Here is the reality that the Canadian PM Stephen Harper should note still - Our new Conservative President  Stephen Harper thinks he can hopefully win the next elections by muzzling the evangelicals in his Conservative party such as forbiding them  stating the facts that the 2 gays being married in the RCMP is an clear evidence of the moral degeneration of the RCMP as well,  and this act of Stephen Harper may please many Canadians hopefully as a result.. but in reality he Stephen Harper PM  is now undeniably offending the right wing Christian majority of the US Republican government, and next even affecting our trade relationships, border crossing as well. Paul Martin MP the former PM made the same mistake now  and the new PM Harper has not learned from it too.

(Gal 6:7 KJV)  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
I like to check the facts, I often compare various news sources, even the Canadian and the US ones too.. funny how they differ. The US has made it clear on the border identification dateline. And it is unlike the versions the Canadian ostriches, Canadian spin doctors tell us.

Hostettler says terrorists enter from Canadian border, too  "By MARA LEE Courier & Press Washington bureau (202) 408-2705 or  June 9, 2006   "Indiana 8th District Rep. John Hostettler warned some Canadian journalists Thursday that their border could provide an opening for terrorists intent on attacking the United States.  Hostettler, the Republican chairman of the House's subcommittee on immigration, is checking on the nation's progress in creating a secure passportlike ID the size of a driver's license. Hostettler told Canadian journalists after his hearing that they need to realize if another attack happens inside the United States, and the terrorist has a Canadian connection, "the American people will require us to shut down the border. I hope that doesn't happen."  He mentioned a recent report about Canadians arrested on suspicion of a terrorist plot against the national parliament and other targets.  "We in the United States have a much more clear focus on the problem of terrorism, and have moved beyond denial that our own citizens are capable of terrorism. That doesn't seem to be the case north of the border," he said. He pointed out that people with names on the terrorist watch lists try to enter the United States from Canada five times as often as from Mexico. Now, 14 million Canadians visit the United States each year, and 16 million U.S. travelers go to Canada, a travel industry lobbyist testified at the hearing.  It has not been necessary for Americans to have a passport to go on a Caribbean cruise, drive to Canada or walk across to Tijuana, Mexico.  That's going to change. If a passport alternative hasn't been produced by January 2008, you will have to pay for a passport - currently $97 - to drive to Canada, too. Government officials hope the passport card will cost half as much as a passport.",1626,ECP_734_4761945,00.html  

The Canadian federal government and the police, RCMP wrongfully still do not do too much about hatred being spread on the Internet, nor the much too much pornography.. One of the most pervasive and destructive problems in our society is pornography as well.

"Glorify God in Your Body  “God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them” (Gn 1:27).

From the beginning of time, man and woman had a deep sense that the human body is sacred. Created in the divine image, the body is to be treated with respect. The People of Israel particularly gave evidence to this. The reverence with which they viewed the act of sexual intimacy as well as the procreative aspect associated with sexual love set the Israelites apart from other cultures in the ancient world. Many of these other nations engaged in acts and fertility cults which profaned the gift of sexuality. At times, when the People of Israel strayed and engaged in practices common to the pagan cultures, the prophets quickly corrected them, calling them back to fidelity to their covenant with God.

In his mission to the Gentiles, Saint Paul had to confront many pagan practices, including rampant sexual immorality. Many parts of the ancient Mediterranean world were infamous for their debauchery. Among these was the port city of Corinth. Paul patiently and zealously proclaimed the Gospel to these people, many of whom desired a better life, a more moral way of living. Ancient Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire, was also noted for the depravity of many of the more privileged citizens. The message of Christ, a message of love and of hope, of sacrifice, simplicity and chastity, was a welcome message among those who were disheartened by the corruption of the Imperial court.

In his Letter to the Romans, Saint Paul wrote: “I urge you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, your spiritual worship. Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect” (Rm 12: 1-2). To the Corinthians, Saint Paul wrote: “Avoid immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the immoral person sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore glorify God in your body” (1 Cor 6: 18-20).

