Here also  is my real, undeniable  unacceptable personal Canadian experiences so far..
The way the too often still mostly pretentious Civil and Public servants, Politicians at the provincial and federal levels do now treat me, responding now very, very poorly to my letters to them, including in the province of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, BC  is the way they way they generally and unacceptable still do even treat the rest of the citizens in reality. Very Badly.
Secondly the past very bad, pretentious  Liberal Governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin mostly did not even bother even  to acknowledge my letters to them too, never mind to act upon them. Now what I want to know is the New Conservative government really now any better and how do they actually handle my letters to them and how does it show in reality? So far they too really are not any better. Unacceptable. Further more
Our Canadian PM S Harper names caucus chairs himself; critics see it as 'authoritarian' Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to appoint Conservative caucus chairs rather than allow MPs to elect them has raised eyebrows on Parliament Hill.

 When the Conservative Prime Minister enters the room for his early-morning staff meeting, the assembled employees should stand up as a show of respect.They should also click their heals and raise their right arms and say Heil Chief?  The request, according to sources, didn't get very far. But the message was still clear...   “It's called hub-and-spoke management and that's the expression he uses,” (or simply just  fascism? ) said a source who has worked closely with Mr. Harper and is familiar with his management style. “He is the hub, everyone else is the spoke and everybody basically reports to him so he has a clear understanding of what's going on in the organization.” It has been two months since Mr. Harper took the reins, enough time for the PMO to demonstrate a number of personality and management characteristics that will define the government...“Three-quarters of the job of being prime minister is knowing what's important enough to warrant your attention,” he said. “It's a recipe for disaster because the system gets constipated and secondly, you're essentially telling your people that, ‘We have no confidence in you. You're stumblebums and we wouldn't trust you five yards away from us.' ''But the Prime Minister's sometimes dismissive attitude toward the news media may also fortify the notion that he has a mean side, according to Mr. Donolo, the former Chrétien adviser. Finally, a once close adviser noted, Mr. Harper will have to resist taking on his ministers' roles, particularly in Question Period. Liberals will almost certainly try to goad him into answering as many questions as possible during those sessions, and even the most able politician is bound to make mistakes. “People put the question to him and then he'll go for it,” the source said. “And I'm sure the other side is saying, ‘Good, we'll just let him talk and talk and talk and eventually he's going to screw things up.' ''

Face it all of this personal aggressive assertiveness, paranoid defense attitude of the PM S Harper and his staff is still clearly defined as war, Harper's war room, negative behaviors for the persons without  any real  personal love, compassion, emphaty  for any of the others still too. It cannot really be acceptable forever and it does often next lead to personal health problems, all this still unresolved stress..

An inexperienced dictatorial PM unacceptably  trying to bite off more than he can handle still too. His government will last one year. In real life we all do even the PM still reap what we sowed.. sooner or later.

We still need a fully real, honest and democratic process in our governments in Canada.  We do need the governments still  to bring in all of the much-needed changes to do this, and we all will be still watching, and reporting to see that it rightfully does.   Many Canadians also already do understand the weaknesses of our Access to Information process and of our politicians too.

There also still appears to be something of a tradition in Ottawa and in our Provinces too, of unacceptably  telling even pre-election lies to the Canadian citizens.  A false tradition  of politicians pledging if elected next to bring about meaningful change even as  to how government operates and then next not keeping their pre-election promises. Many Canadians also already do understand the weaknesses of our Access to Information process. Lying to us citizens at any time is still unacceptable as well.

 For example the main core of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Federal Accountability Act, on which he fought and won the January 2006 election, was a promise to end an immoral culture of secrecy in Ottawa too. Stephen Harper promised that his government would be different. He promised to change the culture of obfuscation that cloaks the machinery of Canadian governance like a fog. His government would be open, accountable and transparent.

But on the very first day of this 39th Parliament, Treasury Board President John Baird confirmed that the Conservatives were sending the promised reforms to the Access to Information Act to a committee where they may languish and expire before ever becoming law. This is  rightfully fully disconcerting. 

