Look at the whole picture and what do you see?
I have for a long time have put in writing that one too many even Conservative  MPs in Alberta as well as MLA's do abuse the money that they were given to serve  the good welfare of the citizens.. even the Paul Martin MP  Liberal who still certainly does not look after me a member of his riding too..  

"OTTAWA (CP) - A Liberal senator has been turfed from caucus and allegations against him sent to the RCMP after a parliamentary committee found he had misused office resources.  Senator Raymond Lavigne had been under the microscope for allegedly using his office staff to do personal work for him, and for allegedly using his office budget to pay for personal travel between Ottawa and various locations.  A Senate committee was struck to investigate the matter, and on Thursday the committee made public that its internal report was "adverse" to Lavigne. It then referred the file to the RCMP.  Interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham quickly announced that Lavigne was being removed from the party's caucus.  "It is inappropriate for Senator Lavigne to sit with the Liberal caucus until any investigations have been completed," Graham said in a statement.  Lavigne was asked last week to pay back $23,666 to the Senate, which his lawyer said he was prepared to do. But Lavigne made it clear to senators that he did not acknowledge any wrongdoing.   Lavigne was elected to the House of Commons in 1993, and re-elected in 1997 and 2000. Then-prime minister Jean Chretien appointed him to the Senate in 2002.  Allegations concerning Lavigne came to light last year, when neighbours complained that one of his office staff had cut down trees on their property. "
"Liberals call for police probe of Tory MP over fraud allegation  Canadian Press Published: Tuesday, June 06, 2006   OTTAWA (CP) - The federal Liberals are calling on the RCMP to investigate a Conservative MP accused by a former assistant of defrauding taxpayers.  The Liberals say the Mounties should look at a lawsuit filed against Rob Anders by James Istvanffy, who alleges he was fired from his job as manager of the Calgary West constituency office after questioning the way Anders handled his finances.  In a statement of claim filed in Calgary Court of Queen's Bench, Istvanffy alleges Anders borrowed from him thousands of dollars for expenses that the House of Commons would not cover.  Istvanffy alleges Anders then used salary increases, false travel expenses and even bookshelves purchased for his office to pay him back.  Anders has denied all the allegations in the lawsuit, saying he will "vigorously" defend himself in court. Anders' lawyer said a statement of defence will likely be filed by the end of the week.  A statement of claim contains allegations that have not been proven in court.  But Ontario MP Mark Holland says it's important to have the matter investigated by police.  "Obviously these allegations are very serious and if they are true, this is something that's more than just a breach of good faith - this is outright fraud and criminal if true," said Holland, member of Parliament for Ajax-Pickering.  Istvanffy managed the Calgary West constituency office from 1997 when Anders was elected as a Reform party member to October 2004. He is claiming damages of his $51,500 annual salary and damages for unpaid loans.  The lawsuit alleges Istvanffy continued to loan Anders money until August 2004, but began refusing some of the demands. In early September, Anders advised the aide that his services would not be needed for much longer.  In his lawsuit, Istvanffy also alleges several members of Anders' constituency office worked on unspecified campaigns for Stephen Harper in 2004, while still being paid their salaries from the House of Commons.  The statement of claim also alleges that Anders twice refused to allow him parental leave after the birth of his second child.  "Anders advised that he was philosophically opposed to the 'entitlement welfare state' that allows for parental leave in the first place," the documents say.  ." are there many other Conservative MPs who do the same thing? well??
The federal conservative government, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials and the media have all urged Canadians to remain calm and not to stigmatise the country’s Muslim community for the alleged misdeeds of a few. “But these statements are belied by their actions, which have been calculated to sow fear and panic, justify increased budgets for police and security forces and legitimise the Canadian armed forces’ counter-insurgency mission in southern Afghanistan,” It is clear , that the security agencies have had at least some of the arrested individuals under surveillance for months, and that senior government officials have long been aware of the security operation targeting this group. It “The timing of the police security operation is highly convenient for the Harper conservative government, which faces widespread public opposition to its plans to work more closely with the Bush administration and extend and broaden the Canadian armed forces’ intervention in Afghanistan. Parliament is also in the process of reviewing the new powers granted to the police and security forces under the Anti-Terrorism Act ... Prior to last weekend, only one other individual had been arrested under Canada’s new anti-terrorism legislation.” is this true? Wag the dog's tail again?

Alleged plot casts a black shadow now on Canadian Muslims and the RCMP as well. "After the negative stereotyping following the 9/11 attacks and last year’s London bombings was finally subsiding, police allegations suggest that a few foolish fanatics have once again made Muslims around the world the subject of negativity and discrimination." The RCMP have been far from great in these matter now too. They really should have firstly prosecuted these people for spreading hatred on the net and in their mosques even a long time ago and nipped it all in the bud instead of allowing it to escalate so they can look great in the news media PR next..

