unconditional ceasefire
"You can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time but not all the people all of the time" and those few persons unfooled will put the others straight anyway.
Most everyone can know, see the much too many lies in the news media made by the much too many spin doctors who have their own hidden agenda, agendas even  such as the false justifications of Israel's murder of innocent citizens in Lebanon, with even the unacceptable prior approval  of Great Britain's Tony Blair, US George Bush and Canada's Stephen Harper. I said before that they all can try to spin the truths, print the lies in the news media, but it will not changed the opinions of most readers, rather it will cause the readers to lose respect for the news media and to stop reading it, watching it, to stop buying their news papers and in the long run, and the news media publishing the lies will be the loser for it again. 
Opposition politicians and several media reports have repeatedly charged in recent days that the Stephen Harper government's pro-Israeli stance has pushed Canada away from its traditional neutral position on foreign affairs, damaging the country's reputation as a broker of peace. The vast majority of Canadians have rightfully not supported this change as well. 72 percent of them.
So our Prime Minister Stephen Harper may give our tax dollars  aid next to the hurting citizens, people of Lebanon? well I got news for him, it would have been cheaper to stop this holy war.. and an ounce of prevention beforehand would have been better than a pound of cure afterwards. He Stephen Harper should have worked towards a Lebanon - Israel cease fire immediately, from the beginning  instead of wrongfully now firstly approving Israelis clearly murderous acts
"The government would do best to focus less on winning the next election, and more on doing the job Canadians elected them to do right now. " Calgary Herald editorial
and I had said some of  the same things too..
Like I have honestly said already.. The PM Stephen Harper is now spending so  much time and energy worrying about getting a majority government, in the process he is his own worst enemy, he not only  seems to put his foot into his mouth too often when he speaks, but  his own bad acts, bad policies also do turn of many many Canadians... Harper is clearly merely spinning his wheels and getting no where. His Conservative party better start looking for a better leader too..
Reality: There are tones of sites on the net condemning Israel and their war in Lebanon. Israel's compassionate precise pin bombing has killed so far 900 Lebanese citizens and wounded 3000 Lebanese persons.
"From the Prime Minister's statements and those repeated by his Foreign Affairs Minister, three conclusions are clear:
(1) Canada is no longer siding with international law;
(2) Canada is part of an ideologically inspired coalition of the right that includes the U.S., Britain, Australia and Israel and that is intent on bringing about change through wars and violence; and
 (3) Canada is not interested in solutions that will bring about a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.
"Lahoud: Israel is waging "war of starvation" By ASSOCIATED PRESS BEIRUT, Lebanon    Israel was waging a "war of starvation" on Lebanese civilians in an effort to force the Lebanese government to agree to Israel's demands, Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said in a statement issued Friday.  His comments came after Israeli warplanes bombed bridges and roads in Christian neighborhoods north of Beirut, killing 5 civilians and making travel between suburbs increasingly difficult. Missiles struck the country's main north-south highway - its primary artery to the outside world, through Syria in the north.  "The Israeli enemy's bombing of bridges and roads is aimed at tightening the blockade on the Lebanese, cutting communications between them and starving them," Lahoud said.  He linked the new raids to Israel's failure to win quick victory in the south, where Israeli soldiers have been mired in ground battles with Hizbullah guerrillas for several days.  "Today's air raids confirm that Israel is trying to compensate for the losses of its army in the south ... by cutting off the only coastal highway remaining to transport aid to displaced people and refugees and supply the country with oil products, foodstuffs and aid," Lahoud said.  "It is a war of starvation launched by Israel against Lebanon," he said. "It is an aggression that has exceeded Israel's declared objectives. Israel has now decided to destroy Lebanon.""
Immoral Israel has clearly now lied when it said this war is not against the innocent Citizens, Lebanese Christians.

It is also increasingly clear, according to some Israeli military leaders and politicians, that a military solution to the conflict will neither resolve the current crisis nor the larger Israeli-Arab conflict."

"In the 23rd day of Israel's onslaught on the ground and from the air, Hezbollah has shown surprising strength and has found its support in Lebanon - and among the larger Arab world - vastly bolstered. With calls for a cease-fire growing more intense, the prospect Hezbollah will emerge damaged but far from destroyed by the fighting appears likely.  Jordan's King Abdullah warned the fighting is causing a backlash against moderate Arab leaders and is strengthening the radicals it was intended to destroy. "The Arab people see Hezbollah as a hero because it's fighting Israel's aggression," he said. "

Israel rejects Hezbollah's cease-fire offer Houston Chronicle - By RAVI NESSMAN. AVIVIM, ISRAEL — A new wave of Hezbollah rockets killed eight Israeli civilians Thursday, and four Israeli soldiers died in ground combat in southern Lebanon, Israel's highest daily death toll in the three-week-old war. ...

