The unacceptable fear of Police retribution for one's free speech is  still an unacceptable, and an undeniable fact in Canada. I know I have personally too often experienced it myself, real retributions from some of Canada's too many bad cops..

"Thu May 11, 06:28 PM EST   VICTORIA (CP) - B.C.'s solicitor general says federal NDP leader Jack Layton should force one of his MPs to apologize to the RCMP for saying he fears retribution if he speaks out about the case of a young man who was shot in the back of the head while in police custody.   John Les called MP Nathan Cullen's comments "despicable" and "absolutely asinine." "Mr Cullen's comments were completely unbecoming of a member of parliament," said Les. "They are despicable and I would expect that his leader, Jack Layton, forces him to issue an apology to the RCMP."  Ian Bush was 22 when he was arrested for holding an open beer can outside an arena at a Houston, B.C. hockey game last October.  He was shot in the back of the head at the local detachment and his parents say they are waiting for answers but police say it could be months yet.  Les said the Mounties do not go after their critics.   "That's simply a completely baseless allegation," he said. Later in the legislature, he called the comments asinine but was asked to retract them by the Speaker.    Cullen, the MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, told a newspaper he was cautious about getting involved in finding out why it's taking so long to get answers in the Bush case because he worries about angering the Mounties.  "I think I probably went too far in some of my comments around that," Cullen said Thursday in an interview with The Canadian Press from Ottawa.  "I respect the RCMP and want them to do their job. I think when the RCMP mix with politics and politicians mix with the RCMP, usually it's a bad mix."  Cullen said he hasn't spoken with Layton about an apology.  "We'll cross the bridge when we come to it," he said.  He said he was lobbying on behalf of Bush's parents, who are constituents in Cullen's vast riding in northwestern B.C. Houston, a mill town, is located about 250 kilometres northwest of Prince George.  Cullen said he remains baffled about the length of time the investigation is taking.  "It's a long time," Cullen said.  RCMP spokesman John Ward said the Mounties want to ensure the investigation is complete before making its results public.  "Does the public have a right to know, you bet," he said. "Will we be held accountable, absolutely. But there is a time and a place for that to take place."  The investigation is now in the hands of the city police in New Westminster, who are examining an earlier RCMP review of the incident, Ward said. The New Westminster police will make recommendations about how next to proceed with the case, he said.  Ward acknowledged the process has been lengthy.  "Listen, we're the first to say that we wish we could do it like they do on CSI: have it done in 60 minutes," he said. "We know how difficult this is for the family. We know how difficult it is for the member and for other members and we know how difficult it is for the public."  Ward said the police do not go after people who criticize them in public.  "Absolutely not," he said. "The public, law abiding citizens, have nothing to fear of the RCMP. As a matter of fact they should look to us for their safety."  Ward said he wouldn't address Cullen's statements other than to say "this is a free country and people have the right to express their views as they see fit."

Free speech against politicians, and cops in Canada.. you are joking.. try to personally complain about the police   and they also  will personality harass you, and even cover up their wrong doings..

The Obstruction of Justice is too often practiced by the guilty accused persons cops and lawyers now too.

Like I have said ...

In the undeniable perverse Canada today it is mostly the too often even perverted, immoral professionals, politicians, civil and public servants who have rights, and  their rights now enforced, but not the ordinary citizens of Canada mostly still, and this is really unacceptable as well. Too many civil and public, civil servants, politicians, professionals still do think they are above the laws and are unacceptably not being held accountable still in Canada today.
(Est 3:5 KJV)  And when Haman saw that Mordecai bowed not, nor did him reverence, then was Haman full of wrath.

