The ties that bind III
It is really unfair that when I start bashing the Conservatives the Liberals reply to my letters. And what the Conservatives  want me to bash the Liberals before they the  Conservatives do acknowledge them too? As you see I am keeping my word to you that I will be writing a lot about bad Conservatives  to many others also if the Conservatives do not change.
"I suggest we start a petition to be signed by all Canadians who value integrity, calling for Emerson's resignation and a court action by his constituents for "breach of contract." Toronto StarIt is ludicrous, unfair, unjust  to even try to remove this one person from a political  office alone now. To be fair, uniform in application, a Recall procedure has to be made for all, note all of the elected persons at the federal, provincial and municipal levels in all of Canada. Recall my present MP Paul Martin now included.

To my  own Member of Parliament Paul Martin MP.  Ex PM March 27, 2006

What you still do not even acknowledge my emails. My own Member of Parliament Paul Martin MP. What do you use your constituent resources then for? Unethical activities? No wonder you and the Liberal party lost the last federal elections. You all need to do some real work on the citizens behalf not mainly for your own. You want me to write to thousands of persons about this next too? Many other persons acknowledge my mails but you my MP do not and why is that now? RSVP Thank you
"(Revelations 3:18 KJV)  I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.19  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. ""  (Dan 4:27 KJV)  Wherefore, O king, (Ralph and Martin ) let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by showing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity."
For one of the most significant undeniable aspect of the Birth of Jesus Christ in a Stable  is that he came to the poor persons first..  so all of you do now stop robbing the social welfare, the poor of their money.
Alberta Premier Ralph Kleinís decision to introduce private two-tier health care reminds one of a quotation in George Orwellís insightful 1945 book Animal Farm. In that book, Orwell makes a satirical observation about the inequalities of communism. Amazingly, 60 years later with minor substitutions, it aptly applies to health care in Alberta, thanks to Kleinís democratically-elected Conservative government. That is, all Albertans are equal, but some wealthy Albertans are more equal than others.
The Fourth way Health care
There is a serious fourth way to keep and to improve the Health care system, and that is to manage the existing health care system better, seriously.
You think there can be no improvement here? Just sit down in the corridor anytime you want in any major Hospital and observe hospital employees leaving their cubby holes and walking around the hospitals cause they do not have enough to do? or what?

The Fourth way Health care,  just requires firstly seriously implementing positive changes and also now desiring to do so. Merely pretending to manage the health care system mostly by buck passing it down to line or to the  others is also  never an acceptable alternative approach as well  A complete basic very common, simple solution review of the how the complete health system is being now managed today is all that is needed. This ongoing detailed managerial reviews includes reviewing all the sub components and looking seriously at ways to improve their effectiveness. It includes a review of how competent the designated, existing  personnel really there are now as well, including how and why they were selected for their jobs too. This would as well require the need to review and to define all the bottle necks as well. Mostly pretentious health ministers and their deputy ministers at the federal and provincial levels rarely tackle such jobs.  

Putting into place the past  pretentious, incompetent health Minister like the ex health Minister Gary Marr of Alberta will still also never do. So a competent person a qualified manager needs to be put into place. The also unacceptable  practice of unnecessarily spending the rest of the designated budgets so that you can ask for more next year has also to be stopped too.

But you firstly have to really care about the good welfare of all the citizens to do any of this continuously and effectively . 

As many of you do know already I personally have been writing letters to PMs, Ministers, elected officials over 20 years. I personally have been writing letters to PMs, Ministers, elected officials over 20 years.Originally I started to write letters of praise to the federal Ministers I liked,  who I had thought were good ministers. And I next also got the gold embossed letters  from them and often too. These to me are mostly useless letters still. I am more impressed by real results on us citizens behalf. As time passed some of  those same Ministers next had turned out to be some of the most immoral jerks in our elected Parliament. Such as the federal Liberal Minister who went on to became the head the Post office and there abused his expense accounts and out tax money. I found thus that my Praising most  Ministers can get you an acknowledgment, but that is still too often a futile result.
I next started to write to my local MPs, as well as visiting their local constituent office on my behalf and those of all Canadians.. This too generally was both a waste of time and brought no real valid, effective, visible results. I found that visiting the MP office brought generally the same result as writing to them and in most case it meant nothing cause they clearly  were using their constituent resources for other things besides pretending to help the citizens.
Writing both the opposition parties and news editors works. But in fairness I had to first write to the parties concerned still and let them have a chance to deal with it.
Next I wrote about specific issues to the cabinet Ministers, and the results and responses varied on the provincial, federal, municipal levels. Most of the responses were disastrously pretentious or real inadequate.  Some of my first was to the Conservative Brian Mulroney and his bad justice ministers.
I also have had the police come to my home send by the corresponding politicians even like the ex Conservative Ernie Eves premier of Ontario, and that only took wring only one letter to him too, to try to discourage me from writing letters to news editors, Premiers, PMs, mayors. to the police too. Only six times the police wrongfully came to my home and I next told everyone how wrong and immoral that really was too in Canada.
 I have been writing to the last 5 Prime Ministers and federal cabinet ministers now federal. I was shocked to discover the most undemocratic and the most pretentious one in response and still wrongfully  was thus present federal Conservative government. They do not even make any pretense of democracy. They wrongfully now do not acknowledge any of my letters period. They are too high and might now for their own good it seems.
Still here is how I rightfully see it.  S Harper can spin his dictatorial approach all he wants even if he is sincere, he is sincerely wrong.  Democracy, Freedom, liberty, Equality, Justice are not just words, but real valid principles that need to be continually practiced by all, note all persons in Canada. PM, Cabinet Ministers, MP, MLA, professionals and cops too.  He S Harper  is still accountable to all the citizens of Canada and not just at election time He S Harper  works, is responsible to look after all of the Good citizens of Canada, all of them. But Harper left the Presbyterian church for the Christen Missionary alliance church cause he likely doe not support the new testament pattern plurality of elders, of elderships. he Harper likely prefers the one man show, the Judas approach or the King Harper approach.  He Mr. Stephen Harper has to stop pretending also he is any kind of a  Christian or needs TO GROW UP. MATURE, get back to the real Biblical apostolic approach,  become a mutual elder, practice reciprocal submission too, and not his  dictatorial one man ministry.   Valid, real Leadership is being mature to be one of the eldership.
"And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints." (Rev 5:8 KJV) 
I have also been writing and posting complaints about political, religious abuse in Canada for only about 15 years. Anyone who has read my letters knows I rightfully do not accept any personal abuse quietly as well, from anyone, not even from Pastors, elected officials, cops, lawyers. Now even one person  in Canada abused by Harper and his despots is still one too many, and especially now by any professing evangelical Christian now as well  I was personally now really shocked to find out  firsthand how abusive the new professing Christian Prime Minister of Canada, S Harper, from the Christian Missionary Alliance Church. He certainly is not a real Christian in my books.
This government has already Undeniably tried to suppress my right of free speech.  Harper is going overboard trying to shut down the free speech of a Citizen now too, and I do not take his orders, I do not even belong to his Conservative party.  How to write a letter to  a Member of parliament safely in Canada is the problem I rather do have. A BC MP and  S HARPER does not want me to complain about Canada's Medicare they wants now also to shut me up as well, me an ordinary citizen? Get real! Conservatives are worse than the Liberals