It is very obvious that  our mostly pretentious politicians do too often ask us to write to them our concerns,  but It is very Obvious that our politicians and their subordinates as well really did not mean that you do it. For  they really do not and will not try to deal with your letters to them, or even acknowledge them, rather next they likely will even try to discourage you in making any more posts. And they will likely bash you, criticize your spelling, grammar, because they cannot effectively deal with the contents too. They likely do that to most people. Ironically that is very likely the same time of treatment most of you next likely will  get at the local police stations, the RCMP when  you as an ordinary citizen try to report a crime, because the workers there too do not want to handle the small stuff, they want the big, the more important details likely. These reactions of theirs really do show the reality of what they and their pretentious superiors are, and the reality as to what really poor workers they now are in the first place. Concerns even such as-
Reality Note of this real fact that the evidence of corruption in any government is always just the tip of the iceberg, because generally the corruption has been excused, spinned, denied, buried so long it now has vast and deep roots and that is why our too often mostly bad politicians themselves do not want to deal with it wrongfully too, and wrongfully instead still too often offer us lies, pretentious services and this is never, never still acceptable too.
I also measure real active, visible results, responses even to my own letters.. for how they do treat me is how they do treat most others too. Now  have been writing for years letters to the governments for decades and still the most active objections I tend to get from politicians, civil and public servants is when I write and demand
- the rightful recall of Bad Politicians, 
- the rightful recall, termination of all Alcoholics,
- the rightful recall and prosecution of all incompetent, bad, lying, thieving, immoral Civil and Public servants..
while they still wrongfully do generally tend to wrongfully ignore most of my other letters.. and even the new federal Conservative government as well is not exceptional in this too. None of this is ever acceptable. None
So now again in reality how many   Bad Politicians,  Alcoholics,  incompetent, bad, lying, thieving, immoral Civil and Public servants have been held recently accountable this year by  the new federal Conservative cabinet as well? Do tell us all... and I will keep on making post on the net about bad Conservatives till I get proper action on all of my letters too.. and you all should have known that by the past experience too.
OK we are also promised that we are going to have a more open and transparent federal government in Canada. This Accountability also starts with the financial expenditures of our elected legislatures, their personal expenses and their constituent expenses too.   Here also  is what I have also often found peculiar each federal and provincial riding gets supposedly the same funding allocations, and each riding claims to be serving their constant members, yet some riding have a lot more staff doing that works and others have almost non existent staff and how could that difference be acceptable too? Some ridings spend exuberant amount of money and others very little too and why is that?   Let's not discriminate, let's rightfully now have a probe of all the constituent expenditures for all of Canada's members of Parliament, all of the provinces provincial legislative members as well.. I myself have for decade made the claim that constituent allocated expenses were being mis-used even to promote candidates for reelections, promotion of their political party. Prove me wrong.
The new PM Stephen Harper had seized the moment to reassert Ottawa's support for Israel without enough thought about the consequences. Israel is supposed to be an Canadian Ally in the war against terrorism too.. and yet Canadians are fleeing now from the Terrorist Israel itself.. and what Canada's PM does not have the rightful guts to tell Israel firstly to protect our Canadian citizens and not rather try to Kill them. Canada now under the Conservatives rather itself is a weak nation that  fears Israel and flees now in terror from the Israel the terrorist? Israel has a right to peaceful coexistent but it is still both absolutely absurd and immoral to justify all of Israel's immoral, aggressive acts, action in the process by Canada, it's prime Minister as well.  The murdering of, the killing of innocent women, children, adults, seniors,  civilians, Canadians by Israel also is never acceptable too.   " (Jul 20, 2006)  The United Nations' top human rights official issued a strong warning yesterday that killings of innocent civilians in Lebanon and Israel could amount to war crimes. "International humanitarian law is clear on the supreme obligation to protect civilians during hostilities," said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour. "This obligation is also expressed in international criminal law, which defines war crimes and crimes against humanity." Arbour, a former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, indicted former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes. And she said that "international law demands accountability "By Olivia Ward Toronto Star
