The ties that bind
RE: Like Jean Chretien, Ralph Klein can't see that times have changed.  Major tactical errors have touched our previously Teflon premier   Sheila Pratt, The Edmonton Journal Published: Sunday, March 26, 2006 

Now I have over a month ago I had published some very similar views on the arrogant Klein Canada wide on this site and lately next  on Conservative Blogs like the Western Standard Blog. Recently agreeing that it was really time for this old man Klein to go now as well for everyone's good welfare before he is kicked out.  But I have experienced that Conservative Blogs like the Western Standard Blog undemocraticaly now does not tolerate posting such truths as yours and mine. and what is the tie between them? what is the tie between Ralph Klein supporters and Western Standard Blog for it cannot be coincidental that they are both undemocratic, dictatorial , oppressive now too. Western Standard  sounds like it is a puppet of the other. We really do not need more Stalins, Mussolni's. Saddams, Hilers in politics in Canada.

"...Alberta's Rednecks demand to know now from Harper now "What is Alberta's place in Canada and how will the federal government address Alberta's growing wealth?  No change. Alberta has the same place it always had, along with BC, and as for Alberta supposed wealthy. Take the surplus money from rich Alberta and give it to the poor people of all of Canada of course. That is all fair and normal.  What else do they wrongfully expect a gold medal?" is also now not acceptable to post?

"So how did Ralph Klein, for years the leader who could do no wrong, get himself into such a mess this week? Mr. Populist Premier, just "Ralph" to most Albertans, the mastermind of massive Conservative majorities for a decade, suddenly finds his grip is slipping.  It seemed to happen so fast, but signs have been there for awhile. The trouble was, Klein had no intention of going along with the expectations of a quick departure raised by his declaration that this term was his last. . But in his arrogance, he blundered again with his decree that cabinet ministers who wanted to run for leadership had to leave cabinet by June 1 -- and then wait 18 months for a leadership contest. The biggest problem, of course, is a leader who doesn't know when his time is up. The Conservative party, so dominated by the cult of the Ralph, is ill-equipped to deal with this crisis. Not  Klein. Like Jean Chretien, he can't see that times have changed. He came into power to do one job, slay the debt.  His ministers came to power believing least government was best and any spending is a bad thing. How do you build a vision on that? But the Conservative party also reaps what it sows. The Klein revolution was elevated to religion and didn't tolerate dissenters. Anyone with new ideas or other approaches was pushed to the sidelines or drummed out long ago. As Klein got more arrogant, so went the party's image. What's interesting this week are signs that the public mood may be shifting. Only a few weeks ago, a lot of Albertans, appallingly, were still willing to forgive Klein for throwing a Liberal policy book at a page in the legislature. Who wouldn't get frustrated by those dastardly Liberals, radio talk shows babbled.  But reaction to Oberg's defiance seems different. On Friday, Oberg said two years is too long to wait for Klein to go. People in his riding are rallying behind him. Letter writers say Klein went too far by tossing out Oberg for saying what he thinks. In this one-party state, where so few people say what they really think, that's an interesting reaction.  But he's done the party a big favour by shaking it up before next week's leadership review. Klein thought he was in for a cakewalk. "

The Ongoing Invasion of Internet privacy, Violation of personal rights in Alberta
at  The Posting at this Internet discussion site is to be anonymous. But the Western Standard itself now access others persons personal computers while they make posts, does wrongfully even gets personal details, and also wrongfully often even deletes, censors the posts critical of the Conservatives. Some included here bel;ow

A Real example today:
>The Shotgun
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The Governments should fear the people and not the other way around
The Governments should serve the citizens and not the other way around
The polticians should be honest, hard working and not the other way around
Goood preachers work on Sunday as well.
 Why is the Conservative leaders and their supporters clearly make a mockery of democracy in Canada? Hypocritical and pretentious, the Western Standard now too. True enough most of the post deteailed here that clearly do not support the rednecks  were deleted. Not acceptable. This site is just another  bash the easterners, promote hatred against Canada alone.  

