Medicare today
This is how they do treat poor people in Canada, especially even under the Conservative governments.. and not just in Alberta too.
"Poor people worse off following heart attack

People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who suffer a heart attack come to the emergency department more often, are less likely to be treated aggressively and have higher mortality rates a year after heart attack, says new University of Alberta research that has important implications for access to cardiac care.

Dr. Padma Kaul and a group of U of A researchers investigated 5622 patients in Alberta who went to a hospital emergency department with a first heart attack. Following the common practice of using the neighbourhood median household income as a proxy for socioeconomic status, the researchers classified patients into separate income groups. Patients in the lowest income quartile were more likely to be older, female and to have other illnesses such as diabetes and peripheral vascular diseases. Researchers first looked at who was more likely to have an angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery and then did a one-year follow-up after the emergency department visit to see whether the patient was still alive. The study is published in the January 2007 issue of the prestigious American Journal of Medicine.

"We found a clear discrepancy when it comes to socioeconomic status," said Kaul. "We may have equal access health-care coverage in Canada but the bottom line is that people may not be getting equal treatment."
The research team, made up of Wei-Ching Chang, Cynthia Westerhout, Michelle Graham and Paul Armstrong, all from the U of A's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, found that in patients belonging to the lowest versus the highest socioeconomic status quartile, the risk of going to the emergency department was 72 per cent higher. Rates of invasive procedures were lower for the poor (36 per cent vs 48 per cent) and death was higher at one year (19.1 per cent vs. 9.1 per cent). But for those patients who did have cardiac procedures, the playing field is leveled, said Kaul.

"It is not much of a surprise that richer patients do much better than poorer ones," said Kaul. "In some socioeconomic conditions, poorer patients may be living alone and less likely to adhere to treatment plans. Perhaps there are behavioural characteristics that also put them at risk. What we did find is that poorer people are less likely to have invasive procedures to treat the heart and in turn, the ones who don't have those procedures tend to do worse. It's a vicious cycle."

Our research also shows that patients from poorer neighbourhoods use the emergency department more - they often use it as their first stop for regular care, rather than a family doctor. "This obviously has implications for the health-care system" she said. "This study helps us identify the patient population that is most at risk and that we need to focus on."

Since  1/3 of Canada is poor the medical establishment practices discrimination, do rightfully punish them..

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Subject: Why the new Conservative government cannot fix this problems is really cause they are busy playing dirty politics.
I can get a blood test in about one hour at the Montreal,  LaSalle Hospital, but it next takes me  months to see my doctor at this same Hospital to review the same  blood test and thus is unacceptable, absurd. I was informed today that my next appointment with Dr Langlais to discuss the blood test done  over a week ago will be on April 5, 2007.. It took me over 9 months last year  to get an appointment to see the same doctor. Rightfully fire all the Health Ministers ASAP!!

We still have much too many liars, tax payer's money abusers,  alcoholics in Canada's governments

Why the new Conservative government  cannot fix this problems is really cause they are busy playing dirty politics. Unacceptable

Face the reality that the overall news media world wide in fact, in truth does not say too many good things about Canada's new Conservatives but rather the bad truthful realties.. such as Conservatives Misrepresented the facts, Conservatives playing political games, Conservatives are control freaks, Conservatives are bust hiring their friends, Conservatives are hypocrites. etc.,

Canadian Politics: Green Games, OH - 16 hours ago All he has to do is keep repeating "I wasn't the one to scrap our participation in the Kyoto Accord" and drop hints about Stephen Harper being from Alberta ...Al Gore says Canada's Tories misrepresented him WMC-TV Al Gore says Canada's Tories misrepresented him International Herald Tribune Stacking the Courts Threatens Judicial Independence Liberal Party of Canada Hinesberg Journal all 94 news articles »

Tory control freaks Edmonton Sun, Canada - 3 hours ago If Stephen Harper has his way, future appointments may well be influenced not only by political pedigree, but more by conservative convictions, so to speak. ...Tories accused of attempt to stack courts StarPhoenix all 18 news articles »

Where are Tory tax promises? Enter Stage Right, Canada - 11 Feb 2007 Wasn't Ottawa budgeting supposed to change for the better under Conservative rule? This was the pledge Stephen Harper made to Canadians, but it hasn't come ...Clark Raps Harper Government On Mideast Vive Le Canada all 2 news articles »

