You know we all have elected too many liars and alcoholics to represent us in the government.. and they all should be rightfully Recalled...
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Subject: The bozo years are over for Alberta
How many alcoholics do you have as MP's, deputy Ministers, Cabinet Ministers? RSVP
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Re: The bozo years are over for Alberta
Note all, all of the present candidates, especially past cabinet members,  for the office of the Premier of Alberta should be disqualified, for being immoral accomplices and letting an alcoholic drunk rule Alberta.. During his years as an alcoholic premier not one elected Albertan legislature dared to be honest and to admit the premier was an abusive person, and alcoholic now? Not one!!!  and thus they do not have the moral high ground, background even to be Premiers next. Not one!!!
ALL, note all Alcoholics in politics, civil and public services should be immediately fired, for we know that alcoholics tend to be bad personal examples, persons who tend to cheat lie, steal as well already too.
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Subject: The bozo years are over for Alberta

"The bozo years are over for Alberta. What now?JEFFREY SIMPSON  Saturday's Globe and Mail  -Think of what Alberta could do with the right leadership in the post-bozo era. " It can now face the negative reality about itself...
And Canada's biggest laughing stock.. the big nosed drunk, the alcoholic boozing clown.. can officially continue his alcoholic drinking now without lying to all. It is not unusual that he also still preaches to others what he himself does not practice...
(Mat 7:3 KJV)  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
The negative reality in Canada is that the undeniable reality  that personal drugs and alcohol abuse are on the serious increase..  so much so that the police and the courts cannot effectively deal with it.. so the immoral, incompetent ineffective legislatures leaders next still do seem do think that by liberalizing the laws against the misuse of drugs, alcohol it will also help.. help to escalate still next  the social, police, court problems they mean.
In for an inch often means in for a mile..  the applies to drunks, alcoholics and Drug addicts too  like alcoholics start often unintentionally with basic drugs like marijuana firstly but getting out is rarely easy, often not possible even.. they tend to get really worse addicts..
"Cocaine effects are extremely detrimental on the body and the consequences related to cocaine effects can eventually lead to permanent damage, addiction and death.
The  Laws need to be enforced in reality. Exemplary public exposure and prosecution of all of the guilty persons serves everyone's best interest still now includes the so called professionals now, Exemplary public prosecution of all the guilty persons, be they terrorists, tax evaders, drug users, drug pushers, human rights abusers, drunk drivers, tax payers money abusers, even  bad cabinet ministers too  now, is still basic common sense and need in Canada too .. and so is the well known fact that the RCMP are poorly managed, very much cost ineffective, and  too often incompetent,.. plus the well known he fact that all police complaints need to be dealt with by honest, external, fully independent, citizen based review boards.. and not by masturbating police biased groups .  While the governments save money by not prosecuting the bad guys with their  slap on the wrist programs they thus won't cure anyone of anything.. but it is still the tax payers in one way or the other, through thefts, taxes, increase of insurance costs who end up paying for it all still  mostly, an increasing unacceptable costs now too. Impounding the cars, economic fines , compulsory rehabilitation programs too, and not just for drunks but for the bad drug users now too.. are all part of great start  but so is real jail time which is still needed as well.. unless some people are faced with reality of losing their jobs they will really continue to drink.. now I have lived with Alcoholic and drug users  neighbors even the last 10 years and none stopped drinking, they all become worse drunks..  and many of them do still drive while drunk too.. and none really stopped taking bad drugs too   the police only catch a very  small handful of them too.. such is reality.
No one really wants me to foolishly believe that Alcoholics and drugs addicts can be cured merely by giving them any kind of probationary or warning  notice.. what they do still think we are all that stupid now too? where have they  been in the closet all of their life..   I had once talked to the president of a major alcoholic anonymous organization  firsthand what was really so bad about booze and drugs to start of with.. he said to me that the biggest problem was that it cause permanent brain damage.. that next leaves the users  useless to change..  Now I have myself lived about 18 months in one of the worst  drug, drunk  infested neighborhood.. and note this not one of them ever changed rather they all, all got worse next.. all.... and it was in the present federal justice Minister's ridding. Like it or not the sin issue has to be dealt with, admitted.. it is still a real a sin against God and one's body to get drunk, to take bad drugs... and unless you do personally admit that you will be hooked on the very same continual sin as your punishment even next too.. reality. So physical real punishment of a jail is what the other people do need and why a zero drug usage policy is the only thing that will really work now for all  too as a real cure..
Beer, liquor, drugs, gambling,  pornography, violent games,  tax evasion now too  do ..  corrupt the morals of youth and adults, help to destroy family values, cause car accidents, deaths, contribute to domestic violence, and crimes and this is wrongfully what clearly some of the wicked, bad politicians want when they do nothing good about it at the federal and provincial levels too in Canada now too
 Zero tolerance is the only effective means of dealing with the bad drugs usage, sales. and not legalizing any parts of it. Even the  British Medical Association (BMA) has attacked their government's decision to downgrade the legal status of cannabis, saying that regular use of the drug can kill.
Alcoholism  is associated with half of all crimes, car accidents, violence  in Canada and any immoral, stupid Solicitor General who wants to go soft on it cause his jail and courts are too full should be kicked out of office..

