Like I have said before I am also really getting really sick and tired  of these no good. lying pretentious politicians who when they were in the opposition party they complained about having a more effective and honest government and begged for us to elect them instead, but no sooner than they are elected they really show themselves to be no much better, the same liars, abusers of tax payers money. This is never acceptable and they too should be immediately now kicked out too. For the good of all the citizens now too.

All MPs, Cabinet minister  should pay for own sports tickets. etc.. A senior Conservative minister suggested his caucus colleagues should take note of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's practice of paying for his own sports tickets, rather than taking freebies from corporations and lobbyists Treasury Board President John Baird - . "The Conservatives are starting to behave more like the Liberals every day." "The moment you start going around taking these kinds of freebies you undermine people's confidence in the integrity of the political process," NDP Leader Jack Layton said . "Clearly, all of this stuff falls very clearly into the 'don't do what I do, do what I say' that is characteristic of this government." Liberal Leader Bill Graham

"Accepting gifts, including free Ottawa Senators playoff tickets in luxury corporate boxes, continue to be acceptable for Conservative MPs in Stephen Harper's government, despite criticism of the practice when the Tories were in opposition. The practice means a double standard regarding the acceptance of gifts still exists between politicians, such as government whip Jay Hill who attended last Friday's Senators playoff game, and federal rank-and-file bureaucrats who continue to be prohibited by rules overseeing their conduct. Michele Demers, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, said a rank-and-file public servant would be reprimanded for accepting free Senators tickets to a luxury box.   "It's unfortunate, especially with this new Conservative government who was very big on accountability, transparency, and an approach that wanted to be very different from that of the previous government, that they would put themselves in a situation like this. It's questionable," she said. Demers said Harper's new code of conduct for public office holders, which includes cabinet ministers, still leaves the door open to freebies for politicians. "There is always a price tag. Sometimes it is more subtle than others but obviously it is very often a question of `you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' type of thing." The Conservatives, when in opposition, were critical of Liberal government members for attending hockey games. During the Senators' playoff runs in 2004 and 2003, many politicians and senior bureaucrats, including then-prime minister Jean Chretien, were seen in corporate seats or luxury boxes at the then-Corel Centre. In the U.S., the ban on accepting such gifts includes both politicians and bureaucrats.
Conservative MP John Williams has been very critical of freebies, saying that attending free hockey games with clients "is influence-peddling at its most obvious" and should be outlawed for "all decision-makers," including politicians. Contacted Monday, Williams said he still feels there is a double standard, but that the new government's Federal Accountability Act is a step in the right direction in placing restrictions on freebies. He said the act will require lobbyists to register any freebies they give out.

Public office holders such as ministers, deputy ministers and parliamentary secretaries are treated differently from MPs, subject to more stringent guidelines. They must disclose gifts over $200, and there is greater scrutiny over the source of the freebie.  "It isn't enough just to disclose a gift. We would want to know whether or not a donor is doing business with the government, or whether there are contract negotiations going on between the sponsor of the gift and the public officer holder," Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro said.  In fact, the ethics rules for public office holders explicitly say that if the invitation doesn't involve a discussion of business or legitimate networking, it should be turned down.

Stephen Harper also had  declaring himself a champion of free expression, began the National Citizen's Coalition' s 20-year campaign against Canada's un-democratic and totally indefensible "gag laws," parliament's way of muzzling anybody not a member of the recognized political elite from expressing themselves during elections. and Haprer also has made it clear that electoral reform is one of his top priorities. He has also promised before becoming prime minister that if elected he would kill this undemocratic gag law. We all await his action on this too.
Tories doing nothing to close gap between rich and poor: NDP  and this is predictable and expected for many of Canada's evangelical hypocrites as well especialy in Alberta today also wrongfully also  despise the poor and do not follow the Bible, Jesus own teaching on the need to always help the poor as well.

