On the behalf of all the Canadian taxpayer's there is also always  need of us all  personally being practically concerned about all of the bad, incompetent, pretentious  persons even  in our civil and public services, governments too and now helping all of these poorly employed persons to find a suitable job as well elsewhere besides the civil and public services, governments,  for their ineffectiveness  has increased the associated taxpayer's economic costs now too. That also cleanly means finding those too often poorly employed  their bad managers, supervisors  a job elsewhere besides the government, the  bad present and ex RCMP personnel as well. 
Now having  any of these mostly self serving persons in the civil and public services, politics in Canada is still really not acceptable. All of the Politicians, civil and public servants  are still being paid by the tax payers to look after the good welfare of all citizens and sadly this has not been the case the last 20 years even in the federal or the [provincial cabinets. It should be still the case. And what about the elected politician who uses the staff and resources not to help his constituent members but even to solicit funds from individuals and corporations, for his reelection campaign, at the tax payer's wrong expense. Cutting back on these governmental,  Corporate welfare is what the government still does also needs to deal with and not firstly cutting on the Social welfare. Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin's shipping company got what 165 million in welfare from the tax payers? and we do not have money for the poor people? I can also add that if the civil and public servant managers and their subordinates would stop their white collared crimes, would stealing. stealing even computers, software, supplies from their workplace there would be more money for the poor people, the social welfare  recipient's. What only about 20 percent of the people do steal form their work place? I heard firsthand one secretary boast to me that she used her work business charge card for office supplies to buy personal items for her home use and she did not consider that wrong now as well. A vice president of CN Railway used to steal his snow shovels from his work place by having one of the shop foreman's in the yard donate it to him. Now really don't tell me that is rare.. Executives, Accounting Purchasing and Engineering managers home computers and software, disks, etc., often come from their office.. and how many social welfare recipients have been equally supplied with Home computers. NONE!
Everyone in the Public, civil service, Municipalities, provinces still do wants more money but what about the proper fiscal management of it firstly that is still too often needed in reality..  and the related accountability too... and no I do not trust even the Aldermen, the appointed Ministers, never mind their subordinates  to do this and rightfully as well to even properly manage it. Nor can we now even clearly trust the RCMP to do this.. sad isn't it..

How many of the civil and public servants, RCMP officer included now, in the last year have been rightfully arrested for stealing and.or abusing tax payer's money? Now please don't tell me they don't do that.

(Mat 7:15 KJV)  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16  Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

(Jer 48:10 KJV)  Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

"Canadians tell Ottawa to stop wasting money 83% of people polled say 'controlling government spending' a high priority." National Post.

Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty tends to work best for all for now one and still doing nothing about the bad, evil, wicked persons  makes one a participant to the evil acts.  "The related unacceptable too often Personal Complacency by Politicians civil and public servants, even some of the citizens, specially under pretentious inadequate governments, leaders, managers  supervisors has wrongfully contributed to many of the present threats to public health, safety, the too often poor law enforcement as well.  There is no adequate substitute for continual supervision and continual enforcement of the legislated laws now as well as the  related Exposure and prosecution of the guilty as well.
Anyone being still nice to the wicked person is still committing an immoral and wasteful act.. for if the evil persons are rather not chastised, rebuked, punished they will not learn to do rather good even for the good benefit us all.  

All it takes for evil person now, a person note, to prosper is for the good person to do nothing about him or her. If the evil persons do not face real negative consequences they will have no reason even to stop their wrong doings, and  change now as well. 
If I was the Human Resources Minister  the first three things I would do would be to-

 a: Verify the exact type of training programs being provided, offered to all, note to  all  of the persons even the  social welfare recipients, also insuring that even language programs are mandatory provided freely  for all  those persons who still cannot  properly speak, read, write as well and including both French and English languages. (Unbelievable that even in Quebec French language programs are not provided to all welfare recipients, not just to the refugees, new immigrants)

b: The second thing I would do is I would certainly check and recheck the actual personal educational  qualifications of every one of the civil and public servants, social worker and all of their superiors as well. I have not yet in my whole life met even one really qualified  career training competent social worker, most were incompetent friends hired of the street to the rather political positions it seems. Being a competent social worker takes also compassion, aptitudes, and developed skills, education, training knowledge as well. What actual real qualifications do all of the persons who do work in social aid now have?

c: The third thing I would do was I would follow the budget money, I would really find out exactly how much was designated  tax payer's money and where all of the budgeted money goes. To see how much of it actually, directly goes to help the social welfare recipients. You see I too have learned long time ago that even city hall itself, and many others do similar things, they do charge items to the budget, that do not belong there, they even do transfer the budget money elsewhere. Yes at city hall as well. And that should be a criminal act prosecuted by law. I mean that as well rightfully.

"Face it now even crooked accountants are as common in Canada as bad, crooked cops, lying lawyers.. lying Realtors." The present, ongoing need for more real, more effective Personnel management of our Civil and Public Servants, even and even of the so called Professionals is too often unavailable but is still imperative.. even of our Corporations, banks   too..

