Fakers Today

This is not new news I wrote about it ten years ago too  "Especially when it is likely most of these rather out of towners likely lied on their resumes to get their jobs in the first place. Many person in Alberta have admitted to me they lie, they even lie on their resumes, they even have different resumes too. The average person lies once every 5 minutes, so why not the rest? Perjury even to the Queen's courts of Alberta is still an unacceptable practice that rarely gets prosecuted now too. Or lying on the expense accounts in the municipal, provincial governments."
A city of Calgary lawyer admitted personally he had lied on his resume to get his job at the city of Calgary. He had admitted to me in his home in Bearspaw Alberta  that he had six different resumes he had, and he had admitted he lied on them too.

"Ex-Alta. official faked law degree Legislature lawyer did not graduate, court told  Charles Rusnell, The Edmonton Journal Published: Tuesday, April 25, 2006  EDMONTON - Michael Ritter, Alberta's former chief parliamentary counsel, fabricated aspects of his academic credentials and never graduated from the law program at a London, England, university as he claimed. The stunning revelation came during testimony Monday by an RCMP officer in Ritter's trial for breach of recognizance. Ritter is accused of failing to turn in all his passports, as ordered by the court, and of securing a Belizean passport using an alias. Police and prosecutors say Ritter, a prominent Edmonton businessman and arts philanthropist, wanted the passport and the new identity so he could flee charges in Canada and the U.S. The charges include laundering $43 million US for a Wall Street energy trader and helping perpetuate a $250-million US Ponzi scheme, in which the money from later investors was used to pay earlier investors. Ritter has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is fighting extradition. Dressed in a dark grey suit and white shirt with no tie, and shackled in leg irons, Ritter showed no emotion Monday as Sgt. Marjorie Maier of RCMP Commercial Crime testified that Scotland Yard, at the Mounties' request, checked out Ritter's academic credentials in England. Maier said Scotland Yard reported that Ritter did not graduate from the London School of Economics, did not intern at the House of Lords, and was not accepted as a member of Gray's Inn, one of four institutions in London whose members comprise the bar of England and Wales. Despite this, Ritter served as Alberta's chief parliamentary counsel from 1987 to 1992 and was by several accounts extremely capable, even drafting legislation that was adopted by other provinces. Ritter has been in custody since last Sept. 9, when he was arrested by the RCMP. A judge denied his bail application on Sept. 12 after hearing evidence he had not surrendered all his passports as ordered by the court and had obtained another passport from Belize, which has no extradition treaty with Canada. He was subsequently charged with breach of recognizance. If convicted, he faces up to two years in prison. Most of the first day of Ritter's three-day trial was taken up by a hearing to decide if several crucial pieces of evidence will be allowed into the trial. Ritter's lawyer, Robbie Davidson, tried to establish that the RCMP breached the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms during its investigation. Maier, during her testimony Monday, told how the RCMP learned Ritter had obtained two separate passports in different names, the second from the High Commission for Belize in London, England. Ritter operated an Edmonton-based trust company called Newport Pacific, which set up offshore corporations for clients in Panama, Belize and Nevis, and secret bank accounts in Switzerland. During an earlier court case, it was alleged that Ritter conspired with Wall Street energy trader Dan Gordon to launder $43 million US that Gordon stole from his employer, the Merrill Lynch brokerage firm. It was also alleged that Ritter used some of that money to make a down payment on an Italian villa in his name and that of Patrick Mitchell, a close friend who was Newport's corporate pilot.  When Mitchell heard his name had been linked to the allegedly stolen money and the Italian villa, he called Maier, the lead investigator in the case, court was told. Mitchell eventually produced a computer printout of a passport application Ritter allegedly made to the High Commission for Belize in London. Using that and information from other sources, the RCMP obtained a search warrant to seize a computer belonging to Ritter from an Edmonton storage unit, where his company stored all its equipment after he was jailed. An RCMP technician found scanned copies of two passports from Belize, one in Ritter's name and one in the name of Adam Michael Philipp d'Orleans, which included Ritter's photo. Maier testified she flew to London and seized the d'Orleans passport application from the Belizean high commission. That application was allegedly guaranteed on behalf of Ritter on March 18, 2005, by one of his Edmonton lawyers, Casey O'Byrne, who now faces a charge of aiding and abetting Ritter to obtain a false passport. O'Byrne has pleaded not guilty to the charge. His lawyer Peter Royal has said they will argue that O'Byrne's signature on the passport was forged. The Belizean passport in the name of d'Orleans, with Ritter's photo, was issued on June 14, 2005, Maier said. That passport remained in Ritter's desk in his office until after he was arrested by the RCMP on Sept. 9. On that day, a secretary at Newport Pacific received a call telling her there was a cancelled passport for Ritter in his desk. She was told to bring it to court, where it was surrendered by Ritter's criminal lawyer Sid Tarrabain. But Maier said the secretary told her there was also a second passport in Ritter's desk. On Sept. 12, lawyer and former Newport employee Greg White went to the office and left with an envelope, and the second passport in the desk was gone, Maier said. During cross-examination, Davidson tried to establish that Patrick Mitchell went from being a confidential informant to an agent of the police who gathered information at Maier's directions. Maier insisted she had not told Mitchell to access Ritter's computer, but neither had she warned him not to. Davidson argued that Mitchell stole the information from Ritter's computer, but Crown prosecutor Greg Lepp told the court there is no such crime as theft of intellectual property. Davidson contended the contents of the computer were subject to solicitor-client privilege, but Maier noted that not one of the 37,000 documents gathered by the RCMP in the case was found by a court to be covered by such privilege. The trial continues today."
Face it too many of these so called professionals misbehave professionally still do and are not properly regulated, dealt with as I have often rightfully now complained about it too.

