A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. (Prov 15:1 KJV) " Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother's eye." (Luke 6:42 KJV)  And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it does not profit me or others. (1 Cor 13:3 KJV) 
More about unacceptable pretense, hypocrisy, human rights abuses and free speech violations..  The Politicians, cops too, professionals as well themselves are too often ready to support the laws, all human rights and the free speech  of others, the citizens but still only if the free speech, the  laws are not used, or are not enforced against them for then some will even immorally, illegally abuse the applications of the laws, even to try to obstruct justice from being carried out as I personally have too often found out firsthand in Canada.
"Regina council passes law against bullying   Tue, 25 Apr 2006    Regina city council has taken aim at bullies with a new bylaw that allows fines of up to $2,000 for bullying in public or in cyberspace.    The bylaw doesn't apply to children under the age of 12. In cases involving youths between 12 and 16, parents will face the fine.  It doesn't apply to situations of domestic violence or workplace bullying, which are covered by different laws. "

Regina council passes law against bullying enforceable only within the city of Regina? I see this is more pretentious hypocritical, discriminations. We should have these  laws against bullying and human rights abuses now enforced in all parts of Canada equally  firstly. Something I have been demanding, writing about to the federal provincial governments now even for decades too.

 " Bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. Senator Cools' bill  Senate private member's bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. The chances of it passing are virtually nil. Read this bill and contact your MP and demand that s/he support it. Try not to cry when s/he laughs in your face." The Conservatives wow to clean up Canada's  justice system.   Senator Cools' bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts so what happened, happens to it too? and what about spouses who too often lie to the courts now too in separation, divorce applications and do not get prosecuted by the too often bad court judges too? Bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. Senator Cools' bill so what happens to it now too?

You really do not think that Western Standard's Ezra Levant's own mockery of justice, HIS OWN DENIAL OF OTHER'S RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH  and his false his false crying, smoke screens input that  his own free speech is being denied, suppressed by the Alberta Human Rights commission  will even wrongfully cover up the unacceptable reality he the dictatorial  Ezra Levant   is another unacceptable abusive redneck, hypocrite as I have already fully detailed in writing to the Alberta Human rights commission and I have rightfully asked him to be prosecuted for such poor acts too.  He Ezra Levant already admits to being one of an " Alberta chauvinists" who  "like to brag "  and something he should not be so proud in doing as well. He Ezra Levant is clearly still serving his own good interest and not those of all Canadians too. I personally have supported Ezra in his freedom of speech to post the Danish Cartoons, but still Ezra Levant is cleanly another one of those false pretentious dual standarded hypocrites who does not allow freedom of speech to others, for he Ezra Levant controls the public contents posted on his Western Standard web site, for his own goals, he there clearly is Ezra Levant also suppressing even the rightful free speech of others. On top of that he Ezra Levant wrongly wrongfully allows too many Albertan posters to promote on his site to lie, post  hatreds towards eastern Canadians, and he spies on his posters too,  as I have often personality detailed and  witnessed myself, and for that he Ezra Levant should be now fully rightfully prosecuted for being a hypocrite and a clear human rights abuser.  I really do know that the Western Conservatives, meaning mainly the abusive bashers, rednecks posters mainly of Alberta would do well to post a similar code of ethics for their forums as did the Liberal Party of Quebec.  For it is clearly undeniable, that they the Alberta rednecks are trying to win, promote their immoral causes,  by any means, and at all costs,  the pro conservatives  supporters do still on their Internet sites such as the Western Standard, WESTERN CONSERVATIVES, DEMOCRACY SITES  etc., they do now wrongfully bash Canadian easterners, promote hatred towards Canadian easterners  as well and verbally abuse, insult, deny the freedom of speech of anyone who disagrees with their aims, approach now as well. This is real unacceptable hypocrisy and human rights violations on their parts. All persons who participate in any of the related immoral acts, in human rights violations even in politics should be severely immediately prosecuted by the justice ministers to  the full extent of the law and even put into jail as a deterrent to others who would be tempted to follow them.
"Your say. What must the Liberal Party of Canada do to regain Quebeckersí confidence? What do you think?" Forum rules. The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) desires a full exchange of ideas and opinions to be done in a manner that respects all participants irrespective of whatever opinions they express, as well as the fundamental principles that guide us. Before we begin, a set of rules have been established, which we believe favor the respect and integrity of each participant as well as their opinions and positions.  It is formally forbidden to express opinions that might indicate prejudice against others. By prejudicial comments, we mean vulgarities, words that degrade others, obscenities, or written attacks that deliberately and maliciously attack individuals or groups. It is also strictly forbidden to discriminate based upon sex, ethnic origin, religion, social status, or sexual orientation. In a case where these rules are not respected, the moderators will be instructed to omit such comments from the forum.  The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) will not tolerate any harassment of one participant by another, nor is it allowed to repeatedly target another individual with harassing messages. In this regard, The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) is utilising technology that will allow us to take note of the opinions expressed before they are published. We encourage contrary opinions, and healthy exchanges, as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner. The opinions and ideas expressed in the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) forum belong to their authors and do not represent those of The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec).  If you feel that you have been the victim of actions that contravene these rules, do not hesitate to communicate with us immediately : Thank you for your cooperation. "

