Many people even claim that Canada is a peacemaker? Dream on for I have never seen so much hatred, strife, back stabbing  in Canada now in many years. And much too much  Political trouble makers.
It is unbelievable and sad to me that to next, now still to even maintain my own personal right of free speech, especially my speaking against the bad, evil persons, I have had to often appeal to the news media, the governments, and to the justice ministers because I have been too often censored, denied my own personal right free speech, especially by the influential politicians in Canada too, and even wrongfully and relatedly next visited by the police in my home.
There are many Canadian ostriches who do not like still to deal with negative realties and truths, but mature persons have learned that they have to that now as well
For 20 years I have been using the computer also as an ordinary , honest, decent mature Canadian citizen  writing on behalf of myself and many others to politicians, to the Members of Parliament and Members of the legislatures Canada wide . and  from my real personal experiences, none in their replie snext are as dirty in response as those in Alberta except the ex conservative province of Ontario who played a dirty game.. In response to my own letters  across Canada I next got abused back in four provinces by elected officials of the legislatures  including BC, Alberta, and Ontario.. and Alberta's Abuse was triple, the worse... Quebec has been the most tolerant one too.
Now I have really totally unexpectedly, shockingly too, I have had the police come to my home at least six times sent by politicians to suppress my freedom of speech.. the first one was the now ex mayor of Calgary Al Duerr, and he did not get away with it, I told everyone on a phone in radio show what he had done to me too.. next it was JC the now ex PM of Canada..and then the now ex gone Conservative Premier of Ontario, and what is his name?? how quickly we forget the bad guys name ehh..
I can also say I am a prolific write, but  not a good writer, and I have written much. I have also mailed much more over tens of thousands of email. I had never expected the 3 topics that would, had  caused the most controversy, the most despotic oppositions in Canada. That includes the subject of "Bad cops", "Alcoholism," "Polygamy", and bad Politicans which includes Bad Mayors",  "Bad Premiers", "Bad cabinet Ministers", Bad "Prime Ministers", and they are generally unrelated?

Just what we now do also not need   again in Canada   all of  these false people giving hell to S Harper so they hope we can have another very costly federal election, and relatedly  another useless Minority Government. The NDP will never form a Majority government. Do you now also really think that most Canadians now still  are such fools they will forget about the cheating, lying stealing so soon and even reelect the Liberals? Never.  Now please them all to  get wise and deal with the real, important matters. Also do let the man at the top now to do his job and help to clean up Canada  now..

Speaking of the bad cops..
"At my first and last personal discussion with G Duceppe Montreal BQ MP  it was clear that  as a lawyer he had great faith in the justice system.. but not me.. now many years later I know for sure by experience he too now has found out the negative reality as to how bad the Police, justice systems are in Canada..  and always those too often useless Mounties and cops now too.. for you have to write a book to get them to act? what bugs me about the useless mounties.. as to how they are really useless... like the Liberals they do much too little and much to late..
and do note this you cannot retrain the really bad cops rather you need to fire them and hire new ones, rather hire now really good ones and and then you can train them.

"Ottawa — The RCMP is looking into a controversial $4.8-million grant that was awarded to a pro-Canada group at the time of the 1995 referendum on Quebec sovereignty, officials have told The Globe and Mail. The money went out more than 10 years ago in three disbursements to a little-known group called Option Canada, which has since been disbanded. On Dec. 23, 2005, the RCMP quizzed two officials at the department of Canadian Heritage about the 1995 expenditure. It remains unclear to how the entire grant was used, but a source said that there are questions surrounding the distribution of an amount, believed to be $300,000.  The Bloc Québécois has always been extremely critical of the grant to Option Canada, saying it likely bypassed Quebec's electoral law"
I still rigfully do openly have many beefs about the bad RCMP in Canada especially  Westmount, Canmore Alberta  even Regina, Vancouver, Winnipeg  that I had also post on the Internet, continually in writing  do remind all of Canada's major news editors, all of Canada's elected officials too.. I have the last many years worked really hard writing thousands of letters to slash the RCMP budgets as much as possible, Canada wide too, and I even have rightfully suggested that they be totally dismantled and replaced by a decent police force. Still do too."
as per this controversial $4.8-million grant and what have the RCMP done about it so far? not much effective as usual?
I would rightfully now also like the clearly biased liberal ethics commissioner B Shapiro to also  investigate my charge that Paul Martin MP has been using his constituent resources not solely for the betterment of his constituent members but to promote himself, even to try to now get a job elsewhere. And Just Cause I am not a Liberal or NDP supporter but an Ordinary citizens I serious, rightfully expect him now to do so. And to investigate any other Members of parliament who are similarly abusing their resources.
I guess Paul Martin can show to all how many personal my letters had he acknowledged and what next he had also done specifically about  my complaints to him or do we citizens only still count , are important only at elections times now to him as well?