"Accused sues    WINNIPEG -- An Alberta man busted in 2004 for his alleged role in a Manitoba-based ephedrine-smuggling ring is suing the City of Winnipeg, police Chief Jack Ewatski, Manitoba RCMP spokesman Sgt. Steve Colwell, the Attorney-General of Canada, and nine other police officers for allegedly defaming and permanently injuring him.  Aubrey Norbert Bruneau, a 46-year-old mechanic from Hanna, 347 km southeast of Edmonton, was arrested Sept. 15, 2004, along with 17 other people as part of Operation Diversion. The operation targeted a network of people accused of smuggling ephedrine into underground labs in Vancouver, California and New York, where RCMP say it was being used to make crystal meth.  More than 20,000 pounds of ephedrine and $3.5 million in cash were seized in that raid.  Bruneau's lawsuit, filed April 24, accuses Winnipeg police and Manitoba RCMP members of permanently damaging his shoulder and arm during his arrest. He also accuses Mounties of slandering him by making misleading claims in press releases following the arrests. "
Self defensive RCMP uses disruption tactics to silence it's critics too even as of this week.. The RCMP is certainly no pure innocent, babe, or a pure virgin when it comes to obstructing justice, covering up the RCMP own wrong doings. The RCMP which for decades bugs even illegally the phone calls of people who complain about the RCMP because of it's close relationship with Microsoft can pull, close down your  email address and has specifically done this too. Free speech in Canada does not apply in this Canadian police state if you dare to bad mouth the cops, or specific high ranking politicians too .. just ask also any news reporter as to how hostile the police can wrongfully unacceptably   really get when a reporter is negative on the police actions in Canada.
"The Canadian terrorist conspiracy should be “treated with the utmost caution and a large degree of skepticism” as “none of the alleged facts presented by the authorities can be accepted uncritically as true”, a commentator has said." Now this is the too common false Islamic spin doctors approach to the  negative self denial facts even about their own  mostly impatient too Islam's followers real reality, even  of the Muslims, their  too often tendency as well to violence to propagate their faith. and their not rather by using free speech. Islam preaches and it's followers  follows hard and often after  a Muslim only Theocracy state, and any more mostly pretentious dialogue with them will not change this reality. Our laws against these terrorists do have to be both implemented and enforced safe guarding our own rights and liberties too.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations in December of 1948. In 30 articles it summarizes the basic and inalienable rights of people everywhere.   Among these rights are: life, liberty and security; national identity; legal remedies for wrongs; the presumption of innocence; ownership of property; work for just and equitable pay (to name just a few).  Some rights have to do with change. A person has the right to change residence, nationality, marital status, employment and, most importantly, religion.   Article 18 reads: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”   The freedom to change religious allegiance is a fundamental human right. It is not granted by any government or authority, but rather is the possession of every human being by virtue of existence itself.   The freedom to worship and believe is first: the freedom to change religious affiliation is second: the freedom to speak and declare your faith is third: and finally comes the freedom to seek the conversion of another.  Thus, the most fundamental questions are these: are people free to worship, are they free to convert?  In vast stretches of human society this freedom is restricted: by Orthodox Christians in Russia, by Orthodox Jews in Israel, by Muslims in numerous states of the Middle East. All of these entrenched authorities fear that religious freedom (including the right to convert) will entail a loss of political power and cultural influence for the established faith. Now are the people in our jurisdiction free to pursue the faith of their choice? Or do religious and political leaders put up barriers of fear, danger, and even death?  It seems these days that the only rights being falsely respected even in Canada is the right to be converted away from Christianity, and often by any means, using falsehoods included. 

 It is no big secret that everyone, the provinces and the federal government in Canada,  are still too cheap to implement the effective terrorists security the US rightfully expects and "Until a few days ago, few among us were particularly aware that Canada hosts an abundance of terrorists and as many as 50 terrorist organizations,"  "I hope the arrests in Canada of 17 Jihadists, mostly homegrown, will cause the opponents of secure borders to reconsider, because the threat won't go away." Canadian immigrants,  "demonstrate an unsuccessful adoption of traditional Canadian values, or at least, a lack of assimilation by many north of the U.S. border."  "I do believe we in the United States have a much more clear focus on the problem of terrorism and have moved beyond denial that our own citizens are capable of terrorism. That doesn't seem to be the case north of the border."  Canadians are also used to seeing themselves as peacemakers and Boy Scouts and naively expect the new immigrants to be that way too. "It's very hard for such a people to perceive that they could be the object of a rabid hatred,"   "Canadians are at least a generation behind in understanding the nature and scope" of the terrorist threat " plus appreciating the negative costs of dealing with the terrorists. These Canadian terrorists they're against the Western influences in  Canada and in the Islamic countries and they do  have an adherence to violence to reach a political objective. But  too many  Canadian politicians with their visible for sale, prostituting attitudes have undeniably made it too easy for the criminals, terrorists to come and to stay to Canada.