OTTAWA -- The Mounts and other Canadian police forces can deal effectively with only one-third of the organized-crime groups they know about, Because of thier own undeniable limited competence, in my own 15 years of experiences of dealing with them, they Canada's police forces have been rather have been not adequately managed by their superiors. and they are uneducated Mickey mouse cops too who are too often  liars, abusers, incompetent, pretenders and who are mainly qualified to give out parking tickets. No amount of further training will help them, they rather do firstly have to be fired, their superiors included and replaced by more competent personnel. Putting more money into a pail full of holes is a waste of tax payer's money resources thus.
Also look I have said it many time before once you have even been appointed a prime minister, federal cabinet ministers, it is time to put away your resume, and rather it is time to really start working, to even stop using any tax payers money for personal lobbying or lobbying of one's party but now solely to start effectively managing the governmental resources,  for the good welfare of all, note all of the citizens. To next do anything less is unethical and clear grounds for immediate dismissals, removal from office too.  And so far in my own direct experiences this new federal government is just as unacceptably bad as the past  bad Liberals who where were kick out of office for being really unacceptably bad too.
"Conservative government does flip-flop on release of ministerial agendas   Friday, May 05, 2006  OTTAWA (CP) - The Conservative government is moving to ban the release of prime ministerial agendas, a surprising change of heart after fighting the Liberals for the documents for years.  Government lawyers told Information Commissioner John Reid's office Friday that they intended to proceed with a Federal Court case over the prime minister's agendas, as well as those of other cabinet ministers.  "The new government has confirmed their instructions and they're moving ahead," said Daniel Brunet, a lawyer with the commissioner's office.  The case was born in 1999, when then Reform Party researcher Laurie Throness made six requests for then-prime minister Jean Chretien's agendas, detailing his daily appointments.  The Privy Council Office refused, Throness filed a complaint with the information commissioner, and the issue landed in Federal Court.  Now Throness is chief of staff to Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl, and in the strange position of having his name in court affidavits taken on behalf of the information commissioner.   Perhaps even stranger, the Harper government is effectively preventing Chretien's agendas from ever seeing the light of day.  Other requests for agendas of the transport and defence ministers, as well as RCMP records of the prime minister's agendas, have also landed in Federal Court.  The case has moved sluggishly, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees on both sides, and will likely take years to resolve. Former prime minister Paul Martin's office last summer had also indicated its intention to fight the release.  A Justice Department spokesman said parliamentarians can have their say during upcoming debates on reforming access-to-information laws.  New Democrat MP Pat Martin, who follows access-to-information issues, called the government decision "a stunning about-face."  "The fundamental basis is you have a right to know what the government is doing with your money, and that includes the movements of the prime minister," Martin said.  Since Harper was sworn in earlier this year, he has moved to curtail the flow of information about his office.  Visits of international dignitaries to Ottawa are not publicized, Harper's travel plans are only made public shortly before he arrives in a location, and reporters have been barred from the area directly outside cabinet meetings.  "It was the culture of secrecy that was allowed to flourish under the Liberals, and that seems to be the single identifiable motif of the Harper era so far, and that's almost compulsive secrecy," said Martin.   The Conservative government has recently come up against the information commissioner over proposed reforms to access laws. ''
Now we also do know that the next federal election will be held next June likely when the BQ will turn on the Conservatives..   and when the Liberals have their new leader in place too.
Any major political party that wants to be a majority government needs to  include now all of these items too.
1: We believe in providing always, immediately  free, full effective medical care in Canada for all citizens of all ages, race, sex as well.
2: We believe in an accountable and a fully held responsible federal, provincial, municipal  governments where each, every  individual(s) in the government  is next held fully accountable for how he or she uses, or abuses any of the tax payers' money.
3: This includes having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide laws and justice system in Canada, that treats everyone equally, fairly, all persons, citizens, professionals as well. That includes having fully independent regulating bodies, judicial legal appointed authorities, for the police, lawyers, accountants, doctors, civil and public servants, politicians included, to honestly, fully investigate and to deal quickly, effectively with any, all of the wrong doings now too
4 We believe in having adequate, uniform  Canada wide Consumer protection services as well.This includes having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide  independent regulating  judicial, legal appointed authorities,to enforce, regulate, investigate all the false immoral,  misleading business practices and to honestly, fully investigate and to deal with any, all of the wrong doings now too.
