Dirty Politics
 World wide  and even in Canada today  Politics is too often a dirty word, and clearly a very dirty business, and this is always totally unacceptable.  Politics involves the governments, which involves always the good welfare of the citizens, and no amount of dirty business should ever be allowed firstly. All persons who participate in any of the related immoral acts, in human rights violations even in politics should be severely immedialtey prosecuted by by the justice ministers to  the full extent of the law and even put into jail as a deterrent to others who would be tempted to follow them.

More about unacceptable pretense, hypocrisy, human rights abuses and free speech violations..  I really do know that the Western Conservatives, meaning mainly the abusive bashers, rednecks posters mainly of Alberta would do well to post a similar code of ethics for their forums as did the Liberal Party of Quebec.  For it is clearly undeniable, that they the Alberta rednecks are trying to win, promote their immoral causes,  by any means, and at all costs,  the pro conservatives  supporters do still on their Internet sites such as the Western Standard, WESTERN CONSERVATIVES, DEMOCRACY SITES  etc., they do now wrongfully bash Canadian easterners, promote hatred towards Canadian easterners  as well and verbally abuse, insult, deny the freedom of speech of anyone who disagrees with their aims, approach now as well. This is real unacceptable hypocrisy and human rights violations on their parts.

"Your say. What must the Liberal Party of Canada do to regain Quebeckers’ confidence? What do you think?" Forum rules. The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) desires a full exchange of ideas and opinions to be done in a manner that respects all participants irrespective of whatever opinions they express, as well as the fundamental principles that guide us. Before we begin, a set of rules have been established, which we believe favor the respect and integrity of each participant as well as their opinions and positions.  It is formally forbidden to express opinions that might indicate prejudice against others. By prejudicial comments, we mean vulgarities, words that degrade others, obscenities, or written attacks that deliberately and maliciously attack individuals or groups. It is also strictly forbidden to discriminate based upon sex, ethnic origin, religion, social status, or sexual orientation. In a case where these rules are not respected, the moderators will be instructed to omit such comments from the forum.  The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) will not tolerate any harassment of one participant by another, nor is it allowed to repeatedly target another individual with harassing messages. In this regard, The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) is utilising technology that will allow us to take note of the opinions expressed before they are published. We encourage contrary opinions, and healthy exchanges, as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner. The opinions and ideas expressed in the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) forum belong to their authors and do not represent those of The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec).  If you feel that you have been the victim of actions that contravene these rules, do not hesitate to communicate with us immediately : Thank you for your cooperation. "