The Globe and Mail also says those hypocrite conservatives are not only hiring their friends, they are doing the same thing they had criticized the Liberals for doing. " Critics attack Harper's spending 'madness' STEVEN CHASE From Tuesday's Globe and Mail. OTTAWA — The Harper government is facing accusations that it's engaging in the same end-of-fiscal-year "March madness" spending that it stridently attacked while in opposition. Yesterday, the Conservatives dipped into Ottawa's current budget surplus for $1.5-billion in new environmental spending, including a big slice for Quebec, a key battleground, and where the federalist Charest government is expected to call an election shortly. Unlike most announcements in the past nine months, this is new money that was not first presented in a budget, although the Conservatives say it will be reannounced in their next fiscal plan. The Tories are unveiling the cash during the final weeks of the current fiscal year, when they can still draw cash from the surplus before the books close on March 31. "When it comes to spending at the last minute, the Harper government has torn another page from the old government's playbook, and what's maddening about it is that this is a playbook that the Conservatives in opposition routinely criticized," said John Williamson, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.  In opposition, the Tories and their predecessor parties railed against Liberal governments that opened up the coffers near the end of the fiscal year for last-minute, politically sensitive spending announced outside the budget. "Does the word hypocrisy leap to mind? I think it probably does," said former Liberal finance minister Ralph Goodale, now Opposition House Leader. "This is a classic demonstration of that.""

"WINNIPEG — Treasury Board president Vic Toews says he played no part in a government appointment for the wife of his top aide in Manitoba. Toews was commenting Tuesday on the appointment of Patricia Haasbeek to a $124,000-a-year job at the National Parole Board. Haasbeek, a Manitoba parole officer, is married to Jack Haasbeek, the former head of the Winnipeg police union who now runs Toews's regional office in Winnipeg. The opposition NDP and Liberals say the appointment shows the Tories are breaking a promise to reform the patronage system.  NDP ethics critic Pat Martin said Haasbeek's appointment “has all the earmarks of political patronage pork.”Anita Neville, Liberal MP for Winnipeg South Centre, accused Toews of doing the same thing he criticized others of doing while he was in opposition." Anyone think this is mere conincent, merely do apply for a job with the government and see how far you get.. not far at all.....

All those TV adds the Conservatives are buying trying to make others look as bad as themselves are a clear waste of time and money, it will undeniably too not deny the truth as to what the New Conservatives and Stephen Harper are like still, anyway.

There will always be the liars, the false prophets, the spin doctors.. I get a big chuckle about those lying spin doctors.. for example like those who say that 35 percent of Canadians support the PM Stephen Harper.. well the reality that 35 percent is a minority, that is why Stephen Harper has a minority government now as well, and by the very same figures is that 65 percent of Canadians do not support Harper, and this is a majority of Canadians. Obviously some people really wrongfully cannot handle face, the truth so they lie, try to spin it and they lie to themselves and that makes them go even crazier..

To win a federal reelection clearly our once professing Christian evangelical PM Stephen Harper clearly has sold out his personal Christian evangelical values and sold his soul to the devil.. he Stephen Harper now follows a slew of other Christians who have done the same thing once they had entered politics. The Calgary Bible church had itself closed down when it's evangelical Christian pastor ran for politics too. Many other politicians, PMs professed to be a Christian entering politics but once they entered into the political offices by their own unrepentant lying it was visible that they too were not real Christians.

Stephen Harper the clearly non practicing Christian evangelical... by their fruits you can tell who they are.. and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness is now being known for having instead of Christians , the alcoholics as his friends... "Peter MacKay Canada's Foreign Affairs minister, had an audience of more than 800 Tories at the party’s annual general meeting at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel strode up to the podium and pulled a set of stylish eyewear from his pocket, before beginning a brief speech. “As they say in Cape Breton: I’m using glasses now; I used to drink straight from the bottle,” he quipped. Next the Tory president Scott Armstrong told Prime Minister Stephen Harper he picked the right night to visit Halifax. “Welcome to the world’s largest pub crawl — the annual general meeting of the Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.”"

