The ties that bind IV
Like I have said many times now it is always still unacceptable also to next have had the local police come to my home after I wrote to a letter to a politician, send by the corresponding politicians even like the ex Conservative Ernie Eves premier of Ontario, and that now only took writing only one letter to him too, their unacceptable obstruction of free speech and of justice  to try to discourage me from writing letters to news editors, Premiers, PMs, mayors, and to the police too. Only six times the police wrongfully came to my home and I next told everyone how wrong and immoral that really was too in Canada.
 I have been writing to the last 5 Prime Ministers and federal cabinet ministers now federal. I was shocked to discover the most undemocratic and the most pretentious one in response and still wrongfully  was thus present federal Conservative government. They do not even make any pretense of democracy. They wrongfully now do not acknowledge any of my letters period. They are too high and mighty now for their own good it seems.
Still here is how I rightfully see it.  S Harper can spin his dictatorial approach all he wants even if he is sincere, he is sincerely wrong.  Democracy, Freedom, liberty, Equality, Justice are not just words, but real valid principles that need to be continually practiced by all, note all persons in Canada. PM, Cabinet Ministers, MP, MLA, professionals and cops too.  He S Harper  is still accountable to all the citizens of Canada and not just at election time He S Harper  works, is responsible to look after all of the Good citizens of Canada, all of them. But Harper left the Presbyterian church for the Christen Missionary alliance church cause he likely doe not support the new testament pattern plurality of elders, of elderships. he Harper likely prefers the one man show, the Judas approach or the King Harper approach.  He Mr. Stephen Harper has to stop pretending also he is any kind of a  Christian or needs TO GROW UP. MATURE, get back to the real Biblical apostolic approach,  become a mutual elder, practice reciprocal submission too, and not his  dictatorial one man ministry.   Valid, real Leadership is being mature to be one of the eldership.
"And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints." (Rev 5:8 KJV) 
I have also been writing and posting complaints about political, religious abuse in Canada for only about 15 years. Anyone who has read my letters knows I rightfully do not accept any personal abuse quietly as well, from anyone, not even from Pastors, elected officials, cops, lawyers. Now even one person  in Canada abused by Harper and his despots is still one too many, and especially now by any professing evangelical Christian now as well  I was personally now really shocked to find out  firsthand how abusive the new professing Christian Prime Minister of Canada, S Harper, from the Christian Missionary Alliance Church. He certainly is not a real Christian in my books.
This government has already Undeniably tried to suppress my right of free speech.  Harper is going overboard trying to shut down the free speech of a Citizen now too, ( and he has not denied it ) and I do not take his orders, I do not even belong to his Conservative party.  How to write a letter to  a Member of parliament safely in Canada is the problem I rather do have.  So a BC MP and  S HARPER does not want me to complain about Canada's Medicare they wants now also to shut me up as well, me an ordinary citizen? Get real! Conservatives are worse than the Liberals
Did you get the idea I rightfully do not support the bad politicians of any party now as well and that I do still expect all the cheats, liars, crooks to be put into jail ASAP.

 This undemocratic approach of the PM S Harper is just the tip of the Conservative Iceberg... Does undemocratic arrogance still define the PM and the PMO office too?

"Tue, March 28, 2006    CP    OTTAWA -- Security on Parliament Hill barred reporters from attending a pair of Stephen Harper photo opportunities yesterday as the Prime Minister's Office flexed its media messaging muscles.  The made-for-TV confrontation between security and reporters outside Harper's office door graphically illustrated the deteriorating relations between a PMO seeking total message control and news media defending their hard-won access.  It's a battle that's beginning to resonate beyond the precincts of the Peace Tower as the Conservatives threaten to hold secret cabinet meetings and withhold information about visiting heads of state.  "Harper ran on a campaign of open and accountable government," New Democrat MP Charlie Angus said yesterday.  "And the first thing we see him doing is putting plywood up over all his windows and barring access to the doors. My question is, why? What is Harper afraid of?" 

  Among a series of media access restrictions already imposed or being contemplated, the most inflammatory is a plan to bar reporters from staking out cabinet meetings, where they can ask departing ministers about their portfolios.  In order to stop the practice, the PMO is suggesting it will keep the weekly meetings secret. At a minimum, it hopes to force reporters to wait a floor below the cabinet room, so that only ministers who want to speak -- or have permission -- will face the media.  Other planned access changes include:
- Withholding basic announcements of visits by heads of state and premiers.
- Issuing in-house photos of closed meetings between public officials, such as visiting premiers and heads of state, rather than allowing news photographers access.
- Refusing to use the national press theatre, where simultaneous translation is provided, in favour of a more prime ministerial podium in the House of Commons foyer.
- Making lists of media wishing to ask questions during availabilities, then picking and choosing which reporters get to ask those questions.
The battle of wills came to a head yesterday morning over -- of all things -- a photo-op of cancer stricken youngsters with the Canadian Cancer Society giving daffodils to Harper in his office.
Twelve Parliament Hill security officers, triple the usual contingent, lined the short hallway to Harper's office door to make sure no reporters entered. "