But speaking of the unacceptable political Hypocrites EVEN these Quebec, Canadian Liberals do now act  just as the bad Conservatives for they also do practice censorship and not free speech, democracy as I also  know firsthand they do still not post positive all of the recommendations now.  
I had recommended that  they get rid of the Liberal Leadership of the really  old men and women, and replace them with younger blood , and also rightfully get rid of Paul Martin MP as soon as possible for he still represents to most Quebeckers what is really bad, wrong  about the Liberal party. But they the Liberals  now wrongfully did not post my suggestions of course. So much for the pretense of free speech and democracy in the Liberal party as well.
I too have seen  a lot of losers even in Alberta and federal Politics still dumb enough to  think they could next  still win.. such as the PC E McCoy of Calgary SW who as a  predicted loser   she even was dumb enough to abuse  Klein in her Alberta premiership attempt and thus as predicted next had killed her own  Alberta political career. Then there was the loser Calgary NW potential MLA Harvie Thorgensen who had deceived,  lied to others and did not tell the public that he was also one of those losing elders who himself could not manage Calgary Christian Center before it went belly up and closed it's doors for ever so how could he be a good MLA next too? He this real loser lost hs attempt to be a PC  MLA and his money too.
One of the biggest losers was Montreal Westmount's Liberal MP Lucienne Robillard and you should have seen the real sorrow, the real tears in her eyes on last the federal election day when she and her other real loser Paul Martin  MP, the federal Liberal government,  were unexpected still to Liberal MP Lucienne Robillard defeated, and for yet she too could not see it coming when many, many others did. On top of that these same  Losers the federal Liberals are still dreaming they can come back big.. how really naive of them too.
Alberta's premier Ralph Klein is another sad loser who also could not see his own end coming too. He even got it wrong when he said S Harper would lose as PM. Makes you still wonder how long he Ralph rather really has been a losing  fool too?
" The  former Klein economic development minister Mark Norris, who was the first Tory leadership candidate to express public misgivings about the Third Way" now is the same loser politician  who lost reelection and now is still foolish enough to think he can be premier as well?  This same arrogant persons that had before he lostt his reelection he had threatened to take me to the Human rights courts to falsely, wrongfully  deny my right of free speech as  I had next  told the  community of Edmonton as to what he was really like and that was why he lost the reelection.
 By the way I still use my right of free speech. Such as "Why is it the Alberta Economic Ministers have been some of the most incompetent ministers even the last 25 years now too?" The most pretentious have been the health and justice ministers.
The unacceptable too often Personal Complacency by Politicians civil and public servants, even some of the citizens, specially about the  pretentious inadequate governments, leaders, managers  supervisors has wrongfully contributed to many of the present threats to public health, safety, the too often poor law enforcement as well.  There is no adequate substitute for continual supervision and continual enforcement of the legislated laws now as well. related Exposure and prosecution of the guilty as well.  The too often ill advised Personal Complacency by Politicians civil and public servants, citizens has wrongfully contributed to this  threats to public health, safety and has, has increased the associated economic costs now too.  Our politicians clearly do still do need to  take a more serious, real, valid managerial responsibility, personal accountability, valid actions even at  the federal and provincial levels too even when it comes to the good welfare, health of all Canadians in any issue. Yes  too  many of the civil and public servants, their managers, Ministers, politicians  they have merely gotten used to mostly lying and now are rather to incompetent to bring forth valid, positive, real effective  results still.    For the most part having  any of these self serving persons in politics in Canada is still really not acceptable. All of the Politicians, civil and public servants  are still being paid by the tax payers to look after the good welfare of all citizens and sadly this has not been the case the last 20 years even in the federal or the [provincial cabinets. It should be still the case.
 It is always the duty of every Member of Parliament, elected Legislative Members also to represent their local constituents, as well as the good welfare of all Canadians,  and to also  insure the proper application of all of the laws locally and nationally too. All of Canada's major news editor, Elected Ministers rightfully also do have got a copy of my own major listed concerns here too for I rightfully also do not accept their neglect of us all Canadians for I do readily use my right of free speech to all too. When the Civil and public servants, elected Members, Pastors, Misters do not do their duties, then it is the people who mostly and wrongfully suffer for it and that is still really unacceptable.The Civil and public servants also can firstly cut back on their first class travel, traveling abroad, their paid free lunches for themselves and their friends,  their immoral long breaks while they do their own business at the tax payer's expenses as well for a start too.  Do cut back on the programs to the rich as well now firstly too.
Yes, better personnel, better managers of the  civil and public servants personnel, resources, tax dollars are still needed as well as the public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons who have abused the tax money, the RCMP included, and it serves best for all too, as a deterrent to the others who may be tempted to follow too and this would leave more money for the social welfare recipients. 
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty tends to work best for all for  one still doing nothing about the bad, evil, wicked persons is to their false advantage still. All it takes for evil person now, a person note, to prosper is for the good person to do nothing about him or her. If the evil persons do not face real negative consequences they will have no reason even to stop their wrong doings, and  change now as well. I can also add that if the civil and public servant managers and their subordinates would stop their white collared crimes, would stealing. stealing even computers, software, supplies from their workplace there would be more money for the poor people, the social welfare  recipient's. What only about 20 percent of the people do steal form their work place? I heard firsthand one secretary boast to me that she used her work business charge card for office supplies to buy personal items for her home use and she did not consider that wrong now as well. A vice president of CN Railway used to steal his snow shovels from his work place by having one of the shop foreman's in the yard donate it to him. Now really don't tell me that is rare.. Executives, Accounting Purchasing and Engineering managers home computers and software, disks, etc., often come from their office.. and how many social welfare recipients have been equally supplied with Home computers. NONE!
Just the tip of the iceberg, for  how many more fraudulent civil and public servants do we also still wrongfully have in the rest of Canada too? The too often incompetent,  Pretentious cabinet Ministers have to take much of the blame for all of this still too. The nice thing about bad politicians is that what they are cannot be hidden for too long of a time.. it eventually gets exposed, and their bad deeds too.
No one had forced Stephen Harper to become Prime Minister of Canada, he had firstly chosen to do so by his own free will, even fully knowing as well what he was getting into beforehand, and he knew next also that he was the leader now also of a minority government too who would have to work with the other parties. He had even beforehand boasted of his skills, ability to lead as a PM well. But here is what I fine amusing he Stephen Harper  now, next is already preparing his excuses for his own inadequate leadership and demise as a good, skilled Prime Minister of Canadaby by now blaming beforehand the possible uncooperation of the opposition parties? not facing or admitting his own inadequacies rather in skilled leadership? How really inadequate and pretentious of him still then? I am also tired of the false diversionary excuses that too many members of the federal cabinet are now also giving for them also not doing their jobs adequately. The Conservatives clearly had said put us into office and we will show you the good we will do for us. Actions speak louder than words, tell them all to  stop the pretentious talking now and rightfully still do Show us all now.