Non Ethical
OTTAWA -- The PM Stephen   Harper's  main  weakness — over which he has total control — is his habit of taking ethical shortcuts and that includes his own acts of selfishness.. politicking and trying to win  at all costs.  
Yes in his first three months in office, the Prime Minister has already left a trail of discarded promises, casual reversals and  falsehoods.  These minor surprises have already   done damage to his reputation and thus  now many are watching, wondering, quietly sizing up the real practicing ethics of a bad man they elected to provide clean government. 
The day he was sworn in, Harper discarded his pledge not to appoint unelected cabinet ministers and  he  selected  Michael Fortier, a Montreal financier who had co-chaired the Conservative campaign, as his minister of public works. To legitimize the move, he also next gave him a Senate seat, despite campaigning for an elected upper house and left an unfortunate bad FIRST impression. Also to kick off the new session of Parliament, Harper introduced his signature piece of legislation, the Federal Accountability Act which prohibited ministers, political aides and senior bureaucrats from lobbying the government for five years after leaving office. But Harper did not ask his transition team to respect the new rule. One well-connected Tory promptly took a job as senior vice-president of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, which lobbies the government on telecommunications issues a clearly telling, lapse. When gasoline prices spiked last month, reporters asked Harper whether he was going to stop collecting the GST at the 85-cent mark, as he promised in 2004.   "This is something we're all going to have to adapt to." he replied. It was once more a predictable about-face.and the indifference rankled many. Finally, there was the Prime Minister's decision, 18 days ago, to bar journalists from military repatriation ceremonies honouring fallen soldiers. It's not about photo ops and media coverage," he said. "It is about what is in the best interests of the families." That seemed reasonable, until the grieving father of one of the four young men killed in Afghanistan said his family had never been consulted. Had he been asked, Lincoln Dinning told mourners at his son's funeral, he would have opposed the policy strenuously. The media ban might have been defensible but the lie was not for  Harper is now clearly a another professing hypocritical evangelical Christian who lies and who also cannot be trusted, and that now says it all,  thus he has already done  some major  wrong.  Integrity is a valuable and a fragile asset.
Yes each successive disappointment and deception takes its toll. Eventually people say: This isn't what we voted for. This isn't the open, accountable government we were promised. Harper's Achilles heel is his own bad acts   and  that he is taking careless risks. S Harper's root fact is he is now too is just another False teacher, false prophet like Preston Manning .. and Jesus himself said to beware of the wolves in cheep clothing's and by their own fruits you can tell who they now are.. And no such thing as a little bit pregnant, not even for a PM especially. 
(Mat 7:15 KJV)  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  16  Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. 21  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
"In Harper's regime, Big Daddy knows best Globe and Mail When it comes time for history to bestow a permanent nickname on Prime Minister Stephen Harper —   “Big Daddy” Harper as a contender for the honour. Big Daddy Harper: It sounds good, no? Big Daddy connotes a big political boss with a big, strategic mind, which describes Mr. Harper to a T.   To judge from his first four months in office, Mr. Harper is running the most hands-on, centrally controlled federal government in living memory, a government so Harper-centric and so micro-managed by the Prime Minister's Office it feels literally patriarchal. If Big Daddy Harper is a control freak — and no one denies it, even if they won't speak for attribution — he is a control freak on purpose, In recent days, rumours have begun to circulate that Mr. Harper has even limited his ministers' opportunities to speak in cabinet meetings. Instead, he has begun to meet them privately beforehand, hear their proposals and then make their presentations  Greg Weston, Ottawa columnist for Sun Media, has been covering Parliament Hill for 30 years. “I don't need the PMO to do my job,” he says. “But the control concerns me. This is the way they're going to be running the country. It's not just early game jitters. This is part of a deep-rooted belief set. It's almost a culture.” "  
 " Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government suffered a setback yesterday when his hand-picked choice to chair a Commons committee was driven from the post. Maurice Vellacott stepped down from the aboriginal affairs committee after suggesting Supreme Court judges play God with the law and attributing erroneous comments to the chief justice. Vellacott quit as the Liberals prepared to bring a motion in the committee to oust him from the chair. With the Bloc Quebecois and NDP backing it, the motion was sure to pass.  It's the first major wrench to hit the works of an otherwise smooth-running, tightly controlled Tory government. Harper quickly named another controversial figure as the party's pick to succeed Vellacott -- rookie Tory MP Colin Mayes, who recently advocated jailing reporters who write stories the government doesn't like. “It's a way of controlling things,” "The name of this show is Big Daddy Knows Best" and it is still not flattering or acceptable.." A more accurate and potentially more damaging charge is that Mr. Harper treats the media — and therefore Canadians — like children".
