Immoral acts
Most anytime a person says that more money is needed it is very likely he is realty an incompetent, ignorant, manager himself.. for what is always need firstly is better management of the existing resources, personnel and thus he really has not even dealt with them, knows them too,  and for sure there is plenty of work there to be done here first.
 It is also clearly undeniable that the Canadian gun registry made social,  legal, judicial sense, just as driving licenses now do as well, and the gun registry should include all guns, riffles, shotguns as well.. but the root problem was not the gun registry laws but the actual operating which clearly it seems included the  ineffective manner of the people who ran it, the cops included. Gun registry like driving licenses for security reasons should also not be privatized? " 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have a tough time persuading Canadians it's time to scrap the country's expensive gun registry program completely, a new opinion poll suggests. The Ipsos Reid survey,  indicates two out of three Canadians say the government should revamp the gun registry system. "There's nothing ambiguous about this," said John Wright, senior vice-president at Ipsos Reid. "The concept of a gun registry has taken root across the country. There's a majority - 67 per cent, that's not a small majority - who believe that Stephen Harper shouldn't be doing away with all gun registries."  Although opposition to the registry is strongest in the western provinces, a majority of people in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are in favour of more gun control, the poll suggests. In Alberta, 51 per cent of the people surveyed indicated the government should keep a registry system in place. The support is strongest in Quebec and Ontario, where 76 per cent and 71 per cent of respondents, respectively, said they were in favour of maintaining a gun control system. 

"Campbell says Harper should dismantle gun registry May, 16 2006 - 3:50 PM   VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - Premier Gordon Campbell says the Harper Government should dismantle the gun registry.  This comes after the federal auditor-general revealed yet more cost over-runs with the system. “I think that the report of the auditor-general speaks for itself, there's been millions, hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on the registry, we should be taking those dollars and focus them on policing and community safety across the country,” Campbell said.  But when asked if he supports gun control Campbell says yes, as long as it’s run properly. “Obviously gun control is an important thing but let's make sure that it's working, I think it's important I think for us to focus our resources where they'll do the most good, and they do the most good in police departments and with the RCMP across the country,” said Campbell.  Campbell’s position is in stark contrast to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who is urging Ottawa to leave the registry in place." More federal  money is to be given to hire more cops, especially the RCMP but nothing is being done to better manage all of the existing police in Canada still, nor providing for  having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide laws and justice system in Canada, that treats everyone equally, fairly, the cops too, and all persons, citizens, professionals as well. That includes having fully independent regulating bodies, judicial legal appointed authorities, for the police, lawyers, accountants, doctors, civil and public servants, politicians included, to honestly, fully investigate and to deal quickly, effectively with any, all of their wrong doings now too

Everyone in the Public, civil service, Municipalities, provinces still do wants more money but what about the proper fiscal management of it firstly that is still too often needed in reality..  and the related accountability too... and no I do not trust even the Aldermen, the appointed Ministers, never mind their subordinates  to do this and rightfully as well to even properly manage it. Nor can we now even clearly trust the RCMP to do this.. sad isn't it..

How many of the civil and public servants, RCMP officer included now, in the last year have been rightfully arrested for stealing and.or abusing tax payer's money? Now please don't tell me they don't do that. 

(Jer 48:10 KJV)  Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

"Canadians tell Ottawa to stop wasting money 83% of people polled say 'controlling government spending' a high priority." National Post.  .  "The related unacceptable too often Personal Complacency by Politicians civil and public servants, even some of the citizens, specially under pretentious inadequate governments, leaders, managers  supervisors has wrongfully contributed to many of the present threats to public health, safety, the too often poor law enforcement as well.  There is no adequate substitute for continual supervision and continual enforcement of the legislated laws now as well as the  related Exposure and prosecution of the guilty as well. "Face it now even crooked accountants are as common in Canada as bad, crooked cops, lying lawyers.. lying Realtors."  ( 

The present, ongoing need for more real, more effective Personnel management of our Civil and Public Servants, even and even of the so called Professionals is too often unavailable but is still imperative.. even of our Corporations, banks   too.. Also in the undeniable perverse Canada today it is mostly the too often even perverted, immoral professionals, politicians, civil and public servants who have rights, and  their rights now enforced, but not the ordinary citizens of Canada mostly still, and this is really unacceptable as well. Too many civil and public, civil servants, politicians, professionals still do think they are above the laws and are unacceptably not being held accountable still in Canada today. This includes noww also having a real, fair, honest, uniform Canada wide laws and justice system in Canada, that treats everyone equally, fairly, all persons, citizens, professionals as well. That includes having fully independent regulating bodies, judicial legal appointed authorities, for the RCMP< police, lawyers, accountants, doctors, civil and public servants, politicians included, to honestly, fully investigate and to deal quickly, effectively with any, all of the wrong doings now too

Anyone being still nice to the wicked person is still committing an immoral and wasteful act.. for if the evil persons are rather not chastised, rebuked, punished they will not learn to do rather good even for the good benefit us all. 