"Conservative Party of Canada Rejects Nomination Bid of Well Known BC Social Conservative
Harper challenged to stop allowing "outrageous muzzling" of right of social Conservative to participate in process By John-Henry Westen SURREY, BC, February 9, 2007 ( - Heather Stilwell is a familiar name in the Newton-North Delta riding of British Columbia where she was aiming to run as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the next federal election. Stilwell is one of the longest currently serving trustees on the Surrey School Board, having been first elected in 1990 and since then re-elected from times. From 1996 to 1999 she served as Chair of the Surrey School Board. Previously, this mother of eight children was the founding president of a local Merchants' Association, and ran a small business in Surrey.But those strong credentials did not stop the Party brass in Ottawa from cutting off her attempt to run for the nomination. Prior to launching her campaign to become the Conservative nominee, Stilwell was warned that the Party would not allow her to run due to her history as a prominent advocate for the right to life and the traditional family. That warning came after the Party had either outright forbidden or surreptitiously thwarted attempts by other social conservatives to enter the race to become candidates for the Party. Notably in 2005, the Party forbade social conservative John Pacheco from contesting the Conservative nomination in an Ottawa riding. Pacheco was the main organizer of the Ottawa Marriage March which drew over 15,000 people to Parliament Hill. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, with Pacheco's permission, spoke at that massive rally. Weeks later the Conservatives denied Pacheco the opportunity to attempt to represent the Party.While Pacheco's rejection was open, Stilwell's rejection was undertaken under cover of technicality. All her paperwork was in order, except for a copy of a police check. The police were to mail the report directly to the Party, and Stilwell assured the Party the police had put the report in the mail. She even went so far as to fax a copy of the report in to Party headquarters prior to the deadline.Despite all that, Stilwell received a curt email from Geoff Donald at Party headquarters in Ottawa last night stating: "Section 3b iv of the CPC Nomination Rules and Procedures states that the candidate must provide "an original copy of a current Certificate of Conduct", while the documentation that you have provided is a photocopy . . . Because we have not received the documentation by 5:00PM local time, the application is not considered complete and according to Section 3d the application will not be considered."In an interview with Stilwell said she wished the Party would have told her upfront that her social conservative past would prevent her from being accepted. "People warned me this would happen" said Stilwell. "I was sure that my 14 years of elected office, my reputation as a hard-working person of integrity would at least give me a chance.""It is unbelievable that they would reject my nomination 3 weeks before the nomination meeting. I have talked to MP's and others in the Party," she added. "I've been out in the community knocking on doors, holding coffee parties, encouraging people to get involved in politics. If they were not going to let me run they should have told me in the beginning."Stilwell suggests that the hundreds of new members her team signed up would now be seen as having been taken by the party under false pretences and she is demanding a refund be given to them. "I want the Conservative Party to give my members their money back," demanded Stilwell. "Every member I signed up paid for heir own memberships because they wanted a chance to vote for me."Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition told that he was "shocked to hear what the Conservative Party" had done. "We hoped and prayed that they'd be more open, unlike the NDP, where candidates could speak up on issues and reveal to voters where they stand."Pacheco, who received similar treatment from the Conservatives in 2005, told, "It only goes to show that the Conservative Party of Canada continues to treat social conservatives like the proverbial whipping boy. This is all very troubling because almost everywhere in the Western world today, Christians and other social conservatives are being pushed into the closet and their role in public life is being discouraged. If Mr. Harper is truly a Christian like he purports to be, then he has to stop allowing this outrageous muzzling of our right to participate in the political process. It's time to remove the muzzle, Mr. Harper."Despite numerous calls, the Conservative Party did not return calls by press time.To contact the Conservative Party of Canada
To contact Conservative Party Leader Stephen HarperTelephone: (613) 992-4211Fax: (613) 941-6900EMail: "

The rich get richer and the poor become poorer, and even crooks abound under the new Conservative government still..

Canadian Election 2007: The Conservative Party Agoravox, France - But not everyone has been pleased with Stephen Harper’s first-year performance, including a lot of Tory voters. On a more important issue, the environment, Harper earned nothing but scorn from Canadians of all stripes for appointing feckless Rona Ambrose as environment minister - and she did botch it all up.Broken promises, an offence for which the Tories would always flagellate the Liberals in the past, were not an unusual occurrence in Harper’s “super-clean” party either: any previous promises to the contrary notwithstanding, The result: even on Harper’s home turf in Calgary and other parts of Alberta, many Tories tore up their membership cards, including party and riding officials, and vowed to fight Harper “to the end. Accountability is a delicate issue for Harper. He has campaigned on it hard for a long time, but has proven himself to be not as squeaky-clean as he made himself out to be. While those “offences” may not land him in a jail cell, some of those are highly questionable from a democratic and moral point of view - such as the taking-in of floor-crosser David Emerson or the appointment of unelected Michael Fortier as cabinet minister. The most recent debacle called Wajid Khan is one more stumble along the way - and, as it’s shaping up to be, could be a major PR disaster and headache for Harper"

The reality: One step forward and two backwards is Harper's management style and politcal results in the last year too..

1 Firstly it is undeniable that Conservative Political policies of being a true friend of Israel, that wrongfully favorites the Jews and Israel are no longer an asset but clearly have become a liability in Canadian politics, for they are clearly seen by many Canadians as being as discriminatory acts, even by Muslim and other Multicultural groups, including most French Canadian persons.