Tories doing nothing to close gap between rich and poor: NDP  Thu May 11, 06:34 PM EST  OTTAWA (CP) - Does it feel like you're working harder than ever, yet taking home less? It might not be just your imagination, says the federal NDP.    The gap has been steadily widening between well-off Canadians and modest-income earners over the past several years, say New Democrat MPs. And last week's federal budget has done nothing to help narrow the difference, they add.  People in the top bracket, earning more than $85,700 a year, have seen their incomes rise 15 per cent between 1989 and 2004, MPs said Thursday, citing data from Statistics Canada.  Yet over the same period, people earning $20,400 or less saw their income actually shrink by nine per cent, says NDP finance Critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis.  Even middle-class Canadians, in the $56,600 to $85,700 income bracket, have barely kept up with inflation during that 15-year period, enjoying a mere two per cent increase.  "The rich are getting richer and most Canadian families have seen their real income decline since 1989," Wasylycia-Leis said.  MP Peter Julian said the budget - the first for Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper - won't help families at the modest end of the income scale.  "People are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet and. . .governments are not responding to what is a growing income crisis," he said.  The MPs used 1989 as a point of comparison because, they say, that's when the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1988 began to seriously change the nature of jobs and incomes in Canada.  Since then, they argue, more people have been forced into low-income jobs, part-time work and temporary positions as companies struggle to compete globally.  The centrepiece of the Tory budget - a one percentage point cut to the GST - will be a much greater boon to high rollers than poorer families. That's because the rich have much more discretionary income to spend and therefore, will get a better break.  Low-income families will also save, but most of their incomes is spent on essentials like food and rent, which are already GST exempt.  The Tory plan will be very good for modest income earners, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty insisted Thursday.  "The reduction in the GST by one point will benefit, above all, the one-third of low income Canadians who actually do not pay income tax," he told the Commons.  Yet studies of the GST cut have questioned its progressivity, pointing out it gives the rich precisely the same tax break as the poor.  Besides the GST cut, the budget also included several targeted income tax measures plus a new family allowance program that gives $1,200 per year (minus taxes) to families with children under age six.  The baby bonus is particularly good for two-income families of modest means, according to the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants  It figures a two-income family making a total of $30,000 with $5,000 in child-care expenses will save about $836 on this year's taxes under the new budget.  A dual-income family earning $60,000 with similar child-car costs will save about $706 in federal taxes.  The NDP report on stagnant incomes comes at the same time that stock market investors are seeing rocketing returns on investments, especially in the resource sector.  Company directors have also been enjoying much higher pay packets - compensation increased by 41 per cent between 2002 and 2004, according to a survey by the Conference Board of Canada.  Using a constant 2004 dollar value for all comparisons, the NDP say the lowest three income brackets, comprising 60 per cent of taxpayers, have lost ground since 1989.  Their research looks at total income earned before any adjustments for tax credits or tax paid.  Family income has a major impact on the well-being of children, with high-income families reporting better outcomes for their kids, according to a new report also released Thursday by Statistics Canada.  Higher incomes at home tend to be related to better physical, social-emotional, cognitive and behavioural well-being among children, concludes the study conducted by Human Resources and Social Development Canada and the Research Data Centre program. "
Like I have said " It is always the duty of every Member of Parliament, elected Legislative Members also to represent their local constituents, as well as the good welfare of all Canadians,  and to also  insure the proper application of all of the laws locally and nationally too. All of Canada's major news editor, Elected Ministers rightfully also do have got a copy of my own major listed concerns here too for I rightfully also do not accept their neglect of us all Canadians for I do readily use my right of free speech to all too. When the Civil and public servants, elected Members, Pastors, Misters do not do their duties, then it is the people who mostly and wrongfully suffer for it and that is still really unacceptable.The Civil and public servants also can firstly cut back on their first class travel, traveling abroad, their paid free lunches for themselves and their friends,  their immoral long breaks while they do their own business at the tax payer's expenses as well for a start too.  Do cut back on the programs to the rich as well now firstly too."
"We believe in insuring that our retired pensioners, veterans and disabled in health,  social welfare recipients, the poor, do always get adequate incomes to meet the actual costs of living and to do this we will insure that all, all Canadians do pay their fair share of taxes as well including the  professionals, self employed, business persons, and  corporations too.
Sadly it seems the new Canadian Conservative federal Government  and their new budget too also now are not governing but still electioneering, playing partiality, discrimination and favoritism and this is immoral even on their parts."
PS: Ralph Klein has also wrongfully been bragging as to how many people have moved to Alberta in the last ten years while he was premier. Well here is the question God will next also ask him when he stands before him after death.. how many of the poor people did he also help himself directly, unacceptable very few?  and how many thousands of people next becomes drunks, drug addicts, gamblers under Ralph Klien's Premiership as well. Even one too many?