Many Canadians already do  understand that the weaknesses of our Access to Information Act that has helped to produce an environment in which the sponsorship abuses flourished. Harper had promised set out to bring about changes that would ensure such abuses would never occur again. He Harper now too now had  lied.   Ottawa's mow often taxpayer's money still wasteful  bureaucracy,  has been no fan of access to information. Too many Bureaucrats wrongfully also now have caused delays in the government's free access process. The Canadian Newspaper Association, in a report last year, said that government agencies regularly red-flag access requests from media, subjecting them to unnecessary delay. Reid said in his 2004-05 report to Parliament that complaints about delays in access requests had risen 50 per cent. The past Tory platform promised to give the commissioner the power to order information released. It would throw open to scrutiny the hundreds of special agencies and Crown corporations.The past accountability platform of the Tories would compel bureaucrats to keep every jot and tittle of every meeting they attend. For an institution that has made a false  art form out of the use of yellow sticky notes, which can be easily removed from a file, to register all of its opinions, such a reporting requirement would be a major burden to the. But they all should bear that burden. Or now get another job, the politicians included.

"Experts, interest groups and opposition critics accused the federal government of backtracking on promises to open up more government business to public scrutiny.  One issue is the government's decision not to include most of its reforms to access to information legislation in the new act.  A draft bill will be sent to committee for review. The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation and the National Newspaper Association say the law should include provisions forcing public servants and political offices to keep a paper trail of decisions. "  "So we are concerned that the Conservatives' enthusiasm for access to information reform has waned somewhat now that they are in government. While the Accountability Act expands the reach of access to information legislation by bringing in significant entities that were previously excluded, it stops short of expanding its grasp. Without the powers recommended by the information commissioner and embraced in the Conservative platform, access to information that should be made public can continue to be withheld by determined administrators. This important bill should not be opposed on the grounds that it is not perfect. But it can and should be improved."

Harper also knows that government secrecy is a false curtain that can shield wastes and wrongdoings from any public scrutiny, and that greater transparency is an effective disincentive to all this too. The sponsorship scandal already has revealed some of the unacceptable procedural abuses that obstructed disclosure of paper trails or allowed bureaucrats to avoid leaving them.   There is also a nagging rightful doubt about the Harper team's complete support of real access reform. The dictatorial  prime minister has falsely slapped a muzzle on ministers and MPs. He has rebuffed the media, to the point of not saying when his cabinet meets. The PM  Harper, also has made it clear he wants to control or deny the media’s access to him and his cabinet. and who else? 

And  the news media does, however, have a major role now still to play in a democracy. It is the eyes and ears of the public. The general public can’t get to Ottawa to find out what’s going on so it relies on the media to do that. The media’s role isn’t simply to present the dicatorial government spin. It is there to inform fairly and factually. Harper, along with many politicians before him, may not feel he has to talk to the media but he does still have to talk to the Canadian public and still give an account ot them.  We still all do demand an open, transparent   government in broad daylight, not government by stealth.for without transparency, there is no real full accountability. Canadians need to know how policy in government is formed. "

The Conservative party’s loathing of public scrutiny should set off major alarm bells for us all," for it is more evidence of a hidden Conservative agenda..

Peter Donolo, a former communications director to Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien, also has said  "In my view this is a symptom of a much larger problem, which is this uber-control fetish they have in the Prime Ministers Office,"  "You have to have faith in the system — first of all the public servants and secondly your own ministers — to do their jobs." Clearing everything through the Prime Ministers Office, said the former PMO communications chief, "is just a recipe for madness and disaster."
We still need a fully real, honest and democratic process in our governments in Canada.  We do need the governments still  to bring in all of the much-needed changes to do this, and we all will be still watching, and reporting to see that it rightfully does.  
PS:  Apartment Rent is not affordable in Alberta. Even because few apartment buildings do  exist. Alberta is still mostly made up of single family homes. "One Calgary apartment building hiked rents for tenants from $700-a-month to $2,000   And with more people priced out of the home-buyer's league, a spike in rents across the province is inevitable.  Calgary city council is already musing about rent controls to curb the trend. But remember, this is laissez-faire Alberta and any move to mandate how much maximum profit a greedy landlord can make is guaranteed to be met with cries of communism and leftist meddling. The Calgary Drop-in Centre, the city's main homeless shelter, has seen its usage jump 15% in the last year, much of that due to new Calgarians who discovered their jobs don't pay enough to cover the bills.   More than 106,000 people used the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank last year and as many as 19,000 new clients are expected this year. Again, many of those newcomers to the city who've seen their dreams crushed by the weight of the boom. " Even single family home prices are already much too high and are rapidly escalating in Alberta.

It has been years since I have seen such truth posted as news and why not before? Alberta's Marketing people are known liars who also falsely  deny the existing negative realties of Alberta too