Pornography: pervasive and destructive - In the climate of our society today, we recognize an alarming degradation of the gift of sexuality. Our society is inundated with sex and sensuality largely from the media. Films, television programs, and advertisements are loaded with sexual reference as well as the promotion of sexual promiscuity.

One of the most pervasive and destructive problems in our society is pornography: graphic films, photographs, magazines, etc., which violate human dignity by the gross misuse of the gift of sexuality. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains that “Pornography consists in removing real or simulated sexual acts from the intimacy of the partners, in order to display them deliberately to third parties. It offends against chastity because it perverts the conjugal act, the intimate giving of the spouses to each other. It does grave injury to the dignity of the participants (actors, vendors, the public), since each one becomes an object of base pleasure and illicit profit for others. It immerses all who are involved in the illusion of a fantasy world. It is a grave offense” (no. 2354).

Pornography is a cancer upon contemporary culture. Addictive in nature, many have been entangled in its lure and have caused great psychological and emotional harm to themselves and even to spouses and other family members. Furthermore, pornography frequently has been the underlying influence upon the behavior of rapists and sexual predators. Violence, sexual abuse, psychological trauma and ruptured relationships are the fruit of pornography, which, astonishingly, is a multi-billion dollar industry.

The accessibility of pornography has increased in recent decades. Through home video entertainment, cable and satellite television, and especially through the Internet, people have easy access to pornography. It has been reported as well that a hand held device, similar to a palm pilot, is being marketed which will allow consumers constant and private access to pornography at any time and in any place. This is a great danger for children.

Internet pornography is especially insidious. The Internet has become such an important means of communication and information within most households, schools and businesses. However, through the Internet, access to and use of pornography has become even more widespread, addictive and harmful. Father Stephen Rosetti, a licensed psychologist who is President of Saint Luke Institute, in an article titled “Internet Pornography: Raising the Alarm,” wrote: “Internet porn is doubly powerful by combining the addictive nature of the Internet with the addictive nature of sex. … Internet pornography has a ‘Triple A Engine’ which fuels its use: Anonymity, Accessibility and Affordability. It appears anonymous because one can use it in the privacy of one’s office or room, and not visit an ‘adult’ bookstore. It is accessible 24 hours a day. And it is affordable: many sites are free although there are pay sites” (The Priest, February 2006). In the same article, Father Rosetti sites the tragic consequences of this type of addiction: divorce, loss of family, social life and employment. Minors also could have access to this corrupting influence. Furthermore, as Father Rosetti also notes, minors can become ensnared by Internet sexual predators.

Morality In Media  -  In opposition to the degrading and devastating impact of pornography, efforts have arisen to eliminate this terrible cancer from our society. Among these is Morality In Media, a non-profit organization based in New York. Morality In Media seeks to stop the pornography industry through constitutional means.

The quarterly newsletter issued by Morality In Media reports on the regular efforts to combat obscenity and provides testimony of those whose lives were damaged because of pornography. In the October/November/December 2005 newsletter, one man explained his addiction: “When I finished high school and was not so busy, I was drawn to pornographic videos that I could rent from stores in my hometown. The more I watched, the more I craved. What I did not realize was that day-by-day, I was creating an empty pit in my soul that could not be filled with anything that this world has to offer.” The testimony of that author captures succinctly the trap in which people fall when they become exposed to and addicted to pornography.

I commend the efforts of Morality In Media and other organizations which, recognizing the positive value of television, film and the Internet, educate the public on the dangers of obscenity and pornography. I encourage all of the faithful, especially parents, to be conscious of the dangers of pornography and to ascertain that pornographic web sites are not accessible by children and youth.

Our contemporary age has experienced a vast plunge into carnal satisfaction and sensuality. Yet we know that in contrast to these problems we proclaim a message of charity and chastity. Genuine love and respect for human dignity enables us to see beyond the allurements of what some may consider “beauty.” Rather, genuine beauty lies in the awe with which we view the act of sexual intimacy, a love that is both unitive and procreative, a love that mirrors the sacrificial love of Christ for His Church. In acknowledging the beauty of sexual intimacy in the permanent covenantal love of husband and wife, we come to understand how pornography is a grave offense against human dignity. The mystery and beauty of the human body, too, is a reflection of the mystery and beauty of the Creator. Conscious of this great gift which has been entrusted to each one of us, let us all live, love and act chastely, with deep reverence for the sacredness of sexuality that we may echo to our own age the profound sentiments of Saint Paul: “Glorify God in your body” (1 Cor 6: 20)!  "June 8, 2006

