Turning Point
Not only is  the honeymoon over, so is the Liberal marriage?  The Liberals are clearly no longer wanted by the Majority of the Canadians Citizens, because they the Liberals now have out stayed their welcomes by their too many unrepentances, POOR ACTS STILL TOO,  the same  Liberals themselves firstly have already hurt Canada's international reputation.. the immoral sponsorship scandal is now also known world wide, all the RCMP investigations of the Liberal members poor acts  as well, as well, and  as well clearly also immoral Paul Martin's desperate attempt to stay in power by any means, by lying, slandering bashing S. Harper, or George Bush for that matter.. for once a basher and a liar always a basher and a liar it seems still too. Like I have said already just as it was time for the old man Jean Chretien to Go , it is also now really  time for the clear loser also Paul Martin to go now as well, and for us all next to get some fresh blood in office in Ottawa.. and a better government too.
The Liberal people whole lived, live also  in a glass house should have stopped throwing stones at others.. and should have rather cleaned up their own house  and set a good and not a bad standard by now by their own example firstly too..
For an unacceptable start Millions of the taxpayer's money in the Liberal's federal government supposedly dedicated cause of winning Quebec's loyalty to Canada instead went into the pockets of the Montreal Liberal party thieves and into the coffers of the party itself... showing actually next to all their false true priorities and agendas... why they had became Liberals. 
Paul Martin played two contradictory roles, both positive and negative  Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.. what he said next too often was contradicted by what he really had even done, did. One of the main problem is that Gaul Martin also he had given no valid thought at all to what he'd do for the citizens of Canada as well once he got there to the PM office, or at the reelection campaign but S Harper had and this next has now become evident, even to Ontario, Quebec and BQ voters.   It's now also not just that people are against Martin as a result.  It's that they're really now also  for Harper. You have to give it  to Paul Martin, the Liberals own losing federal election  turning point, seen and heard world wide too  was when  Paul Martin and the Liberals mostly shot themselves in the foot and much too often in this Federal  election Campaign.. by
- Trying to show himself as an experienced, competent leaders, decision maker, administrator Paul Martin wrongfully still never grasp the reality full as how unacceptable the Liberals tax payers abuse was to the citizens, and that they meant it when they said they wanted an more honest government, and not more false Liberal denials, lies, cover-ups, false privileges, excessive personal spending, entitlements, tax evasions, thefts and abuse of the payer's money, rather a still poor management of the government, ministers themselves still too .. Paul Martin too often had stuck with his same old bad Liberal friends too and the citizens were no longer gullible here too.. and no matter how big it was no Liberal election war room could next now really deny any of this past, present too.
-A clear almost final nail on the Liberal federal election coffin was Paul Martin's too typical wrong handling of a Liberal Member, a New RCMP investigation into an alleged market-lifting leak of an income trust announcement not only had hit the Liberals hard but when Finance Minister Ralph Goodale refused to step down after millions of investment dollars moved abruptly, inexplicably and profitably hours ahead of his statement, it definitely to many tainted a Martin government which had vowed to set a new high in ethical purity, appropriate response revealed, confirmed to many what Paul Martin and his liberals still were really like.. maintain power at all costs  and continue to wrongfully to deny any possible wrong doings 
- Paul Martin the clear established to many loser, the rather unprofessional statesman own failure to take the election high ground as he had first promised to all well, while clearly The NDP and the Conservatives, BQ did, instead he Paul Martin and his Liberals once again wrongfully relied too much on  his  past and quite predictable Campaign approach of very little real positive substance, predictably trying to scare mongering us about the Conservatives and the BQ  without showing  real care for the Canadian Citizens own good welfare even, an approach that this time  that the Conservative and the BQ  were really rather ready for.. and they the matured now Conservatives as well as the BQ.. this time were not caught off guard.. but ready and waiting, prepared too.. by the BQ own Option Canada revelations... and even another RCMP Liberal probe.
- The same basher Paul Martin now still really rather pretending to be Captain Canada gave in a direct contrast by trying to cast credibility even on S Harper as a Canadian next himself gave an opportunity for all now to really see as to who in contrast to show who really was Captain Canada of team Canada and that was S Harper.
