and one cannot overlook Canada wide  the Jews, Muslims, others  too  also who still wrongfully do promote hatred of the Christians in Canada, and who  so readily  expose their supposed wrong doings too, the  bad Jews like the Alberta Senator R Ghitter for a start..  Also seen any of those too many movies produced by Jewish movie directors all about the bad Christians? Try to show a movie about any of the bad Jews or bad Muslims and you will see loudly what will happen likely next..
Canadian TV Station Attacking Church Yet Again    "  Toronto-based Vision television aired the first of its big-budget miniseries The Secret Files of the Inquisition. Alberta Nokes, While responsible historians have debunked the so-called “black legends” of the Inquisition, Vision’s website promotion paints a black portrait of the Inquisition’s “reign of terror that would endure for more than 600 years.  Vision’s online promotional material for Secret Files of the Inquisition includes some of the classic anti-Catholic slurs including the set-piece of a lurid tale of a beautiful young woman and her priest-lover. The synopsis for last night’s first episode reads: “Among those caught in the terrifying grip of the Inquisition are Beatrice de Planisoles, a beautiful noblewoman, and village priest Pierre Clergue, her secret lover – and betrayer.”  Secret Files of the Inquisition is only the latest of Vision’s shots at Catholicism. In October 2005, Vision gave Fr. Karl Clemens, a self-proclaimed “gay” priest, a platform to attack the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.  Fr. Clemens was followed by editorial commentary from Vision’s regular program host Marianne Meed Ward in which she gave a vitriolic attack on the Catholic Church saying the Vatican is "hunting people who have publicly admitted being gay." She added, "This would be comical if it weren't so diabolical.     TORONTO, January 9, 2006 ( - Vision TV, the Toronto-based broadcaster that bills itself as “Canada's multi-faith and multicultural broadcaster,” is positioning itself as a leader in anti-Catholic media punditry. The broadcaster’s most recent round comes in the form of a programme on NDP MP Charlie Angus’ very public conflict with Catholic teaching on same sex “marriage.”    "  To express concerns:  Contact the National Catholic Broadcasting Council 21 Dunlop Street Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada,   L4C 2M6 Toll Free: 1-888-383-6277 Local: 905-884-6899 Fax: 905-884-5164 E-mail:

"Jews Bashing Christians on Moral Politics Have Some Questions to Answer By Terry Vanderheyden NEW YORK, January 30, 2006 ( – A Jewish author has written a commentary that probes the motivation behind certain leaders of liberal Judaism’s contempt for evangelical Christianity. David Klinghoffer, whose article, Six Questions for Jews--From Christians, appears in this month’s edition of First Things and states, “These are troubled times for Jewish-Christian relations. In November, two of the most influential American Jewish leaders, representing large swaths of the Jewish community, gave major speeches vilifying politically conservative Christians,” he explains. Klinghoffer states that, as an Orthodox Jew, he finds it difficult to understand the animosity of liberal Jews toward such ideas as the traditional definition of marriage and other beliefs that have long been held by Jews.  Klinghoffer describes how Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism, the country’s largest Jewish denomination, attacked Christian opposition to same-sex “marriage.” Yoffie compared Christians to Nazis, stating that Hitler outlawed homosexuality in 1933. “We cannot forget that when Hitler came to power in 1933, one of the first things that he did was ban gay organizations,” Yoffie stated. Klinghoffer presents six questions for Yoffie and other liberals like him:
• “Is it not true that Jewish leaders have better things to worry about than the spiritual fate of SpongeBob SquarePants? Let’s say, about radical Islam? Or secularism? At a time when radical Muslims threaten Jews and others around the world, why vilify American Christians?
• If conservative Christians were less politically powerful, would this help or hurt the security of the state of Israel?
• Practically, what positive ends could anti-Christian attacks possibly accomplish?
• If evangelicals seek to “Christianize America,” a phrase implying legal coercion, when is the last time anyone tried to Christianize you?
• How do you explain the fact that “bigoted” Christian political positions mirror the traditional views of your own religion, Judaism?
• Have you considered the economics behind these anti-Christian attacks?”
Klinghoffer explains that Judaism traditionally agrees with Christianity on most important moral issues like euthanasia, abortion, and same-sex “marriage.” “If it’s ‘Nazi’-like to oppose gay marriage, as Rabbi Yoffie argues, then Jewish tradition must also be Hitlerian,” Klinghoffer argues. “The Hebrew Bible forbids homosexual intercourse, and Jewish rabbinic thought warns against tampering with the institution of marriage. Indeed, a classical rabbinic midrash explains that one of the reasons God was so disgusted with the original inhabitants of the land of Canaan, and caused the land to disgorge them in favor of the children of Israel, was that the Canaanites wrote marriage contracts for members of the same sex,” he explains. “Why are these views evidence of ‘zealotry’ when held by Christians but not so when held by every generation of Jews universally down to about a hundred years ago?” "

"Canadian Evangelical Leaders Concerned About "Extreme" Portrayal During Election By John-Henry Westen     OTTAWA, January 30, 2006 ( - The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), the national association of evangelical Christians in Canada, has expressed concern "that some of the principles Evangelicals are committed to were portrayed as 'extreme' during the campaign." The organization which represents more than 140 affiliated denominations, ministry organizations and educational institutions, said in a post-election statement: "Protecting the unborn and holding to the traditional definition of marriage are two of those principles. These views are shared by many in Canadian society across religions and social/cultural lines. We trust that as Members of Parliament engage in open and honest debate, there will be respect for a diversity of views on the issues of the day." As expressed in a recent editorial on the 2006 election, "Never before have pro-life, pro-family and pro-faith Canadians been as frequently and broadly painted as extreme, scary, and harbouring secret agendas."  However, the biased labelling continues. In a story carried by the supposedly neutral Canadian Press, reporter Sue Bailey writes that a win on the vote to revisit the homosexual 'marriage' legislation would be a disaster, rather than a victory, for the Conservative Party.   The fact that polls have consistently demonstrated Canadians are split down the middle on the issue, seem to have been lost on Bailey as she writes, "It would also be a costly and perhaps fruitless attempt to redefine marriage as the sole domain of one man, one woman - a fight that would only shine a spotlight on the party's most extreme social conservatives." (see the article here: ...

Do also Express concerns about Bailey's lack of objectivity here:
 (  ) Despite the media vilification of moral conservative views, such stands (when clearly expressed) did not serve to hurt candidates' political fortunes.  In fact, a post-election analysis reveals that in the last two federal elections, with only three exceptions, all the Liberal Party incumbents listed as pro-life were re-elected.  In two of those exceptions, pro-life Liberals were replaced by pro-life Conservative Party MPs. "

CLEARLY IN CANADA AS I HAVE SAID TOO MANY  people wrongfully, unacceptably even in the news media do not hesitate to bash the evangelicals, the other Christians, but they certainly would not dare to do that with the Jews and Muslims..  Friday prayers fuel further Muslim protest against cartoons  Friday prayers in the Muslim world helped fuel further outrage against the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published in Europe. The Muslim world was up in arms yesterday after European papers and TV stations continued to publish a set of cartoons mocking Islam.  Militants threatened to kill Western citizens in retaliation for the hand-drawn images, and demonstrations were expected last night across major European capitals after publications in Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands reproduced the cartoons

Do see also