(Jer 5:8 KJV)  They were as fed horses in the morning: every one neighed after his neighbour's wife. 9  Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? 10  Go ye up upon her walls, and destroy; but make not a full end: take away her battlements; for they are not the LORD'S. 11  For the house of Israel and the house of Judah have dealt very treacherously against me, saith the LORD. 12  They have belied the LORD, and said, It is not he; neither shall evil come upon us; neither shall we see sword nor famine: 13  And the prophets shall become wind, and the word is not in them: thus shall it be done unto them. 14  Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.
 Three years ago I specifically wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada, the federal cabinet, the news media  that if liberal Canada specifically the Canadian Government does not change it's bad, despotic attitudes towards the others, the poor and needy persons too, the US borders will be closed tighter and tighter. In spite of the many spins doctors in political offices, in the news media who wrote and said it never would happen it is coming to pass like I had said. ( I was also right about the facts that I had said beforehand the mad cow issue would not be resolved quickly as well, and I had long time before that had written that the  federal PC would lose even their elections and next cease to exist as a federal party too. )  Most of Canada's wealth comes from trading, business dealings with the US.

"It really is extraordinary to watch the Canadian establishment spinning as it tries to disassociate Islamist terrorism from Islam. Yet on the three occasions in the past 30 years when abortionists have been attacked in Canada, the crime was portrayed as being typical of pro-life extremism. Or when a tiny percentage of Catholic priests raped teenage boys, it was a "systemic problem within the Catholic Church." Or when Israel builds a fence to protect its people, it is somehow a product of an apartheid state. Look, it is hardly necessary to say it, but the majority of Muslims are not violent and condemn terrorism. But it is equally true that the majority of terrorism at this point in history is being carried out by people in the name of Islam. They tell us so themselves. They scream from the Koran as they decapitate men and women, or when they tape religious sermons before they blow themselves up..And spare me the argument about colonial oppression and suffering. In Pakistan and Egypt, for example, Christians have been persecuted by Muslim gangs. No Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist has shot a filmmaker nine times and then tried to sever his head as he lies on the street begging for his life, merely because he made a movie that offended their religion (as happened in the Netherlands). Goodness, don't lecture any Christian about being offended after weeks of anti-Christian nonsense with The Da Vinci Code. It may be that Islam has been hijacked, it may be that Islam is being exploited, it may be that Islam has been misunderstood. But if so, it is Muslims who have done the hijacking and exploiting and misunderstanding and the world is being punished for the errors. "

Do I think these Home Grown Ontario Muslim  terrorists should have been now jailed? Yes, and even  a long long time ago even before this when they were undeniably promoting hatred on the Internet, and in their mosques,  for they should have never been allowed to have even got get this far too. An ounce of prevention is always worth a tonne of cure. The RCMP have been far from great in these matter now too. They really should have firstly prosecuted these people for spreading hatred on the net and in their mosques even a long time ago and nipped it all in the bud instead of allowing it to escalate so they can look great in the news media PR next..

"It really is extraordinary to watch the Canadian establishment unacceptably spinning as it tries to disassociate Islamist terrorism from Islam. The spin doctor said... "No religion will permit any terrorism, and every religion will teach us to love and care for each other,"  The reality is that right now even  in Iraq, Pakistan, etc., Muslims Clerics are encouraging their followers in a holy war,  violence in the name of their religion. Islam undeniably now these days too world wide is certainly not a religion of peace. love, joy, but a religion of plenty of murder, hatred, revenge. These Canadian Islamic  terrorists they're against the Western influences even  in  Canada and in the Islamic countries and they do  have an adherence to violence to reach a political objective.  The spin doctor said that "The Canadian terrorist conspiracy should be “treated with the utmost caution and a large degree of skepticism” as “none of the alleged facts presented by the authorities can be accepted uncritically as true”, a commentator has said." Now this is the too common false Islamic spin doctors approach to the  negative self denial facts even about their own  mostly impatient too Islam's followers real reality, even  of the Muslims, their  too often tendency as well to violence to propagate their faith. and their not rather by using free speech. Islam preaches and it's followers  follows hard and often after  a Muslim only Theocracy state, and any more mostly pretentious dialogue with them will not change this reality.  Almost all of the  Canadians are pacifists, peace loving persons and do not go along with any terrorists. Our laws against these terrorists do have to be both implemented and enforced safe guarding our own personal Canadian rights and liberties too.  It was really wrong to have let the Muslims come to Canada... they mostly are very unlikely to change in their dogmatism for it is part of their fixed cultural values..It all should also provoke closer public scrutiny of the country’s too rapidly growing Muslim community. For  too many  Canadian politicians with their visible for sale, prostituting attitudes have undeniably made it too easy for the criminals, terrorists to come and to stay to Canada.