Incidentally when I had complained about any of the abuses detailed  to the appropriate churches, denominations, civil and public servants, the police, RCMP, Justice Ministers, PM and premiers,  law and police societies they next all quoted me their own perverted rules as to why they wrongfully still could not act upon the legitimate complaints. It was still undeniable that a citizen could be robbed, abused, slandered, ignored  and all this is still really unacceptably wrong in Canada and the valid complaints are not acted upon, and   no matter what the poor excuses from the civil and public servants are, were.  And when that occurs it is really undeniably time now to fire and to now next replace all of these perverse civil and public servants, professionals and their legislating societies and the poor related governments as well.  Like Queen Esther I  next still do demand all of the appropriate actions upon it all even from all of the governments.
" Bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. Senator Cools' bill  Senate private member's bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. The chances of it passing are virtually nil. Read this bill and contact your MP and demand that s/he support it. Try not to cry when s/he laughs in your face." The Conservatives wow to clean up Canada's  justice system.   Senator Cools' bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts so what happened, happens to it too? and what about spouses who too often lie to the courts now too in separation, divorce applications and do not get prosecuted by the too often bad court judges too? Bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. Senator Cools' bill so what happens to it now too?
 I too am still really seriously, rightfully expect, demand of even Canada security Minister, Justice Minister, Revenue Minister, Immigration Minister, Heritage Minister that the existing laws  be fairly applied to all Canadians, to all personal, individual, organized, religious, ethnic groups in Canada without worrying about the costs too  ( not just to mostly the blacks or natives now too) and that now still includes all private and charitable organizations, incorporation's, groups churches, religious groups, Christian, Jewish and Muslim ones as well, without any  false partially, and without dual standards, and that includes any of the professional self regulating societies, civil and public services, medical groups as well. Real, exemplary prosecution and public exposure of the persons doing wrong still best serves everyone's best interest in Canada. Prosecute also the   bad Pastors even of Langley BC as well that slandered and meddled wrongfully into my family affairs firstly too.
Yes, better personnel, better managers of the  civil and public servants personnel, resources, tax dollars are still needed as well as the public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons who have abused the tax money, the RCMP included, and it serves best for all too, as a deterrent to the others who may be tempted to follow too and this would leave more money for the social welfare recipients. 
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty tends to work best for all for  one still doing nothing about the bad, evil, wicked persons is to their false advantage still. All it takes for evil person now, a person note, to prosper is for the good person to do nothing about him or her. If the evil persons do not face real negative consequences they will have no reason even to stop their wrong doings, and  change now as well. I can also add that if the civil and public servant managers and their subordinates would stop their white collared crimes, would stealing. stealing even computers, software, supplies from their workplace there would be more money for the poor people, the social welfare  recipient's.
Real Public exposure and prosecution of all of the guilty persons here too serves everyone's best interest. Jail and firings now too for judges, lawyers, civil and public servants, politicans, cops too  are still some of  the best prevention programs now too.  
OTTAWA -- The Mounts and other Canadian police forces can deal effectively with only one-third of the organized-crime groups they know about, Because of thier own undeniable limited competence, in my own 15 years of experiences of dealing with them, they Canada's police forces have been rather have been not adequately managed by their superiors. and they are uneducated Mickey mouse cops too who are too often  liars, abusers, incompetent, pretenders and who are mainly qualified to give out parking tickets. No amount of further training will help them, they rather do firstly have to be fired, their superiors included and replaced by more competent personnel. Putting more money into a pail full of holes is a waste of tax payer's money resources thus. More federal  money is to be given to hire more cops, especially the RCMP but nothing is being done to better manage all of the existing police in Canada still, nor providing for  having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide laws and justice system in Canada, that treats everyone equally, fairly, the cops too, and all persons, citizens, professionals as well. That includes having fully independent regulating bodies, judicial legal appointed authorities, for the police, lawyers, accountants, doctors, civil and public servants, politicians included, to honestly, fully investigate and to deal quickly, effectively with any, all of their wrong doings now too.
"In Harper's regime, Big Daddy knows best Globe and Mail When it comes time for history to bestow a permanent nickname on Prime Minister Stephen Harper —   “Big Daddy” Harper as a contender for the honour. Big Daddy Harper: It sounds good, no? Big Daddy connotes a big political boss with a big, strategic mind, which describes Mr. Harper to a T.   To judge from his first four months in office, Mr. Harper is running the most hands-on, centrally controlled federal government in living memory, a government so Harper-centric and so micro-managed by the Prime Minister's Office it feels literally patriarchal. If Big Daddy Harper is a control freak — and no one denies it, even if they won't speak for attribution — he is a control freak on purpose, In recent days, rumours have begun to circulate that Mr. Harper has even limited his ministers' opportunities to speak in cabinet meetings. Instead, he has begun to meet them privately beforehand, hear their proposals and then make their presentations  Greg Weston, Ottawa columnist for Sun Media, has been covering Parliament Hill for 30 years. “I don't need the PMO to do my job,” he says. “But the control concerns me. This is the way they're going to be running the country. It's not just early game jitters. This is part of a deep-rooted belief set. It's almost a culture.” "   " Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government suffered a setback yesterday when his hand-picked choice to chair a Commons committee was driven from the post. Maurice Vellacott stepped down from the aboriginal affairs committee after suggesting Supreme Court judges play God with the law and attributing erroneous comments to the chief justice. Vellacott quit as the Liberals prepared to bring a motion in the committee to oust him from the chair. With the Bloc Quebecois and NDP backing it, the motion was sure to pass.  It's the first major wrench to hit the works of an otherwise smooth-running, tightly controlled Tory government. Harper quickly named another controversial figure as the party's pick to succeed Vellacott -- rookie Tory MP Colin Mayes, who recently advocated jailing reporters who write stories the government doesn't like. “It's a way of controlling things,” "The name of this show is Big Daddy Knows Best" and it is still not flattering or acceptable.." A more accurate and potentially more damaging charge is that Mr. Harper treats the media — and therefore Canadians — like children". The Weak people may need the others to dictate, to run their lives for them, but the free, Mature, Honest persons do not and they  rightfully do not appreciate any of the undemocratic  control freaks.