2 Secondly the New Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper by his attempts in tightening his control over the news media, and other Conservative Cabinet Ministers, MPs is clearly using now a negative approach in political value as well, and it has rather backfired for this approach made Stephen Harper the main focus of attention, and under detail examination his moral credibility has taken too many direct negative hits now too. For his poor acts also were more obvious such as his hiring conservative friends into good paying jobs. Now today the majority of citizens note Stephen Harper, 60 percent, no longer view you or his party as a genuine moral compass, trustworthy, reliable or credible. Harper has even lost the support of many Canadian Christian evangelicals now as well. That all paints him, Stephen Harper as a real political loser.

3 Also Stephen Harper is merely dreaming that he can win a majority or a minority government by having soon another federal and it will even likely backfire, for elections generally cause changes, even the loss of prominent conservative Cabinet ministers included. Stephen Harper still needs the support of Quebec and Ontario to get reelected, a majority government and he still is not getting it.. nor is there a chance he will.

4 It is also undeniable that Stephen Harper and his rubber hose government have got a failing grade on the Canadians highest concerns, priorities too.. Undeniably Prime Minister Stephen Harper has in the last year failed to make any progress on this major health-care issue, such as enforcing equal access to health care.

5: Now coming back to the subject of Accountability, who is hold Stephen Harper accountable for his own past lies, breaking his promises firstly too?

For the last two decades I have openly said to all that the main reasons the RCMP does not successfully, fully prosecute the still much too many tax payer's money abusers in Canada, in the civil and public services now especially, specifically even the people who stole our citizen's tax money is cause very likely they have done and do the same thing for a start..

Now our new Conservative Prime Minister is so ready to talk about the accomplishment of his new Conservative government, in the last year, but my being a septic because I learned firsthand even from my own real past experience that even the past pastor of the Calgary First Christian Missionary Alliance church was a big liar, an abuser of people thus I am also now waiting rightfully still for Stephen Harper even now to answer my basic questions in regard to his new Conservative accountability program.. and the basic questions of mine are not just how many of his perverse conservative friends did this new hypocritcval government hire so far, a practise he stephen Harper condemned the Liberals for and had promsied he himself would not do.. what a big liar, and no such thing as a little bit pregant here tooo.. ..

but my questions still also includes how many of the persons who had abused the tax payer's money under the liberals have gone to jail so far? how many more are really going to jail now next too? and how much of the abused taxpayer's money was recovered so far too? not many or much eh??? why not?

And furthermore as I have already asked you rightfully many times too now in the last year how many abusive, tax payer's money wasting, stealing civil and public servants in the whole federal government have actually been held accountable, and have been fired, and do list them all .. more than two or three hundred? or none actually? and why not???

Plus still do also tell me as to how many bad RCMP officers now have been rightfully fired from their jobs in the last year, held accountable for their poor acts by the Mr. Stockwell Day.. hundreds or none as well? and why not?

How also is the clearly pretentious, useless Revenue Canada coming along with the much too many tax evaders, for none of the many persons who admitted to me to do so, who commit regularly tax evasions in my neigbourhood, at least upt to 20 percent of the persons work under the table, and none of them have ever been still prosecuted and why not??

How many of those perverse lying lawyers, I have met, encountered, even the much too many others overall have been held accountable for perjury, for their teling telling lies in the Queen's courts, and all of those bad spouses now included? None too? and why not?

And how many alcoholics, MP's included, have been rightfully terminated, fired from the federal government employment now as well in the last year?


Fraud III
Tories ignoring parts of Accountability Act: Opposition CBC News - 21 hours ago Opposition parties who helped shape the Transparency and Accountability Act are accusing the ConservColumbia ative government of being less than accountable on implementing all parts of a key election pledge.Tories criticized for host of patronage appointments Toronto Star. Ottawa's endangered species Macleans. CBC British

"Tories criticized for host of patronage appointments. So much for their vow to clean up government, opponents say" "At the very least ... there should be a moratorium on appointments of any kind until (the appointments commission) can be created. This kind of patronage appointment, next only to out-and-out theft and corruption, just drives Canadians crazy." "New Democrat MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) told the Toronto Star yesterday". Liberal MP Mark Holland (Ajax-Pickering) said the point is the Tories have painted themselves as "holier than any government that has ever come before them and are beyond reproach. It's the hypocrisy of it all ... because they have gone and made patronage appointment after patronage appointment, which is completely opposite of the image they are trying to portray." Never mind the PM's, Stephen Harper's, invalid justifications, excuses on this.. he is clearly a liar.. he fails regularly to keep his promises even here.

Here is what I have learned first hand from decades of experiences in Canada's evangelical churches, that those who seem to preach the loudest to others, firstly tend to think wrongfully they are exempt from practicing what they preach to others, and so why should I now expect our PM Stephen Harper now really be any different. Unacceptable.