(Eph 5:1 KJV)  Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; 2  And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, ...11  And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. 
It seems these days that the only rights being falsely respected even in Canada is the right to be converted away from Christianity, and often by any means, using falsehoods included.  Such as the unacceptable, undeniable fact  Dan Brown's  book  The Da Vinci Code  contains 20 percent truth and 80 percent falsehood. And  it  is also  no secret that The Blasphemy And Deception Of The Da Vinci Code is clear, it is all fictional. The Da Vinci Code is a big lie, ridiculous and a 21 century myth.. "The Da Vinci Code" is trying to Cash in on defaming Christ.
The federal Conservative government should now deal also with this unacceptable Da Vincy absue of the Christians and their God now too. The hypocritical Peter MacKay MP included.
 and are there more Conservative wolves Mr Stephen Harper in sheep clothing still too??? do tell us now and ahead of time please..   "Canadian Conservative MP Calls Christian Political Activists “Taliban” and “Flowers of Evil” By John Jalsevac HALTON, ON, June 9, 2006 ( – The verbal sparring match began on May 28, when Conservative MP Garth Turner appeared in a television interview, alongside pro-marriage/Christian political activist Charles McVety.  The issue at hand was homosexual “marriage” in the RCMP.  During what McVety—who is involved in or represents the views of groups including Defend Marriage Canada, the Canada Christian College, and the Canada Family Action Coalition—calls a “spirited” debate, it came to the fore that one of the goals of Christian political activists is to work to ensure that anti-marriage, anti-life, anti-Christian Conservative MPs are defeated and replaced with more family-friendly and Christian candidates during the nomination meetings that will occur before the next election. Turner responded, accusing McVety and those who share his beliefs of employing anti-democratic tactics. On his blog that same night Turner responded to McVety’s arguments, saying “I have no time for groups in our society who try to force their morals, or their culture, on the rest of us.”  He concluded his remarks saying, “Call it Defend Marriage Canada. Call it the Taliban. Fleurs de mal [Flowers of evil]”  (  In a later blog entry Turner labeled those who share McVety’s views as “people who share his divine Kool-Aid,” ( an apparent reference to the infamous Jonestown Massacre of 1978, during which 913 members of the Peoples Temple cult committed mass suicide by drinking grape-flavoured Kool-Aid laced with potassium cyanide. And in another post he called those who would attempt to nominate politicians whose politics is informed by their faith as “religious  vigilantes,”  (  and elsewhere, “single-issue monochromatic militants”  (   And elsewhere, mere paragraphs after back-pedalling and saying "No, I did not call the fundamentalism Christians Taliban," he continues and compares the very same Christians to Afghan Militant Muslims, although avoiding the explicit term "Taliban," saying, "But a faith-based government? Forget it. Our brave troops in Afghanistan spend every day tracking down and squishing the freaks who tried that  one"  ( Joseph Ben-Ami, Executive Director of the Institute for Canadian Values, expressed his confusion at Turner’s accusations that recruiting supporters to attend nomination meetings is anti-democratic.  “When Garth Turner arranges to bring his family and friends to a nomination meeting on a bus he calls it democracy, but when a challenger who happens to be brown-skinned, or perhaps a member of the local church or synagogue, does the same thing for their family and friends, he calls them Taliban and accuses them of ‘taking over’,” observed Ben-Ami.  “Garth Turner’s behaviour is a sharp illustration of the vicious and deep-rooted bigotry lurking just below the surface of the secular-left in our society,” continued Ben-Ami. “People like him claim to be champions of tolerance, but when their own ideas and positions are challenged, they resort to name-calling and fear mongering, laughably invoking the principle of tolerance to justify their bigotry.” Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, a political group that helps the election of pro-life candidates, said of Turner, “We said right from the beginning that Garth Turner wasn’t somebody that could be supported. A lot of people said we just have to vote Conservative regardless of the candidates. And here we’re paying the price.” Hughes continued, saying “The Prime Minister has had this man in already and told him to clam up. Now the only thing is for his expulsion from Cabinet. That would satisfy the bulk of people who supported Mr. Harper from the life and family movement.” tried to contact party leader Stephen Harper’s office to find out if an apology for Turner’s remarks was forthcoming, but was unable to speak to anyone with information on the matter prior to publishing time.  Throughout the debate Turner has also—despite his often expressed approval of a majority-based democracy—repeatedly called into question the need for a free vote on the same-sex “marriage” issue in parliament.   In one post Turner admits that traditional-marriage supporters represent a large portion of the Canadian population: “In a moral sense,” he says, “they have a huge current behind them since most churches are solidly behind traditional marriage. In a cultural sense, many ethnic communities represented in Halton [Turner’s riding] are massively against same-sex marriage. In a political sense, these highly-motivated voters are not going to let their views be ignored.” Turner continues, admitting that he has also had strong reservations, “about the wisdom of the Liberal move to change the definition of marriage, especially without a whole lot more public input and debate.”  The Halton MP, however, dismisses the concern that the Liberal government side-stepped proper democratic processes in pushing through the same-sex “marriage” legislation, and failed to properly take into account public opinion on the redefinition of marriage. “It is behind us,” says Turner about the passage of the legislation, “the Right has been extended, and there seems no compelling reason to take it back.” He did not say whether or not the majority of Canadians being opposed to the extension of the “right” would be a sufficient reason. Numerous polls have indicated that the majority of Canadians are indeed opposed to same-sex “marriage”. A CBC poll conducted in January of last year indicated 54% of Canadians were opposed to Bill C-38, while a National Post/Global National poll in February of the same year indicated 66% opposition.  “I’ll go down fighting to stop any faith-based group, Christian, Islamic or whatever, from using our precious political system to impose their value system and religious beliefs on the rest of us,” Turner wrote on his blog on June 6. “There’s a reason wise people decided the state and the church should be separate, and Canada – proudly multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-hued – is no d**n place to start gluing them back together.” “That does not mean,” he continues by way of clarification, “we can’t be ethical, moral, responsible, principled and virtuous. In fact, our government should be an example of humanity gone nuts with goodness.” Throughout the debate Turner has repeatedly labeled himself as a “Christian”, although it is unclear if he draws his beliefs of what is “ethical,” “moral” and “good” from his Christian faith, or from some other unnamed source. "
Now realy are there more Conservative wolves Mr Stephen Harper in sheep clothing still too??? do tell us ahead of time now please..
"Liberal committee member Stephen Owen also plans to introduce a floor-crossing amendment that would enable voters to recall their local MPs if they switch parties. A by-election would be called if a petition signed by half plus one of constituents who voted in the previous election was collected within 60 days. "  Now let's also be fair,  Canada's Hypocritical MPs please don't make this a floor crossing bill, but a Recall Bill where a by-election would be called if a petition signed by half plus one of constituents who voted in the previous election was collected within 60 days want a recall for any reasons even for an MP  making false election promises. Recall Conservative MP Garth Turner too now.