All it takes for evil person now, a person note, to prosper is for the good person to do nothing about him or her. If the evil persons do not face real negative consequences they will have no reason even to stop their wrong doings, and  change now as well. 
And "In its 2006 Mother’s Day report, MADD is calling for the elimination of conditional sentences for violent impaired driving crimes, the reintroduction of drug impaired driving measures, the closing of legal loopholes that allow impaired drivers to walk free of their charges and a new 0.05 per cent blood alcohol concentration offence.  MADD is calling for five specific policy initiatives from parliament:  Eliminate the use of conditional sentences for violent crimes, including impaired driving causing death and impaired driving causing bodily harm;  Reintroduce drug-impaired driving legislation that will provide police with the legal framework to apprehend and charge drug-impaired drivers;  Strengthen the resumptions regarding the use of breath or blood test evidence so as to narrow evidence available to the contrary defences, specifically to the ‘Carter Defence’ and the ‘Last Drink Defence;’  Provide authorities with the statutory authority to demand a breath sample at the scene of a crash where a person has been killed or seriously injured. This authority to demand a breath or blood sample should be extended to a hospital or medical office;  Amend the Criminal Code to establish a new 0.05 per cent blood alcohol concentration. “Parliamentarians can bring about significant changes to our federal laws that will save lives and prevent injuries on our roads,”  . “The severity of the crime warrants MPs to take a fresh " so let's get on with this too.
"New drivers must forgo liquor longer under licence changes  Last Updated May 17 2006 10:25 AM CDT CBC News New licensing requirements for novice drivers will give Manitoba the strictest limits on drinking and driving in the country, provincial officials say.  Manitoba Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh says the province can claim some success in the fight against drunk driving, noting Manitoba has seen the largest decrease in alcohol-related fatalities and injuries in all of Canada.  "We are making a difference. That's the good news. The bad news is, it's not enough," he said Tuesday, as he introduced new licensing requirements for novice drivers.  Starting in December 2006, drivers who have never had a licence before will be required to have blood-alcohol limits of zero for five years – up from three – as part of the graduated driver licensing program.  "What this means is new drivers can't drink a drop and drive," Mackintosh said. "Manitoba will now have the strictest blood-alcohol limits in Canada."  The number of alcohol-related deaths and injuries behind the wheel decreased 25 per cent in 2001 to 2005 compared with 1996 to 2000, provincial officials said. The graduated licensing program, which also limits passengers and includes other restrictions, was introduced in 2002. Manitoba also has some of the strictest laws in the country for drivers who are not novices.  Any driver with a blood-alcohol concentration of .05 or more can have their licence suspended for 24 hours. A blood-alcohol level of .08 or more can mean the driver's vehicle is impounded for at least 30 days and their licence suspended for three months.   Mackintosh also announced Tuesday that a new team of Crown attorneys will handle drunk-driving cases in Winnipeg, in an effort to deal with the cases "effectively and consistently" to keep impaired drivers off the roads.  The lobby group Mothers Against Drunk Driving applauded the moves.  "From MADD Canada's perspective, we love coming to Manitoba, because it allows MADD Canada to showcase what happens when you bring political leadership to the issue of impaired driving," said group spokesman Andrew Murrie.  Murrie said traffic fatalities are still the number 1 cause of death among young people in Canada."
Alcoholics tend not also to be alcoholics, Klein now included ( who is known to be a big abuser  too),  but they tend to also significantly  abuse, lie, cheat and steal.. no such thing as a little bit pregnant even for them.. and politicians who make justice decisions based on the citizen's support, polls are still perverts too.
"Wednesday, 17 May 2006
An open letter to Stephen Harper:

Dear Mr. Harper,

    The most important of the seven key issues raised in the Conservative party's Stand Up For Canada policy is "Security".  You say that the Conservative party will stand up for: "Protecting women and children from sex offenders through a mandatory DNA data bank, raising the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16 years old, and ending all defence loopholes for child pornography."
    Children indeed need protection from child sex offenders, but Mr. Harper, you don't plan to make the sex offender registry available to the Canadian public so parents can pro-actively protect their children from known child sex predators. You, and people who don't believe the sex offender registry should be open to the public, are concerned about vigilantism.
    You say, "Let the police deal with child sex offenders." I say, "Let the police deal with vigilantes."
    In the United States, the public has access to the names, photos and addresses of known child sex predators.  In the United States, parents are given the tools to protect their children. The Canadian Sex Offender Registry is only available to law enforcement so that they may easily locate sex offenders, and only after they have reoffended.
    Mr. Harper, if a convicted child sex predator were to move in next door to you and your children and this information was kept from you to protect a child sex offender from your potential vigilantism, would that be O.K. with you? 
    I've read that a large percentage of convicted child sex offenders report being victims of child sexual abuse themselves.  The people, who have the courage to speak, have the power to break these chains. 
    Don't facilitate the secret, Mr. Harper.  Facilitate bringing the monster out of the dark and into the light. Knowledge is power.
    You need to add another key issue to your list:  "Standing up for making the protection of child sex offenders from vigilantes secondary to standing up for the protection of children from child sex offenders.  The Conservative Party of Canada will make the child sex offender registry available to the Canadian public so that parents can proactively protect their children because we believe children are Canada's most precious resource."
    Let's be vigilant, not vigilantes.
Darlene Stewart"