Coalition calls for massive demonstration Sunday against war in Lebanon " MONTREAL (CP) - A coalition of political and social groups is calling on Montrealers to hit the streets Sunday in a massive demonstration against the war in Lebanon.   The coalition wants an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.  Members are also demanding the Conservative government of Stephen Harper promote peace and justice in the Middle East.  The Liberal Party of Canada and the separatist Bloc Quebecois and Parti Quebecois are among the 60 coalition members.  In a news conference Thursday, several coalition speakers denounced Ottawa's unconditional support for Israel.  They say by siding with U.S. policy, the Canadian government is diminishing Canada's credibility internationally and risking its ability to intervene as a mediator.
The clear inconsistencies and visible lies in Conservative Party's spin Statements. The clearly  lying Conservative spin doctors spin too often the lie that the Canadian citizens will not make it a voting issue the Conservative false, discriminatory support of all Israel's aggressive war against Lebanon's citizens  but at the same time they the Conservatives admit they are trying to get the Canadian Jewish vote. If the Canadians Jews will switch parties at election time clearly so will many others. The Conservative will lose more voters than any Jewish support they will get as a result. .. they the Conservative Party undeniably are already losing voting supporters in Quebec and Ontario.. and BC, the Maritimes too. The Conservatives should have realized that the population of Jews in Canada is nearly the same as the Muslims too and the majority of Muslims no longer support the Conservative party for a start too..
Our Canadian federal self servicing Progressive Conservative Party, Federal Cabinet, It's leader Stephen Harper  are clearly  pretentious ones, persons that neatly pick and chooses issues, values that  they will address and in the process wrongfully also discriminate, shows false partialities.
The Vietnamese in their Vietnam war in the 60's have showed many terrorists how to successfully wage a war against a super power as well and to  turn it into a quagmire. The war in Afghanistan against the terrorists is not making much progress. And so much for George Bush's quick war in Iraq and unification of Iraq, bring democracy and peace to Iraq.. The level of sectarian violence in Iraq continues to  escalate  in recent weeks, even leading to many hundreds of deaths and thousands of displaced persons and families. It seems inevitable that Iraq will be separated  into three autonomous regions: Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center, and Shiites in the south. With these three groups separated, the false presumption is that peace might have a chance to prevail in the troubled country. Unlikely? All that US and Canadian war costs now for almost nothing it seems too.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper called on by leading NGOs to facilitate humanitarian access in Middle East conflict zone TORONTO, Aug. 3 /CNW/ 

    The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
    Prime Minister of Canada
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A6

    Dear Prime Minister,

    As representatives of many of Canada's leading aid agencies, we are deeply concerned about the suffering of civilians in Lebanon, Gaza and Israel.
Many of us have already shared with you our concerns, especially for children,who are once again paying the price of war. As the conflict worsens and theneed for humanitarian aid escalates, we urge you to take further action.
    An estimated 1,000 people in the region have died and thousands more havebeen injured. More than 800,000 people in Lebanon are camped in schools,municipal buildings and parks without adequate food or water. People are suffering intolerably, and they are being denied their fundamental right tohumanitarian aid.
    Our agencies cannot fully respond until safe humanitarian corridors areopened to ensure delivery of desperately needed aid in the Middle East in theaffected areas.
    We ask that the Canadian government use its influence to help establishclear arrangements for full access and safe and sustained conduct ofhumanitarian relief operations.
    Together, the organizations listed below enjoy the support of more thanone million Canadians. Through phone calls, emails and letters, many of these supporters have expressed their deep concern for the plight of civilians inthis crisis. As you know, Canadians are always generous in responding topeople in need, be they victims of natural disasters, such as the tsunami and the more recent Pakistan earthquake, or people caught in conflict, as inSudan. Many have already given to aid civilians in this crisis and want tohelp further. We and our supporters believe that the Canadian government cando more to effectively facilitate the work of Canadian agencies that areoperational in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, and Israel.
  Canada has historically been a champion for the rights and protection ofcivilians affected by war and conflict. We urge you and your government to address these concerns with a plan of action.