The Weak people may need the others to dictate, to run their lives for them, but the free, Mature, Honest persons do not and they  rightfully do not appreciate any of the undemocratic  control freaks.
"A New Ontario legislation was designed by the Liberals to speed up complaints system  especially when there are human rights involved fails also still to adress complaints about the Justice system inadequacies too.  The "Ontario government's attempt to overhaul the Ontario Human Rights Commission, is encountering stiff resistance from the social justice community.  The change is embodied in Bill 107, "An Act to Amend the Human Rights Code."  The main thrust of Bill 107 is to strip the human rights commission of its role as the body that investigates individual complaints of discrimination before they are sent to a tribunal for adjudication.  This system has become sclerotic with only 6 per cent of the 2,400 complaints the commission receives every year making it to the tribunal stage. And the average case takes from three to four years for the commission to investigate.  "The vast majority of people who go to the commission don't get (their) day in court," said Bryant.  As a remedy, Bill 107 proposes giving individual complainants "direct access" to tribunals, with their own lawyers. Bryant has also promised to establish a "human rights legal support centre" to provide legal representation for those going before a tribunal.  This would "shorten the pipeline" from complaint to resolution and represent "a vast improvement over the current system," according to Bryant.  As for the human rights commission, it would be freed up to pursue cases of "systemic" discrimination — such as racial profiling by the police or the low percentage of visible minorities on university faculties. 
Reaction to Bryant's bill from social justice spokespersons has been swift and furious. In emails to MPPs, news releases and op-ed articles, they have said the changes will lead to a "two-tier" system with well-to-do complainants getting to the front of the line while the rest are left behind, even though the bill states everyone is entitled to publicly funded legal representation."
The  unacceptable facts is still how the rich can get justice, and not the poor for legal aid does not generally cover any divorce, marital break up costs too. It is also clearly perverse that a person has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get basic, simple justice carried out even in Canada.
VANCOUVER (CP) - A woman accused of abducting her two children and hiding out in France has been denied bail and ordered to stay in prison while she is pregnant. Nathalie Gettliffe-Grant will stay in jail until her trial date is set July 17, a judge has ruled. "Obviously we're not happy with the decision and we're obviously very disappointed," the woman's lawyer, Deanne Gaffar, said outside court. "It is very much a lot of stress, particularly for someone who's pregnant."  Gettliffe-Grant's ex-husband Scott Grant was at the bail hearing Thursday. He said after the hearing he hopes his former partner pleads guilty.  "My hope is that she pleads guilty and that there's no trial and that she saves herself a lot of grief, because it will be the most terrible thing she'll ever go through, to go through that trial.  "I think even today might have been a shock to her, so I hope there is no trial."  Gettliffe-Grant landed at the centre of an international child abduction case.  She is accused of spiriting her children out of the country to France after a 2001 B.C. Supreme Court decision refused her request to take the children to visit their grandmother there.  Gettliffe-Grant's ex-husband took the case to court in France where he won three rulings, including one by the country's top court.  He said outside court Thursday that he does worry that he is being painted as 'the bad guy" who put the mother of his children in jail.  His ex-wife was arrested last month at the Vancouver airport when she returned to defend a doctoral thesis at the University of British Columbia.  His children, a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 12, remain in France with their maternal grandmother.  Grant has not seen them since last June.  Grant took the abduction case to court in France, where he won three successive rulings. One was handed down on Feb. 14 by the country's top court and stated that Gettliffe-Grant had breached the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and that the children should be returned to Canada.  It has become one of the longest parental child-abduction cases handled by the provincial office.  She could face up to 10 years in prison in Canada on two counts of child abduction.  The case has taken on a nasty flavour.  The entire town where Gettliffe-Grant lived with her mother mobilized a group to prevent the children from being returned to Canada.  Grant has said he has spent more than $200,000 in legal fees, translation services and travel trying to reunite with his children.  He said he became the victim of a smear campaign in France because his ex-wife is a Catholic and he attends a different church, the Vancouver Church of Christ. "
"Sometimes, it’s not just the law that’s an ass; so are those who administer it."