Immoral acts III  

The PM's hand-picked choice was unsuitable and tells us what the PM S Harper is like now too. The  speech by Gwyn Morgan, president and CEO of EnCana Corp., made Dec. 7 last year to the Fraser Institute. "Getting Beyond the Symptoms to Root Causes: What Politicians are Afraid to Say " is full of distortions, blatant lies..  and he said " socialism doesn't work. " somone shoudl have told Jesus and the apostles that too. (Acts 2:45 KJV)  And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.

"Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried for one fundamental reason: Socialists focus on redistribution, not the creation of wealth. They look upon our personal property and our pay cheque as being part of the "people's" wealth—and think we should be grateful if at least some part of it is not taxed away. Oh yes, socialists are great at wealth "redistribution" but like the grasshopper, they are absolutely dismal at wealth creation. " -Albertan Conservative Gwyn Morgan
Firstly Throwing rocks at socialists in Canada can really backfire, for we all know from the last decades that the non socialists, unfriendly persons the Alberta Conservatives themselves now have been  "absolutely dismal at wealth", and job creations and their majority income oil wealth, the  oil wealth by world wide increasing oil prices also had  nothing to do with their skills at creating this wealth.

Secondly It wouldn't take long to figure out that those persons whose policies are likely to create wealth next are also likely  those also    to destroy it. "Most of the people in this  room  would say that the wealth creators are likely to be the capitalists"  is a blatant lie, rather its is  the people who lie, cheat, steal, abuse others, mostly the assertive immoral persons.. Distribute the wealth equally to all persons and within a short decade next  80 % of the wealth will be in 20 % of the bad people's hand those persons who had lied, cheated, stole, manipulated, deceived the others  and that is why we have governments and laws against such acts and persons even in a democracy.
This speech was the biggest immoral crap I have come across this decade as well, and this same man and all of his colleagues should never ever have a job, a role, a function in the government looking after the good welfare of all Canadians as well. If this is what the Conservatives and the PM are really like now too, fire them , now get rid of them all out of office rightfully as well. ASAP.
The proposed Patronage watchdog was a patronage appointee too.. and what an oxymoron  contradiction.. Harper also can pin the failure of this accountability plan on nobody but himself once again too. More disconcerting is Harper's inability to face and recover from his own fiasco making. Our spoiled child the PM S Harper once gain took  "my way or the highway" approach. "What on earth ever happened to making a minority Parliament work? Or a respect for the democratic process he decried former prime minister Paul Martin for routinely rebuffing?" " The prime minister's initiative gets rejected by a group of MPs, but instead of respecting their decision, he curses it and proclaims he'll ram through his own decision anyway, at another time or by another means. Stephen Harper used to rail against this ugly tactic when he was in opposition and saw Liberals doing it. Now, he's doing it himself." and then there is those ugly threats.." we'll obviously be looking for a majority mandate from the people of Canada so we can proceed with our work in this area." when will Stephen Harper stop being now so self serving and start serving all of the good people of Canada is what many citizens care about firstly to..
"OTTAWA — The Conservative government announced plans to scrap the registry of rifles and shotguns, in a move that the government said will render records on 90 per cent of all guns that are now registered "obsolete," but reduce the registry's budget by only 12 per cent.  Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announced an immediate one-year amnesty so that owners of rifles and shotguns will not have to register them, and promised legislation to kill the long-gun registry "soon." That law is far from certain to pass in the minority Parliament, however, and opposition parties accused the government of an undemocratic "abuse of Parliament" in ordering an amnesty to gut the registry, even though it does not have the approval of the Commons to kill it. All three opposition parties oppose scrapping the registry, and the governments of Canada's two most populous provinces, Quebec and Ontario, vowed to fight to keep it, arguing it is a tool to fight crime. It remains unclear whether enough opposition MPs will break ranks to allow the Tories to pass the bill, which Mr. Day said he hopes to table in June. "I'm very surprised that the government has declared here that there will be an amnesty, that they are prepared to suspend the law while it is in place," said Liberal public safety critic Irwin Cotler. "Without a bill, it's an abuse of process, it's an abuse of Parliament, and it's an abuse of the democratic process." The amnesty, until May 17, 2007, means that owners of rifles and shotguns will not be prosecuted for failing to register each of their guns, but it also goes further. Long-gun owners who did not renew their licences to own a gun after 2003 will also not be prosecuted. There are 7.1 million guns now registered, of which 6.6 million are unrestricted long guns such as rifles and shotguns. Transfers or purchases of such guns will no longer have to be registered under the Tory plan. The Canada Firearms Centre -- popularly called the "gun registry," but in fact the organization that licenses and registers all guns and gun owners -- will be dismantled, and its remaining operations transferred to the RCMP. But the spending budget will be reduced by only $10-million a year -- from $82.3-million to $72.3-million -- because most of the budget, $61-million, is for licensing firearms owners, which will continue, rather than registering weapons, which costs $15.7-million. In fact, the Conservative moves will make the gun registry more expensive for taxpayers, because they will also stop charging most licence fees, which were to bring in $22.7-million this year.Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control. She said long-gun registration is important to supporting police investigations, making gun owners accountable and combatting illegal gun sales. "If you have a licence that allows you to buy as many guns as you want, and there's no record kept of the fact that you own those guns, there's nothing to keep you from selling those guns illegally," Ms. Cukier said. "Remember, every illegal gun begins as a legal gun." In 1995, there were 176 homicides committed with firearms in Canada, including 61 with rifles or shotguns. In 2004, there were 172 gun homicides, including 37 committed with rifles or shotguns. Yesterday, provincial governments in Ontario and Quebec joined forces to fight Ottawa's plans to scrap the long-gun registry. Ontario Attorney-General Michael Bryant said he and Quebec Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis agreed to work together to keep it intact. "Ontario's committed to doing everything it can to fight gun crime and address the illegal gun trade, including placing controls on the illegal gun trade," he said.  "We do not support amnesties from public safety, amnesties from safe storage and amnesties from gun control.""
I got news for S Harper and his Conservatives, you cannot hope even win re-election with out the news media support, and the news media does not support the obvious losers, and daily more and more reporters are wrting negative articles about S Harper and his government as well.
(Prov 13:20 KJV)  He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.(Prov 24:6 KJV)  For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety.(Luke 12:57 KJV)  Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right? 58  When thou goest with thine adversary to the magistrate, as thou art in the way, give diligence that thou mayest be delivered from him; lest he hale thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and the officer cast thee into prison.59  I tell thee, thou shalt not depart thence, till thou hast paid the very last mite.
 "Sheila Fraser: The audit unearths some disquieting facts and figures.   "The Hamilton Spectator (May 18, 2006)  As expected, Sheila Fraser's latest report produces damning testimony about recent Liberal governments. But more than just chronicling enormous gun registry costs, sneaky accounting habits, or millions spent on air force training that was never used, the auditor-general's reality check reveals an Ottawa pattern that's as disturbing as the head-spinning list of individual money wasters. A recurring aspect of Fraser's latest findings is that, even when officials are alerted to serious problems involving huge amounts of public money, they often can't -- or don't try to -- fix the problem."
"Take the staggering amount of unpaid federal taxes, and the Canada Revenue Agency's inability to do anything about it. In less than 10 years, unpaid taxes have now reached $18 billion.  And it's getting worse, not better. The amount of delinquent taxes is growing at a faster rate than the taxes that are actually collected. "The agency has known for years what it needs to do to improve its collection of tax debts," Fraser says. "
Now I have been writing for the last ten years to the MPs, Federal government what a big problem tax evasions really is in Canada as well to no avail.
"But compounding any confusion or dysfunction in the civil service were the accounting tricks used by Liberal ministers to hide such evidence as the true cost of the gun registry. Even accommodating Canadians want integrity from politicians, and this type of lapse is a big reason the Grits were booted out of power earlier this year.
Harper is in a position to reflect a majority opinion on firearms, make the gun registry more cost-effective, and take ownership of the issue. Most Canadians -- including the national association of police chiefs -- support a government role in gun control, and a firearms registry that at least attempts to prevent the growth of a U.S.-style gun culture."
And now, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper  he has had a sterling chance to show that he knows the difference between being a politician, and being a loser. He failed at it and is another loser.