Too many many people have said that the new Canadian  federal Conservatives are now as bad as the Liberals we had before.   Now I have also said that while both of them are professing Christians the new PM  Stephen Harper is no more a good Christian then Paul Martin PM was, and simply by comparing their daily behavior to that of the New Testament Bible's charateristic of what a true christian is.   (Mat 7:16 KJV)  Ye shall know them by their fruits.

These clearly Canadian ostrich offsprings  twins now what they do about even the basics says just as much about them as what they do not do.. for still they wrongfully both do not take a more active role in suppressing bullies, abusers on the Internet, and the too often lying lawyers in the Queen's court too, as well as not dealing more effectively with the increasing drug, alcohol problem in Canada and the pornography on the Internet.

"The CSIS, the RCMP, Liberals like Anne McClellan, the Globe and Mail and National Post, and last but not least Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have long complained that “Canadians don’t get it” when it comes to terrorism.. The CSIS and the RCMP say members of the alleged terrorist group were under surveillance since 2004. Senior ministers in the current government and its Liberal predecessor admit to having been made aware months ago of the police-intelligence operation against the Toronto group. Liberal Party Public Security Minister Anne McClellan and Defence Minister Bill Graham were apprised at the latest by December 2005.  Media reports, largely based on government, police and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) sources, indicate that Canada’s security forces allowed the alleged Toronto terror plot to take shape and grow over many months, even years, and that they did so with the approval of their political superiors... The Toronto group’s every move was being closely monitored by the state; security forces long had sufficient incriminating evidence to arrest many or all of the 17, but did not do so, preferring to “smash the terrorist plot” at a time of their choosing and in a manner suited to their and the government’s purposes; ... according to the admission of their own security operatives, watched as a terrorist group developed, choosing not to intervene when they had ample evidence to make arrests and lay criminal charges... Canada’s security forces have a long history of “dirty tricks” and provocations, including keeping alive the terrorist Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) in the early 1970s after it had collapsed due to state repression and the bankruptcy of its own petty-bourgeois nationalist political perspective. Revelations of RCMP illegal activities forced the Trudeau Liberal government to strike a royal commission, which resulted in the creation of a new security service, the CSIS, legally empowered to do many things that the RCMP had done illegally."" Not much clearly has changed here now even under the Conservatives or the Liberals?

"Oh Canada – Wake Up! June 10, 2006 09:19 AM EST   With the recent arrests of 17 alleged terrorists in Toronto, Canada and initial reports that they were planning a number of bomb attacks throughout the metropolitan area, it’s not encouraging that the appeasers and apologists are already out spreading their disinformation, and at least for one Canadian official, his naiveté. Toronto’ Police Chief, Bill Blair, after meeting with local Muslim “leaders,” assured the press that "It appears that a number of these young men were motivated by an ideology based on politics, hatred and terrorism, and not on faith," discounting reports that all involved have been described as “devout Muslims.”  In an equally inane comment, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Mike McDonell had the tenacity to remark that the 17 "…represent the broad strata of our community.” You mean the Muslim community, Mike? An unattributed RCMP official added assuredly that they were “Muslims, but not Arabs.” Wow, looks like the city dodged a bullet. What would have happened if they were actually Arabs?  Even further appalling is a report from Toronto’s Globe and Mail that RCMP Tactical-Squad Mounties had to go “sensitivity” training the week end before the raid that netted the suspects. The training included how to handle the Koran and making sure there were clean prayer rugs on hand in their soon-to-be prison cells. "Our officers need to be respectful," said RCMP spokeswoman Corporal Michele Paradis as quoted by the Globe and Mail. Apparently, however, lawyers for the group feel that the sensitivity training needs to go further. They’re already complaining that the copies of the Koran are in English, not Arabic.   With the latest revelations that the planned terror campaign included storming the House of Commons and beheading Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canadian liberals are shaking their collective heads over their “home grown” suspects and asking “Why us? What have we done?”  Wake up Canada. This is only the beginning."

Like I said the PM Stephen Harper is not even pleasing the American Conservatives.. nor the Muslims..