    Kevin McCort, Senior Vice-President    Care Canada ; Michel Chaurette, Executive Director Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation;    Gerry Barr, President and CEO    Canadian Council for International Co-operation;     Michael Casey, Executive Director Development and Peace;    Rosemary McCarney, President and CEO Foster Parents Plan;    Donald Peters, Executive Director  Mennonite Central Committee Canada;    Robert Fox, Executive Director  Oxfam Canada;  Pierre Veronneau    Oxfam-Québec;    Effie Triantafilopoulos, Chief Executive Officer    Save the Children Canada; Nigel Fisher, President and CEO    UNICEF Canada;    Dave Toycen, President and CEO World Vision Canada

    cc  Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Foreign Affairs

"Protesters urge prime minister to call for immediate cease-fire in Modest  Canadian Press  : Friday, August 04, 2006
CORNWALL, Ont. (CP) - Protesters accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of toeing the American line on the Middle East conflict, as they rallied Friday outside the site of the Conservative caucus meeting.  About 80 people, mostly from Montreal, urged Harper to call for an immediate ceasefire in the region. So far, the Conservative government has supported a ceasefire only as long as certain conditions are met, such as a halt to attacks by both Hezbollah and the Israeli army.  "I'm astounded at the injustice of Harper's position in terms of unconditionally supporting Israel when at this point in time the civilian death count is over 900," said Jordan Topp, who has taught in Lebanon and has friends there.  "People have been killed across the country in Lebanon, and it's not what he's called a 'measured' response."  Demonstrators waved Lebanese flags and placards at passing motorists outside the Nav Canada facility, which is inaccessible to everyone but guests there. They chanted slogans such as "Harper stop fighting, come out and face the justice!"  Daad Elsaadi of Finch, Ont., said she and her husband had planned to visit Lebanon where they owned property, but instead donated the money from the plane ticket to humanitarian assistance. "My house burned, my land burned, my olive trees burned, my walnut trees burned, and I don't care," cried Elsaadi.  "I only care for the innocent people and for the children who are dying, for the women who are giving birth in the backyard and their children are dying."  Later, staff members from Harper's office invited two of the protesters inside to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and with Industry Minister Maxime Bernier.  Harper has called Israel's attacks on Lebanon to neutralize the threat of Hezbollah a "measured" response. But that assessment has apparently hurt the party in recent weeks, with a pair of polls suggesting that support for the Conservatives, and their Middle East policy, is sliding.  Jerome Charaoui of Montreal said Harper has hurt the positive image that Canada has had among Arab states.  "Traditionally, they've regarded Canada as a peaceful country, as a mediator between countries, and will now only see Canada as being aligned with George Bush's imperial policy in the Middle East," said Charaoui, whose relatives in Lebanon are in hiding.  Said Hafizi, an Afghani-Canadian, comforted his school-aged daughter who began crying on the fringes of the protest.  "I have kids, I have a family, and I know the value of that," Hafizi said. These people are killing like butchers. They don't feel what they are doing and this is not right."  The Conservative caucus was scheduled to end a three-day summer caucus meeting later Friday. Harper was expected to announce additional financial assistance to the region"
Stephen Harper's response is still much too little and much too late..
Yes  I have already written openly about both the Jews and the Muslims as now equally guilty of murder, violence in my past writing to you as well as you can see below and I have vastly also objected to any and all Muslim Terrorists in my writing as they are all posted on the net too. And now my main point is cease-fire and   the escalating, vast  false murder of Lebanese Christians and  innocent Lebanese citizens by Israel.
"The facts note repeatedly seeing - The majority of Quebecois do  not support Stephen Harper and rightfully too. And all Canadians are equal and must be treated as such in the eyes of the laws as well, a truth that the majority of Quebecers unanimously support.
A poll last years showed also that 70 percent of French Quebec's would not allow their sons or daughters to marry either a Jew or a Muslim and why?  Quebecois do live in peace generally with one another and they rightfully expect everyone else to do the same. Simple too
The subject around town is how many People do disapprove of Stephen Harper and Israel in allowing innocent citizens to be killed and many many many many people are really upset at all of  this... even Catholics Protestant, evangelicals too..  The Jews and the Conservatives can next  spin this all they like but they will not change the reality as to how the citizens fell about this in reality. The Jews are vocal, but they are also generally too well known know for cheating, lying, stealing, abuse and tax evasion here in Canada too. Simple too. 

