Self regularization
It is the same old problem when it comes to dealing with people, professionals, commerce, self regulation does not work, self regulation of subordinates, peers or what ever.. and part of the reasons is saving face, and costs involved.. and we have seen great examples of how the PM and the federal government do not even apply any regulations, applicable punishments if it is going to embarrass them , or involves one of the Conservatives. To me rightfully too a Conservative who now is immoral, cheats, lies, steals gives me just as much nightmare as a Liberal, NDP, etc..who do the same thing. And being a Liberal, NDP, Conservative right or left wing does not matter if they cheat , lie and steal for they all are in the same category, immoral perverts  and they are all thus clearly going to the same Hell hole.  It is becoming more clearer as times passes by that the new Conservative PM Stephen Harper is just as bad as the old Liberal PM Paul Martin, and also that the Conservatives have failed already to live up to their own promises to be a more Honest, Transparent, Accountable government.. no wonder Stephen Harper's goals of a majority government is still so rightfully elusive to him.
"The present, ongoing need for more effective Personnel management of our Civil and Public Servants, even and even of the so called Professionals is still much needed in reality to be even implemented. Interesting.. These two things also tend to not work in Canada . Self supervision, self regulation of the professionals, civil and public servants, politicians even  such persons as the Police,  Lawyers, Doctors, Judges Realtors, Pastors.  Deregulation of energy services "Our bills will not go down unless deregulation is gotten rid of," Olson said. "Deregulation doesn't work in our society."  It all apparently has something to do with their own self preservation desires,  their own greed for money and the moral incompetence of the too often poorly skilled managers, and their related bad subordinate  personnel involved..  Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons, even the bad managers and their subordinates serves as the best deterrent now to all here as well.  No such thing as a little bit pregnant too. Leave one weed in your yard untouched and your whole yard next will be full of weeds.
Continually pruning of the bad weeds also in the government  is a must, a fact of life. I have openly said before that the RCMP did not prosecute all the bad civil and public servants cause they the likely did the same bad things too and  also what about the RCMP general poor treatment, poor respect, poor attitude towards the Citizens of Canada themselves, plus the RCMP own incompetent, mismanagements too. On top of all that we still do have unacceptable evidence over and over again how incompetent the Mickey mouse Mounties RCMP really are and who have also regularly wrongfully failed to adequately discipline one of their own for RCMP unacceptable wrong doings and this is still never never acceptable.. It is clear that an independent review of all RCMP wrong doings is needed for especially here self regulation is just ineffective masturbation...  The citizen demand   in fairness holding rightfully all of our civil, public servants politicians, ministers and their staff also fully accountable, and not just putting the citizens mainly, only into prisons is always a fully legitimate demand too.  Let' face it white collared crimes,thefts but also  white collared professional abuse  is a also major unacceptable fact  these days as well not just theft of the tax payers money. And as anyone can confirm that this is a specific subject   that I have detailed, written abbot the last decade to the federal cabinet ministers specifically too and it deserves proper attention, resources as well.. For the record I have said that to the federal Justice Ministers, Provincial Justice Ministers, premiers, Prime Ministers for the last 15 years in writing too... The corruption one sees, hears about is generally still just the tip of the iceberg, 1/7,  there is about 7/8 still underneath that needs also to be dealt with too  Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty tends to work best for all for  one still doing nothing about the bad, evil, wicked persons is to their false advantage still. 
"My past complaints now included even like having rightfully an totally independent body Police review board and this should be a federal standard for all of  the cops, the RCMP too  in all of Canada firstly, and also  a totally independent body  review also should apply now for all of the professionals, and their regulating bodies too, even those too often immoral professionals such as lying, crooked lawyers, tax evading accountants, the doctors who sexually abuse their patients, the immoral and incompetent judges, the abusive church pastors, and the bad civil , public servants, bad commissioners and their bad subordinates and managers now  too.  You all should by now know I believe that self regulation is often mere masturbation and not real justice being carried out."  . 
Another Unacceptable RCMP stumble " Times Colonist Published: Friday, October 06, 2006   When the Mounties don't get their man it's disappointing. When the man they do get is one of their own and they let him go, it's downright suspicious. Const. Justin Harris faced an RCMP tribunal this week that was to determine whether he had sexual encounters with underage girls selling themselves on the streets of Prince George. But the case was thrown out on the grounds that fellow members of the force -- including senior officers in the B.C. headquarters -- had taken too long to investigate the allegations and lay disciplinary charges. The tribunal found that even though senior RCMP officers knew of the allegations in 2002, no disciplinary action began until 2004. Only after Provincial Court Judge David Ramsay pleaded guilty to having sexual relations with aboriginal teenage girls did the RCMP launch disciplinary investigations into allegations that officers and others were using and abusing young sex trade workers. Harris was the only one called upon to face a hearing. He maintains his innocence. The RCMP Act requires that a commanding officer begin a disciplinary hearing within a year of becoming aware of an accusation of misconduct. But senior officers, right up to the level of assistant commissioner, had known about these allegations for more than two years before even informing Harris about them. Harris is not facing criminal charges, even though he was described as "drunk and aggressive" by one woman who says he had sex with her when she was 16 and another woman told investigators he hit her during a sexual encounter. We don't know if investigators discounted these accounts or why the process was stalled. We do know that other disciplinary hearings have been abandoned because it has taken too long for the RCMP to investigate one of their own. We've heard an RCMP spokesman explain, in relation to the shooting death of Ian Bush by a rookie RCMP constable in Houston in 2005, that an investigation "takes long because it takes long." And we know that in that case, where no criminal charges were deemed necessary, the force's civilian oversight commission has opened an investigation -- by asking the Mounties to investigate one more time, to see if required procedures were followed. It's time the procedures, and those who are following them, were examined in a public inquiry."