Another Islamic spin doctor says.. "Yet some questions plague my mind: why is it that when a Canadian Christian or Canadian Jew or Canadian Hindu or Canadian Sikh commits a crime, their fellow members in faith are not asked to apologize for him or her, but when a Canadian Muslim commits a crime, all Muslims are expected to do so? Why is the faith of a criminal associated with him or her only when it is a Muslim? " editorials/2006 Opinion Editorials/June/10 o/O Canada We Stand On Guard For Thee By Shujaat Wasty.htm
Here is the reality if one professing Christian kills a pro abortionist next  all Christians are tarnished with the same brush.. If one Palestinian is murdered by an Israel soldier, all Jews world wide next are tarnished with the same brush even by many Muslims.. all undeniably as well.  Do also note that this hypocritical Islamic spin doctor based in Montreal Canada should use his free speech and go to the Arab countries, specifically  Iran and likely be killed there next immediately for speaking out against the government, unlike as in Canada or he can try to convert a Muslim to Christianity and see what happens too.. 
"But while rebellion and a certain amount of rage may be normal for many teenagers, special conditions have to exist for that anger to be channeled into actual violence. An older leader can wield enormous influence over adolescents and young men, experts say.... and  "After the Vietnam War, and 2 million Vietnamese had died, why didn't we have groups of [Vietnamese] suicide bombers here in the US? There weren't any, because Buddhist priests weren't telling them to do that," says Marc Gopin, director of George Mason University's Center on Religion, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution in Washington""
Reality: Sadly even Islamic Young people follow the often false, hypocritical  paths of others near by, where it is supposedly easier to try to change the others instead of changing oneself...  and they too are significantly influenced by what they hear from the older folks, Imams, Preachers, at home, school, church, Mosque...  
Even in Canada Islam still has too much many bad leaders, Imams corrupting others with grievances and resentment against the West, while seriously neglecting to deal with their own personal, religious inadequacies and a false pride that crumbles under most critical scrutiny. "Muslims tend to indulge instead in blaming others for our ills; deflecting their own  responsibilities for failures that have become breeding grounds of violence and terrorism".  "The Arab countries are a dismal catalogue of entrenched tyrannies, failing economies, squandered wealth, gender oppression, persecution of minorities and endemic violence. The cleric-led regime in Iran seeks nuclear weapons and threatens to obliterate Israel, repress domestic opposition, and seek confrontation with the West"... the reality of the Arab-Muslim world as a undeniable pathetic  civilization.   The religion of Islam is undeniably still a self centered culture, even one  of denial, with them personally  too often refusing to acknowledge their  own responsibility for the widespread Islamic  malaise towards the good welfare of others that has left most of the Arab-Muslim countries in economic, political and social disrepair.   In Islam, there is no separation of the sate and religion, forced Islamic  religion, a dictatorial theocratic state  and bad politics are inseparable.and dominates the people therein -- plus  the Islamic  religion wrongfully practise tribalism, nationalism, cultural and religious wars.  Many  Muslims are the source of their own misery who are not misunderstood by the too many others that  see their too often unacceptable conduct as Rebels without a valid cause and a threat to their peace for it is too clear Islam wrongfully is not a religion of peace or of peaceful coexistence to begin with.

Also some ignorant Canadian ostrich is trying to tell us that Stephen Harper is dealing with law and order, accountability, Crackdown on crime. "The Conservatives have committed approximately $1 billion in new money over two years which will be spread out over more than 20 initiatives. Part of the plan calls for hiring 1,000 more RCMP members and having them focus on crimes such as fighting drugs, corruption and gun smuggling. In other words, crimes that perpetuate further crimes. It also calls for improvements to the RCMP training facility in Regina to prepare the new recruits for these battles. " and get real and tell us how much like the others will the RCMP also misappropriate of it now too and get away with it?

