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Too many of Alberta's economic Ministers, politicians unacceptable  lie about the actual state of Alberta so they can rob the newcomers of their money next.. they do not reveal the true state of Alberta's economy and that is always unacceptable. Always unacceptable. Alberta these days is not all rosy.  The very High costs of living, incompetence, mismanagement are the basic complaints one hears, experiences in the private and public, civil service sectors of Alberta.  Alberta has a one track add, come to Alberta and get a job, but preferably bring your money and spent it there. They need to loock for new suckers to rob. Cause they certainly do not tell he real truth as to what Alberta really is like. Now I have been to and I have worked in For McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary, Exshaw so I also do  know the whole truth.  Alberta's biggest problem is not just their human resources, the still too often incompetent, pretentious, unqualified personnel, professionals and their inadequate supervisors too. but the pretentious governments.
"Alberta too hot for some  Globe and Mail Ray English has been getting odd looks at Truck World in Toronto, where the rest of the trucking industry is wondering just why Raydan Manufacturing Inc. would flee the hottest economy in Canada. “Why are you leaving Alberta? Are you nuts?” Mr. English said, replicating the incredulous tone of the questions being put to him at the national truck show. His response: Labour costs in Alberta are soaring beyond reach for his truck parts company, forcing him to acquire an Ontario company to finally execute a long-hoped for expansion. “We've got to do something to get a labour force,” he said. The rising tide of Alberta's economy has created an undertow for non-energy businesses, which have had to endure the strains of superheated growth without the massive revenues of an oil producer. “As a manufacturing company, it's been miserable,” Mr. English said. The province's dominant energy sector is struggling with the same problem, although it is one largely of its own creation. Husky Energy Inc. president and chief executive officer John Lau warned last week of the spread of the labour shortage, saying that his Calgary-based company is now looking outside of the country to build a massive bitumen upgrader because there are not enough workers locally. What is a difficulty for big oil companies has become an insurmountable barrier for smaller businesses, threatening to increase Alberta's already heavy dependence on its energy sector. That threat has now become reality at Raydan Manufacturing. The company, based in Nisku on the outskirts of Edmonton, makes truck suspensions that are used in the oil patch, but four-fifths of its sales are elsewhere, including exports to the United States. For two years, Mr. English has seen a labour crunch grow into a crisis and now a catastrophe; it is essentially impossible to hire any workers — never mind the skilled tradespeople that Raydan needs in its assembly facilities south of Edmonton. First, the mechanics disappeared. Then welders were in short supply, drawn north every time an oil sands project started up construction. Mr. English had to begin paying top rates for those workers, but he soon discovered he was able to recruit only more junior and less skilled apprentices at that comparatively higher pay. Recruiting administrative staff became such a chore that Raydan had to use hiring agencies, paying out up to $10,000 for each new worker. But the labour shortage problem turned critical for Raydan after it launched an expansion in Nisku, and found that it took nearly a year to find the 30 workers it needed. “We wanted to increase the size of our facility, but we couldn't find the people,” he said. A second phase of the expansion seemed out of reach. Mr. English soon was having to pay close to double the hourly wages of his competitors in Ontario — not surprising when the McDonald's fast-food restaurant in nearby Leduc is hiring workers at $9.50 an hour, substantially higher than Alberta's hourly minimum wage of $7. So when the opportunity came to buy a company in Ontario, and access its 50 employees (close to doubling Raydan's work force), Mr. English lunged at the opportunity. The $6-million acquisition closed at the start of the month, and the expanded facility that would be impossible to staff in Alberta will be built in Breslau, Ont., instead. Mr. English said he nearly laughed out loud after the managers of the newly acquired plant said they, too, suffered from a labour shortage. The punchline: He found an inch-thick file of job applications, an impossibility in Alberta, where the rate of unemployment is half what economists see as a natural level for joblessness. For Mr. English, the necessity of expanding to Ontario to escape his home province's labour shortage is something that he accepts, but does not relish. “I would have grown in Alberta first,” he says. But the labour shortage could be a help to the provincial economy as a whole, at least in the near term, said economist Todd Hirsch at the Canada West Foundation, a Calgary-based think tank. With higher growth, the already-strained infrastructure of the province could rupture, he said. But there is a real concern that the energy sector could overwhelm the rest of the Alberta economy, leaving it ill prepared to weather a downturn in commodity prices. “There is going to be a day of reckoning.”
Like I have often rightfully  said "The Alberta's spin doctors unacceptably lie still about the true state of Alberta's present overall well being, covering up the major negatives all  while they slant the positives. Alberta's spin doctors do wrongfully and unacceptably lie still." Not having local access for your children to go to school, and having them to be bussed far away is not a major problem? Not having adequate access to local doctors and/or car mechanics as well? Don't forget the high costs of living with the many high property taxes, high school taxes, high electrical costs, high home heating costs, high home insurance costs, high car insurance too,   and many other very high consumer purchasing costs are not a major problem for many persons in Alberta too now? especially for all of the newcomers? and what about the often bad water quality that is hard, is really high in minerals, and that requires costly water treatment as well? and so forth.. Reality: Alberta today has many significant, big problems not only for all newcomers but  for the existing Alberta's now too. While Wages  are going up so are the high cost of living there now as well, and it is a great problem consuming next almost most of the benefits of the supposedly high wages too.  And that is just the start.
The Alberta attraction of high wages also leads to the citizens consumer  higher costs, even produces    real hardships as the major communities struggle to deal with the people influx. The booming economy does swallows  up every worker, skilled or unskilled  that it can find,  means as well one not only cannot find enough of them but the consumers also do long waiting periods when you need to get one too.   And that is just the beginning of Alberta's real negative realties as well that is not wrongfully, fully, honestly being presented.
 By the way I still use my right of free speech. Such as "Why is it the Alberta Economic Ministers have been some of the most incompetent ministers even the last 25 years now too?" The most pretentious have been the health and justice ministers. A decent Consumer affairs minister does not exist at all in Alberta too. "Time to still first clean up one's backyard of Alberta? "