"OTTAWA -- The Harper government's new  Accountability act will restructure prosecution system  This law, introduced in early April, will create a federal prosecutor's office that will function independently from the Justice Department. About 800 lawyers -- one-third of the department's legal staff -- will work in the new agency.  The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, rather than the Attorney General of Canada, will decide whether criminal probes and federal charges will be launched. The Tories promised a more independent prosecution system during the federal election campaign. "We're hoping to establish a level of independence," said Treasury Board President John Baird, who oversees the drafting and implementation of the new accountability system. Federal Justice Minister Vic Toews, the former attorney general of Manitoba, did not take questions in the press conference where the changes were announced...  Under the new bill, the attorney general will still retain some discretionary power over whether charges are laid under federal statutes, but Justice Department officials say the bill makes it unlikely those powers will be used again. If the federal attorney general does order prosecutors to stop a planned prosecution, the order must be published in the Canada Gazette. A federal official who gave a briefing on the new law on a not-for-attribution basis said the new prosecution system will be similar to ones established in Nova Scotia, the United Kingdom and Australia. The department's director will be chosen by the prime minister and will be vetted by an advisory committee of MPs, similar to the way the government now makes appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada. The annual report from the director will be submitted to Parliament by the Justice minister. The director of the new prosecutions office will decide how violations of about 50 laws, including the Financial Administration Act, the Elections Act, immigration and some drug laws will be prosecuted. The office will also have power over prosecutions under a new federal fraud law that imposes sentences of up to five years for public servants who steal up to $5,000, and up to 14 years for those engaged in frauds of more than $5,000. The law also covers employees of Crown corporations. "
It always amazing me how those hypocritical rednecks from Alberta often on the web discussions too do now state as to how the Government in Ottawa should be run, changed when they hypocritically, wrongfully do not even firstly implement their own recommendations in their own house, in their own backyard in the province of Alberta and Manitoba and why not?

(Mat 7:3 KJV)  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4   Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5   Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
I myself now have been abused the last 25 years in Canada  even bullied even as an adult  by too many church  pastors,  members of parliament, members of the legislatures, cops, political groups, others who wrongfully  object to me speaking out the truth to all and tried to suppress my free speech. .  Speaking of my being bullied by the others  I now in Canada have had a premier, a prime minister, a mayor send the police wrongfully to my home  trying to suppress my right of free speech in writing my complaints by fax, Internet to the others, especially to newspaper editors, and to members of the federal, provincial legislature and who deals with that? The police even themselves do not like it when I complaint about the too often bad cops we have in Canada too. My past complaints now included even like having rightfully an totally independent body Police review board and this should be a federal standard for all of  the cops, the RCMP too  in all of Canada firstly, and also  a totally independent body  review also should apply now for all of the professionals, and their regulating bodies too, even those too often immoral professionals such as lying, crooked lawyers, tax evading accountants, the doctors who sexually abuse their patients, the immoral and incompetent judges, the abusive church pastors, and the bad civil , public servants, bad commissioners and their bad subordinates and managers now  too.  You all should by now know I believe that self regulation is often mere masturbation and not real justice being carried out.