 Undeniably too Quebec which is mostly left winger does not support the right winged PM for this, even for killing Lebanese Canadians, for the escalating of the war in Afghanistan too , and as a clear result will not allow him to win a next majorty fderal government. The PM cannot succeed with this approach. The immoral right winger Christian approach. Politicians seem to  forget that the many of the Lebanese, in Canada too, are leftist Christians, in fact coptic, orthodox Christians.. and we are allowing Israel to gladly kill Canadian Christians in Lebanon still too? in the name of the Bible.. get real now!   (Luke 11:17 KJV)   Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.  It is also clear London Ontario, Hamilton Ontario,  the Maritimes and other major cities, as well as Montreal Quebec they  also do not agree with Harper's Management style.
 There are still the too many Jews and Muslims today as well who still do try wrongfully to escalate their unholy wars, and both do try to make the rest of us choose a side still in which clearly both of the unforgiving, self centered, demonic  Jews and Muslims Nations,  clearly seem to be  always in the wrong, by always being at war and not peace with each other. .The appropriate response to the Muslim or Israeli  terrorists still does not mean wrongfully and systematically Killing many of the innocent women, children, citizens.. 
Stephen Harper's  own overly non democratic, assertive WASP approach, management style   is seen  by many persons in Quebec  as a warlike  aggressiveness, a false,  hypocritical Protestant, Tories' approach ( though it is very much supported  by Alberta's rednecks)  is to many persons clearly also characterized also by Harper's visible lack of humility, lack of servant hood, maturity,  selected discriminations, and even false partialities. 
 What about the real Israeli crap we heard before that Israel was avoiding hurting Lebanon citizens by using pin pointed bombings only? bunch of lies too!!!
 and what BS is this now too? " Any civilian casualties in a conflict are, of course, tragic and regrettable. Civilians on both sides are suffering. (Israel is suffering as much as the Lebanese> what a lie too... ) However, Israeli air strikes on Lebanon are not intended to kill civilians, unlike the hundreds of Hezbollah missiles that are targeted specifically at Israeli civilians who have been forced into bomb shelters for their own safety. Israel has even dropped leafelets on Beirut suburbs calling on civilians to stay away from Hezbollah strongholds to avoid being caught up in the fighting." use the leafelts as toilet paper, when there are no cars, roads, gas, how are the poor people to get out now too? Stop  being so ridiculous"
Yes I too support more  honest news reporting, more honest presentations of the facts.
You say that Most of the Muslims are innocent? and so are most of the Israeli Citizens? innocent of what? even though both have the same father Abraham and both have the same and religion of an eye for an eye.. as opposed to love, forgive your enemies.
Well I too can tell by reading the vast news that the Jews are clearly immorally biased for a start such as in their false justifications of their murdering  of the too many non Jews too.. they certainly are not the most moral group, people, Nation  I have personally encountered in Canada firsthand. Neither are the Muslims!
But here is something that has not slipped too  many Canadians notice that the present protests by most Canadians is against the escalating the war by Israel the against innocent Lebanese Muslim and Christian persons.. not just against killing all of the Terrorists.
But on top of the majority Canadians think there are better solutions to the resolution of the conflicts beside war but both Muslims and Jews do not see, like, aim for that clearly too..
and many people could not help to notice there was no vast protests, objections by the Muslin's groups now in Canada at all when Muslims terrorists were killing the non Muslims persons. That is now why so many Canadian Muslims now do lose credibility in their Israeli war protests too.
This too is all undeniable.


And how the once mighty, proud, arrogant Conservatives, PM have fallen so low in Canada now today and everyday it gets worse for them too.  It has become a no win situation.. offend the Jews or the non Jews is the only choice left for Harper..

