Unacceptable still

The Canadian Justice, human rights ministers, politicians and others  still fails to also to adequately, fully  report, deal with the unacceptable increase in the use of the Internet  to promote hatred of other Canadians specifically the People from Canada's east by Alberta rednecks  in Canada and/or to honestly present the negative side of Alberta such as the fact that the not only is  the Booming Alberta vulnerable to real negatives such as a water shortage, drought: but Alberta also has a severe housing shortage, and housing. living  costs for all newcomers too  are very expensive in Alberta even for Alberta's pensioners. Employee mismanagement, federal tax evasions, thefts, frauds, alcoholism, drug usage, low productivity are still major factors for the costly and ineffective employees as well as the civil and public servants too at the federal, provincial and municipal levels Canada wide. Even in the west.  Note this the average civil and public servants still do tend to put in only 2.5 actual working hours per day, the rest of the time is used on breaks, chats, personal items.

Yes, even real Alberta these days is not all rosy.  The very High costs of living, and too much incompetence, poor mismanagement of workers, civil and public servants are the basic complaints one hears, experiences in the private and public, civil service sectors of Alberta too.  Even Premier Ralph Klein came  into power because of the Alberta PC provincial government's own mismanagement   Premier Ralph Klein too now still is not generally respected outside of Alberta.   Under Premier Ralph Klein the consumer basic costs went  up seriously, sky high too.  My own valid experience is that Alberta lacks still even the adequate basic Health, justice,  professional standards and even the good police forces  for a start.    

The Alberta's spin doctors do unacceptably lie still about the true state of Alberta's present overall well being, covering up the major negatives all  while they slant the positives. Alberta's spin doctors do wrongfully and unacceptably lie still. The Myth that Alberta is one of the richest provinces in Canada is a false myth developed to propagate their very still critical needs still for more economic development capital into the Alberta and more support personnel too.. the Alberta government found out the hard way many times you cannot ever hope to run a whole province solely on the generated home property taxes now, or the Income taxes of oil and gas productions.. or even on farming, beef.. for  Alberta generally still has no existing manufacturing industries to even tax in the first place.. Alberta it is rather an major importer still. On top of that actual financial Mismanagement by the past Alberta  Progressive Conservative governments was the main reasons they also had failed to make any signify economic business development in Alberta besides solely increasing the number of vehicle speeding tickets generation, beer, alcohol, gambling outlets which are socially overall non beneficial, productive still too... In reality Alberta today and in the future is an significantly economically backwards, underdeveloped province still.

Not having local access for your children to go to school, and having them to be bussed far away is not a major problem? Not having adequate access to local doctors and/or car mechanics as well? Don't forget the high costs of living with the many high property taxes, high school taxes, high electrical costs, high home heating costs, high home insurance costs, high car insurance too,   and many other very high consumer purchasing costs are not a major problem for many persons in Alberta too now? especially for all of the newcomers? and what about the often bad water quality that is hard, is really high in minerals, and that requires costly water treatment as well? and so forth.  Alberta today in reality has many significant, big problems not only for all newcomers but  for the existing Albertans now too. While Wages  are going up so are the high cost of living there now as well, and it is a great problem consuming next almost most of the benefits of the supposedly high wages too. The Alberta attraction of high wages also leads to the citizens consumer  higher costs, even produces real hardships as the major communities struggle to deal with the people influx. The booming economy does swallows  up every worker, skilled or unskilled  that it can find,  means as well one not only cannot find enough of them but the consumers also do long waiting periods when you need to get one too.  "The traffic everywhere in Calgary is bumper to bumper and if anything goes wrong, we hit gridlock pretty fast," says Calgary Ald. Gord Lowe, who notes the city is hundreds of millions of dollars behind in housing, roads, schools, hospitals, libraries and recreational facilities just for a start. Nor are these inherent major problems associated with sudden massive growth limited to Calgary. All of the major  communities do even need more Dentists, doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, qualified technicians, car mechanics, repairmen, and other many professionals  and obtaining them in the near further is clearly even impossible.."