We believe in insuring that our retired pensioners, veterans and disabled in health,  social welfare recipients, the poor, do always get adequate incomes to meet the actual costs of living and to do this we will insure that all, all Canadians do pay their fair share of taxes as well including the  professionals, self employed, business persons, and  corporations too.
Sadly it seems the new Canadian Conservative federal Government  and their new budget too also now are not governing but still electioneering, playing partiality, discrimination and favoritism and this is immoral even on their parts.
"Stephen Harper's Conservatives are selling their new budget as a big win for British Columbia in a bid to shore up their support in the only region where it has fallen, but almost all of the money is a rehash of Liberal budget commitments... the Tories are trying to increase their following in a province that, along with Quebec, could hold the key to winning a majority government in the next election. Although Quebec is seen as the place they can make gains that will convert their minority to a majority, the Tories are eyeing the re-conquest of the 10 seats they lost in B.C. in the past two elections as the potential clincher. That makes the province an important second front."
More federal  money is to be given to hire more cops, especially the RCMP but nothing is being done to better manage all of the existing police in Canada still, nor providing for  having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide laws and justice system in Canada, that treats everyone equally, fairly, the cops too, and all persons, citizens, professionals as well. That includes having fully independent regulating bodies, judicial legal appointed authorities, for the police, lawyers, accountants, doctors, civil and public servants, politicians included, to honestly, fully investigate and to deal quickly, effectively with any, all of their wrong doings now too
The federal Conservatives are promising to uphold, enact tougher  and uniform, minimum prison sentences on crimes, drug usage and promotion, crimes of violence as well.  The government unveiled plans on Thursday to crack down on serious crimes by imposing longer sentences, saying this would act as a deterrent.   The legislation will impose five-year minimums on first-time weapons offenders, seven years on a second-timers and 10 years on multiple offenders. Other firearm-related offences such as trafficking and smuggling and cases of robbery with a stolen weapon will also be subject to escalating minimum prison sentence of three to five years. "With these two bills, the new government is meeting its commitment to protect Canadian communities and families by tackling gun, gang and drug violence and keeping criminals off the streets," Mr. Toews said.The legislation, coming in the form of two bills, would introduce mandatory minimum sentences for gun-related and other serious crimes and eliminate house arrest known as conditional sentencing for serious, violent and sex-related crimes. "If criminals are to be held to account, they must face a punishment that matches the severity of their crime," Justice Minister Vic Toews said Thursday.  The federal Conservatives had also agree that more money will be given even where needed to enforce the laws and to incarcerate the bad persons too. That is if you want to still believe in the validity of the federal Conservatives promises. For sadly the Conservatives, including the PM S Harper are also already known to be liars, for not keeping their pre-election promises too,  like what happened to the Conservatives S Harper promised reduction of the  prices of gasoline for cars? not being implemented!!
And the ongoing Internet abuse, and the related bullying, slanders one of the ongoing  unacceptable Canadian wrong doings now too  has not been addressed yet by the federal Conservatives, Justice and Human Rights Ministers.
 Like I have said many times to you all too .. The federal and the provincial Justice Ministers are too often liars and pretenders too.
"  * Lying.. The budget confirmed what some have been saying and that is that Harper is more interested in getting a majority next time around than properly governing this country . While it may stand to reason that a minority government would tend to put forth policies with that endgame in sight, there is in Harper's strategy towards that goal a sense of urgency that is troublesome. ", more of a clear sign of pretense, desperation, incompetence?
I can really tell by the way the federal cabinet ministers ignore almost all of my letters as to what they really are now too.. more pretenders. Not really acceptable.
(* Taqiya, or not showing their faith openly by means of pretense, dissimulation, or concealment, is a special type of Lying which is used by Shi'a Muslims. ( means "followers", "members of party". These refer to followers of Ali, son-in-law of Muhammad. They accept the 4th Caliph Ali, but not the first three because they believed the line of succession from Muhammad should have been through the son-in-law of Muhammad, Ali, husband of Fatima. They wanted Ali's two sons Hasan and Husain to succeed the caliphate, but Hasan renounced his claim and Husain was killed at the Battle of Kerbala in AD680. This martyrdom is important to the Shi'ites and is re-enacted annually. It means that the Shi'ites have some idea of redemptive suffering.  )  "Taqiya" (or taqiyyah) is related to the terms "taqwa'" and "taqi'" - all have the root meaning of "guarding" something, in this case, the Islamic faith.  This practice, along with the practice of Kithman, or concealing their faith from non-Shi'as, were, and are many places today, a method of self-preservation for the Shi'a community. )