"Harper pours water into his wine on initial assessment of Israeli attacks   CORNWALL, Ont. (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper stepped back from his initial assessment of Israeli attacks as "measured," telling a Quebec television station Friday that things have changed and such judgments are more difficult.  "Frankly, we were talking about three weeks ago when Hezbollah took Israeli soldiers hostage, and an initial response," Harper told the TVA network.  "But now we have a completely different situation from three weeks ago, as I've said many times. We have a full-blown conflict, almost a war, and it's hard to say whether a response is proportional to another. It's a war."  Harper has been widely criticized for first using the word "measured," and for not responding more strongly as civilian casualties mount.  An opinion poll released to The Canadian Press this week suggested his party's support is declining, especially in Quebec where the Liberals have pulled ahead of the Tories. Another survey suggested Quebecers are the least supportive of his Mideast policy.  "I'm a father, I understand the death of children, the death of families, and it's terrible as I said. It's not terrible only for Canadians. It's terrible for the thousands of people killed in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza," Harper, speaking in French, said to TVA.  "But the role of leaders is more than just expressing feelings. We have to find solutions, and to find solutions, we have to assure peace on all sides."  Harper made his latest comments only to the Quebec television station. In a general news conference Friday, he steered clear of civilian casualties, even though some Tory MPs said this week they want to show more sensitivity to that issue.  "We can't take decisions based on the polls, we can't take decisions based on reaction within certain domestic communities," Harper said at the close of his party's summer caucus meeting.  "These are serious international issues. There aren't just a lot of lives at stake, there are a lot of long-term strategic interests of this country and of the world at stake here, and that's why we're taking the positions we're taking."  Harper repeatedly pointed to a resolution by G8 nations at their meeting three weeks ago, which condemned Hezbollah for its attacks against Israel and thereby igniting the latest conflict.  But it also called on Israel to show the "utmost restraint" in dealing with the crisis. Harper did not refer to that part of the resolution.  About 80 protesters gathered Friday outside the convention centre where the Conservative caucus was meeting. The crowd urged Harper and his government to call for an immediate, unconditional ceasefire, and accused him of toeing Washington's line on the conflict.  "I'm astounded at the injustice of Harper's position in terms of unconditionally supporting Israel when at this point in time the civilian death count is over 900," said Jordan Topp, who has taught in Lebanon and has friends there.  "People have been killed across the country in Lebanon, and it's not what he's called a measured response."  Sam Amoune said he voted for Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre in his Ottawa riding during the last election, but would devote all his energy to have him defeated the next time around.  "His days are numbered, I will personally make sure," Amoune said.  "We are in a divorce with him. He's finished. I don't want him to side with anyone, but at least be more reasonable, more realistic, and respect both sides."  Two protesters were eventually invited to a private meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and International Co-operation Minister Josee Verner.  Harper said he supports a ceasefire, but only if certain conditions are met first.  "Everybody wants to see peace and stability in the region, but it isn't just a matter of demanding a ceasefire," Harper said.  "You have to create the conditions to make a ceasefire possible and stable. Obviously, that isn't going to be the case if you have a terrorist organization that is initiating violence and won't cease its attacks."  Sources within the Conservative caucus said the Mideast was widely discussed during their three-day meetings, but that most MPs are supportive of the government position.  NDP Leader Jack Layton, meanwhile, called Friday for the early return of Parliament so that the situation in the Mideast could be debated.  The softwood lumber deal with the United States, at risk of failing because of a lack of industry support, was also a big topic of conversation at the Tory caucus meetings.  "

So is the usless Peter MacKay MP speaking up for any of the Christians?

The truth what the murderous Jews, Israel is really like is become more plainer for the whole world to see..
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Subject: Shame on sinful you George Bush, Tony Blair, Stephen Harper letting the Jews to muder the Christians now..

The New York times also agrees with me with what I had written before to you that this is an Israelli's unholy  war to murder also the Lebanse Christians. Shame on sinful you George Bush, Tony Blair, Stephen Harper letting the Jews to murder the Christians now..

Israel bombs Christian areas, 23 killed in air strike

On the spot: air strikes complete Lebanon's isolation Times Online, UK - 7 hours ago"What was so striking about today's airstrikes was that they targeted roads north of Beirut, a Christian-dominated area that is far outside Hezbollah's territory. There is no way that these roads can be described as Hezbollah's highways.

