Still Applicable

In fact I rightfully insist on a full investigation  now not just a study of the the ethics of any elected official,  Member of Parliament, any Member of the legislature, any civil and public servants, cops, RCMP  or any of their relatives, family members  acting as landlord to government or doing any business with the governments... as well as their wrongfully Hiring Friends, Relatives for government jobs, contracts.
The Old writngs of mine  also still apply.
-The first thing I rightfully want is the all of the bad guys who abused the tax dollars in the sponsorship scandal as well now being sent to a real jail as  an example of real justice.
 The second thing I want is the RCMP replaced  by a real police that will go after all the civil and public servants that do abuse the tax payer's money.. next we can worry about recovering the abused money in Ottawa, Quebec, Alberta too.  

They may now even say the same words, but they do not mean the same thing, in fact the words do even have different meaning to them. It is amazing how even our elected Members of our political legislatures clearly cannot agree on what their own duties, functions now even are.. all while claiming  to be here to service the people, many they would like to add the note "as well", because too many rather solely self serving Ministers they do wrongfully still do think they are there to get rich, to still  make themselves more important, to advance themselves, their own incomes, pensions,  to look after clearly firstly themselves.

But the word "Minister" means to serve others not themselves, and it does not mean to be Ministered too.. as even the honorable Prime Minister Paul Martin knows...and rightfully also wishes some of his colleagues would follow his example, his understanding of what it means to be a leader.

The Minister who says she believes in a democratic government, also clearly does not even believe in the same thing I do, for apparently she thinks that democracy means now she can now do whatever she  wants without any personal restraints, even getting drunk at work at at the taxpayer's expense, having no inhibitions whereas democracy to me means in love being able to freely serve the good welfare of all others, and democracy has mutual positive restraints for the good welfare of others now as

(Jer 3:13 KJV)  Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou hast transgressed against the LORD thy God, and hast scattered thy ways to the strangers under every green tree, and ye have not obeyed my voice, saith the LORD.well.

False Buck passing.  still goes on in the civil and public services, governments, and it is even wrongfully used by many of the elected representatives., and that is why writing to the News media, the opposition party too,  is required now as well... so we can all know about the wrongs being done and deal effectively with them now too.

(Prov 29:16 KJV)  When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall. (Eccl 3:17 KJV)  God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work. 