"Opposition parties who helped shape the Transparency and Accountability Act are accusing the Conservative government of being less than accountable on implementing all parts of a key election pledge". The provision for a public appointments commission is contained in the Federal Accountability Act, which passed late last year

"The act was successfully passed into law exactly one month ago, but not all elements of the act have gone into effect yet. It's up to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet to put in place roughly half the measures included in the act — or not. Among the main elements the Tories haven't implemented yet are sections dealing with government ethics and lobbyists."

" Critics said at least one of the act's main objectives — the creation of an independent body to oversee appointments — is being ignored." In December alone, the Stephen Harper government made 118 appointments, including naming former Nova Scotia Conservative premier John Hamm to be co-chair of Canada's reproductive technology board , patronage appointments, something Harper promised he would not do firstly. He lied! One step forward and two step backwards really fits the much unliked, bad, clearly another loser PM Stephen Harper and his bad Conservative boys and girls too.. and a great recent example of it was the Liberal MP defection to the Conservative recently.. it had soured very quickly and left much egg on Harper's face.

In December alone, the Stephen Harper government made 118 appointments, including naming former Nova Scotia Conservative premier John Hamm to be co-chair of Canada's reproductive technology board , patronage appointments, something Harper promised he would not do firstly.

>>Are you the person that had dealings with Mark Norris, and had his lawyers on you?, If so I'd love to tell you all of my dirt on this guy! I have a lot in which I'm compiling, as to make sure this guy never gets into a cushy gov't appt position every again!, please contact me as I would love to swap dirt, Cheers, Joel

Don't tell me, tell the people who have power.. the news editors, the elected legislative members.

I have no fear of lawyers, when they try to sue me I tell them to go ahead cause we need the publicity, and they always back off, the last 25 years too.. the pen is mightier than the sword too..

Look the best way to deal with the bad guys is first to write to them personally simply by email... next a day later secondly you do send them a copy of the same letter but you also next a send a copy to news editors, to all of them, and copies to all of the elected legislature members, MPs too. The secret is letting them the bad guy know you had send now copies to news editors and legislative members too.. they tend to go into a big shock when they find out you are willing to escalate the matters.

On every major complaint issue I do normally write to 1000 federal and provincial Legilsative members and news editors.. that includes the 340 members of parliament, and all of the provincial legislative members. I go public but mainly only to the people who have ability to make changes.. the citizens do not.

Note You can write to them, the news editors and elected members even about anything you want and you cannot be sued, it is a constitutional right to write to them .. and after you had written to them, the person you are fighting with, you also do wait a few weeks and next you post your letter on the internet

Note this writing to news reporters work, cause the news media does not support losers and a person cannot win without the news media cause paying for advertising is too costly.. by the way there is another thing I do is a write a letter to a church pastor in the area of the MLA I an fighting with, Pastors have a large influence love to gossip and share the facts with their members in the community too and this also works.

Undeniably- The most popular, watched show in a penitentiary is the daily news showing the other criminals, felons being arrested. Prisoners in jail like to see justice being carried out, even other bad persons also getting their dues. Whether is the premier, the prime minister, or the RCMP, elected officials, cabinet ministers, civil and public servants, the Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone's best interest, and makes the news media popular, sells newspapers too.

In the last year we even had reported the MLA's in Newfoundland abusing their expenses account, tax payer's money and we had a report of a cover-up of an alcoholic drunk driver, an elected official in Nova Scotia, and we had pork barreling, patronage hiring by Stephen Harper and his new Conservatives
and we had the RCMP chief lying, abusing the tax payers money too

Even a Conservative who lies, cheat, steals, abuses or is an alcoholic is the same as a bad Liberal now who does the same thing, and all of them are still really unacceptable and they all should be exposed, prosecuted, fired, terminated, arrested and jailed too.

For over two decades the news media has been openly, publicly , successfully exposing and punishing bad Ministers, Pastors and politicians included, and yes now really punishing them by causing them to lose reelection, or their jobs.. and yes I too personally have often seen their pale faces when they were unexpectedly punished.. They all mostly had priory rationalized that no one can really see what they do or like and boasted I could not do anything about it.. ..

but really one does not have to have, get a fully detailed picture..

for dealing with bad Ministers, bad managers it is always the same.. you firstly do look for -
1: basic evidence that they discriminate, show false partiality, abuse other persons -human rights violations, obstruction of justice, hiring their friends..