Israel Extends Strikes North of Beirut New York Times, United States - BEIRUT, Aug. 4 — At least 20 people were killed today in an Israeli rocket attack on a village near the Syrian border,   On Friday, the war came home to the Christian heartland, a place as different as night and day from the  On Friday, the war came home to the Christian heartland, a place as different as night and day from the poor and pious Shiite strongholds of Hezbollah. As the steep mountains rise up from the sea, the landscape is often lush and spectacular. Several of the bridges hit Friday were near the major resort area around Jounieh,   While many Lebanese Christians have long distrusted Hezbollah and other Muslims and Druse (there were, after all, 15 years of civil war along sectarian lines), and many criticized the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on July 12 that touched off the conflict, comments Friday indicated that the damage Israel has inflicted on Lebanon has shifted that equation.“Public opinion is 100 percent against Israel from this area,” said Camille Chamoun, scion of one of the three major Christian families who mounted militias against the Muslim and Palestinian forces during the civil war and whose faction was aligned with Israel during its 1982 invasion. “This is just an excuse to hit more of our infrastructure,” said Manal Azzi, a 26-year-old health worker who lives next to the destroyed bridge. “I’m here speaking as a Christian,” she went on. “Israel is our main invader and has been for the last 50 years. Right now we’re getting more civilian casualties, so we’ll have another war in 10, 15 years.  “They talk about a new Middle East. To serve who? Israel and the United States. Israel is itself a terrorist state backed up by the United States.”.. A Christian woman who gave her name as Um Claude, wearing a black cloak and looking downtrodden, rushed to her home, which overlooked the docks. She scrambled to remove clothes and belongings, ordering her son to help her. All the windows had been shattered, and the top floor of the house was riddled with shrapnel.  She had escaped the house the night before as planes began circling overhead, she said, and stayed with relatives in another part of town. Her son, who only gave his name as Claude, climbed over a fence to help his mother.  “Why are you crying mom?,” he asked as she came up the stairs. “We have to be steadfast.” “How can I not cry, just look around you,” she said. “But we have to persevere. Hassan Nasrallah will change this.” "

Quebec Premier Jean Charest calls for immediate ceasefire in Lebanon  Fri Aug 4, 7:48 PM   ST-AUGUSTIN-DE-DESMAURES, Que. (CP) - Premier Jean Charest called Friday for an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East.  Charest said before entering a meeting of the provincial Liberal caucus that his position is similar to that of the G8 member states, including Canada, on July 16.  "The position of the G8 is good, it is balanced," Charest said. "It calls for an immediate ceasefire."  The G8 also wanted to see peacekeeping troops deployed to the region and an end to attacks by both sides although it recognized Israel's right to defend itself.  Charest said he is anxious to see the "violence cease as soon as possible."  The federal government has hesitated to demand a ceasefire until cetain conditions are met.  Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said that Canada wants to see a "permanent and durable ceasefire."  Charest said his call for the ceasefire is unconditional.  "I did not seek to fix conditions in one direction or in the other," he said. 

 Is our PM and our Peter MacKay MP wrongfully silent on this too?
Canada's Prime Minister's  Stephen Harper's personal failure  to admit the Israeli response to the kidnapping of a soldier was “disproportionate” and not “measured” as Harper said (by whose measure?) was a big mistake that has cost him his political  reputation. Anyone also leaning on the fact Hezbollah is considered by as  a terrorist organization – does not end the story – it does not end Israel murder of Lebanese, and it does not solve the ongoing vast Lebanese  humanitarian crisis nor help the Lebanese Christian and non Christian women and children who are still the helpless death targets. We used to have a reputation as global peace keepers who bring an even and respectful perspective to conflict situations with an eye to solving them not rather now being an ass kisser to Israel. 

Declaration by Arabs and Jews in Northern Israel

We, residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, Arabs and Jews, do not believe the declarations of the government of Israel and the military.

We, residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, Arabs and Jews, do not believe the government of Israel and the military who maintain that war is being waged in self-defense and for the purpose of releasing the captured soldiers. We do not believe them because it is now common knowledge that the military steps were planned a long time ago. We know that about a month before the Hizballah attack on the army patrol, a military exercise was conducted as a rehearsal for an attack on Lebanon.

Similarly, the kidnapping of the ministers and Parliament members of the Palestinian Authority was planned weeks ahead of the capture of the soldier Gilad Shalit by Hamas.

We do not believe the government of Israel and the generals because there is a huge gap between the declared aims of the war and Israel's actual military operations. What is the connection between the declared aims of this war and the destruction of Beirut? How are the declared aims of the war served by the demolition of a baby-food plant? Or by the destruction of the city of Nabatiyeh? Or the bombardment of Gaza's power station? Or the destruction of the civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and Gaza? Or turning over half a million Lebanese civilians into refugees?

We cannot believe them because one cannot allegedly protect a civilian population by a cruel and deliberate attack on another civilian population.