Yes, the federal Conservatives got elected on promises of accountability, on being honest in government, and bringing a business-like approach to governing. But now it seems we have to kick them out as well for discrimination, partialities, playing politics, not observing or upholding the laws of the country, and finally for being just big liars like the Liberals too. And it seems I too will have to be writing about the same old issues, also about the governmental inadequacies, concerns to the next new  federal cabinet which hopefully will do a lot more, be more honest too. Sad isn't it?
On wrongfully Replacing one perverse dictator by another... But I also  rightfully do  take great objection to the absurd view  that the News media is the acting king on behalf of  the people and that the citizens should not be expect to be heard directly by the MPs. MPs were elected to represent directly the wishes and  the needs of the citizens and not the news media. I got news for you the News media and the MPs are both direct servants of the people firstly and always. And do also tell them to not to let their jobs or positions go to their big heads now or we will have to fire them.

"Straight talk KEN ALEXANDER  editor, The Walrus magazine Toronto -- Ian Brown's portrait of the Harper government's attempt to muzzle the press and to severely limit access to Conservative members of Parliament should concern all Canadians, regardless of which political party they happen to support (In Harper's Regime, Big Daddy Knows Best -- May 13). Keeping "on message" is one thing, but all members of Parliament are elected by the people and sit in the House of Commons at their behest. While it is unreasonable to expect direct access to our political representatives, in a functioning democracy it is absolutely necessary that political representatives be available to the press." and the citizens as well
Fire ASAP my clearly useless MP Paul Martin, he did not even show up for the federal Afghanistan/Taliban parliament gun registry vote. Canadian parliament votes to extend mission in Afghanistan A government motion to extend Canada's mission in Afghanistan by two years had narrowly passed by 149 to 145 in the House of Commons on Wednesday