Feds won't reveal price tag says the Calgary Sun, Canada -   OTTAWA -- The federal government won't divulge even a ballpark estimate of what's expected to be an exorbitant bill for evacuating thousands of Canadians from war-torn Lebanon.  Officials admitted yesterday the feds are paying a "premium" for ships and planes chartered in the emergency. Some estimates have pegged the evacuation price tag at half-a-billion dollars after expensive charters and massive staff overtime costs are tallied, but the government refused to release even preliminary figures.  The decision was made "from the top" by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to waive cost recovery for those fleeing the war zone.
CAMBRIDGE, Ont. (CP) - The so-called "forgotten victims" of Canada's tainted blood scandal welcomed a $1-billion compensation package Tuesday that they say will help thousands of people live normal lives after they were unwittingly infected with hepatitis C through infected blood products.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the compensation for people who contracted the disease through tainted blood before 1986 and after 1990 - victims who had previously been excluded from a federal-provincial package announced in 1998.  "It is the government's sincere hope today's announcement will provide a measure of closure to those who have suffered so much," Harper told a news conference in Cambridge, Ont.   People who contracted the disease through tainted blood before 1986 and after 1990 will each collect anywhere from $1,000 to $300,000 once the money starts to flow, although there are a number of legal and administrative processes to be dealt with before that begins, Harper said.  "Nothing is quick," he said. "It will take a few months to complete the process...We anticipate and are hopeful that the cheques will actually start to arrive in the very early part of next year."  The amount of money each person will get will depend on the severity of each person's illness and the financial hardships they have suffered, Harper added.  Approximately 5,500 people who were infected with hepatitis C before 1986 or after 1990 are expected to receive substantial payments under the deal.  Compensation will also be available to the estates of those who died waiting for help - a number that McCarthy pegs at about 400 to 500 people.  More than 1,000 Canadians became infected with blood-borne HIV and up to 20,000 others contracted hepatitis C after receiving tainted blood products in the 1980s and early 1990s.  Three men, including Dr. Roger Perrault, the director of the Canadian Red Cross Society's blood transfusion service at the time, face charges of criminal nuisance and criminal negligence in the blood scandal.  All three have all pleaded not guilty. "

Another decent, good move by Stephen Harper.  ONE CANNOT  PUT A PRICE LIMIT ON THE VALUE OF A HUMAN LIFE, CANADIAN OR OTHERWISE.  but the prime minister S Harper said the government intends to take a closer look at the costs, and the rights and responsibilities of dual Canadian citizens.   IT IS ABOUT TIME TOO, TO ME YOU ARE EITHER A CANADIAN OR NOT A CANADIAN, NOT BOTH..

The PM Stephen  Harper  he looked on the surface and not underneath.. and they are too quick to write off the Catholic influence in Quebec as a result..  Live here and find out how Catholic they really are still.. even if they do not practice them fully.. the influence is still there.. The Catholic mayor of the city of Laval opens his session with prayer.. a mayor.. That is the same mistake Harper made, he looked on the surface and not underneath.. they are too quick to write off the Catholic influence..
The facts note repeatedly seeing - The majority of Quebecers do  not support Stephen Harper and rightfully too. A poll last years showed also that 70 percent of French Quebec's would not allow their sons or daughters to marry either a Jew or a Muslim and why?  Quebecers do live in peace generally with one another and they rightfully expect everyone else to do the same. Simple tooThe subject around town is how many People do disapprove of Stephen Harper and Israel in allowing innocent citizens to be killed and many many many many people are really upset at all of  this... even Catholics Protestant, evangelicals too..  The Jews and the Conservatives can next  spin this all they like but they will not change the reality as to how the citizens fell about this in reality. The Jews are vocal, but they are also generally too well known know for cheating, lying, stealing, abuse and tax evasion here in Canada too. Simple too. Also why is it that Stephen Harper still really refuses to see Canada as Bilingual and the contribution of Quebec, French people still? and only sees Canada as effectively run, governed mainly by English speaking persons? Most of our good leadership have been rather French speaking.  While many persons today would like to believe that Quebec has totally abandoned it's Christian Catholic history, upbringing, and is a secular society we actually still also do know for sure this is not so. The Catholic church still plays a significant role, influence in Quebec even though it might not be directly visible.  Unlike many westerners Quebecers are very familiar with Christian teachings. But Quebec has undeniably also had   has a direct connection historically with France and the French Revolution where the practice of a real democracy, liberty, equity, freedom, free speech, servant hood were part of the revolution's cornerstones too.
 Undeniably too Quebec which is mostly left winger does not support the right winged PM for this, even for killing Lebanese Canadians, for the escalating of the war in Afghanistan too , and as a clear result will not allow him to win a next majorty fderal government. The PM cannot succeed with this approach. The immoral right winger Christian approach. Politicians seem to  forget that the many of the Lebanese, in Canada too, are leftist Christians, in fact coptic, orthodox Christians.. and we are allowing Israel to gladly kill Canadian Christians in Lebanon still too? in the name of the Bible.. get real now!   (Luke 11:17 KJV)   Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.  It is also clear London Ontario, Hamilton Ontario,  the Maritimes and other major cities, as well as Montreal Quebec they  also do not agree with Harper's Management style.
  Wednesday, July 26, 2006. China on Wednesday demanded that Israel apologize for an attack in Lebanon that killed a Chinese U.N. observer as President Hu Jintao offered his condolences.   Ireland filed an official protest with Israel alleging that its senior U.N. observer in Lebanon made six telephoned warnings about Israeli shelling near a U.N. border outpost hours before the strike. The observers were killed by an Israeli bomb that destroyed the outpost in Lebanon on Tuesday night.Secretary-General Kofi Annan's accusation the bombing was "apparently deliberate."  Israel's prime minister expressed "deep regret" Wednesday over the killings of four U.N. observers in an airstrike   Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Annan in a phone call Wednesday that the U.N. post was hit inadvertently.