 The president of medical staff in the Grande Prairie region of Alberta warned that northern health care has reached a crisis because of demand and staff shortages.. it's unacceptable that the health system is so badly strained when Alberta boasts multibillion-dollar budget surpluses. Imagine that the basic health need of all persons is falsely critically  jeopardized.
Even Housing for all the newcomers represents just one of many major challenges, shortcomings in Alberta.  Home and Real estate prices and rents are costly and climbing dramatically in many communities - if a place to live can be found at all.  And rental rates are among the highest in the country especially since there is no Rental controls in Alberta, or valid consumer protection for that matter. Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the oilsands capital of Fort McMurray in December was $1,478. That compared to just over $1,000 for a similar apartment in Toronto or Vancouver  and about  $500  in Quebec. The reality is you are even lucky if you can firstly even find a place to live in Alberta at that price for even the apartment buildings are rare too. Housing shortage is a major reality ..  Almost all of Firms in Alberta are really drastically short of carpenters and other trades much needed to build new homes, apartments, sewage and water systems.  The average selling price of a home in Calgary last month was not $100,000 but $305,000 - up an increase of almost 25 per cent in one year.  The Alberta province for years now too, and likely this will not change has been  unwilling  to meet the challenges of these growths head-on,  The provincial government has earmarked money for infrastructure projects but that still doesn't include money for new primary or secondary schools, however. It is clear not enough money for decades as well will be provided to meet the needs of all of these newcomers as well. The Alberta citizens themselves are still now demanding cutbacks on governmental spending. For there are still real inklings of fear that the rich gravy train might not chug along forever with sad memories of the way Alberta's last big boom - fueled in large part by the energy industry - quickly disastrously melted in the 1980s like snow during a sudden chinook when oil prices fell. 
" The very High costs of living, incompetence, mismanagement , bad service are the basic complaints one hears, experiences in the private and public, civil service sectors of Alberta. Even Premier Ralph Klein came into power because of the Alberta PC provincial government's own mismanagement Under Premier Ralph Klein the consumer basic costs went up seriously, sky high too.Alberta's biggest problem also is not just their human resources, the still too often incompetent, pretentious, unqualified personnel, professionals and their inadequate supervisors too and the pretentious governmental managers. Actually, really now who enforces any of the Professional standards and who honestly does investigate the related wrong doings, it is done by a totally unrelated independent body of competent judges, or mainly being done by the still masturbating self regulating bodies, or just as bad the also really incompetent pretentious commissioners? "Unprofessionalism" is the basic valid term, and yes today it applies also to too many of Alberta's so called professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, cops, wardens, and even by law enforcement officers, Realtors, etc.. Especially when it is likely most of these rather out of towners likely lied on their resumes to get their jobs in the first place. Many person in Alberta have admitted to me they lie, they even lie on their resumes, they even have different resumes too. The average person lies once every 5 minutes, so why not the rest? Perjury even to the Queen's courts of Alberta is still an unacceptable practice that rarely gets prosecuted now too. Or lying on the expense accounts in the municipal, provincial governments. Too many bad cops still in Alberta today Even in the provincial capital, In Edmonton. "Voices of discontent More citizens complaining about cops . More Edmontonians were complaining about the service they were getting from city cops last month - As far as these cops, enforcement officers do seriously face it so many of these poorly educated persons are mostly still thugs especially in the backwards province of Alberta today where it is still really difficult to hire someone competent based on the ridiculous salaries being offered to them compared to the actual high cost of living in Alberta."  So concern not only about the cops and bad professionals  in Alberta is rightfully escalating these days too. And  still how many bad cops but the  bad professionals  are actually really punished now for wrong doings per year? one? There are too many bad cops, crooked accountants and immoral lying lawyers  too still in Alberta today. The police, professional complaint process and their conclusions are still rather still pretentious too often too. We need really good managers in all parts of Alberta too in reality still. Alberta today is pretentious, pretentious, pretentious and all Unprofessional, Unprofessional, Unprofessional.  And that is just the beginning of Alberta's real negative realties as well that is not wrongfully, fully, honestly being presented. 

I would also be rightfully still more impressed if the PM Stephen Harper  had  personally now had already practiced himself  what he preaches to others, and if he had already dealt firstly with the logs in his own eyes, in his own party,   such as the undeniably perverse Alberta rednecks on the Western Standard and the Conservative Internet Blogs do as  that I have fully already detailed   promote hatred against Canada and easterner Canadians on the Internet and they also do undemocratically delete messages that are negative about Alberta and Alberta rednecks.

We have all now also seen that the wrongful, false  suppression of democracy, the practice of  dictatorship now is a classical Conservative philosophy, approach of too many bad Canadian Conservative leaders and supporters. Also Imagine that real loser still thinking he can be the premier of Alberta, the Provincial Tory leadership hopeful and former Alberta cabinet minister Mark Norris of all persons, the individual who tried to deny my free speech right and threatened before his loss to take me and  my writings to the Alberta Human rights commission. So much for free speech when it is anti Alberta ehh? Just what we need another undemocratic Alberta for the Alberta premiership The former Tory cabinet minister who lost his seat in the 2004 election should have gotten the hint back then.. If he  could not make it back to the Alberta cabinet already so how does he  expect to next get voted as Premier of Alberta? Bad judgment and Prideful arrogance too eh. And where is my own personal rightful apology from those oppressive,  undemocratic , dictatorial, abusive persons of the BC James Moore- M.P and the NDP John Nilson MLA, PC Mark Norris  who wrongfully  do not let me as an ordinary Canadian citizen express myself the truth to Canada's elected officials, persons in office.  
  And more Openess in the government, and Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone's best interest still too.  Most every bad guy who set out to do something awful wanted to do it in secret and keep it secret so he or she unlawfully could keep their false gains too. Sadly these days the rightful transparency in government is clouded by the false increasing Conservative government secrecy.  Secrecy not only covers up mistakes, it obstructs accountability. "It is only by shining a bright light into those dark corners where the secret deals are made that the public can be assured of honest, forthright representation".  Too often when politicians cite privacy issues, they simply want to avoid embarrassment to themselves. Too much secrecy also is rather an obstruction, and is also a challenge also to accountability, to a fair and honest justice now as well. The citizens always have a right to be informed about all government actions, and to even complain about them only and freely and nothing  should be done be done by the governments now in secret,  even because all decisions tend to  eventually concern the  citizens .and it is the citizens that will affected the most negatively or positively  by the actions of the governments anyway.  If our elected officials feel it is a too heavy burden for the citizens to know how they conduct business,  they clearly do now need to find another career.  All of the citizens and it' elected officials should still purse always, continually  the unhindered goal  to  have and to provide, to achieve even a greater access to public records and meetings, a free flow of information,full  transparency in government issues and  efforts.  One of the chief functions of government is to serve the people and one way to do is to  is to keep them fully informed, and  it is a simple one