A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,
and loving favour rather than silver and gold. (Prov 22:1 KJV) 

Just read or listen to the news in Canada and you will clearly note that our PM Stephen Harper is not mature enough to try to work with others, he dictates, threatens, bullies instead.

The clearly rednecked rebel  Conservative PM Stephen Harper's  method of attaining political wins is being run against him  by  the opposition politicians who are pointing out to all that the Prime Minister's general route is a short cut around Parliament.  "The Prime Minister has demonstrated very clearly that he has no respect for this House," NDP Leader Jack Layton said yesterday, the day after a snap vote on the troop extension. "The only time he will accept its decisions is when the House agrees with him; other times he rejects decisions of democratically elected representatives." Mr. Layton, and Liberal Leader Bill Graham before him, were referring to in the House of Commons yesterday are what many believe is the Harper Achilles heel. Yes, each of Harper's latest wins had allowed the opposition to state the truth that   the Prime Minister is someone who might one day might also abuse a majority government.

There is more here than meets the eye initially too. Prime Minister Stephen Harper won't be heading to Washington next month to meet with President George W. Bush. Sources tell The Canadian Press that the two leaders haven't been able to schedule a get-together in mid-June as planned.  President George Bush follows political events in Canada and he is already known to be very picky about the company he associates and he clearly does  not to want to be associated with losers, the people who are flaky in their personal values. As he demonstrated to Paul Martin now as well by delaying to meet with him.

The support of  the war In Afghanistan and  abolishing of gun control in Canada is regional, mostly in the west.  Majority  of the Canadians still do not voluntarily support the war In Afghanistan and they do not support abolishing of gun control in Canada as well and Harper does not have a hope of winning a majority government next still

Playing games instead of leading, management is another sign of  the PM's  clear incompetence.

"The Games Harper Plays  by: Reverend Blair   "There was a vague, unpleasant manginess about his appearance; he somehow seemed dirty, though a close glance showed him as carefully shaven as an actor, and clad in immaculate linen."– H.L. Mencken..  Prime Minister Harper is playing cheap, partisan political games with the mission in Afghanistan. After having to be cajoled and dragged into a take note debate with no vote a few short weeks ago, Harper suddenly felt the need for an abbreviated debate followed by a rush vote on May 17. It was so urgent that he could only give the other parties 36 hours notice and could offer no details to aid them in preparing for the debate. They had to push to have the debate extended from three hours to six. The only notable events that occurred between April’s take note debate and Wednesday’s partisan power-play were some polls that showed Harper’s numbers climbing. Harper won the vote by 149 to 145. .. That result seemed to anger Harper. He stood petulantly on the stairs and complained to reporters that he didn’t get full support from the Liberals and Bloc.   Harper announced that his motion for a vote on a two year extension of the Afghanistan mission was a farce. He said that, should he lose the vote, he would extend the mission by one year, then call a general election to seek a mandate to extend the mission by another year. It was nothing less than the most blatant use of the Canadian military for purely political reasons in memory.

It was also an affront to democratic principles. Harper essentially put a motion in front of the House of Commons, then promised not to abide by the results of a democratic vote should it not go his way. While arguing that we must participate unquestioningly in Operation Enduring Freedom to bring democracy to Afghanistan at gun point, our Prime Minister clearly signalled that democracy in Canada is secondary to his own partisan wishes. Harper’s defence of his undemocratic posturing is that the Liberals didn’t have a vote on Afghanistan at all. Apparently he aspires to be just as bad as the Liberals. He’s accomplished that, at least.

Immediately after an embarrassing and jingoistic speech that covered a lack of substance with a thick layer of recycled Republican rhetoric, Harper exited the room, leaving his assorted flunkies to refuse to answer questions and hurl insults and cat-calls like recalcitrant school children. Harper’s party launched into what Jack Layton termed, “borrowed sloganeering.” An apt description of both the Conservative Party’s love of attempting to claim that anybody who dares to question Conservative political positions about our military is not supporting our troops, and the vague, emotional terms the Conservatives use to avoid answering when asked straight questions. The continued assertion that a lack of support for Conservative political manoeuvrings somehow translates into a lack of support for our troops or somehow makes anyone questioning the Conservatives less patriotic or less Canadian is positively Bushian. The constant flow of Republican advisors and spin-masters into the backrooms in Ottawa and Calgary is apparent in the rhetoric and dangerous partisan games that the Harper regime insists on playing in its quest for a majority government. Mr. Harper and his cohorts would do well, the next time they look south for instructions, to have a look at the popularity ratings of the man they so often emulate.

