The undeniable Abusers II

So far it really has not been impressive..  A big laughable circus it what we seem to have on Ottawa still. There still really is no such thing as an effective government if mostly no one is really being held accountable for their poor acts.. join the civil -public services, governments and get off Scott free for all the buck passing, cheating, lying , stealing you wants seems to be the norm!  The Conservatives and the NDP better get their accountability act together very shortly otherwise they will lose many voters the next election too.
In the undeniable perverse Canada today it is mostly the too often even perverted, immoral professionals, politicians, civil and public servants who have rights, and  their rights now enforced, but not the ordinary citizens of Canada mostly still, and this is really unacceptable as well. Too many civil and public, civil servants, politicians, professionals still do think they are above the laws and are unacceptably not being held accountable still in Canada today. The unacceptable too often Personal Complacency by Politicians civil and public servants, even some of the citizens, specially about the  pretentious inadequate governments, leaders, managers  supervisors has wrongfully contributed to many of the present threats to public health, safety, the too often poor law enforcement as well.  There is no adequate substitute for continual supervision and continual enforcement of the legislated laws now as well. related Exposure and prosecution of the guilty as well. The too often ill advised Personal Complacency by Politicians civil and public servants, citizens has wrongfully contributed to this  threats to public health, safety and has, has increased the associated economic costs now too. Our politicians clearly do still do need to  take a more serious, real, valid managerial responsibility, personal accountability, valid actions even at  the federal and provincial levels too even when it comes to the good welfare, health of all Canadians in any issue. Yes  too  many of the civil and public servants, their managers, Ministers, politicians  they have merely gotten used to mostly lying and now are rather to incompetent to bring forth valid, positive, real effective  results still.  For the most part having  any of these self serving persons in politics in Canada is still really not acceptable. All of the Politicians, civil and public servants  are still being paid by the tax payers to look after the good welfare of all citizens and sadly this has not been the case the last 20 years even in the federal or the provincial cabinets. It should be still the case.  It is always the duty of every Member of Parliament, elected Legislative Members also to represent their local constituents, as well as the good welfare of all Canadians,  and to also  insure the proper application of all of the laws locally and nationally too. All of Canada's major news editor, Elected Ministers rightfully also do have got a copy of my own major listed concerns here too for I rightfully also do not accept their neglect of us all Canadians for I do readily use my right of free speech to all too. When the Civil and public servants, elected Members, Pastors, Misters do not do their duties, then it is the people who mostly and wrongfully suffer for it and that is still really unacceptable.The Civil and public servants also can firstly cut back on their first class travel, traveling abroad, their paid free lunches for themselves and their friends,  their immoral long breaks while they do their own business at the tax payer's expenses as well for a start too.  Do cut back on the programs to the rich as well now firstly too.
(Est 3:5 KJV)  And when Haman saw that Mordecai bowed not, nor did him reverence, then was Haman full of wrath.

Incidentally when I had complained about any of the abuses detailed  to the appropriate churches, denominations, civil and public servants, the police, RCMP, Justice Ministers, PM and premiers,  law and police societies they next all quoted me their own perverted rules as to why they wrongfully still could not act upon the legitimate complaints. It was still undeniable that a citizen could be robbed, abused, slandered, ignored  and all this is still really unacceptably wrong in Canada and the valid complaints are not acted upon, and   no matter what the poor excuses from the civil and public servants are, were.  And when that occurs it is really undeniably time now to fire and to now next replace all of these perverse civil and public servants, professionals and their legislating societies and the poor related governments as well.  Like Queen Esther I  next still do demand all of the appropriate actions upon it all even from all of the governments.
(Est 7:10 KJV)  So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king's wrath pacified.
 And how  many civil and public servants are alcohlics, taking drugs too still? "Drug use is exacting a large and growing financial toll on Canadian society, according to researchers who put the annual cost near $40-billion.  A report by the national addictions agency issued yesterday shows that users of alcohol and tobacco incur the vast majority of the total cost. The use of illegal drugs accounts for about 20 per cent of the total. Lost productivity of $24.3-billion was the single biggest cost in 2002, the most recent year for which figures are available, followed by $8.8-billion in health-care costs. "Alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs account for 20 per cent of all acute-care hospital beds in Canada today," he said. The largest component of the cost was largely from disability or premature death, which accounted for 61 per cent of the total. Health-care costs accounted for another 22 per cent and law enforcement for 14 per cent. In terms of specific drug costs, tobacco was most expensive to society, costing a total of $17-billion for the year studied. Alcohol cost another $14.6-billion and illegal drugs a further $8.2-billion.  Alcohol itself incurs plenty of law-enforcement costs, despite being legal for adults. " I rightfully also demand a  zero tolerance for alcoholics in the civil and public services with no tax payer's money to be used to buy any booze at all, not on any expense accounts too.
Conservative Premier Ralph Klein the pig out king shows us all how little respect he gives to the poor people of Alberta.. for his proposed world wide travel is a sinful abuse of the poorer people's money as well.
The not so secret Conservative hidden agenda is always a successful hopeful reelection.. "Public child-care advocates are furious since they have not been able to meet with anyone in the Harper government, while Conservative-friendly interest groups are regularly consulted and invited to participate. Human Resources Minister Diane Finley has said all programs are under review in her department.  Meantime, Harper also criticized the Liberals for spending billions on environmental programs without any concrete results, and suggested his government is reviewing the effectiveness of nearly 100 programs. With reviews underway or on the horizon for entities such as the National Capital Commission and the CBC, the Harper government said its main goal is to ensure accountability. Harper said the billions of dollars in surpluses accumulated in recent years would have been better off in the hands of taxpayers. "Some of this money did go to pay down debt, but much of it went to off-budget, unplanned and poorly thought out spending, including literally billions in well-known examples of waste, mismanagement and scandal," Harper has also  said  "

