Sad II

The present Federal ethics commissioner is another one of those useless, pretentious, political, biased   high paying Liberal job creations. The Federal ethics commissioner  really hasn't earned his pay so far.

The NDP now wants the ethics commissioner to widen his ethics probe to include Belinda Stronach's switch to the Liberals.  Manitoba MP Pat Martin wrote Bernard Shapiro yesterday asking him to investigate whether former PM Paul Martin broke the rules by enticing Stronach to cross the floor with a plum cabinet post. Shapiro has already launched an inquiry into Prime Minister Stephen Harper's appointment of party-jumper David Emerson.  "We believe the parallels between the Emerson affair and the Stronach affair are identical, and that Mr. Shapiro in investigating one will now have the licence to comment on the other," Martin said.  The NDP did not ask that Scott Brison, who also crossed the floor from the Tories to the Grits, be part of the inquiry because he did not immediately join the cabinet and because he cited his party's position on same-sex marriage as reason for his departure" is also not an acceptable excuse. Traitor MP Scott Brison  should still also be fully reviwed.

 And I still want Paul Martin MP reviewed for using his local constituent office for non constituent work.

And Scott Brison's income-trust e-mails should also be the subject of a probe by the Ethics Commissioner . Mr. Brison had  sent e-mails on his BlackBerry informing an income-trust expert at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerceto Dan Nowlan,  one day before Ottawa unveiled a new policy on income trusts.  that he would be happy with a coming government announcement dealing with income trusts.  The RCMP are investigating whether a government leak is to blame for a spike in income-trust trading in advance of the announcement. When Mr. Brison was first contacted by The Globe and Mail about the e-mails, he said he did not recall sending any. The next day, he held a news conference in which he produced a transcript of the e-mail exchange and said he had just been passing on public information. The Conflict of Interest Code, which is the set of rules the commissioner uses to measure MPs' alleged ethical breaches, contains a section dealing with insider information.  Section 10 says an MP "shall not use information in his or her position that is not generally available to the public to further the Member's private interests or . . . to improperly further another person's private interests." It then goes on to warn MPs not to communicate such information to another person if the MP knows, "or reasonably ought to know, that the information may be used to further the Member's private interests . . . or to improperly further another person's private interests." if the police investigation prevents the Ethics Commissioner from looking into the matter, the NDP would like the ethics probe to commence once the RCMP have completed their work. The letter asks Mr. Shapiro to begin immediately if he believes he can. Mr. Shapiro should to decide whether Mr. Brison was, in fact, merely passing the public news of the day. "Brison should have known that the release of this information could further the interests of that individual. I don't accept that Brison says this was public information already. The facts of the case don't seem to bear that out and so it's appropriate for the Ethics Commissioner to dig deeper." 

Let's also talk about something  Important now even about Canada and any of the Perverse Conservatives such as Peter MacKay who now retreats on money for Hamas One day after saying aid would continue, Foreign Affairs Minister says matter is still under review and subject to conditions set by PM last month

"After 24 hours of almost farcical uncertainty, it is reassuring that Canada has reaffirmed its tough policy toward Hamas." But also do  tell Peter to lay of the booze, seriously.

"Two days ago, after a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Peter MacKay confidently declared that some Canadian aid to the Palestinian Authority would continue as long as it was not diverted for military purposes. Yesterday, the inexperienced minister issued a brief statement that backtracked significantly, reconfirming the original conditions that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other Western governments set last month: that continuation of aid to the Palestinian government hinges on the militant Islamic group's willingness to renounce violence, recognize Israel and accept previous peace agreements."

"On March 8, 2006 at 9.0 pm Eastern in Canada Global TV showed a program called House, a medical drama, House: Sex Kills ( Starring Hugh Laurie When Henry experiences a seizure but is not aware of it while it is happening, the team's diagnosis points to a bacterial infection, but Henry suffers a heart attack before his treatment can work. ) TV-PG CC Stereo which was mocking specifically the Christians, where it is stated that a persons goes to church and meets at good Christian there and gets a sexually transmitted disease.

Did anyone rightfully complain about it, did even Peter MacKay MP ? what if they had substituted the words Muslims, or Jews instead of Christians? would the news media and you others then only complain? Well Mr Harper, Evangelical?"