I do also still expect your acknowledged receipt of my letters, all of them.  I  too have found this is a good real barometer, example, evidence  of their actual state of real concerns for the citizen's own complaints, needs  and good welfare the last 20 years too.

RSVP Thank you.

>>LaSalle—Émard Member of Parliament Paul Martin appears to be doing a great job representing the interests of his constituents at... the United Nations? Oh wait, the story says this was "private meeting." Ottawa Citizen: Martin has private UN meeting with Annan--'No note takers' in room for encounter held at ex-PM's request.

Paul Martin at his old age after the election has already said he wanted to get a Job next at the UN? I guess to try to restore his shattered bad Canadian, worldwide reputation  Hey I also already right after the Federal elections had made the complain to you and all MPs, to all of the major News Media too, in writing now too  even as to why did Paul Martin now keep his local constituency and staff when he still really does not care about the good welfare of his constituents, even persons like me for example.  On top of that I had also stated that I had witnessed his secretary at the local LaSalle constituent office doing non constituent work. Hey I also write to you complaining the new PM complaining that  too many paid by the tax payer's persons do use their UN contacts for their personal money making business too,.

----- Original Message -----

To: Members of Parliament
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2006 5:36 PM
Subject: Members of Parliament
Why would clearly now an old man, now past the age of retirement, an ex very incompetent, short lived prime minister still want to keep his old seat as an Liberal MP plus he also wants to keep his supporting staff.. and next to support who, I live in his riding and he never adequately dealt with one of my letters and concerns now too date even..  especially Paul Martin the person now who has been ambitious, very self centered, immoral, lying, incompetent too, and who clearly showed he does not trust the citizens to manage their own money.  I personally now also was in Paul Martin's constituent office and I saw one of his staff working on the computer doing non constituent work too.  Yes the same man that 70 % of Quebecers polled believed his knowledgeably was a part of the bad Federal Sponsorship scandal and did nothing about it .  How many other MPs now unacceptable will do the same too? I would keep a close eye on all of them, especially the Liberal ones.

The answers likely clearly lies in the truth that are very likely in they are still using their positions and staff to still merely make more money for themselves.** . for too many people fight to have a UN positions to make more money from the foreign countries, and as we know that useless immoral Jean Chretien tried to get richer, used his old PM office as well for this when he was even rightfully kicked out of office too now..

This whole issue Emersons/Shapiro issue is still mostly just a smoke screen, the Liberals are using it because they foolishly  think they can get back in power with Paul Martin at the helm? I too now saw even a crooked pastor resign, and he next had his elder friends try to kick out the people who had kicked him out, but the pastor was never reinstate back in the church.

Note this background. Emerson was still in conflict with the federal Liberals before he was reelected. Shapiro does not mention this wrongfully ehh?

OTTAWA—Outrage over David Emerson's defection from the Liberals continues.. Liberals really now Object to it.. while they do still hypocritically not object to the past Stromach defection the Liberals now, or the Liberals trying to steal other Conservative MPs in the past, for they the Liberals realy now next do not like to get a taste of their own past act in stealing a Conservative MP? now that is all too bad..

But yes we should recall, new election for all the turncoats in a democracy too, no matter how justifiable the reasons for the change maybe too and in real fairness too we should allow recall all, any of bad, lying politicians who fails to keep his or her election promises now as well.. Really! Even especialy Liberal ones, especially Liberal premiers it seems... and all of the alcoholic ones too.

But maybe firstly the BC Liberals can also help to give us citizens the Millions of dollars money back that the federal Liberals had stole from us all firstly to"