At the tax payer's expenses too having at lunch at least 3 Martini or Manhatthans  are some of the more favorites alcoholic beverages amongst drunken Politicans, even Premiers, Mayors,  according to a waiter at one of Canada's most prominent Hotel who had served many of them at lunch time, and many premiers and politicians,  mayors too who thus  were often drunk at mid day. Some though had given up getting drunk in their old age... but not all.

Most alcoholics would not admit they are alcoholics.. but someone who cannot put the beer, alcoholic bottle down and his first priority was to double the number of liquor stores in Alberta by privatizing them too qualifies as an Alcoholic and his drinking buddy now as well.
Rather than cutting back on the governmental aid, programs to  the poor and needy persons mainly because of the government's own past mismanagement we all do now too need to really take another continual look at how effective our tax dollars are being used by the civil and public servants, their managers, politicians now too. Fire First all the drunks, alcoholics, drug users,  tax payer money abusers and their bad clearly supervsiors firstly too.
Consider this other well-known fact. In the next 24 hours, alcohol will be responsible for nearly half of all?
?the homicides,
?the people who will die on the highway,
?the people who will be admitted to the hospital,
?the people who will incarcerated in jail or prison,
?the people who will be arrested for domestic violence,
?and the people who will be born with birth defects.
In addition, alcohol deserves a special mention for being responsible for a quarter of all suicides.
In for an inch next often still means in for a mile..  I clearly have  observed here also that there was in reality now, next no such thing as a little bit pregnant.. a little bit vice and it applied  to the usage of alcohol, and drugs now as well.. and it includes next even their personal increase of theft, tax evasions,  usage of pornography too, even amongst   the social welfare recipients now  too.  All you have to do is wait to the pay day and you will see most of these same person predictably and actively drunk, taking drugs too. Because of the lax applications of the laws by the police to these supposed minor offenses these days clearly Marijuana and prescription drug abuse  now have also dramatically and predictably too still  increased over the usage of heroin, etc.  The main problem still also with these same  persons who go to a supposedly good rehabilitation center is that the individuals in there as well too often do share how to get more ready access, alternatives for prescription drugs abuses now as well.. these programs tend to be never ending requiring continual tax payers funding as well because unless in reality religion plays the critical part in any drug rehabilitation program all other programs still tend to fail, sooner or later in reality. Not one person in my witness of about 18 months reduced their drugs, alcoholic consumption.. even of those who had attended the drug rehabilitation programs. So incorporating and having more liberal laws against the drugs users and  alcoholics really does not do any one any good except insuring the continuation jobs of the doctors and the social workers, the bad persons to remain on social aid too, and  not to seek effective treatment.
Some people do need to spend real jail time to change, cops included too.. Jail makes a person think.. at least for some of them.. and that is why many persons do  find God in jail...  having good reading material helps them to do this too there in jail.. thus many person there still do not too..  (Eph 5:18 KJV)  And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; (1 Cor 6:10 KJV)  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
Rightfully not one cent of the tax payer's, government's money should be spend on any beer, alcohol, at any government functions, or on any expense accounts as well..