"Police officer charged with assault VANCOUVER -- A veteran police officer who turned himself in after striking a man who had allegedly spit on him is facing an assault charge and has been suspended from duties. But the 20-year-old man, who is said to have spit on Sergeant Greg McCullough through the mesh door of a police wagon, has not been charged with anything. Spitting is a form of assault under Canada's Criminal Code. Deputy Chief Constable Bob Rich, of the Vancouver Police Department, said in a statement released yesterday that the incident took place last Oct. 22, when police were called to a store parking lot on East Hastings Street. The report that took police to the location on the Downtown Eastside was that a group of seven or eight juveniles and young adults were in possession of a handgun. "Several police went to the scene and one youth who had a machete was arrested. "While police were dealing with the remaining people, one of them, a 20-year-old Vancouver man, became verbally abusive and tried to agitate the other youths," Deputy Chief Rich said. "Sergeant Greg McCullough, a 16-year veteran of the VPD, took the man into custody for breaching the peace and placed him in the wagon intending to release him later when the situation calmed down. "Our investigation led us to believe that, through the mesh door of the wagon, the man spat in Sergeant McCullough's face and that the sergeant then entered the wagon and struck the man." He said "the man in this incident did not pursue a complaint," but Sgt. McCullough reported his own actions to an inspector immediately afterward. "The Crown counsel has decided to charge Sergeant McCullough with assault. "A charge of assaulting a police officer by spitting was not approved," Deputy Chief Rich said. The man, whose identity was not being released for privacy reasons, was taken to hospital the night of the incident "where he was examined and released and returned to work the next day," Deputy Chief Rich said in his statement. "The VPD views this matter very seriously. Sergeant McCullough was immediately placed on administrative duties where he currently remains pending the outcome of the judicial process," he said. Stan Lowe, a spokesman for the criminal justice branch, said the Crown had not formally laid any charges related to the incident"

What? and where are the good cops, justice Ministers when you need them? Mr Harper, Mr Stockwell and Mr Towes is this not part of your job that you are still wrongfully not doing ?

Likely not all of you now being lawyers so you still might not appreciate or be familiar with the laws of Canada, specially that everything I had detailed now in writing to each and all of the federal , proviical cabinet Ministers, Memebrs of Plarliament, MLA's even about their specific persons is next legally accepted as the undeniable truth, and next not contestable even, because they have, even in front of witnesses now even, have not denied my written claims therein too. This is the undeniable reality of the law, facts.

"Alberta Premier Ralph Klein’s decision to introduce private two-tier health care reminds one of a quotation in George Orwell’s insightful 1945 book Animal Farm. In that book, Orwell makes a satirical observation about the inequalities of communism. Amazingly, 60 years later with minor substitutions, it aptly applies to health care in Alberta, thanks to Klein’s democratically-elected Conservative government. That is, all Albertans are equal, but some wealthy Albertans are more equal than others. "

Rather than cutting back on the governmental aid, programs to the poor and needy persons mainly because of the government's own past mismanagement we all do now too need to really take another continual look at how effective our tax dollars are being used by the civil and public servants, their managers, politicians now too. Fire all the drunks, alcoholics, tax payer's money abusers firstly too.

Yes, in the east end of Edmonton, community members are struggling very mightily to keep additional liquor stores, money lenders, and pawn shops out – and are given absolutely no help by their municipal and provincial governments. And they never will cause Ralph has already likely put his alcoholics in key positions in the government.. And we all know what "pawn shops" mostly really are too now, not just a place for the compulsive gamblers, but a place for drug addicts, alcoholics to sell of their illegally acquired properties so they can wrongfully buy more alcohol and drugs, and I wrote about that and I had personally witnessed it I rightfully had reported it to the police next too. The local police did nothing as usual.

Yes, it is also still really quite simple to kick anyone out off office , or to fire them, it just takes one computer, the Internet  and real persistency , continual time and effort, and a regular targeted mail out program. Exponentially harder to get them elected though
 In the last 20 years I alone with God's help I have helped to have removed over 100 cabinet ministers from office contrary to their expectations, 4 only in Alberta. Ministers of economic development and job creation ministers, and One Ontario premier Ernie Ewes specifically after he had sent the police to my home cause he did not like what I had mailed to him and the others, even sadly one Liberal Prime Minister. I still also do not show false partiality to any party too,  I also have fired many bad evangelical pastors and two catholic priests. I have helped to close 2 bad churches. By prayer first and writing my letters mostly
I used the same approach always too.
Here is my practice, effective approach.
1: Many people do still forget how influential local church pastors are. I also do write them an email  letter and they all mostly  never acknowledge it but I get evidence next often they have acted upon it they have told the others what I wanted them to know. I Had even done so last month too. To nail the bad Edmonton PC Minister who had written me a letter abusing me, and even falsely threatening to take me to the human rights commission, I just wrote letters to the Edmonton Ukrainian, Russian  orthodox Church detailing what he had done to me. They did the rest.
Next One firstly has to really appreciate, understand 3 things
2: The news media are always desperate for new things to write about and they do have the biggest influence and not the citizens, and who even cares if I get the credit for it or get paid for it too.
 All this still is not enough.  One has to be able to address issues in a simple manner, to do this one has to be  a Moralist, to have simple morals, conscience, not twisted  by alcohol and vices, and next when one points out the immoral offenses of the people in office.. especially if such as they are favoritism, partiality, guilty of discriminations, not giving fair, uniform attention to all of their constituents members.. and this will clearly discredits them in the both the news media eyes and they eyes and in the eyes of the citizens. I write as for what the ordinary citizens will want to support, read in the newspaper as well. I still often do wire one page letters defining their unacceptable moral sins to the news media  and post it on the net for many other reporters to plagiarize   
I in Alberta had learned from Amnesty international that the pen is mightier than the swords, writing to the right parties, and not to everyone counts. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons works best , and when they threaten to sue me I remind them I would like more media coverage on the subject, I have nothing to lose for I am not running for office, but next they will lose not only their office but their supposedly good reputations which are worth much more as they find out next too.