2: you look for simple evidences that they have misappropriated or stolen the designated funds, empire building, pork barreling, and you cut off their donations funding thus ( do get examples of Conservatives evading their taxes, misusing their donations and do cut off their funding, also expose who is funding them)

3: you also do look for sexual immorality and drunkenness, drug usages, drunk driving .. ( surprising that at least 40 percent of church ministers are involved in secret adultery , drunkenness too)

Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the guilty is still the best approach, and causes them to lose support of their colleagues, supporters and news media...The public may not live it but most do have and respect, expect a decent moral standards, even from the Ministers, public and civil

It was an absurdity to publish the poll indicate how racists Quebecers were excluding now also polling all of the other provinces in Canada now too. In front of the news media, citizens I told the useless now ex MLA, Albertan minister of Multiculturism Steve Zaruski that 70 percent of Albertans were racists, and I got a standing applause for telling the truth. Quebecers are no generally more racists than the people in the rest of Canada, the people of Alberta,, British Columbia or Ontario, Nova Scotia included but my personal experiences having worked in nine provinces in Canada, Quebecers are some of the most gentle, honest, transparent, kindness persons.

It is true that another poll found that over 60 percent of Quebecers would not allow their sons or daughters to marry a Jew or a Muslim, but that is nothing to do with the race, rather the violent, bigoted religions of the Muslims and the Jews for it is true that the majority of French Quebecers are peaceful persons and do not like, support wars conflicts. Having lived in Quebec for about 50 years I can tell the reality here too. And contrary to the liar, ex Premier Bouchard Quebecers are some of the hardest working persons now too.

"As we enter our second year in office, Canadians are still saying: 'Show us what you can do'," Harper, standing in front of a Tory-blue backdrop and six Canadian flags, told Tuesday's gathering. "

Reality: You have already shown us all what you are like.. you are just as dirty, lying, perverse as the other past political parties, you hire your friends into office and not the best people for it too, and now you want to keep on showing us more of your perversities.. dream on. You have offended the people in Quebec already, and you also have offended the evangelicals because of Stephen Harper's full lack of support for marriage.. and you have now also offended many others.. and you will do even more of that. Repent. Stephen Harper still is one step forward and two step backwards.. undeniably..

"Harper’s second year in power will be more rambunctious than first: analysts Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press Published: Monday, January 22, 2007 "OTTAWA -- Stephen Harper’s minority Conservatives will celebrate their first anniversary in power Tuesday with a gathering a glittering downtown hotel, but analysts say the honeymoon with the electorate has ebbed and surviving a second year in office will be a feat. The Conservatives were never threatened with defeat during their first year in office. The Liberals were distracted choosing a leader, the NDP was just as intent on attacking the Liberals as they were the government and the Bloc Quebecois needed time to assess the Conservatives as a threat in Quebec. That allowed Harper to pass much of his key legislation virtually unopposed. Voters - particularly Westerners - gave the Tories significant leeway through their first months in office, says Faron Ellis, a political scientist at Alberta’s Lethbridge College. But those same voters are now looking beyond the promises delivered during last January’s election, Ellis said Monday. “We’ve moved through that `benefit-of-the-doubt’ stage into some cautious concern over where this government is headed,” Ellis said in a telephone interview. “Just how far it feels it needs to go in order to win a majority government.” The Conservatives were elected on Jan. 23, 2006, promising to fulfill five key goals - cleaning up government, cutting the GST, cracking down on crime, paying parents $100 for each child under six and establishing a health care patient wait times guarantee. The medicare wait times promise is as yet unfulfilled. Most polls have the Conservatives in a dead heat with the Liberals - below the 36 per cent level of support they won on election night a year ago. With a full year of Conservative rule behind them, Canadians now want to see the Tories start taking responsibility for their government’s actions, says Heather MacIvor of the University of Windsor. People are growing weary of hearing the prime minister blame previous Liberal governments for everything that goes wrong in Ottawa, said MacIvor. “They’re going to have to stop calling themselves Canada’s new government,” she said. “It’s just getting dumb.” While pollsters do give the government marks for delivering on much of what they promised, the Conservatives have proved themselves capable of reversing themselves. Harper said he was forced to break his promise not to tax income trusts because of the threat to the treasury as larger corporations moved to avoid taxes. He opted to recognize Quebec as a nation after refusing to utter the words “nation” and “Quebec” in the same sentence. After criticizing many of the Liberals’ environmental policies, the Conservatives opted to ape many of them in an abrupt pivot on environmental policy aimed at convincing skeptical voters that they are capable of going green. The surprise selection of former environment minister Stephane Dion as Liberal leader undoubtedly was partially responsible for the change of tack. There will be new hurdles to jump over in the coming months, including a potential resurgence of violence against Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and climate change. But the Conservatives could face another challenge they never expected as they gird for an election that could come at any time - Western alienation. How they deal with the environment and how they seek to gain votes in Quebec in the quest for a majority might cause Harper some concern in the Tory heartland of Alberta, says Ellis. “If they bring in something that puts severe restrictions on (development of) the oilsands, combined with buying off Quebec through equalization, Westerners and particularly Albertans won’t be too happy,” he said. “That combination, added to the breaking of campaign promises . . . then you’re getting to the stage where there’d be an erosion of support.” Dion expects that voters will go to the polls this year, he said Monday in Quebec City, although Dion added that doesn’t want a snap federal election. Some observers have suggested that Harper can hold off an election, particularly if he reaches a compromise agreement with the New Democrats on the environment. An arrangement with the Bloc on the budget would also ensure the survival of the government for months. However, NDP Leader Jack Layton may be pushed away from making such a deal by his own party if there’s a perception that he’s getting too chummy with Harper, said MacIvor. “Mr. Layton is well aware of the risk that he’s taking cozying up to the Conservatives,” she said. “(Some New Democrats) regard Stephen Harper more or less as the devil,” she said. “This is not a long-term sustainable strategy for the NDP ""