- Paul Martin's own poor, desperate false attempt to change Liberal polices with his court notwithstanding issue, that  was not only not in the Liberals red book,  in the mid stream of the campaign was another turning point.. He Paul martin had foolishly also  failed to realize, notice as I had sent it to him that the majority of the citizens do not trust,, respect the judges in the first place and they had firstly already had blamed the courts, the judges for a lot of what is wrong now in our society as well... escalating impaired driving, violence and crime included.
-It did not help much that the clearly inadequate Campaign advisers maintained and chosen by Paul Martin himself verbalized to all  their own racist practice,  intolerance, and also even disrespect of the Canadian citizens themselves by suggesting the citizens could not manage their own money,  when they falsely had derided the Conservative child-care allowance as a beer and popcorn fund for the parents of pre-school children, it was  heard across Canada, It cast a slur on all parents, Canadians  and was particularly offensive to the Canadian families. It also now again confirmed that the Liberals wrongfully really did not value families or family values as well to many
- The even already quite  predicted Liberals  negative adds approved by Paul Martin himself, next immorally lying denied as such by typically lying Liberal spin doctors, Cabinet Minister next too, and the Harper bashing campaign this time showed to a waiting , prepared audience the confirmed truth as to what the Liberals were themselves  still  really like.. an really still immoral, untrustworthy  governing political party without much real positive substance left.. and these final Liberal negative adds rather helped the Liberal downfall. For the Liberals in clear stupidity to even try to suggest that armed Canadian soldiers would invade cities under Stephen Harper's instructions  if there was a Conservative victory went way too far by any stretch of the imagination, laws of decency next, showed a desperate Liberal Party and one even trying to win at all costs  even causing all 12 of the negative Liberal ads to be also tainted and the desperate last flicker of Liberal hope to demonize this time around too Harper  had backfired rather.
- Paul Martin and the Liberals next significantly could not even profit  from it  with barely more than a week left in the Federal election Campaign, when Canada's leading Political  party the  Conservative had to deep-six their federal Member of Parliament candidate in   British Columbia,  for the Liberals had to do the same thing in BC in the same week as well and what is of continual interest to us all still  is the main reasons for doing so.. The Politicians lying to us all is nothing New but is always unacceptable, and Liberals inducing bribes too now, even a promise of patronizing employment,  to others is also nothing new for the Liberals.. it has already many times even been alleged to have been done before to induce Conservative candidates to leave also by the Liberal party, and none of this is ever acceptable too.. none. And  how clearer can the Canadians be they really do now, next still want a more honest government, and you cannot have that without more honest politicians elected initially.. Also an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here too, and the  rightful  Recall election of both of these bad candidates is the ample solution in both of these case if either of   the bad candidates win as well.
You have to give it  to Paul Martin, the Liberals losing federal election  turning point was when Paul Marin and  the Liberals mostly shot themselves in the foot and much  too often in this Federal  election Campaign..  exposing also the reality what a really bad statement, statesman, manager, politician, administrator he Paul Martin personally now really was still personally to all... and he Paul Martin and the Liberals, their war team  really could not next, now honestly divert it, blame any of it on any of  the opposition parties, anyone else.
PS The wicked exposed, snared by their own wrong doings also personally hurts a lot more too. (Psalm 9:16 KJV)  The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. 
An appropriate news year's note for all of the extreme  hypocritcal too often Progressive Conservative right winders, and the Liberal left wingers too is that I as a mature, Honest Canadian citizens have also firsthand learned the last 30 years in Canada that too many of the Canadian professionals, Pastors, Realtors, cops, politicians, doctors are really inadequate.. and that a  Progressive Conservative Premier that is an alcoholic drunk, absuer  or a Progressive Conservative Premier that commited adultery, slept with a not divorced, married woman belonging still  to another man are really still no better than a Liberal person in office who cheats, lies, steal, covers up, slanders, bashes, does not keep their election promises. Ted Byfield and Ezra Levant the Publisher Western Standard also should also really note this..
(1 Cor 6:9 KJV)  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,10  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Tim 5:20 KJV)  Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 21 I  charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.