"Harper cuts and runs —  But cutting and running is exactly what Stephen Harper is also doing with the Canadian media. He has muzzled his ministers, prohibited them from speaking to the media about anything other than the Conservative government’s five priorities: reducing health care wait times, reducing the GST, daycare, tougher criminal sentences and government accountability. The Prime Minister’s Office has to vet all contact with the media, including reviewing letters to the editor. Talk about keeping a grip on things. There is now talk that Harper may hold cabinet meetings at Dick Cheney’s home away from home--an "undisclosed location" and at a time that will not be publicly revealed. Arrangements have already been made to move the media scrums after cabinet meetings to a different location in the Parliament Buildings so ministers who do not want to speak to the press can escape the media hordes. Harper, to use his terminology ,is cutting and running. ...Harper seemingly finds it easier to put the men and women of Canada’s Armed Forces in harm’s way than he does putting his ministers in front of cameras. His avoidance of the media, and by extension, Canadians, is troubling. So much for the notion of accountability that ministers can freely talk about but not practice. The media espouses Canadian values that they define.  Many in the media would be quite pleased to see Harper and the Conservatives banished to a permanent life on the opposition benches--for the good of the country, of course. Instead of recoiling from the media and enveloping his government in a veil of secrecy, Harper should just learn to live with the bias of the media and get on with it. By attempting to avoid the media, not only is Harper making a joke out of government accountability, but he is showing that he is simply too afraid to allow his trusted ministers to confront them.  The media, no matter how unfair or partisan they are can be dealt with  . Shrouding the government in secrecy is not the answer.  "

 "Opposition Leader Bill Graham accused Stephen Harper's Conservatives yesterday of keeping Canadians in the dark about their agenda and restricting access to ministers.  "Citizens have a right and should know what's going on and the press is the conduit whereby that information is conveyed to our citizenry," Graham said. 

It  has been own my own years of wrongful personal experiences that too many Conservatives in Canada and their supporters are immoral, despotic abusers and dictators. They even wrongfully sent the police to my home to stop me from writing letters of complaints to news editors. Facts of which I continue to post on the world wide Internet.   Even since the start of the Reform party, too many Conservative supporters even MLA,  MPs  are undemocratic, ruthless and immoral opponents as I have often experienced firsthand wrongfully. And the past, existing related immoral governments wrongfully still also do nothing about it too.

The liberal News media is also still wrongfully using the wrong approach on Harper'S dicatorial approach, by merely asking the citizens simply  to stand up and to support them to get freerer access to the government. The News media next should just  do what it does best, merely produce more writings, more  research and report and more exposure of  the wrong doing of the Conservative government, honestly embarrass the government. When the citizens have had enough of the bad government exposure they will act next.
(Prov 22:1 KJV)  A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.
Please, Please let us also recall now also rightfully  those still useless MPs, PMs now also such as the oppressive,  undemocratic ,dictatorial, Moore, James - M.P. , the pretentious MP Prentice, Jim - M.P.   the pretentious PM of Stephen Harper, Harper, Stephen - M.P. ;    the ex bad PM Paul Martin now as well. ;    I found out from  a Liberal, as to why Paul Martin my MP does not do any real work on my behalf, even  a constituent member such as me. Unlike the honourable BQ MLA Pauline Marois who did the decent thing, she had  resigned her seat when she no longer had a heart for politics, especially after losing the PQ party leadership race, my  immoral, pretentious Paul Martin MP on the other hand is holding to  seat cause the federal Liberals do not want another by-election in case they are able to bring the Conservatives down, and/or in case they loose next. The PQ had a very strong showing in the last election in Paul Martin's Lasalle riding and which it was no surprise to most Quebcers now as to why. They clearly have not forgive Paul Martin MP twice  for his very bad leadership.   Face the Conservatives now also already are just as bad still as the Liberals they replaced in many ways, they are just as pretentious, dictatorial and really do not care for the good welfare of all Canadians but mostly their own still. How is it many still cannot figure out I will not stop writing till I get real positive results on all of this issues too.
Here is my past undeniable statement to many others now too: "The Conservatives are clearly responsible now even for the bad management and destruction of our health care system particularly starting in Conservative  Alberta.  Alberta's pretentious now ex health Minister Gary Marr was undeniably using bad medical consultants to do his work that he was being paid for rather. This alone was unacceptable. And now the clearly immoral, bad Conservatives Politicians in Alberta are trying o cover up their own inadequacies by killing our Medicare system instead of improving it. And when I had complained about it a federal Conservative MP had told me to shut up about it next in writing too. That was not the first time as well, the ex Conservative Premier of Ontario Ernie Ewes had sent the police to my home to try to shut me up too. Wow that was too much."  Face the Conservatives now also already are just as bad still as the Liberals they replaced in many ways, they are just as pretentious, dictatorial and really do not care for the good welfare of all Canadians but mostly their own still. How is it many still cannot figure out I will not stop writing till I get real positive results on all of my posted issues too. Let us also rightfully establish a universal, portable health care system in Canada. A Liberal supporter of Paul Martin was complaining to me today that he cannot move to join his son in Toronto cause Quebec Medicare is not portable to another province. How sad and pathetic. Maybe actually he is still better of with the good medical care he has been getting right now?