Bad Politicians

From the east in Newfoundland to the west in BC we still do have too many really bad politicians in Canada today still as well who are alcoholics, and those cheat, lie, steal.. all this is still always unacceptable. Now I have been rightfully writing. detailing  about the much too many abuses by civil and public servants, politicians for many years here too and how all alcoholic civil and public servants, politicians should be fired. recalled, made to resign as soon as possible, immediately, rightfully and why too. And rightfully no  tax payer's money should ever be used to buy alcohol just as it should not be used to buy cigarettes too or bad drugs by any civil or public servamts, politicans too.

"Alberta's Premier Klein's had wrongfully predicted another Liberal minority before the 2006 federal election campaign even started. Deputy federal Conservative Leader Peter MacKay uttered a two-word response to a question about how to handle loose-lipped politicos like Klein: "Duct tape." "

In December 2001, Klein showed up inebriated late one evening at an Edmonton homeless shelter. After berating some of the residents for not having jobs, he threw some money on the floor and left.  "I drink too much from time to time,'' Klein told reporters days later.

"There's an old saying in politics: Anyone dumb enough to run for the job is probably too stupid to have it,"  and  Politics no fun after you 'quit drinking': eh Klein "You get a lot of free dinners but after that you get sort of tired, especially when you quit drinking, and then it's no fun at all, so I don't know why they would want to do it," Klein said.."It really is probably a good thing that he's on his way out I think we need somebody a little more mature."  said a Calgary resident too.

Premier Klein of Alberta afterwards, now says any person is really stupid to go into politics..  or they are alcoholics who like to drink and party.. and do look at  who now was talking.. an admitted drunk too.. and  the foolish kettle calling the pot black.. Klein is a sore loser that he  himself got kicked out off office..

 This the same guy who stubbornly announced at the Alberta PC's annual general meeting March 31 that he wouldn't step down from the premier's chair until September 2008?   Klein had grown out of touch with the people. As soon as he announced during his speech he would stay on almost two more years, angry faces in the crowd made it obvious he would not get the kind of support he was hoping for  "For someone who can't understand why anyone would want his job, one has to wonder why Premier Ralph Klein hung on to it so tenaciously in the end." Why do he want the job, besides the power and the glory? Pride Had he, he'd have announced his retirement sooner and would have received a 90% popularity vote as a result. Now he himself has become a Canada wide laughing stock instead.

Here also is what I find really stupid about politicians and the federal, provincial and municipal levels.. the majority of voters are poor persons.. especially the younger persons, the seniors now too.. so it would appear to be natural sense for the politicians to have programs for the poor people to get their votes, support, Right? Rather wrong politicians tend to make polices and programs to support the rich folks because really they are hoping they will donate money to them.. the devil is really smart for he really   knows how to corrupt the government politicians and civil servants too.. the lust of money.. the root of all evil. 

Stephen Harper is "not only is he prime minister, but he's still sort of the archbishop of the right-wing church. " that show favoritism to Corporations and the  rich people and   the same "Harper makes medical wait-times promise disappear from priorities list" too showing more favoritism and false partialities towards the poorer persons again in the process. Meanwhile in Calgary Inn from the Cold, a network of more than 67 churches and organizations that provides meals and shelter for homeless people, said it has seen a record number of families in need of shelter. The organization warned that it may soon have to turn people away.

I can tell when I had hit other's sore spot in my political writings.. I just had two separate provincial MLA's in two separate provinces too acknowledgment of my latest email  about bad Ralph Kelin.. and I can assure you that is very rare.  You already know that Premier Ralph Klein who ironically like the Jean Chretien who  he bashed had overstayed his time too and was removed.. Klein too is one of the biggest jokes outside of Alberta, a big big Alberta embarrssement too. 

Bad Politicians? what can I say they too need to be continually fired, supervised, punished and this is not happening still enough.

And what is Stephen Harper also doing about this perversity now too? A corrupted Police chief of all things too. Not a good example to others ehh..

Top court tightens test of political corruption under Criminal Code CP - Thu Jul 13, 12:21 PM OTTAWA (CP) - The Supreme Court of Canada has tightened the legal definition of breach of trust, making it potentially harder to obtain criminal convictions against politicians or public servants charged with corrupt conduct.  In a 7-0 ruling, the court overturned a previous guilty verdict against Denis Boulanger, the police chief of Varennes, Que.   He was charged after asking a subordinate to write a traffic accident report that helped clear his daughter of blame for insurance purposes.  The high court said Boulanger's actions and intentions were not serious enough to merit a conviction.  It's the first time the Supreme Court has laid down a detailed definition of breach of trust under Criminal Code provisions that have been on the books since 1893.  The court said, in effect, that not every action that raises ethical questions is necessarily illegal. It takes a higher standard of proof to convict someone of a criminal offence than it does to impose sanctions under a disciplinary or ethical code.