"Posted Comments"
 How long they will stay there before being deleted by the Conservatives is a related matter too 
"Our federal cabinet MPs are also no Rock stars but they sure like to live like one.
Harper jets to New Brunswick to hand out millions in campaign-style visit Fri Mar 24, 5:58 PM ET FREDERICTON (CP) - There's nothing wrong with using a government jet at taxpayers' expense to dole out millions of dollars in spending promises ? Even though they hypocritically criticized the Liberals for it.
Federal minister Stockwell Day checks out port security in Vancouver Fri Mar 24, 4:24 PM ET VANCOUVER (CP) -

The British Columbia government was compensated Friday for some of the costs of two major floods in the province in 2001 and 2003. Traded in his PR ski doo for a Jet? Afghanistan to blame for Conservative popularity dip in Quebec: pollster Fri Mar 24, 5:58 PM ET OTTAWA (CP) - Support for the Conservatives dipped in Quebec in the wake of the prime minister's recent trip to Afghanistan, bucking an upward trend elsewhere in Canada, suggests a new poll by Decima Research. The honeymoon is over so soon too?

and that is not the only reason.

While you federal cabinet ministers are clearly electioneering at the taxpayers expenses and giving out our cheques to the others I certainly rightfully hope you are not taking your pay cheques yourself now, for you have yet to even acknowledge never mind also to properly act upon one letter of my many letetrs to you as an ordinary citizen too since you have been in office. Paul Martin and S Harper, the Justice Ministers included,  as many can now know too the Conservatives really now are as bad as the Liberals.  Really all unacceptable
Posted by: Ordinary | 25-Mar-06 1:36:28 PM, you appoint Stephen Harper to Prime Minister and suddenly he thinks he can just traipse around Canada talking about politics.. the nerve of that guy.   What about Harper and them pretentious useless other Conservatives now doing real work on our behalf or they do not know how? Posted by: Belle | 26-Mar-06 1:33:24 AM   

"The Governments should fear the people and not the other way around
The Governments should serve the citizens and not the other way around
The polticians should be honest, hard working and not the other way around

Posted by: KT | 26-Mar-06 7:46:33 AM"

"Prime Minister Shut-Your-moith had put his clamp on cabinet ministers  "MR. DITHERS used to be our prime minister, but now we have Mr. Shut Your Face.  "Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed 28 cabinet ministers in training pants only a few weeks ago, but his office has already given them all a gag order. If he doesn’t trust them, why should we? A good question.  On top of that the gag order has become an poor excuse for ministers not doing much good for us citizens.. Harper recently gave the PMO authority to tell elected cabinet ministers exactly how to hold their tongues in public who in turn perceived that is a right to now next gag the citizens who complain and to tell them to take the useless ministers of any mailing lists from the citizens own complaints. want to read more?"  Posted by: Dithered | 26-Mar-06 1:15:54 PM

"Stupid citizens of Canada now clearly again got deceived by another pretender, liar to Canada's throne. Mr Harper etc.  Deal also with illegals, and those pervese, lying no good immigration consultants who for moey lie to their clietns and break their hopes and dreams Today marks the end of the line for the Ferreira family. With all avenues to stay in Canada exhausted — Joe, Elizabeth and their children, 18 and 21, are expected to board a flight to Portugal. The family lost a gamble that began when they decided to stay in Toronto illegally after a 1999 vacation, thereby embarking on a doomed dialogue with Immigration Canada from their place in the underground economy.  Theirs is an unfortunate tale and a cautionary one for those who spend thousands of dollars on bad-apple immigration consultants who advise (as in this case) to apply as political refugees from a country with a good human rights record. And they're not alone. As the Trotno Star reported last week, scores of other illegal immigrants, many of whom have worked for years in Canada, have received recent deportation notices in what is perceived to be a new climate of "rush, rush, rush" to get them out of Canada. The citizens requests and complainbts are avery 'low-priority' for this self centered, rather matrubating Conservative government Many people also now sympathetic to the Ferreiras perceive a certain irony in years of paying taxes while being nudged out of the country. Some criticized a shift in thinking under "Heartless Harper," as one reader called new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Others stressed that the role of undocumented workers in the underground economy is well established — the oil essential to a smooth-running machine. : "If it weren't for the Italians and Portuguese, where would the construction industry be now?" . He ruled out blanket amnesty last year but promised to take other options to his Liberal cabinet colleagues. And, while Tory Immigration Minister Monte Solberg has been on the job only two months, it was not promising last week when he said that Volpe's red-flagged issue had "low priority" for to find a way to "regularize" undocumented workers  While we differ on the contribution of undocumented workers, many of us are unanimous contribution about our useless, pretentious, ineffective new Conservative Ministers in Ottawa and elsewhere."
Posted by: Yeah | 26-Mar-06 1:25:31 PM