Sounds like what I have said many times before ehh... about the unChristlike, big liar Stephen Harper's approach.. Harper undeniably now too is realy fooling now no one but himself as what he is really like too.. (2 Cor 3:2 KJV) Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:

Stephen Harper don't worry you will not get away with any of it, the BQ will not let you for sure..

MPs' drug plan beats coverage for elderly, poor Globe and Mail OTTAWA - Politicians and bureaucrats who decide what drugs are covered under Canada's public plans are reimbursed for a wider range of new medications than those offered to soldiers, seniors, the elderly and the poor.Politicians have double standard drug plan: study Seniors decry drug plans for politicians Toronto Star
MedIndia all 10 news articles

and what about their dental plans too...

Inflation rate rises to 1.6% in December, full-year rate 2% in 2006 CP - 1 hour, 39 minutes ago OTTAWA (CP) - Canada's annual inflation rate crept up to 1.6 per cent in December, from 1.4 per cent in November, pushed again by higher costs for "home replacement" costs, especially in Alberta.

and we can also know these distorted lying statistics do note tell the reality of the cost of living increases too for the elderly and poor persons

Now fix it... Immediately

Exemplary prosecution of the guilty tax payer's money abusers serves as a deterrent to everyone and the police, legal costs should not hinder it.. before we have a flood of such acts undeterred next still too.. The RCMP wrongfully does not prosecute all such cases cause they likely do it themselves as we tend to know too.. especialy since they have bad managers, and the head one resigned recently.

"OTTAWA (CP) - Bounced cheques, phony expense claims, forged signatures, personal items charged to the public purse. A rogue employee's abuse of the system at the Public Works Department raises questions about how effective the federal government is at catching - and disciplining - fraud artists. The troublesome worker was allowed to retire almost two years after a part-time clerk first blew the whistle on his expense-claim shenanigans, newly released documents show. No charges were ever laid, and the government eventually had to garnishee his retirement benefits to get its money back, though the amounts were relatively small. The identity of the worker is protected under the Privacy Act, though it is known he reported to the Edmonton offices of Public Works from another city and his job required frequent travel. The Canadian Press obtained heavily censored records detailing the internal investigation, under the Access to Information Act. The case began in June 2004 when a temporary financial clerk noticed something fishy about the approval signature on an employee's travel expense claim. The employee's supervisor quickly confirmed he had not approved the claim, nor two others that came to light. An audit was soon ordered on all claims filed by the worker in the previous 30 months - but it was not the first time problems had been noted. The personnel files showed that over the years the employee had used a government credit card to pay for personal items; had orally terminated a contract with a supplier, but had failed to notify the accounting department, resulting in improper payouts; had his government American Express card taken away twice for irregularities; and twice bounced personal cheques meant to pay back the department for cash advances. The audit, meanwhile, used cellphone records and other investigative tools to identify about 43 questionable travel expense claims. For example, for some trips he claimed use of a government car and a private rental vehicle on the same days. On other "trips," phone records showed he had not been travelling at all on the days in question. Confronted with the detailed findings in March 2005, the worker acknowledged making numerous "errors" but "did not appear remorseful or offer an apology for the discrepancies," says one report. "I did not knowingly do any of this," he is quoted as saying. "I realize compensation back to the government is due." Meanwhile, the department paid an Ottawa forensics firm $3,121 to analyze the signatures on five expense claims. The results: they were indeed forgeries, but it was impossible to say definitively who wrote them. Confronted again in November 2005 with the forensics findings, the worker denied any forgery but said "there is a definite possibility that I did sign the documents for (the supervisor)." The individual had his blanket travel privileges removed, but continued to work for the department until retirement in February 2006. The RCMP was alerted to the case, but declined to lay charges given the relatively low dollar amounts involved. The department eventually recouped $5,871.17 in phony expense claims and personal charges to government credit cards by deducting the amounts from the employee's retirement benefits. In addition to the $3,121 bill for forensics, Ottawa officials spent $4,717 to travel to Alberta to investigate the case. "It's obvious that the system isn't foolproof," said Public Works spokesman Pierre Manoni. "No system is foolproof. "We acted immediately and started an investigation as soon as we received the allegation of fraud." Manoni added that over the last two years, there have been only three cases of minor fraud involving individual employees, including this one. He declined to comment on why the department appeared to tolerate the employee's bad behaviour over several years, citing restrictions under the Privacy Act. But he said the case shows the system is working. "The employee attempted to circumvent the process in place and he was caught," adding the level of employee fraud is minor given that the department has 13,000 people on staff. But a spokesman for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation called the department's response "extremely weak and wholly inadequate." "Even more worrisome is the fact that the RCMP declined laying charges due to the low dollar amounts," said research director Adam Taylor. "Theft is theft. Fraud is fraud. Whether one steals a pack of gum or a Ferrari, the law is the law and tax dollars should be protected from all crimes, no matter how big or small." "

