The not discussed Federal election issues
Federal election 2006. Anyway this election firstly is about kicking out and replacing the clearly bad Liberals, bad Federal Liberal cabinet Ministers and the bad useless PM especially.. ( next it happened too and Paul Martin sneaked away in disgrace, humilation)
A good Canadian government would deal with these inadequacies as well
- Inadequate commercial crimes prosecutions, by the police and RCMP
-  Inadequate Consumer protections, prosecutions of false, planned bankruptcy, misleading false advertisement, corrupt business practices
- Inadequate self regulating societies of professionals including accountants, police, lawyers, judges
- The pretentious and inadequate public and civil servants, and their related services included even the Justice Ministry, Human resources, pensions services, immigration and refugee boards.
- The inadequate method of appointment of judges, commissioners including the police, immigration judges, human resources commissioners
- Theft and Expense account abuses by crown corporations, and the related managers, employees
Everyone says put me into power.. but few will not only not actually tell us what they will do if they are in power, and unacceptably few next also  will  really  keep their election promises,  rather next they  will look mainly after themselves and not after the good welfare of all the citizens..  the good welfare of the citizens includes issues just for a start such as -
1: The civil and public services in Canada are too often pretentious, inadequate, abusive even and no political party wants to really say what it will really do to fire them, to better manage them
2: None of the Political parties are discussing the overall better supply, management and delivery of our Health care system.. It seems for me the last 50 years the only way I get decent medical services is to go back a few times to the emergency departments.. for the local charge card happy  doctors do too often fail to do enough.
3: Rising costs.. we all know that fuel, energy, oil, gasoline costs are rapidly increasing.. and it is the poor people who will suffer the most for it too.. not the already too rich corporations.. and none of the political parties are presently adequately dealing with these unacceptable  facts.
4: Too many Politicians still do lie and do not keep their election promises and there still  is no provision to have them recalled.. there should be an opportunity to recall the lying, bad, unacceptable politician in mid term too. You know old fashion mid term exams..
5: We need an open, transparent  and fully accessible  government.. accountable and transparent on all of the tax payer's expenditures too..  with full disclosures.. not one that hides it's dirty deeds rather too often now.
6: Brain damaged alcoholic civil and public servants are not capable of doing good work.. really.. we know what impaired drunk driving does too.. Not one cent of the tax payer's money should be used to purchase any alcoholic beverages at any time.. not one cent..
Secondly all alcoholics, drug users in the governments must be given 30 days to sign up, attend a valid, certified drug treatment program such as alcoholic anonymous, their personally falling to do so they must be immediately fired from their jobs, or resign.
None of this is an option... none!
I also still do not have an extreme or unrealistic but rather rightful expectations   for I rightfully always expect all of the paid by the taxpayers public and civil servants, politicians not to get drunk on any of their working hours, and them not to be self serving but to really look honestly, fully after all the citizens good welfare in Canada, and no matter the citizen's status, colour, race and religion too. Not just to pretend to near the re-election times too.  I really do rightfully expect all these persons who do not measure up to this be fired too immediately, without any reservations too.
Yes the governments ARE only as good as the people elected, hired, working for all of us, the taxpayers too.
It is all ALSO still quite simple getting more new Liberals, or more new Conservatives, or more new NDP, BQ does not at all insure even next a good government.. as we know now many times too.. - Yes bad immoral leaders, Managers still do choose mostly bad advisers,  bad subordinates .. mostly the people with their bad own values.. and we get bad service thus..
It is an unacceptable fact still that many Business persons and politicians do still too often lie.. in Canada today... and generally do not face any negative consequences.