Actually, really now who enforces any of the Professional standards and who honestly does investigate the related wrong doings, it is done by a totally unrelated independent body of competent judges, or mainly being done by the still masturbating self regulating bodies, or just as bad the also really incompetent pretentious commissioners ?

"Unprofessionalism" is the basic valid term, and yes today it applies also to too many of Alberta's so called professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, cops, wardens, and even by law enforcement officers, Realtors, etc..

Especially when it is likely most of these rather out of towners likely lied on their resumes to get their jobs in the first place. Many person in Alberta have admitted to me they lie, they even lie on their resumes, they even have different resumes too. The average person lies once every 5 minutes, so why not the rest? Perjury even to the Queen's courts of Alberta is still an unacceptable practice that rarely gets prosecuted now too. Or lying on the expense accounts in the municipal, provincial governments.

Too many bad cops still in Alberta today Even in the provincial capital, In Edmonton. "Voices of discontent More citizens complaining about cops . More Edmontonians were complaining about the service they were getting from city cops last month - Citizens are still wrongfully and mainly allowed to be heard one time, one day , during the election. As far as these cops, enforcement officers do seriously face it so many of these poorly educated persons are mostly still thugs especially in the backwards province of Alberta today where it is still really difficult to hire someone competent based on thee ridiculous salaries being offered to them compared to the actual high cost of living in Alberta.  So concern about the cops in Alberta is rightfully escalating these days too.. Such concerns such as " Armed transit cops slammed Civil liberties group says measure goes too far. An Alberta civil liberties group says arming special constables isn't the best way to make public transit safer, even though it's a growing trend across Canada." " Call out for more native cops Stronger policing in violence-plagued Hobbema is a saving grace, but more native cops are needed to be fully effective, says a spokesman for the Samson Cree Nation. " New powers over peace officers Province to have right to order investigations into actions of special constables The province will have new powers over municipal peace officers under a new bill being debated in the Alberta legislature. "  Here is the truth a related joke, a masturbation one rather, now I personally had met, known knew of a chief peace officer who for years and years stole, lied, lied even to get his job on the city of Calgary and he next was never stopped or reprimanded. His Bosses rather covered up for him.

"The province will have new powers over municipal peace officers under a new bill being debated in the Alberta legislature. Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko says the new Peace Officer Act will give the director of law enforcement authority to conduct investigations of peace officers - also known as special constables - hired by towns, counties and other employers. He said one of the goals of Bill 16 is to increase the level of oversight and accountability of peace officers. "It ensures the municipalities conduct a proper investigation," Cenaiko said. "If there's a concern there, the director of enforcement can order another investigation or he can call in another police resource to investigate." Currently, the director can suspend or cancel a peace officer's appointment, but their employers are responsible for reviewing complaints of misconduct. Under the new act, employers will still have that responsibility, but the director will have the "the power to review, oversee or investigate a situation that may be more serious in nature or if the complainant isn't pleased with the outcome of a review at the local level," Calgary-Hays MLA Art Johnston told the legislature last week. "

But still how many cops are actually really punished now for wrong doings per year? one? There are too many bad cops still in Alberta today. The police complaint process and their conclusions are still rather still pretentious too often too.  I have been complaining about bad cops the first time I met a bad cop in Calgary in 1980's and I have yet to have one complaint of mine, even about Alberta's bad RCMP adequately dealt with since that time.  Are Calgary cops still driving home from the Police tavern they do now frequent too often? I also do attribute the bad cop scenario in Alberta, Canada due to their initially hiring bad, immoral persons to be cops, especially any of the Toronto rejects.  

Like others too have said too it is time for Ralph also to go. We need really good managers in all parts of Alberta too in reality still.  Let's face it most of them tax payer's paid civil and public servants, even politicians  cannot still be trusted, left unsupervised. Politicians, Civil and public servants, so called professionals too. Not even the Conservative ones.

Then there is the related issue of the pretentious Alberta Law Society, the pretentious RCMP public complaints Commission, the pretentious Alberta police Chiefs, the pretentious Alberta Polce  review board, pretentious aldermen, mayors, pretentious Members of the legislatures, pretentious doctors, lying accountants, crooked business persons, pretentious  bad pastors too, toomany bad used used car salemen, and the lack of viable basic consumer protection now as well.   By the way I still use my right of free speech. Such as "Why is it the Alberta Economic Ministers have been some of the most incompetent ministers even the last 25 years now too?" The most pretentious have been the health and justice ministers.   A decent Consumer affairs minister also does not exist at all in Alberta too.  Alberta also  is pretentious, pretentious, pretentious and all Unprofessional, Unprofessional, Unprofessional. Even Premier Ralph Klein came  into power because of the Albertan PC provincial government's own mismanagement