So the New Conservatives got elected under lies, false promises of holding people in the government accountiable.. not all or most of the people in it seems.. not themselves for sure, and then only some of the bad Liberals.... not good enough!!!

"The federal Conservatives are flying high in Alberta but appear to be grounded just about everywhere else, a new poll suggests. The Liberals are seven percentage points ahead of the Conservatives in the rest of the country." In Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois leads with 44 per cent, followed by the Liberals at 26, Conservatives 15, the NDP at seven per cent and the Green Party at five. The Liberals enjoy 44 per cent support in Ontario, compared to 31 per cent for the Tories, 14 per cent for New Democrats and 10 per cent for the Greens. The Prime Minister Stephen Harper's party swept all 28 Alberta seats in the election last Jan. 23 en route to a minority government, but it now it has lost much of the support it got in the rest of Canada. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you what kind of person you are. The clearly self centered, Greedy friends of Alberta does not speak much good about Harper and the Conservative. Harper's unpopularity is also clearly reflected in the recent news, but also on the net..

"Is Stephen Harper's Conservative minority government supporting another Oil War that would yield enormous profits for greed-driven investors ? " And "Research forecasts suggest billions could die from Global Warming while Stephen Harper does very little about it, the same Stephen Harper government in Canada, which is also financially supported by carbon dioxide emission abusers in oil-rich Alberta."

Even the premier of Nova Scotia got exposed by the news media for his lies, false cover-up lately too. Too many politicians still believe they will get away with their lies.. dream on and they will get a rude awakening one day too, a Canada wide one too.. to their unforgotten shame next too.

So the New Conservatives got elected under lies, false promises of holding people in the government accountable.. not all or most of the people in it seems.. not themselves for sure, and then only some of the bad Liberals.... not good enough!!! The Conservative PM Stephen Harper does not enough hold himself accountable for lying, not keeping his promises.. what an unacceptable real hypocrite for a PM as well..

Public Exemplary prosecution of the liars, drug users, alcoholics, adulterers too, the thieves, the cover ups, and the guilty tax payer's money abusers serves everyone's best interest, as a deterrent to everyone and the costs should not hinder it.. before we have a flood of such acts undeterred next still too.. How are we all coming along also now rightfully with dealing with the bad RCMP still? and all the tax evader too.. wrongfully none of them seem to get punished these days.

I find it ironic that the Conservative PM Stephen Harper wrongfully has to try to control the news media, the press and he has to brag, boasts about his own supposed accomplishments. His professed accomplishments are obviously rightfully not evident to many, the news media especially. Stephen Harper has to try to control the surroundings cause he clearly cannot stand the truth, the real revelation of what he is like today, now, in office.

We also do see it all the time, in politics especially, in the news media, the Spin doctors. False prophets is the real appropriate description of them. These positive spin doctors are still only mostly negative lairs, and what a reputation now to have publicly, being a big liar, the spin doctors lie to themselves that they can fool all of the others, many know clearly they are only big unrepentant liars. I have no use for liars since they tend to be crazy, deranged, yes crazy, for they believe their own lies, and they believe that lying works and that makes them real crazy persons too. And anyone crazy enough to believe their lies eventually will be just a crazy as them too.

(Prov 22:1 KJV) A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

(Prov 22:3 KJV) A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

(Prov 22:4 KJV) By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.

(Prov 22:5 KJV) Thorns and snares are in the way of the froward: he that doth keep his soul shall be far from them.
(Prov 27:2 KJV) Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.

(Prov 27:5 KJV) Open rebuke is better than secret love.

(Prov 27:6 KJV) Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful