Mickey Mouse RCMP
The Police are a necessary service, force in Canada too but I still cannot get over the real shock of my own personal human, legal rights being ravaged, trampled upon more than once too  by the too often immoral, pretentious, incompetent police in Canada and thus for anyone to  say that I am personal rightfully dissatisfied with the police forces or their past, present supervisors now as well in Canada, the RCMP included would be still a gross rightful understatement. Some persons say it could be a lot worse. but I would  reply and say it needs to be a lot better.
"The thing we feel needs changing the most is RCMP investigating RCMP."  and I said the same thing and how long have I been saying that to the justice Ministers, only about two decades. I have encountered bad perverse RCMP police in 4 provinces of Canada, and I never once had the RCMP police complaints commission also do one honest review as well. I have often witnessed that they the RCMP do do lie in their reviews. Note this Stockwell Day MP. 
My past complaints now included even like having rightfully an totally independent body Police review board and this should be a federal standard for all of  the cops, the RCMP too  in all of Canada firstly, and also  a totally independent body  review also should apply now for all of the professionals, and their regulating bodies too, even those too often immoral professionals such as lying, crooked lawyers, tax evading accountants, the doctors who sexually abuse their patients, the immoral and incompetent judges, the abusive church pastors, and the bad civil , public servants, bad commissioners and their bad subordinates and managers now  too.  You all should by now know I believe that self regulation is often mere masturbation and not real justice being carried out.  .
"Even from my own personal experiences the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP  should be clearly  disbanded, and so should the RCMP for that matter now as well!  Self management, self regulating of all organizations, personnel tends to be still just immoral masturbation.. civil and public servants, police, RCMP, lawyers, pastors, doctors and nurses included.  As a matured person I also do write from my direct personal Canadian experiences, that includes my experiences with the RCMP, even the RCMP Commercial Crime Division and the RCMP Public Complaints Commission too. Fire the RCMP and their bad supervisors, regulators and replace them by a decent police force for a start. Prosecute also now as examples the too many bad RCMP cops too  in Canada. Close down the RCMP   " 
It would be a gross rightful understatement to say that I am rightfully satisfied with the generally poor and cost ineffective output of the RCMP who seem to use the news media to promote their supposedly good work because clearly it does not seem to be too obvious to the rest of us.. These too often abusive, incompetent, pretentious Mickey Mouse cops have outlived their usefulness, they should ASAP be disbanded and replaced by a new and  decent police force in Canada. And they have not made me change my mind on this the last 20 years too. They left a real bad taste in my mouth, it makes me want to vomit them...
In the undeniable perverse Canada today it is mostly the too often even perverted, immoral professionals, politicians, civil and public servants who have rights, and  their rights now enforced, but not the ordinary citizens of Canada mostly still, and this is really unacceptable as well. Too many civil and public, civil servants, politicians, professionals still do think they are above the laws and are unacceptably not being held accountable still in Canada today.
My point is that  everyone need to be properly supervised, even the Police, the RCMP and Professionals, judges now too, the News media as well, and not by masturbating self regulators now  too.. and yes everyone can and should be held accountable for their poor acts now as well. Conservative Ministers too.
"Mother of man killed in RCMP custody in B.C. doubts charges will ever be laid  Mon May 29, 05:46 PM EST  By Terri Theodore VANCOUVER (CP) - The heartsick mother of a young man killed after he was arrested for publicly drinking beer is doubtful charges will ever be laid after her son was shot in the back of the head while in police custody.  Linda Bush, who has filed a civil suit against the RCMP and the provincial government, said Monday past examples indicate charges are never laid against police in British Columbia in similar situations.  Ian Bush, 22, was arrested Oct. 29, 2005 after being caught drinking a beer outside a hockey arena in Houston, in northwest B.C.  About 20 minutes later he was shot to death in the local police detachment's interview room. Months later, the family's lawyer learned Bush died from a shot to the back of the head.  "I think there are no situations in B.C. where charges have been laid," Linda Bush said in an interview. "I know it's extremely rare."  Her B.C. Supreme Court suit against Const. Paul Koester claims her son's death was "directly caused by the unlawful assault and negligence of the defendant."  "Constable Paul Koester pulled out his gun and shot Ian Bush in the back of the head," the statement of claim said.  The suit, which also names B.C.'s attorney general, contains allegations not proven in court.  Bush said she filed the suit after learning of the police shooting of Kevin St. Arnaud, who was shot after apparently confronting an officer in a field near Vanderhoof, B.C. in December 2004.  After 14 months, RCMP decided not to lay charges against the officer.  The RCMP Public Complaints Commission is investigating the shooting on the grounds the officer may have improperly discharged his firearm.  Bush said she's been preparing herself for the fact charges likely won't be laid in her son's case.  "There are no witnesses, there's nobody to say exactly what happened other than the officer," she said. "So I'm not confident. I'm very hopeful still, but not confident that there will be charges laid."  Bush said it will be a matter of the officer's word and forensic evidence.  But she said she hopes the lawsuit will prompt investigators to decide to lay charges despite the difficulties.  "If it was a case where it was another individual who had killed Ian, that person would probably be in jail waiting for this investigation to close," she said.   RCMP have told Bush their investigation is complete and now in the hands of the New Westminster Police force for an independent review.  However, she said it hasn't been made clear to her if the New Westminster detachment is reviewing the investigation process or if it's an actual review of the shooting death of her son.  New Westminster police spokesman Staff Sgt. Casey Dehaas confirmed Deputy Chief Mike Judd is conducting a review of the RCMP's investigation.  Meanwhile, Koester is apparently working desk duty at a different B.C. police detachment.  Bush said there should be some kind of civilian oversight in British Columbia for these types of investigations.  "The thing we feel needs changing the most is RCMP investigating RCMP."  She said the lawsuit and her push for answers has brought back the same raw feeling she had in the days after Ian died.  "It's difficult, but it's also very necessary."
The first thing I rightfully want is the all of the bad guys who abused the tax dollars in the sponsorship scandal as well now being sent to a real jail as  an example of real justice.
 The second thing I want is the RCMP replaced  by a real police that will go after all the civil and public servants that do abuse the tax payer's money.. next we can worry about recovering the abused money in Ottawa, Quebec, Alberta too.  
More federal  money is to be given to hire more cops, especially the RCMP but nothing is being done to better manage all of the existing police in Canada still, nor providing for  having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide laws and justice system in Canada, that treats everyone equally, fairly, the cops too, and all persons, citizens, professionals as well. That includes having fully independent regulating bodies, judicial legal appointed authorities, for the police, lawyers, accountants, doctors, civil and public servants, politicians included, to honestly, fully investigate and to deal quickly, effectively with any, all of their wrong doings now too
OTTAWA -- The Mounts and other Canadian police forces can deal effectively with only one-third of the organized-crime groups they know about, Because of thier own undeniable limited competence, in my own 15 years of experiences of dealing with them, they Canada's police forces have been rather have been not adequately managed by their superiors. and they are uneducated Mickey mouse cops too who are too often  liars, abusers, incompetent, pretenders and who are mainly qualified to give out parking tickets. No amount of further training will help them, they rather do firstly have to be fired, their superiors included and replaced by more competent personnel. Putting more money into a pail full of holes is a waste of tax payer's money resources thus.
Now putting more of the taxpayers money into the  Police, RCMP, Municipalities, or even into the overall Medical care system, building new Hospital too often still does not deal with this real need, problem of having adequate  personnel management, or the clearly bad existing  managers that have been hired.  At least 15 percent of all budgets should   provide for the existence of the adequate, competent  middle and senior managers now as well. It generally is not.
"Potential terrorists lurking in Canadian cities, says spy agency  "CP - Mon May 29, 02:41 PM EST  OTTAWA (CP) - Canada has its own crop of homegrown terrorists capable of acts like the deadly attacks on London's transit system last summer, says Canada's spy agency."  I have long time ago said how incompetent they the RCMP and CISS, Canada's Home land security now all  are at catching terrorists in Canada too and the major police forces should be all replaced totally
ONE TRYING TO GET ANY VIABLE ACTION FROM MINISTERS, CIVIL AND PUBLIC SERVANTS IS MOSTLY LIKE BLOWING HOT AIR INTO THE AIR AND TRYING TO GET IT BACK.. UNACCEPTABLE....   any one can be a bad  dictator, leader .. but even the dictators tend to get removed as well.  I really also do think it is very obvious the citizen want it when they say they want good, honest government in Canada and that means competent, good cabinet ministers too!!!
Immediate valid steps need always to be taken to insure we always do have fully competent police personnel and not a fictional intent or a false assumption that the police are doing their duties. for this  is not at all adequate and the steps should always should include 

* To establish, maintain adequately  a dedicated or distinctly identifiable Independent  Police review board at all times

* To provide these boards  with independent investigative resources.

* To ensure greater independence in the arrangements for investigating complaints against any of the police.
* To make it obligatory to hold an adequate inquest in all cases where police officers were involved in not only  a person's death but also in any of  their Human and legal rights abuse 
All this now being done noting firstly  the key issue is one of political will but also a legal and moral necessity in all parts of Canada now too. My own personal witness is that this has not always been the case even in major cities and provinces too not even in the last 25 years too.
The main issue again this week for me seems to be insuring that we have both adequate federal and provincial solicitor generals insuring that we have an honest, just, fair Police force in Canada,  the RCMP included. If only one cop was bad I would still rightfully complain about it and I would still rightfully do something good about it, and how much more now that there are too many bad cops still.