We refuse to allow the government of Israel and the generals to use our names, the residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, in destroying a whole neighboring state, Lebanon. This cruel and brainless act will not carry our name! This is not the way to defend the population of the Galilee and the Valleys. We have already learned from earlier Lebanon wars that the aggressive approach that leads to war crimes and crimes against humanity, to the total destruction of a state, also leads to the destruction of any prospects for peace and calming. The present tragic situation is a product of a similar policy conducted in Lebanon by Ariel Sharon in 1982. Each military step taken by the IDF ends up hurting the civilian populations on both sides, though first and foremost inflicting an intolerable price on civilians on the Lebanese side.

We do not believe the government of Israel and the generals because we are convinced that this war mainly serves the interests of the American policy in the Middle East.

The government of Lebanon has requested a ceasefire. Hizballah has agreed to a ceasefire. The European Community has requested a ceasefire. Only the government of Israel has refused to consider a ceasefire.

The Bush administration is encouraging the government of Israel not to stop the military action.

We, residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, along with all the peoples of the region, are victims of the plans for the reshaping of the Middle East, victims of a desire to establish a new order in the Middle East that does not serve the interests of its peoples. The American army did not bring peace to Iraq.

The Israeli army will not bring peace to Lebanon. The American army will not establish a democracy in Iraq, the Israeli army will not bring democracy in Lebanon.

The American policies have brought chaos and destruction upon Iraq. The implementation of similar policies in Lebanon by the Israeli army will only bring more chaos and destruction.

We refuse to allow our name to be used in bringing disaster to another civilian population. Even if the government of Israel and the generals could convince us that their policy is the quick road to ridding the northern border of the threat posed by Hizballah, we would not have accepted this policy on moral grounds. We refuse to accept a policy that justifies deliberately harming any civilian population, whether it targets civilians in Gaza, in Lebanon, as well as in the Galilee!

We believe that there is an alternative to this aggressive policy, a policy predicated upon the violation of the Geneva Conventions. We demand that the government of Israel declare an immediate ceasefire. Every moment of fighting generates more victims. We are convinced that an Israeli ceasefire will lead to a ceasefire on all other fronts.

We demand that the ceasefire be used for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and for the negotiated release of prisoners-of-war -- Israeli, Lebanese and Palestinian. The question of political prisoners and prisoners-of-war is now the central issue. Only such a move of an immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and negotiations regarding exchange of prisoners-of-war can offer the region a way out of the threat of a comprehensive war, bringing the peace and calming that all the peoples of the region all crave.


Residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, Arabs and Jews, against the war
Rafik Bakri (Ba'aneh)
Uri Davis Dr. (Sakhnin)
Bilha Golan (Beit Shearim)
Rémy Mendelwzeig (Manof - Misgav)
Nakad Nakad (Sheferamer)
Nasrin Murkus (Nazereth)
Majed Balaan (Nazereth) 

You can fool some of the people some of the time,
most of the people most of the time but not all the people all of the time, 
and those few persons unfooled will put the others straight anyway.
They are killing the christians now...  How the once mighty, proud, arrogant Conservatives, PM have fallen so low in Canada now today and everyday it gets worse for them too.  It has become a no win situation.. offend the Jews or the non Jews is the only choice left for Harper.. So is the useless Peter MacKay MP speaking up for any of the Christians? The truth what the murderous Jews, Israel is really like is become more plainer for the whole world to see..

Unconditional support for Israel even for any of Israel's wrong doing is a basic tenet of U.S. politics, and the Conservatives in Canada wrongfully  seem to be following that path.The new UN proposed peace resolution is already also  bound to fail for Once again it does not permanently stop Israel from it's ongoing murderous affairs, or their steallng of Arab, Palestinian, Lebanese land too.

Attacks continue despite proposed UN peace plan  National Post - BEIRUT, Lebanon -- The long-awaited first substantive diplomatic moves Saturday in New York to end the Israel-Hezbollah conflict have not managed to slow the ferocious pace of combat between the belligerents. ...
Meanwhile Gays flee Iraq as Shia death squads find a new target  Jennifer Copestake, The Observer  ..."There is growing evidence that Shia militias have been killing men suspected of being  gay and children who have been sold to criminal gangs to be sexually  abused.  The threat has led to a rapid increase in the numbers of Iraqi homosexuals now  seeking asylum in the UK because it has become impossible for them to live safely in their own country (...) Eleven-year-old Ameer Hasoon al-Hasani was kidnapped by policemen from the front of his house last month. He was known in his district to have been forced into prostitution. His father Hassan told me he searched for his son for three days after his abduction, then found him, shot in the head. A copy of the death certificate confirms the cause of death.."