The ties that bind VII
The Prime Minister later confirmed during the question-and-answer session that he had just held a secret cabinet meeting. A heavier than usual contingent of Commons security staff patrolled the halls of Parliament during Tuesday's cabinet meeting, barring reporters from areas they had routinely frequented under past governments. Any effort to control the media or restrict the flow of information to the public worries us because it chips away at a free and democratic society," said Arnold Amber, director of TNG Canada. TNG Canada, which represents media workers at the CBC and newspapers in many parts of the country, says the change is worrying because less access means Canadians know less about what the government is doing. "It also flies in the face of Harper's promises to make government more honest, transparent and accountable."  Amber said his union is considering ways to put public pressure on the Conservatives to lift the media restrictions.  Peter Murdoch of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union said MPs should also be upset and should use a Commons committee to take Harper to task.  "The media is accustomed to news management and spin, but hiding ministers from reporters is bizarre as practice and frightening as policy," said Murdoch.  "As representatives of Canadian journalists, we are alarmed at this tactic. It smacks of totalitarianism, not the democratic process we are used to in this country." As he answered questions on a wide range of topics, Mr. Harper appeared visibly annoyed when he was asked about his new media rules."I'm available regularly to answer questions if there are questions of substance," he said. Reporters who asked about the lack of access to ministers received short answers, and Mr. Harper would signal to his press secretary Dimitris Soudas to call the next reporter's name. Mr. Soudas has been assigned to control which reporters are allowed to ask questions during the Prime Minister's press conferences.
and is this how he and now many others will treat many other citizens concerns next too likely... and what is next? How will the other bad boys and girls behave in his absence now too?
But why is it the professing Canadian  Christian politicians now (even S Harper MP, Paul Martin MP , John Nilson MLA)  are still some  of the most abusive, oppressive dictators too? even those in the NDP  and many others I have personally dealt with in Canada, so why?  NDP Jack Layton also better not complain about the Conservative dictators for sure. But why?  They are not real Christians , the real practicing kind.

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Subject: Nice to know still that in a democracy as Canada

Nice to know still that in a democracy as Canada any citizen can write to any elected official at any time freely too. It is not spam but writng our lefitinate concerns to you.Thanks for your response, email, and it was unexpected too,  and now I can also next post it on the net to show all in Canada and world wide how the bad politicians even Conservatives, LIberal, and NDP do now still abuse good citizens of Canada like me that  do not go along rightfully with them too

Please, Please let us also recall now also rightfully  those still useless MPs, PMs MLA  now also such as the oppressive,  undemocratic ,dictatorial, Moore, James - M.P. , the pretentious MP Prentice, Jim - M.P. and  also  john nilson mla    the pretentious PM of Stephen Harper, Harper, Stephen - M.P. ;and the ex bad PM Paul Martin now as well. ;   I  too have found their replies to my letetrs is a good real barometer, example, evidence  of their actual state of real concerns for the citizen's own complaints, needs  and good welfare the last 20 years too. Is likley  how they do also treat the concerns, email of all the citizens in Canada still too?  Very Likely. Sadly very Not acceptable.

 I too have also been writing and posting complaints to Canada's politicians  about political, religious abuse in Canada for only about 15 years. Anyone who has read my letters knows I rightfully do not accept any personal abuse quietly as well, from anyone, not even from Pastors, elected officials, cops, lawyers. Now even one person  in Canada abused by Harper and his despots is still one too many, and especially now by any professing evangelical Christian now as well  I was personally now really shocked to find out  firsthand how abusive the new professing Christian Prime Minister of Canada, S Harper, from the Christian Missionary Alliance Church. He certainly is not a real Christian in my books. Harper is going overboard trying to shut down the free speech of a Citizen now too, and I do not take his orders, I do not even belong to his Conservative party.  How to write a letter to  a Member of parliament or a Member of the legislature safely   in Canada is the problem I rather do have . MPs and MLAs do not want me to complain about bad politicians so they wants now also to shut me up as well, me an ordinary citizen by abusing me, falsely denying my right of free speech to all the members of Parliament, to all of the members of the legislatures too.   "Someone should remind Stephen Harper  and all of our politicians that Canada is still a democracy.   Conservative rednecks openly abuse us citizens now and show their true colors. This type of false, dictatorial, undemocratic  control of communication is exactly what I have seen myself for many years with the  senior pastors, and their managers  at the perverse Christian Missionary Alliance churches in Canada . It is certainly both un Christian and un democratic, rather it is still demonic, or in this case very incompetent management.  All the lip say  only about democracy, still next indicates that the political Conservatives of Canada are Canada biggest liars, and abusers of other's human rights.  It is also sad the New Canadian Federal conservative Government and it's leader S Harper are really not any better, or different than the previous one. They too now are undeniably a pretentious bunch of liars when it comes to observing other persons human rights and free speech now too. The pit Stephen Harper now dug for other he has fallen into it himself.. Never mind his parties lying spin too it.  He has undeniably to all shown he is an immoral, incompetent, dictatorial manager of others too. S Harper also is undeniably clearly not a real Christian. He does  not follow Jesus now teaching on the subject own too. (Mark 9:35 KJV)  And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.   Did you ever even rightfully acknowledge any one of my many letters before to you now even? RSVP
Freedom of speech is still my right and I can always, still write to any and all, note all of the member of Parliaments, all of the members of the legislature, all of the news editor I want in Canada and whether you like it or not too. This is the law and reality you need to respect especially as an MP MLA and news editor too. You really do have it backwards for you work of us and we do not work for you. We the citizens still are the one who pre approve, and approve  too what you do. And if you do not like it yes you can resign , quit politics, stop taking the  pay we taxpayer's pay you.

Thank you for your note

ps:  I got another undeniable fact for you if   all of the pretentious mostly Premiers, PMs and Health Ministers had really wanted to find a real solution you would have done it  a long long time ago.  The Governments should fear the people and not the other way around.  The Governments should serve the citizens and not the other way around.  The polticians should be honest, hard working and not the other way around

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>    I'm not interested in your opiniions.
>    Thank you

 How did your email  compare to these as well now?

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Thank you for your e-mail.
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Thank you very much for copying me on your thoughts regarding health care.
Carole Taylor, MLA