RCMP demanded $1.6-million for info request, report says   Look at this the RCMP openly makes a complete mockery of the federal conservative government accountability program but  the bad RCMP did not get away with it for they were exposed Canada wide for their dirty games.. for that is what the RCMP often is dirty... and what is the Conservative government, federal solicitor general going to continue to sleep with the dirty RCMP and do nothing about it wrongfully still too? 
RCMP demanded $1.6-million for info request, report says Globe and Mail, Canada - 13 Jun 2006 The RCMP demanded $1.6-million in fees from a journalist who had filed an access to information request even though the question could have been answered with a common computer program.  The finding by Access to Information Commissioner John Reid is contained in his annual report to Parliament, which summarizes his office's investigations over the past year. The Access to Information Act allows Canadians to request government documents for a $5 fee. Though extra charges can be added to cover costs such as photocopying or extra research time, the RCMP's large price tag led Mr. Reid to investigate the journalist's complaint.
RCMP criticized for $1.6-million data fee  Globe and Mail  RCMP criticized for $1.6-million data fee Journalist faced exorbitant bill for criminal records, report says OTTAWA -- The RCMP demanded $1.6-million in fees from a journalist who had filed an access-to-information request, even though the question could have been answered with a common computer program. The finding, by Access to Information Commissioner John Reid, is contained in his annual report to Parliament, which summarizes his office's investigations during the past year.  The Access to Information Act allows Canadians to request government documents for a $5 fee. Extra charges can be added to cover costs such as photocopying or extra research time, but the Mounties' large price tag led Mr. Reid to investigate the journalist's complaint.  The unidentified reporter had asked the RCMP to provide about 2.8 million criminal records from the Canadian Police Information Centre, with names removed. The journalist told the commissioner that the information would be used to identify trends and patterns on police practices and that the Toronto Police Service had released similar information, covering a six-year period, for $800. The RCMP told the journalist that $1.6-million was needed to pay for nearly 200 days of computer programming at a rate of $16.50 a minute, for a total of $1,599,840. "The Information Commissioner's investigation confirmed that the deposit demanded by the RCMP was far greater than the actual costs to the RCMP of complying with the request. Despite the amount of data to be depersonalized and prepared for release on CD-ROM, off-the-shelf software was available to accomplish the task using very little [police] processing time," Mr. Reid wrote. An RCMP spokesman said the officials involved could not be reached in time to respond yesterday to Mr. Reid's findings. The commissioner's report, which also ranks the performance of government departments in responding to access requests, was released yesterday, but written before the start of the new Conservative-led Parliament. Earlier this year, Mr. Reid issued a special report in which he sharply criticized the Conservatives for not honouring their election promise to include proposals he had made for access reform in their Federal Accountability Act.  Mr. Reid was appointed commissioner in 1998 for a seven-year term, but his report criticizes both the previous Liberal government and the Conservatives for the recent string of short-term extensions to his tenure. The seven-year term expired on June 30, 2005. However, the Liberals extended it by three months, then by another six months, using a section of the law that the commissioner says makes his job far less secure because the government gains control of the commissioner's salary and can dismiss him without approval of the House of Commons.
Like I had said before some ignorant Canadian ostrich is trying to tell us that Stephen Harper is dealing with law and order, accountability, Crackdown on crime   by hiring 1000 new RCMP officers.. Canada has enough revenue generating RCMP officers moistly being used for giving out quota oriented vehicular traffic tickets.. who as temp agents are sold out to the various provinces such as Alberta for this as well.
I would like to please know of the thousands of RCMP officer in Canada we even now do have specially how many of them are used for - 
1 now dealing with bullying, hate crime abuses on the Internet?how many convictions did they get  the last 3 years?
2: specially dealing with the too many civil and public servants who cheat, lie, steal tax payer's many convictions the last 3 years?
3: and how many are being used to deal with the increasing amount of pornography on the Internet and next just child molestation now too.. how many convictions the last 3 years?
4 even  how many are used to catch terrorists- catching an alleged 18 terrorists  so far is not impressive.
5: How many are actually involved in commercial frauds and crimes convictions and how many convictions in the last 3 years?
6 How many specifically  are dealing with the problem of Alcoholics, drunk drivers.. how many convictions the last 3 years?
7: How many specifically are dealing with the drug problems, drug users and drug distributors? how many convictions the last 3 years?
8 How many specifically are involved in auto theft, an ongoing, escalating increasing problem rather still  how many convictions the last 3 years?
9: How many specifically are involved with gangs, Asian gangs included.. how many convictions the last 3 years?
10: How many specifically are involved with border crossings, border security included.. how many convictions the last 3 years of the offenders have there been
11: And  is the RCMP really cost effective or prohibitive in practise to maintain keep now as well?
 or are 80 percent of them still  having a good time mostly giving out parking tickets?   and how many parking tickets do they give out, money generated in Canada now per year as well.   It is the average citizens who get most of the RCMP abuses now and not the real criminals still too?