Now matter how the most lying Jews and Conservative spin doctors try they still cannot change the undeniable truth.  The ends do not justify the means not even for Israel 
Our Canadian MPs Boris Wrzesnewskyj a Liberal MP, Peggy Nash  New Democratic Party MP,  Maria Moureni of the Bloc Québécois  are all right
1: Israel was the first now to have wrongfully broken the recent agreed upon UN Lebanon Cease-fire and not Hezbollah .
"The latest incident came this weekend, when an Israeli commando team entered the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon, “provoking a fierce gun battle,” according to the Globe. One Israeli solider died and two were wounded in the fight. The UN has said the raid breached the ceasefire resolution signed just days before."
2: Israel's general recently have admitted to have deliberately targeted Lebanon's citizens by deliberately, wrongfully destroying their roads, bridges, infrastructure for their supposed support of the Hezbollah .
"Earlier in the day, after being taken to the ruins of a house in Qana, where 28 members of the same extended family had died in an Israeli air raid, Moureni, who is of Lebanese descent, criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper for supporting Israel during the war. ''This is Canada's shame,'' Moureni said. ''Mr. Harper has given us a rather negative international image. We can see here that the attacks were (far) from being measured. The devastation is incredible.'' ''We are deeply ashamed that our prime minister had some incredibly irresponsible comments to make at the beginning of the war,'' Wrzesnewskyj told a group of Lebanese who had lost many relatives during the conflict.  Wrzesnewskyj repeatedly denounced Harper's support for Israel." The NDP's Nash said ''I feel just as badly for those who have suffered in Israel. It shows how futile war is.'' "In Bent Jbail the Canadian parliamentarians had a chance encounter with the local MP, Ali Bazzi of the Amal Movement. He provided a brief summary of war damage to about 90 per cent of the 1,000 homes and all of the schools in the town." This still very unproportionate eye for an eye response was all criminal and inhumane on Israel's part now still too.
3: besides what ever Hezbollah  this year has supposedly done Israel itself now is clearly guilty of war crimes, in this Lebanese war, Israel specifically murdering innocent citizens, even specifically now Lebanese Christians and it should be investigated and held criminally responsible now for these acts as well.
3: and let's not be hypocritical if Hezbollah  is not a legitimate part of the government, "Hezbollah has a political wing, they have members of parliament, two [cabinet] ministers," and "many Lebanese regard Hezbollah as resistance fighters"  than neither is the government of Iran for that matter..
4: ''The overall aid announced for Lebanon now adds up to $30.5 million in total. Verner said the money could be used to help rebuild homes, schools, clinics and water systems damaged during recent attacks by Israel in its conflict with Hezbollah.. As everybody knows in Canada, the victims of this conflict are the Lebanese people, and we have to help them as soon as possible," and the aid is still much too little and much too late..
Meanwhile back in Canada Charles McVety, one of the founders of the Defend Marriage coalition, indicated on Friday that D'arcy Keene, who was backed by the Defend Marriage coalition,  was backing out to avoid damage to the Conservative brand...  leaving  the incumbent Tory Garth Turner MP victorious over Christian opponent because it seems the Evangelicals  they will even sell their values, soul  to the antichrist devil for the greater good all just proving  their own real Christian Hypocrisy, their own lack of real values, and this  is also why an alcoholic drunk Klein could be the premier of Alberta too.. thus it is no wonder that the Conservatives party is not any better than any  of the of the other Canadian political parties.
and do look at the too typical bad unacceptable undeniable behavior of the Conservatives on the net still too... and I have said it many time to you all before how wrong it is still too.. "McVety complained that Turner had crossed the line.. ''He's already incited hatred and there's direct evidence of his hatred on his blog,'' he said, adding that he had consulted a lawyer to file a human rights complaint against Turner. ''Respondents on his website are spewing further venom against us... This is damaging against the Conservative cause and we want him stopped.''
Not a good character reference, behavior for all of the  Canadian Conservative MPs. If the Conservative PM Stephen Harper cannot control his own bad MPs, Conservatives how can he run Canada and it's people, government? He cannot.
"CHARLOTTETOWN (CP) - The Canadian Medical Association is concerned Ottawa may be backing away from a promise to guarantee national patient wait times by leaving the complex issue in the hands of the provinces and territories.  Conservative Health Minister Tony Clement told the medical association at its annual meeting on Monday he has to be flexible on a national guarantee, because the provinces and territories have their own priorities and timetables. "  Once elected even the federal Conservatives wrongfully  no longer keep their election promises, priorities ehh
Also a  clearly  immoral federal justice minister that is more worried about costs than justice should be immediately and rightfully removed.. "Members of the judicial system have raised concerns about Justice Minister Vic Toews' latest plan to reform the judicial system in Canada. Mr. Toews suggested Monday that Canada should move towards reducing or eliminating preliminary inquiries. Greg DelBigio, a spokesman for the CBA, said that preliminary hearings continue serve a vital role in the judicial system. He said they can even reduce the financial strain on the system by eliminating the need for trials for cases that are too weak to go ahead, or for those that are so strong that a trial is superseded by a guilty plea following the preliminary hearing" If the federal justice Minister wants to seriously, really improve the Justice system he should firstly deal with the much too many lawyers, persons  who perjure themselves, do lie, slander, abuser others wrongfully in the courts and wrongfully unhindered and unprosecuted. Secondly he should improve the manner by which all of the judges, commissioners  themselves are elected, appointed now as well. Including the immigration court judges.