 .."publicly losing their sanity having lost the election" Take a look at the numbers - a MAJORITY voted AGAINST Harper. You may have the Prime Ministership but WE have the hearts and minds of Canadians (oh and a majority of SEATS). Who lost? and just look at how the redeneck losers behave, respond, they resort to name calling, slander, more undemocratic abuses showing us all here what big poor losers they are like still. Sad Sad Sad
Posted by: Jeannete | 26-Mar-06 1:45:17 PM

Posted Comments  you mean selected How long they will stay there before being deleted by the Conservative rednecks  Posted by: Bruce | 26-Mar-06 1:48:23 PM

Why is the Conservative leaders and their supporters clearly make a mocker of democracy in Canada?" 
To the Conservative, BQ, NDP, Liberal MPs and supporters.  The next federal Government too will likely be a minority one again.  I tend to be wise, simple, effective and not just because I am honest, mature but I have no hidden discriminatory, abusive agendas as well. I openly do advocate freedom, liberty, justice, democracy, honesty, fair play, effectiveness and not pretense. I also do not show partiality wrongfully  to a  majority or  a particular minority like Mr. P MacKay, or Ms. B Stromach's power, fame agenda as well.    The next federal Government will be a minority one again, and I have said it before, and I will say it again. Canadians and easterners, Quebecers do have 3  things  in Common, they do not like dictatorship or aggressors, they desire peaceful living, and they do mainly prefer a socialistic democracy. A government that fairy, equally looks after the good welfare of all the persons in Canada, including the young and old, rich or poor, male and female. Simple too.  And for very sure we presently do not have any such thing in Canada as our undemocratic leader the PM Mr. Harper clearly demonstrated that to us all.
To: ; Harper, Stephen - M.P. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006
Here is another undeniable unacceptable and perverse fact
When you access the supposed free speech, democratic site of  the sysop accesses your own personal computer to find all of the personal information about you, an unlawful invasion of privacy without ones prior permission, and this the federal Conservative government and it's Justice Minister, the RCMP should look into.  The same sysop who himself is not impartial, but another one of these self proclaimed Conservative supporter, a basher and abuser, who makes salnderous personal attacks on the posters rather than deal with the facts presented, he even has admitted to spying now on others in one of his post too.
I rightfully would like Alberta's human rights also to review these matters too as well as the Justice department
PS He had deleted my reply to him on this on him being an unlawful voyeur and other messages that were unfavorable to Alberta and it's hypocritical democracy

"In Reply to: Re: Harper government limits ministerial communication posted by Jean Pierre Ah yes, the xenophobic racism of central Canada! Why is it acceptable for you to lump all Albertans in the category of "rednecks" and "sluts", but if I were to generalize that all Quebecers are arrogant and demanding, the sky would fall! I see you're posting from Montreal in a province that eagerly demands and accepts hand-outs from Alberta. I guess the shame of that leads you to demonize your benefactor, like all spoiled brats. Al" "Posted by Al Gordon on 17:10:51 2006/03/20

Clearly here too the Conservatives are still the big hypocrites who themselves do not keep the laws they preach to the others