Now I have dealt with too many bad federal cabinet Ministers, provincial ones too, and how one treats me is really how one generally treats the other citizens of Canada as well. For the most part the self serving persons in politics in Canada is still really not acceptable. Politicians are paid by the tax payers to look after the good welfare of all citizens and sadly this has not been the case the last 20 years even in the federal cabinet. It should be still the case.
The first time the Calgary police sent by the mayor of Calgary wrongfully had came to my home complaining about my letters to the News editor about the bad ex mayor of Calgary and the bad lawyers, cops, the bad  judges, bad pastors there  now as well and he the bad cop told me I could not write any more letters.. ironically at the same time my computer was sending faxes to the same news editors still.. Now I have had two more police visits, one sent by the ex Premier of Ontario and one by the RCMP and guess who sent them to my home too? I have been writing  now the last 10 years even since.. but I do more than write a few letters.. just do ask also  the US Representatives, Senators, news media who also get copies of my letters too. So we can all appropriately deal with my own being abused wrongfully now too. I let the whole world now know about it . What free speech is only for the too many  lying politicians, the crooks, the liars, the abusers, the rich and famous?
Kindly please do note this fact that all MLAs Ministers even have to get used too.. I and every citizen can write a letter, email freely to any of the supposedly big shots, the Premiers, ML As, Members of Parliament, News reporters, using my and our free speech in Canada because now this is a right of all, each and every Citizen. Now why is it any of the bad guys do not like me to use this right? cause they are bad.
Next the Bad guys trying to persecute, slander the rightful accuser, complainer  is also a something very old, not new acts. Still someone has to be a whistle blower too.
- The bad federal liberal appointees, ministers could have not got away with abusing the tax payer's money if also the civil and public servants now as well did not use an ostrich approach, they too had too often  wrongfully had turned a blind eye on the corruption themselves  too. This Ostrich issue needs to fully addressed to prevent this all from reoccurring too. At all levels now too, at the federal, provincial and municipal in Canada.
The political Canadian Ostriches are also  known for their lies, spins, denials, and that includes all those ostriches in all of the political parties too, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, lost party too.. I got news for them.. you can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time, but not all of the people.. and once exposed you look really bad, leave a real bad taste in our mouths at election time as well... so we spew you out of our mouths instead..
The bad people, the perverts, the abusers, the too often crooks who  tend to only care about themselves do not respect, keep the rules, but they often wrongfully demand the good honest people do, to the crooks advantage.. the crooks also do not like public exposure so they often try to intimidate you to be quiet, to shut up, and still to their advantage, for they do not like the public exposure, then everyone knows what they are really like and may do something about it.. why should anyone  play by the crook's rules, you can never win  with them changing the rules anytime they want.. all it takes for evil to continue to prosper is for the decent, honest persons to still do nothing about it. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty abusers, crooks is rather the best approach, solution.
It is not just the medical care system that is broken firstly.. there is a lot bigger problem.. the politicians now own words of promises are too often broken to start of with. They promised now this year  even the better management of our tax dollars, and does that also not mean that the federal, tax payer's money will not be used wrongfully to bribe the  provinces, municipalities still? 
You do not know what to believe as being the truth coming from Ottawa still ? for  it seems wrongfully  to change with the wind? No wonder the MPs also lose credibility with so many Canadians today too. Liars are what they are often now being called and not leaders..
One person who do not like the truth to be shared,  anonymously wrote to me and asked that I spend my time on developing more friends rather than posting the truths here.. He firstly does not like me openly grading the others, especially with a Failure grade.. and   I need more bad friends like I need Aids, SARS, Venereal disease..  read my lips... no thanks.. I have enough good friends as it is.. I do not need even the elected bad ones as friends, especially  those who do too often cheat, lie, steal absue others..
 I rightfully still prefer real, positive actions on our behalf from all of the elected representatives whose salaries we pay for as taxpayer's.
There is no doubt that millions of the taxpayers money are too often  been abused by civil and public servants but next the all of the related managers, subordinates  also will all wrongfully maintain their own innocence,  wrongfully justify their own poor actions and this is never acceptable, not to God firstly. 
The political Canadian Ostriches are also  known for their lies, spins, denials, and that includes all those ostriches in all of the political parties too, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, lost party too.. I got news for them.. you can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time, but not all of the people.. and once exposed you look really bad, leave a real bad taste in our mouths at election time as well... so we spew you out of our mouths instead..
Unbelievable! THE STANDARD SOLUTION TO ALL OF THE MUNICIPAL, PROVINCIAL NEEDS IS solely, merely MORE MONEY. First you ask the federal government for more money, next you merely cut the budget anywhere to save money, next you raise the hidden taxes the citizens already pay too much.. Make sure that you give more money to the civil and public servants, political points, fireman, doctors, nurses, police and RCMP especially, but generally don't bother to supervise them or hold them accountable for how they have abused the tax payer's money? God forbid that someone may be wise and really continually find out where the money is actually being wasted, and even replace the bad workers with God, qualified personnel. managers, supervisors  instead.
Hey I have said it.. rightfully too "How can is expect the politicians, leaders of Canada to be honest, spiritual when too many of Canada's Shepherd's, Pastors, leaders are not?"  My personal religious experience have been progressive but sadly too often backwards.. for the problem with the Christian groups now too, even the Brethren, Baptist, Alliance, Pentecostal, Full Gospel and  Latter Day Movements.. the problem is not  the  lies too often preached from the pulpit, books, Internet with their false biblical limitations in  any of these groups but still the real existence too often of the too much many liars, wolves in sheep clothing that  I do really find there all claiming to be preaching the word, serving Jesus Christ too.. and they are clearly not..  
but  guess what there are thus too may wolves in sheep clothing in the federal, provincial, municipal governments, civil and public services as well.. much too many.. fire them all there too now!