Remember those too typical pre-election Conservative Politicians lying words  even about holding now real people in the civil and public services, governments  accountable now for their wrong doings.. well how many new persons have been prosecuted, held accountable since the federal election? how many??  Please do list them all by name.. again how many??
All persons who participate in any of the related immoral acts, in human rights violations even in politics should be severely immediately prosecuted by the justice ministers to  the full extent of the law and even put into jail as a deterrent to othernot covet s who would be tempted to follow them."
(Exo 20:17 KJV)  Thou shalt thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

The ambitious,  covetous Conservative person now  trying to get head, to get richer himself, herself  is also too ften a great oppressor of the poor persons, of others by deliberate, or subconsciously neglecting the others rights and needs.

(Prov 3:31 KJV)  Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.

(Prov 28:16 KJV)  The prince that wanteth understanding is also a great oppressor: but he that hateth covetousness shall prolong his days.

(Jer 22:3 KJV)  Thus saith the LORD; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor: and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.
OTTAWA (CP) - For decades, Liberals and New Democrats routinely used the same kind of cheque-swapping scheme employed by some Conservatives and which Elections Canada now says may be illegal.  But unlike the Tories, who continued to promote the scheme to help defray delegate expenses at their 2005 convention, the two opposition parties say they stopped the practice in 2004 after political financing laws were overhauled.  "It was common practice for all parties prior" to the changes in the law, said Liberal national director Steven MacKinnnon.  Once the changes went into effect in 2004, MacKinnon said, "We were warned away sufficiently by Elections Canada that we discontinued the practice."  Similarly, NDP federal secretary Eric Hebert said his party also "had that longstanding practice" of swapping cheques to help reduce expenses for delegates to conventions. But once the law changed "we stopped it."  Cheque-swapping, or cheque exchanges as the practice is sometimes called, had been going on for decades prior to 2004, according to Liberals and New Democrats.  Under the arrangement, a delegate would make a donation to his or her local riding association, the full amount of which could be claimed by the delegate for a tax credit. The association would then use the donation to pay for the delegate's food, hotel and travel expenses at a convention, bills which would not be eligible for a tax receipt if paid for directly by the delegate.  Essentially, the arrangement amounted to a public subsidy for delegate expenses.  Political financing reforms in 2004 addressed he practice. Under the reforms, personal donations were capped at $5,400 each year and, in a bid to prevent attempts to circumvent the limit, a clause was added expressly forbidding anyone from making a donation in the name of or on behalf of another person or entity.  E-mails obtained by the Vancouver Sun have indicated that some Conservatives were using cheque-swapping to defray their expenses for the party's 2005 policy convention.  "I can tell you that all EDAs (electoral district associations) in Alberta are doing the cheque-swap," advised Red Deer Tory organizer Linda Toews in one e-mail.  Elections Canada spokesman Dan Kingsbury said: "The situation described (by the Sun) may be contrary to section 405.3 of the Canada Elections Act, which is making a contribution using money, property or services given to one by another for that purpose.  "It may also be contrary to the provisions of the Income Tax Act respecting income tax credits, including the anti-avoidance provisions of that act."  Kingsbury cautioned that "before establishing whether a specific arrangement constituted a breach of either statute, the specific facts of that case would have to be considered."  Mike Donison, the Conservatives' executive director, has said the party had no knowledge that local organizers were using cheque-swapping and did not approve or condone the practice.  MacKinnon is not convinced. "Put me down as skeptical about that," he said.  MacKinnon said the Liberals went to considerable effort and expense to analyse the complex political financing reforms and to ensure no one in the party inadvertently breached the law.  Similarly, Hebert said he spent six months on the phone with officials at Elections Canada, going over every detail of the changes in the law. He acknowledged that some of the complicated details might have been lost on local Tory organizers, but he said it's the responsibility of the central party to ensure all party members respect the law.  The cheque-swapping arrangement is an additional embarrassment for the Conservatives, who are already facing a probe by chief electoral officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley for failing to disclose as donations as much as $2 million in delegate fees to the 2005 convention.  Kingsley asked the Tories two weeks ago to hand over their convention books. As of Friday, the party apparently had not yet done so.  Elections Canada spokeswoman Valerie Hache said : "An offer was made by the party to provide us with the required information on the matter." She added that Kingsley "will make a public statement when he deems it appropriate."
Make no mistake up it the news on Yahoo CP posts  has a leftist bias as compared to Goggle news. And a past approach that has partially worked well on 3 liberal premiers, the news media had exposed them as liars who did not keep their election promises.. Now the news media has a new twist.. they write that the Conservatives have not kept their election promises but actually ALSO do the same bad things they condemned the others Political parties. And so far this is true as well..  AND just look at how quickly the PM and his party, government forget about the inadequacies of Medicare once elected too.