private operator could lead to uncompetitive shipping rates and threaten an industry that's beginning to recover. Several new mines opened last year and more are scheduled to come on stream this year. Reasonable shipping rates are critical if B.C. producers hope to compete with Australian companies that have operations closer to ports, said coalition spokesman Pat Devlin. Leslie Swartman, a spokeswoman for Transport Minister Jean Lapierre, said the Ridley divestiture process has taken almost three years and was waiting for cabinet approval when the election was called. Approval is required before the government can enter negotiations with a preferred bidder. ( and this was why David Emerson became next a Conservative cabinet minister)

Not another Liberal Hot potatoe.. when will it stop these all of Liberal misdeeds? At least the NDP is smart enough not to go along with the bad Liberals too.. I expect them to rightfully keep it that way too... and never to go back and sleep with them again! Face it the main issue in this election is firstly kicking out the mostly useless PM and his bad federal cabinet ministers out of office.

It is all still quite simple getting more new Liberals, or more new Conservatives, or more new NDP, BQ does not at all insure even next a good government.. as we know now many times too.. - Yes bad immoral leaders, Managers still do choose mostly bad advisers,  bad subordinates .. mostly the people with their bad own values.. and we get bad service thus..
 The Liars especially make for very poor managers and poor cops, politicians  still.. for the really immoral persons still cannot think or do right. You cannot expect to hire bad, incompetent  people and get good results. Bad managers hire bad persons mostly still too. Still doing not much good is still a sign of a bad manager, subordinate too.
- Firstly choosing friends into a leadership position, or choosing some one at the suggestion of friends is the worst management thing you can do.. for next you cannot correct, punish, fire, discipline them.. ( Canada's number one hiring practice)
- Secondly Garbage in means still  garbage out and most of the politicians are still really just basic Garbage.. Allan Rock, Cotler, McLellan,  Mc Guinty, Klein etc.. I rightfully would have never hired any of them.. in the first place for they are immoral persons, liars  and their behavior firstly shows it..
Once the too often pretentious politicians do finish the pre-election posturizations, grappling with gangs and guns, they always still have to take a closer look at a much more serious and deadly old problem: "Car crash deaths outnumber homicides by almost 5 to 1.  "We don't call them accidents; we call them crashes or collisions. Most of them could have been avoided," Transport Canada spokesman Bill McCauley said  for droves of drunk drivers and scores of passengers without seat belts continue to perish on the roadways. Statistics show that 2,730 Canadians were killed in collisions in 2004, compared with 622 people slain in homicides during the same period." Yet the sensational shootings and stabbings get the more substantial media coverage, while crashes command very little attention wrongfully especially under the Liberals because drunkenness is too acceptable. Drug usage and Alcoholism has wrongfully increased under the Liberals.. Road rage and drunkenness are the critical factor in the human carriages  but still the immoral revenue generating quota traffic tickets still get most of the police wrong  attentions under our still here pretentious justice ministers too.