Yes, better personnel, better managers of the  civil and public servants personnel, resources, tax dollars are still needed as well as the public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons who have abused the tax money, the RCMP included, and it serves best for all too, as a deterrent to the others who may be tempted to follow too and this would leave more money for the social welfare recipients.

And what did the rat infested, Mickey Mouse RCMP still really do good about this?

1: The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into complaints about the income trust affair a matter already under investigation by the RCMP.  The American market watchdog says it's taking "very seriously" the complaint made by NDP finance critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis. The RCMP is investigating opposition allegations that the decision on tax policy regarding income trusts was leaked prior to its Nov. 23 announcement.  Opposition politicians point to a flurry of market trading in the hours before the announcement by the Liberal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale and claim inside information benefited Liberal-friendly traders and investors.  Wasylycia-Leis filed a complaint with the SEC last month.  "We are taking your complaint very seriously and have referred it to the appropriate people within the SEC," legal counsel, Ann H. Sulzberg wrote in an e-mail to Wasylycia-Leis.  Sulzberg wrote that the SEC "generally conducts its investigations on a confidential basis and neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation unless we bring charges against someone involved." The RCMP  dismissed the notion the NDP MP Wasylycia-Leis's complaint may have been taken more seriously than that of someone outside national political circles. "At the end of the day, we're responsible to answer to a complainant, be it an MP or John Doe on the street."   and it is still too much  this Mickey Mouse RCMP crap that the PM, parliamentarian and legislative members do not carry any special  weights.  as for Mr Who? you do too often have to go public, contact news editors, write a book theses days to get the RCMP to do their work.

2:" PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO -- Mexican homicide detectives probing the double slaying of a Toronto-area couple 12 days ago no longer view two Thunder Bay women as the prime suspects, police sources say. Instead, the focus has quietly shifted to what the 16 friends and relatives who accompanied the victims to the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort may know about a wedding celebration that turned into a bloodbath."You all already know I rightfully still do think the Mickey Mouse RCMP are too often incompetent, pretentious.  "As the Mounties prepare to pack their bags ( to go to Mexico all expenses paid)" , and what did they discover?

3: And what about the past requested RCMP investigations of lawyers who had contributed money to the Liberals so they can be appointed judges now too?

4: Very few Terrorists for that matter are successfully caught and prosecuted in Canada still for In spite of it's history, it's public relationship image, in reality the Mickey Mouse RCMP, the too often incompetent, pretentious RCMP, the  Royal Canadian Mounted Police is still self serving mostly and it really does not serve the good interest of the citizens of Canada, it mostly still serves it's own interest . It really should be totally disbanded and replaced by a police force made up of decent persons to start up with.

5: And why would Paul Martin clearly now an old man, now past the age of retirement,  an ex very incompetent, short lived prime minister still want to keep his old seat as an Liberal MP plus he also wants to keep his supporting staff.. and next to support who, I live in his riding and he never adequately dealt with one of my letters and concerns now too date even..  especially Paul Martin the  person now  who has been ambitious, very self centered, immoral, lying, incompetent too, and who clearly showed he does not trust the citizens to manage their own money. I personally now also was in Paul Martin's constituent office and I saw one of his staff working on the computer doing non constituent work too. Yes the same man that 70 % of Quebecers polled believed he knowledgeably was a part of the bad Federal  Sponsorship scandal and did nothing about it . How many other MPs now unacceptable will do the same too? I would keep a close eye on all of them, especially the Liberal ones. ..Part of the answers likely clearly lies in the truth that are very likely in they are still using their positions and staff to still merely make more money for themselves  for too many people fight also to have a UN positions to make  more money from the foreign countries, and  as we know that useless immoral liberal PM Jean Chretien tried to get richerhad used his old PM office  as well  for this after he was even rightfully  kicked out of office the PM office too now..
I had graduated as a civil engineer in 1968 from Montreal's Sir George William's ( Concordia)  university, in 1968 at the age of 21,  and for the next many years I worked as professional  so when I next had encountered too many unprofessional Canadian pastors, cops , accountants, lawyers, civil and public servants I too had a right to complaint about them, to computer their actual lack of  professionalism.In the undeniable perverse Canada today it is mostly the too often even perverted, immoral professionals, politicians, civil and public servants who have rights, and  their rights now enforced, but not the ordinary citizens of Canada mostly still, and this is really unacceptable as well. Too many civil and public, civil servants, politicians, professionals still do think they are above the laws and are unacceptably not being held accountable still in Canada today. Yes, better personnel, better managers of the  civil and public servants personnel, resources, tax dollars are still needed as well as the public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons who have abused the tax money, the RCMP included, and it serves best for all too, as a deterrent to the others who may be tempted to follow too and this would leave more money for the social welfare recipients. 
 All it takes for the clearly evil, bad  persons to continue their wrong doings is for the good people to still do nothing good, concrete about it. The Public exposure and prosecution of all the bad politicians, civil and public servants regulating societies, professionals serves everyone's best interest still as well.