Part of those dangerous partisan games is to make every issue into a zero-sum, win-lose proposition. All issues are framed by the Conservatives in this way. There can be no compromise. That was again apparent in this travesty. The Conservative motion that was introduced was not amendable. It was either write Mr. Harper a blank cheque to do as he pleases until February 2009, or say no and have him do as pleases only until 2008 and put up with a full year of full-blown electioneering. There was no room given for a redefinition of the mission. No room for pulling out of the war-making of Operation Enduring Freedom and moving to a more traditional peacekeeping role. No room for increased training and equipment for the Afghan military combined with a reduction in Canadian troops. No room for study by parliamentary committees. No room to hear expert testimony. No room to consider what happens to the prisoners we take. No room to consider the implications of allying ourselves with a nation that has broken, and continues to break, international law as a matter of course. No room for anything but complete agreement with Stephen Harper. I believe another neo-conservative leader with fantasies of adequacy defined that as, “With us or with the terrorists.”

That we are so easily misled is not surprising. ..

Canadians, members of our military and every other citizen of Canada, deserve a real debate on Afghanistan. That debate should begin by defining how the Canadian people, not Stephen Harper or George Bush, want our military represent us. It should end with a comprehensive statement of what our foreign policy is and how the military will support that policy. The debate should include experts, politicians, and average Canadians. It should be non-partisan and it should take months. It should happen without the heckling and jeering that the Conservatives use to try to shout down anybody that dares to voice an opinion different than theirs. ..."

We can clearly all new see the new government of honesty, decency, maturity, ethics  promised by Harper and the Conservative was just  another unacceptable  big political lie.

Isn't it amazing we have a whole federal cabinet and we do not hear much from our federal cabinet ministers as to what good they are really doing on our behalf? Isn't it amazing we have a whole federal cabinet and we do not hear much from our cabinet ministers or see much good output from them?

One could have falsely concluded that we have no problems in Canada that require the minister's oversight, and thus they have gone to early retirement. Or one concluded that they were all gagged by the prime minister, S Harper, and did that gag order included them not doing any real, viable work on the behalf of all of the citizens too? Not just working only on the 5 main platforms of the Conservatives for their hopeful reelection too. Then why do we need puppet cabinet Ministers at all?

It has only been 100 days for the new government but I also could not help not notice as to how many of our MPs are traveling abroad, eating good food at good restaurants still, staying at expensive, nice hotels too,  all while claiming they are working on our behalf but somehow we cannot see it too.

The fish stinks from the head but many cut the tail of first..  That also seems how the governments wrongfully does  respond to money abuses and the poor people too now rather than firstly dealing with all of with the major crooks, the real tax abusers too.. 

 It also  seem even  the new government and it's managers are too often rather still just for sale to the highest bidder... and it doesn't care who they are involved with or what they are up to or what it looks like as long as they are rewarding themselves or  their friends, and thus they wrongfully and too tend  not too  really look after all of the good ordinary citizens welfare..  this is still never acceptable. There is a clearly  unacceptable  noticeable lack of good leadership today to guide All of the CANADIANS during the troublesome times in Canada today.   The question -- and it deserves to be shouted -- is:  'Where is and was the government?"  "Don't people have the right to hear from their elected officials?"It seems our federal, provincial leaders are too often still mainly looking after themselves, their friends once elected..  and they do still too often lie to get elected, and do lie even after they are elected. And how does each of our elected representative  deal with our concerns now? Ignore us, schedule another golf game for herself or himself? make another pretentious statement? travel abroad, or divert the issue to the future or what?

In the review  of the effective output of the new  political representatives for federal government   it  too would be nice also if the someone does also ask these people how often do they visit the bars and drink? how many martini's they do have at lunch time?  do they still eat at very expensive restaurants too? do they entertain their friends on their companies, departmental  expense accounts? and/or  have they still ever padded, falsified their own  expenses accounts" all  too just for a start..  and plus do still they lie to others too often too?

And speaking of the related  federal review as well, who are the high spenders last year in the federal government.. who ate at the best restaurants, traveled the most at the tax payers restaurants.. who were the drunks now too..  Politicians, and civil and public servants now included too..  (Luke 6:43 KJV)  For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

We still all do need even to care about the unemployed and the poor people still in Canada, our Elected officials now included.Rather than cutting back on the governmental services, aid, programs to  the poor and needy persons mainly because of the government's own fear of  mismanagement we all do now too need to really take another continual look at how effective our tax dollars are being used by all, the civil and public servants, their managers, politicians now too. Fire also all of all the drunks, alcoholics, in the civil, public services, those money tax payer's abusers firstly too.

They all, the Civil and Public servants, Politicians,  Professionals still need to be regularly supervised too. That is why we need and do have the auditors, News media, Opposition parties, concerned citizens to do this too.. and it still generally is not enough as we can all see. Better management, and Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the major guilty is also a fact of life, that serves the good welfare of all the persons In Canada.