Martha Stewart's conviction upheld Appeals court affirms that the style maven lied to investigators about a well-timed sale of stock. January 6, 2006: 4:20 PM EST   NEW YORK ( - A federal appeals court Friday upheld the conviction of celebrity style setter Martha Stewart for lying about a stock sale. In 2004, Stewart was convicted on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements and her former Merrill Lynch stockbroker, Peter Bacanovic, was convicted on four of five counts against him.  An appeals court upheld Stewart's conviction for lying about a stock sale.   Shares of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia have lost almost 40 percent in the last year.  Stewart served five months in prison and near six months of house arrest starting in October 2004. The charges stemmed from Stewart's sale of almost 4,000 shares of ImClone Systems stock in late 2001, just before the shares tumbled following a negative FDA ruling about the cancer drug Erbitux, which was later approved for use against colon cancer. Stewart was released from house arrest last August. The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York affirms that her conviction will not be overturned.
 The Liars especially make for very poor managers and poor cops, politicians  still.. for the really immoral persons still cannot think or do right. You cannot expect to hire bad, incompetent  people and get good results. Bad managers hire bad persons mostly still too. Still doing not much good is still a sign of a bad manager, subordinate too.
Speaking of the liars..  Alberta prospers Average hourly wage jumped 7.5% in province last year.. and let us be fair and honest but what about the insurance, property taxes, electricity, fuel have they increased now as well and all by how much?

The farm, tourist oriented city of Calgary specifically is a Service town, white collared workers mostly.. meaning specifically it is made up of University, trade schools, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Hotel, Motels, Restaurants, Churches, Shopping centers, Warehouses,Office buildings, Police, foremen . It still has almost a non existent manufacturing industries. It has been rapidly expanding in home constructions and thus there is a storage of demand of construction, skilled trade personnel, plus a shortage of car mechanics, house hold appliances repair persons too and  for the last three decades now too.

But  it really surprises me when 42 percent of those surveyed by the Calgary of chamber of Commerce say they do really now  lack skilled workers to hire now.. specifically workers with what basic skills? a high school education or what..  or is it rather the very same old problem that most of these minimum paying jobs still really  do not cover the very high cost of living in Calgary and it is why more people do not move to Calgary?  They will always have these problems too till they first do resolve their very  high cost of living problems too..

Fact Check: Conservatives Would Put Low-Income Earners Back on the Tax Rolls where the Liberals had them the last 12 years.

January 07, 2006  On January 7, 2006, Stephen Harper told reporters: “Our tax package helps the 30 per cent of poorest Canadians who don't pay any personal income tax. Those people get absolutely no benefit whatsoever under the Liberal plan, and that's one of the reasons why our plan in total is so much more generous than theirs.”

"THE FACTS The Conservatives say a Stephen Harper government would drop the basic personal amount by $400 in their first budget. The Liberal increases to the Basic Personal Amount – the amount of income that every Canadian can earn before they pay tax – helps every taxpayer, but it also means that many Canadians will be removed from the tax rolls completely.  The Liberal tax plan will take 860,000 Canadians off the tax rolls completely – including 250,000 very low-income seniors. The Conservative plan to decrease the Basic Personal Amount would put almost 300,000 of these Canadians back on the tax rolls. Stephen Harper chose to announce his intention to put almost 300,000 Canadians back on the tax rolls on the same day that he proposed a tax break of $50 million a year for Canadians that are wealthy enough to donate their stock to a charity. Stephen Harper’s message to low-income Canadians? Fend for yourself."

After all the Liberals should really know for they unacceptably have been practicing this the last 12 years too.. it is only now that they are getting kicked out of office they start to pretend to care about the rest of the Canadians, the non liberals..  The rich despising and persecuting the poor persons in never acceptable not for any party.  The same Hypocritical Liberals are coming our with all these new plans.. if they were all so good why did they now firstly not put them into place 12 years ago when they were not being kicked out of office.. obviously they do not care about anyone but themselves still.

By the way it is estimated that at least 25 percents of the persons in the civil and public servants, working for the governments are heavy drinkers, alcoholics, drug users.. many citizens get really shocked to find that out still and that not much has been done about it still too..