There is no acceptable reason ever to let any of the perverts, crooks off the hooks, out of jail  especially all professionals and  those in the Police forces, RCMP, public services, governments.. It is certainly really also now time for much more independent RCMP Inquiries and real actions and not more excuses, buck passing, lies from the new federal  Conservative cabinet.
 "Remember those too typical pre-election Conservative Politicians lying words  even about holding now real people in the civil and public services, governments  accountable now for their wrong doings.. well how many new persons have been prosecuted, held accountable since the federal election? how many??  Please do list them all by name.. again how many??   All it takes for evil person now, a person note, to prosper is for the good person to do nothing about him or her. If the evil persons do not face real negative consequences they will have no reason even to stop their wrong doings, and  change now as well. All persons ( that includes civil and public servants,, politicians)  who participate in any of the related immoral acts, in human rights violations even in politics should be severely immediately prosecuted by the justice ministers to  the full extent of the law and even put into jail as a deterrent to others  who would be tempted to follow them."
Self regulations? what a laugh.. "There is a clearly  unacceptable  noticeable lack of good leadership today.  The question -- and it deserves to be shouted -- is:   'Where is and was the government?"    "Don't people have the right to hear from their elected officials?"  It seems our federal, provincial leaders are too often still mainly looking after themselves, their friends once elected..  and they do still too often lie to get elected, and do lie even after they are elected."
The issues of self regulation and justice too... I have been writing as an ordinary citizen to even the Canadian federal cabinet, Prime Minister, Premiers on behalf of all Canadians too, for decades, just like they had firstly openly asked us to do so.. and most major news editors can readily confirm this too for they got copies of my letters.  In the process I have also been clearly exposing what pretentious persons, mostly liars these politicians still  are.. and I know this by the fact they generally do not even tend to bother to acknowledge my letters, never mind deal with their contents.  The new Conservatives here too are just the same and just as bad as those Liberals they had bashed."For too long time the Conservatives had said to us all elect us into office and  "We will show you what we can do", and now there is no doubt about it they have been elected into the government, ruling office, and they the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives are showing us  all what they can do and it is all mostly not acceptable.. instead of now they  the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives taking the job seriously, taking the opportunity of doing good for all the citizens of Canada, they the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives show us instead how they are just as bad as the other politicians before them, and that is really unacceptable for these big liars too...  and they the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives  try now instead to point out what the Liberals supposedly have done. Now we also Canada wide already unacceptably do all know  fully that the new conservative PM and federal cabinet,  including Jason Kenney, Stockwell Day, Vic Toews our justice ministers who are clearly now all big liars for  they have already  failed here to live up to their promised accountability for all of the civil and public servants, RCMP as well. There is no such thing as little bit pregnant for them in any of this too. Not too hard to sum up the fact that Harper is a loser.
I have already personally complained rightfully even about the process of selecting immigration judges the last decades to the federal government. Two associates I knew  of the Calgary Multicultural centre were then appointed as IRB, immigration judges. One of them that I had personally known had been removed as president of the Calgary multicultural centre for misappropriation of Center's funds, and the proof was submitted to me as well, and I had passed it on to the Calgary News media. The other appointed incompetent judge I knew I had next openly complained about at a Calgary Immigration board hearing. Well where is now the honest, open, transparent conservative government? So much for self regulation even here too.

So it is not at all surprising that regulation issues also crop up related to commerce, bottled water.. "Many Canadians buy bottled water because they consider it better than tap water, but an environmental group says the water-bottling industry is inadequately regulated and needs more oversight by the federal government to ensure that its products are safe. The Sierra Legal Defence Fund, in a report being released Friday on the state of Canada's drinking-water supply, says consumers can't automatically assume that what comes out of a bottle is superior to what flows from a tap because the bottling industry is so poorly regulated. Bottled water is regulated by the federal government as a food under the Food and Drug Act and must pass tests for bacterial contamination to be allowed on the market. Many bottlers supplant this relatively light regulatory burden with an industry developed code stipulating contaminant monitoring similar to that done on municipal water. The fund said this voluntary testing is inadequate because it isn't legally enforceable and its results do not have to be made public.“Bottled water regulations are in fact inadequate to ensure purity or safety,” the Vancouver-based organization said in the report. “As with municipal water sources, when it comes to bottled water, voluntary self regulation is no substitute for government oversight.” The report also raises a potential health threat from bottled water, saying that when people drink it they are needlessly exposing themselves to chemicals that leach from the containers. These chemicals include bisphenol A, a compound in hard plastic bottles that mimics female sex hormones, and antimony, a metal with elements similar to arsenic that is used in the making of polyethylene terephthalate bottles. Some scientific researchers have recently raised concerns about health effects from contaminants that leak from plastics,The defence fund was also critical of bottled water because it “generates a mountain of garbage” through discarded containers, and causes “massive quantities of fossil fuels” to be needlessly burned to move the product around the world."