But speaking of the unacceptable political Hypocrites EVEN these Quebec, Canadian Liberals do now act  just as the bad Conservatives for they also do practice censorship and not free speech, democracy as I also  know firsthand they do still not post positive all of the recommendations now.  I had recommended that  they get rid of the Liberal Leadership of the really  old men and women, and replace them with younger blood , and also rightfully get rid of Paul Martin MP as soon as possible for he still represents to most Quebeckers what is really bad, wrong  about the Liberal party. But they the Liberals  now wrongfully did not post my suggestions of course. So much for the pretense of free speech and democracy in the Liberal party and by Ezra Levant now as well.
I too have seen  a lot of losers even in Alberta and in the federal Politics still dumb enough to  think they could behave immorally and next  still win.. Ezra Levant now included.
They even unacceptable learn about being bullies in our news media..  the adults themselves, not the kids, are the major source for bullying.  Just cause any person also  does not support gay marriages or even  the Unholy wars of the Jews and Palestinians, Muslims is still not  justifiable reason now next to bash him by the liberal  news reporter, and we often see this now wrongfully too.. "IN-YOUR FACE" BULLYING BY THE NEWS MEDIA MEMBERS NOW TOO. "The best defense is an offense", OR " whoever shouts the loudest wins"  are  still not the right or always a valid approach.. and if  you personally now canít find a solution to your defined problem, itís also still quite possible that you personally, wrongfully havenít been able to understood the problem in full. Bullying is just another false approach, a Power struggle.  The immoral,  narrow minded short term approach of forcing other persons out of any discussions, driving out dissenters may to the bullying person seem like a good solution, approach but it is still a violation of their human rights, including their right themselves  to be heard and to express, freedom of speech, freedom of religion too, now as well.  
News media Alert, if you "insert the word Jew everywhere you've put Christian" how would the others like it? "  If reporters who write about Christian fundamentalists taking over his party were to "insert the word Jew everywhere you've put Christian, do you think they would let you print it?" he asked. "I doubt it John Reynolds,  Conservative MP "Putting words in other people's mouth, " Distorting"  what they have supposedly said, "'making unsubstantiated accusations", or stating "Coalition of idiots", " Coalition of the wise" , "Labeling" and "Name calling" such as the  " Religious Christian Conservatives", "Fundamental Christian Conservatives", "Evangelical rights",  "Evangelical right" ,"Religious Christian right", " Jesus Land", "Bible belt" " Religious Right" or the " God-fearing gay-haters" now is generally STILL just old fashioned unacceptable "Bullying", really often  a false put  down of the  born gain Christians, all part of  the immoral divide and conquer management, political approach too.   Name calling and bulling may give temporary stress relief to the users, it seldom brings about any lasting, overall positive changes. Furthermore  the person doing the bullying tend to  go on to engage in more serious antisocial behaviors as  Inflammatory, unrestrained verbal abuses normally leads, encourages real, negative physical abuse of others as well because bullies do want BLIND acceptance to their immoral views even. Verbal Hostility and aggression directed toward a victim who is perceived, described as mentally or  emotionally weaker than the bully are more unacceptable acts, signs of bullying . BULLING  is commonly defined as intentional, repeated hurtful acts, words or other behavior, such as name-calling, threatening and/or shunning committed by one against another. Clearly a childish approach too. And the adults are supposed to be example to the children and wonder why some of the children do next bully others.   Verbal bullying often accompanies the physical behavior and can, does  include name calling, spreading lies and exaggerations, distortions,  persistent teasing and gossip.Tell our Justice Ministers to Stop being so hypocritical now.. it is clear that targeting even by member of the news media, or politicians now too hatred towards a specific group such as God fearing persons, Evangelical(s), Christians Republicans,  by even anyone even in Canada's news media is still an unacceptable  immoral act .. so now  do something rightfully now about this as well.. even if the clearly abused persons now are Christians and are not gays or Jews or Muslims..  And  are the  bad Muslims, bad Jews, and bad gays supporters going to try to bully, verbally abuse the others still?  then all of these same persons should also be prosecuted then. Even All Canadian Muslims clerics who have propagated hatred towards the infidels should be tried as terrorists too.
 I too am still really seriously, rightfully expect, demand of even Canada security Minister, Justice Minister, Revenue Minister, Immigration Minister, Heritage Minister that the existing laws  be fairly applied to all Canadians, to all personal, individual, organized, religious, ethnic groups in Canada without worrying about the costs too  ( not just to mostly the blacks or natives now too) and that now still includes all private and charitable organizations, incorporation's, groups churches, religious groups, Christian, Jewish and Muslim ones as well, without any  false partially, and without dual standards, and that includes any of the professional self regulating societies, civil and public services, medical groups as well. Real, exemplary prosecution and public exposure of the persons doing wrong still best serves everyone's best interest in Canada. Prosecute also the and bad Pastors of Langley BC as well that slandered and meddled wrongfully into my family affairs firstly too.
How many persons were now successfully prosecuted for racial discriminations even  in hiring practices, drunk driving, tax evasions, pimping, pornography, bad drug usage, telling lies in the Queen's court too, etc. in Canada the last many years? out of the many thousands who still do it still too? An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.. 
 Prosecute all of the bullies, abusers, liars, thieves, racial discriminators, criminals, drug users and pushers, tax evaders too now. While the governments save money by not prosecuting the bad guys with their  slap on the wrist programs they thus won't cure anyone of anything.. The federal and the provincial Governments themselves are the critical force in reducing racial discrimination by their  prosecuting in reality not merely by words, of all of the guilty persons practicing racial discrimination now.
Real Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons here too serves everyone's best interest. Jail and firings now too are still some of  the best prevention programs now too.