What about the real Israeli crap we heard before that Israel was avoiding hurting Lebanon citizens by using pin pointed bombings only? bunch of lies too!!!

Stephen Harper, the Impostor, the pretender of good moral values, who also clearly despises poor people it seems and prefers to work on behalf of the rich persons... as you can also tell by his own major priorities, and programs, annother unreal Christian professor too..The hypocritical Christian, the extreme right winged evangelical Christian PM Stephen Harper should note, read, practice  the Bible and not his own religion  for he then would note in the Bible that Israel will never have peace in their nation  till  (Luke 13:35 KJV)  Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.  One knows by reading the news that Israel lies, Israel is immoral, abusive, murderous, dictatorial itself,, with it's eye for an eye plus more program too.. and our PM falsely, wrongfully covers up now for Israel's immoral acts.  and the west is divided in it's support of Israel.. 

Yes, "The Harper government’s indifference to the murder of eight Canadians in Lebanon epitomizes its nature. In pursuing the agenda of big business—the repositioning of Canada on the global stage as a significant military power closely allied with the United States, the dismantling of what remains of the welfare state, and the systematic redistribution of wealth in favor of the owners of capital and the most privileged sections of the middle class though tax cuts and privatization—the Conservative government. Capitalism, as further propelled by Corporate Globalization has become a kind of societal cancer that is inflicted by the worshippers of Mammon, that mischievously disguise themselves as "Christians", "in order to deflect attention on their intent to execute destructive strategies, in a drive to satisfy their crass materialistic ambitions. Mammon pivots on worship to its altars of the greed for financial-equivalent gain, that is driving humanity's current path of social and civic disintegration, and environmental destruction.  It is apparent that the expressed heart of those self-professed Christian elites (who legitimate the workings of the prevailing American-led "global capitalistic economic system") are anything but "Christian", in the spirit of the Bible. These elites who claim to be "Christians" actually operate within a religious commitment to "Capitalism", which is devouted to Mammon, rather than 'God' Yet: "no man can serve two masters; ye cannot serve both God and mammon." - Bible (Matthew 6:24)  How do you recognize the worshippers of Mammon? They will often, indeed, smile to the world, like "raving wolves in sheep's clothing". In their deeds, they perpetuate and execute strategies that are designed to obtain fascistic dominance and commercial gain for themselves, as 'pagan gods of capitalism', at the expense of others.. "

I also can't believe how really still naive   Stephen Harper  PM the Christian right winged  evangelical  is  and he says he lived in Montreal,  well he should have known that Quebec has decades of history opposing all wars, policing actions and for certainty 60 percent of Quebec are firstly leftist, Catholic, socialist oriented  and they for decades and decades do not support Jews or Muslims. Harper cannot hope to win reelection without Quebec's vote and he is not getting it..  I live in Montreal Quebec.. and I myself was personally shocked to find out that my Italian Catholic neighbors openly  say that do now dislike really do dislike war mongerer S Harper, and his false support of the Jews, or any Muslims, and " who makes me sick"  more than even Paul Martin, and they do not want Paul Martin ever back as well. If the Conservatives still  think this Harper approach will not affect their votes they are either big liars or a real ignoramus..

"The last radical Christian we had was Tommy Douglas. (And he happens to be The Greatest Canadian). "When the righteous rule, the people prosper." Through Tommy's groundwork, we got Medicare, the Old Age Pension, mother's allowance, and social welfare (and don't say there aren't some struggling folk who don't need it). That's prosperity!" - LaVonne Khayyat Vancouver, BC

The Bible of Jesus, God  specifically proselytizes peace, and specifically states to "Love your enemy". All Unlike the too many Jews and Muslims today as well who still do try wrongfully to escalate their unholy wars, and both do try to make the rest of us choose a side still in which clearly both of the unforgiving, self centered, demonic  Jews and Muslims Nations,  clearly seem to be  always in the wrong, by always being at war and not peace with each other. The devil is the one who cannot love, show love for God always shows love for God is love.The appropriate response to the Muslim or Israeli  terrorists still does not mean wrongfully and systematically Killing many of the innocent women, children, citizens..
"But it’s less clear whether the falling-out over the Middle East crisis is enough to scupper Harper’s chances for an electoral breakthrough in the province, upon which Conservatives have pinned their hopes for winning a majority in the next election"... is the  false Conservative spin
We can see from many Internet posts the still clear lack of support for Stephen Harper sites such as -