Again Stephen Harper is taking an enormous risk. Harper is gambling that personally picking up Canadians fleeing Lebanon will be seen as part of a daring rescue, not a publicity stunt or political opportunism. The difference between the two is largely in the eye of the beholder. La Presse reports that Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe called the pace of the evacuation of Canadian citizens in Lebanon unacceptable. Duceppe also demanded that the prime minister cease being a mouth-piece for the United States. Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jack Layton argued that Canada must work to convince not only Israel, but Hamas and Hezbollah as well, to stop the escalating violence. Interim Liberal leader Bill Graham, who suggested that Harper’s position on the current Middle East crisis has sacrificed Canada’s traditional role as an “honest broker” capable of mediating disputes between nations. Liberal leadership hopefuls have also jumped into the fray, according to the Globe.  Reports from Beirut suggest Canada's late-starting evacuation is snarled and confused. Instead of greeting Canadians relieved to see their prime minister,officials will have to select and screen passengers flying with him to Ottawa.for  Harper is thus  likely to be meeting furious citizens asking embarrassing questions. Many persons still do want to know why Canada, with the largest number of citizens in Lebanon, trailed the others in launching its rescue effort. But this is always normal for Canada, slow response to any crisis and this was all supposedly to be changed under the New Conservatives, but still not much has changed.. Conservatives are just the same as the previous governments.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the selfish, self centered, greedy covetous white man is still stealing from the Native Indians, the land and their resources.... Treaty promises must be kept even of most  Canadians either don't understand or don't care about the relationship between Canada and its First Nations. Most First Nations' "entitlements" aren't something just given to aboriginal peoples by a generous government. They stem from treaty rights promised in pacts signed between First Nations and British and Canadian governments. Essentially the treaties set out the conditions under which non-aboriginal would be given access to lands previously controlled by various First Nations. Treaties differ but most provide for certain rights including reserve land, health care (the medicine chest), paid education, annual payments and hunting and fishing rights. Treaty rights have been upheld all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada. And they are not temporary. As  "Treaties were not quick land sale transactions, but were viewed as providing a bridge to future political, economic and social relations between First Nations and the newcomers." They are a promise Canada must keep.
Is holding also the RCMP executives, managers, officers, accountable for how they do use and abuse the tax payer's money not within Jason Kenney's MP accountability concerns still too? for any one who thinks the RCMP are lily pure or their superiors are doing a good job are a real ignoramus. Audits by External agencies, including Deloitte & Touche,  spot audits,  are less vigorous than comprehensive audits, We all do have a responsibility to ensure that the process is complete, is thorough and is publicly accountable.
Look at this latest RCMP screw up.. RCMP changes time of fatal shootings .  EDMONTON, NORTH BATTLEFORD, SASK. — Almost two weeks after two young officers were mortally wounded during a police chase and shoot-out in northern Saskatchewan, the RCMP corrected their earlier statements about when that shooting took place.Mounties say incident took place an hour later than first reported. In a written statement issued yesterday afternoon, Sgt. Jones apologized about previously telling reporters the shooting occurred around 9:15 p.m., and added that "following the review of information," the chase actually ended at approximately 10:15 p.m., with the shooting occurring shortly afterwards. "I apologize for the uncertainty and confusion that earlier reports have caused," Sgt. Jones wrote. However, he said he couldn't explain how the error was made or give the public any more details about the final moments of the police chase.
Thw Purchasing Manager at the CBC Montreal west was an ex RCMP officer and his subordinates under him as they told me and I reported to the RCMP too were involved in unlawful business practices, bid riggings, bribes even.
And still what about my  past complaints now included even like having rightfully an totally independent body Police review board and this should be a federal standard for all of  the cops, the RCMP too  in all of Canada firstly, and also  a totally independent body  review also should apply now for all of the professionals, and their regulating bodies too, even those too often immoral professionals such as lying, crooked lawyers, tax evading accountants, the doctors who sexually abuse their patients, the immoral and incompetent judges, the abusive church pastors, and the bad civil , public servants, bad commissioners and their bad subordinates and managers now  too.  You all should by now know I believe that self regulation is often mere masturbation and not real justice being carried out.  . 
One of Jean Chretien ex bodyguard RCMP who traveled with Jean overseas openly says to many now that the RCMP top brass is incompetent, does not  know what it is doing, as his father in law openly shared that fact with me last week..