and really who in his right mind now had expected the Conservatives to do anyhting else but to also firstly purge the federal government of all of the past liberal supporters, liberal patronistic appointees? The NDP would have done the same thing too? 

Yes, better personnel, better managers of the  civil and public servants personnel, resources, tax dollars are still needed as well as the public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons who have abused the tax money, the RCMP included, and it serves best for all too, as a deterrent to the others who may be tempted to follow too and this would leave more money for the social welfare recipients. 
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty tends to work best for all for  one still doing nothing about the bad, evil, wicked persons is to their false advantage still. All it takes for evil person now, a person note, to prosper is for the good person to do nothing about him or her. If the evil persons do not face real negative consequences they will have no reason even to stop their wrong doings, and  change now as well. I can also add that if the civil and public servant managers and their subordinates would stop their white collared crimes, would stealing. stealing even computers, software, supplies from their workplace there would be more money for the poor people, the social welfare  recipient's.
"Adscam player hits beach    MONTREAL -- Ad man Jean Brault is spending what could be his last few days of freedom frolicking on a Dominican beach.  Brault, who pleaded guilty to five counts of defrauding the federal government of $1.2 million as part of Adscam, is set to be sentenced May 5.  Brault, a major player in the kickback scheme, uncovered by Justice John Gomery, that saw ad firms funnel sponsorship funds to the Liberal party, checked into the all-inclusive Breezes Punta Cana Resort.  WORTHLESS COMPANY  When Brault pleaded guilty in Quebec Superior Court in March, he complained of heart troubles and said his company wasn't worth anything thanks to the publicity surrounding the sponsorship scandal.    The Crown attorney is demanding Brault serve as much as three years in jail.  Brault's lawyer has asked for house arrest.  The pictures of Brault relaxing in the Dominican Republic were taken by a Quebec businessman who's angry that Brault is vacationing.  "This is my first vacation in seven years," said the businessman" 
Yeah the crooked liberals are remorseful for their too many past tax payer's money abuses and it really shows..
Real Public exposure and prosecution of all of the guilty persons here too serves everyone's best interest. Jail and firings now too for judges, lawyers, civil and public servants, politicans are still some of  the best prevention programs now too.  

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 The good, bad and the ugly...  The conservatives and S Harper only likes it  when the media supports Harper and they  condemns it and any others if  they do not.. how unloving, immature and unrealistic.. he Harper and the  Conservatives really better get used to it. Seriously s Harper now himself  is far from being a good, perfect manager.
 (Rev 3:19 KJV)  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous  therefore, and repent.
 ''For someone who advocated openness and accountability while in opposition,  Stephen Harper continues to prove as prime minister he talks a better game  than he plays.  The latest salvo was banning media access to CFB Trenton  this week for the return of the bodies of four Canadian soldiers killed in  Afghanistan. The excuse was to allow families of the dead soldiers to mourn  in private. The Canadian military is a public institution. As long as the  taxpayers of this country are picking up its tab, the public has every right  to share in its triumphs and tragedies.   But Harper wants it both ways. He  was happy to bring along the media to report on his visit to Canadian  soldiers in Afghanistan last month because that helped him politically. But  photographs of caskets of dead soldiers do not good politics make.  He  started with restricting access to his cabinet and muzzling his own caucus,  although, in terms of the latter, Harper may have a point when he has Tory  MPs such as Myron Thompson making foolish comments like: 'If they brought my  son home from that war in a body bag, I'd shoot the first media that come,  on sight.'"
 Clearly S Harper he likes to give orders and not take them, he does not  believe in mutual submissions, criticism  or accountability  too and that is  too bad even for him. I am not really surprised that the federal cabinet Ministers do not want us to find out as to how really pretentious they are, and how little in reality for all that money they are getting they are doing on the  good behalf of all of the Citizens of Canada and that is why the PM Harper and his office  often wrongfully shuts them up from talking to the press. and this is really not acceptable still.