The notwithstanding clause the Liberal PM Paul Martin should firstly be worried about..    (Micah 7:13 KJV)  Notwithstanding the land shall be desolate because of them that dwell therein, for the fruit of their doings.
'Suggestion made on a whim? Liberals relying on voter ignorance and apathy to win because they cannot do it on their own merits   It's official: Paul Martin and the Liberals have no moral or ethical high ground and must be removed from office. You only have to look for the answer to the following: Why would Martin, all of a sudden, pledge to scrap the notwithstanding clause from the Charter of Rights during the debate and then challenge Stephen Harper to commit to the same? This completely indefensible action reeks of desperation, panic and is shameless, even for the Liberals. This tactic had only one purpose, to provoke Harper on the issue of same-sex marriage. I congratulate him and the other leaders for ignoring the taunt and taking the high road. I am appalled that the current prime minister of my country would use his podium to make such a comment without consultation or debate that includes the input of everyday Canadians. Changing the Charter of Rights (a truly decent document created by a Liberal) requires much debate by everyone since it applies to everyone.  If Martin truly feels that "notwithstanding" should be removed, why hasn't he done it already? The Liberals have had 12 years to do as they please, why has this major issue only come up now? Why? Desperation and ignorance. The Liberals, once again, are relying on voter ignorance and apathy in order to win because they cannot do it based on their own merits. "

"Once again, we see our prime minister making policy announcements on the fly in a veiled partisan attempt to reopen the debate on gay marriage while at the same time rubbing salt in the wounds of Quebecers. What is more interesting is that of all the federal party leaders, only the prime minister has admitted to wishing to use this clause of the Constitution. At the passage of the legislation changing the federal government's definition of marriage, Martin stated that he would use the notwithstanding clause to protect those religious groups and their functionaries who would refuse to perform gay marriages. What are we now to believe? Does Martin support the notwithstanding clause or not?  Martin's flip-flop on the notwithstanding clause is just another example of a leader and government that has lost its way. "

Times of India - OTTAWA: Canadian prime minister Paul Martin, fighting for his political survival ahead of the January 23 federal election, came under concerted attack during a leaders' debate on Monday from opponents who said he had presided over widespread corruption. The ruling Liberals have been in power for 12 years but recent polls show Martin's minority government is likely to be ousted by the opposition Conservatives amid anger over a major kickback scandal and other suggestions of wrongdoing.  Martin said he had apologised for "a disgraceful period"
Canada's Conservatives edge closer to election win, UK - By David Ljunggren. OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's opposition Conservatives swept into a commanding position in the polls on Tuesday ahead of the January 23 federal election, increasing the chances of a major shift in the political landscape after 12 years of Liberal rule. An EKOS Research poll for the Toronto Star and La Presse newspapers showed the Conservatives of Stephen Harper have the support of 39.1 percent of voters, with the Liberals trailing far behind with 26.8 percent. The figures suggest the Conservatives have a good chance of forming a majority government, an outcome that looked impossible just a week ago.  At the start of the campaign, Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals seemed set to retain power, albeit with another minority government reliant on the support of other parties. But the Liberals have been hit hard by the aftermath of a major kickbacks scandal as well as increasing voter fatigue with a party that has been in power since late 1993.   Martin's slide in the polls started in late December when police said they were probing whether someone in the finance minister's office had leaked sensitive tax policy information. The Liberals now look set to increase their personal attacks on Harper, which could help eat into his support in the run-up to January 23 and deprive him of an outright victory. But that will do little to dispel criticism of what has been an uninspired campaign by the 67-year-old Martin, who looks tired and is having trouble reaching out to voters. This prompted more questions about Liberal ethics, a topic which dominated a televised debate between party leaders on Monday night despite attempts by Martin to portray Harper as a man bent on curbing personal freedoms.  But the EKOS poll and other surveys over the past week -- all of which put the Conservatives in the lead -- suggest Canadians are more prepared to give Harper a chance.

What the PM and the  Liberals wrongfully really had failed to see is how really disgusted against the Liberals are the Canadian citizens still .. disgusted now just as they had become disgusted with the ex PM Brian Mulroney..

Improving Canada's overall medical care system. I have put in writing the same truths to all of the mostly useless federal health ministers the last 12 years even.. and to the ineffective  federal solicitor generals now too.  It is an established fact that both the provincial and federal governments have too often been ineffective managers of the tax payers money, and they too often could not even care or bother to do it.. as even the Canadian Federal sponsorship scandal has shown us all clearly too.  It is also a fact that merely cutting budget costs does not always work to reduce the final costs..  as well as doing nothing about it overall too.. nor next on the contrary  putting more money into a bad exiting system insure an increase of it's  ineffectiveness,  for  the bad existing systems to often  still  are like pails for of holes, bleeding profusely and still wasting loads of taxpayer's money... and that now even includes the Health care systems, the RCMP, the police services, and other civil and public services. Generally incompetent patronized political appointed manager, supervisors especially also will still as well maintain the costly overall system ineffectiveness too.  Canada firstly had suffered next very severely socially and economically when now both  the Progressive Conservatives and next the Liberals helped to cut the operating costs by  laying off many middle managers, supervisors, even in the Health care systems, in the civil and public services.. as a direct results for the little costs that were next  initially saved significantly higher operating costs next arose predictably as well due to the decreased system efficiency next resulted.. all this result again proving that the short sighted good intentions money saving plans even can next have very costly serious negative drastic results,  effect.   It has already been proven recently that the increased costs of providing better medical management systems has not only increased the health care efficiency, productivity but next has also reduced the overall medical costs.. for in reality for example the not properly used, unused, and empty operating rooms still have a paid support staff that are not really being utilized..  For similar  reasons it is clear the Liberals both provincially and federally tend not to know much about effective management of money, people and resources.. their appointees tend to be clearly managerially incompetent too often, especially even federal; cabinet ministers, merely playing false political gains and not effectively managing.. all this is unacceptable too.
Now I had discovered about 20 years ago that one got the very same identical services from writing to an MP as to Visiting them directly in their constituent office..  and the bad  MP, MLA's still produced bad results whether you visited them or wrote to them.. so I as an honest mature senior citizen now wrote directly, with specific concerns  to the Members, and patiently even for many months measured their replies.. I have dealt with over a hundred directly as a result the last 20 years ..
 Paul Martin   (One of the most useless pretentious , incompetent person too that I had dealt with and it is certainly his time to go forever..)

S Harper  (takes advice, seems to be more mature, honest than many of the others..)

NDP Leader Jack Layton (takes advice, seems to be more mature, honest than many of the others..
and Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe are  (One of the most useless   person too that I had dealt with )

 Here's a look at some of the top contenders.  Liberal Party of Canada 
- John Manley  John Manley: Former deputy prime minister under Jean Chrétien,   (One of the most useless pretentious , incompetent person too that I had dealt with)
Other names that have been named:
Former justice minister Martin Cauchon; (One of the most useless pretentious , incompetent person too that I had dealt with) 
-citizenship and immigration minister Joe Volpe; ( very questionable leadership abilities..)
-former health, justice and industry minister Allan Rock. (One of the most useless pretentious , incompetent person too that I had dealt with)

Conservatives:    Mike Harris: "Former Progressive Conservative premier of Ontario, who turns 60 on election day (Jan. 23, 2006). Advantages: Harris started off as an elementary school teacher and golf pro before taking over his family's resort business and getting into local politics in the Lake Nipissing area of Ontario. By the time he announced his retirement from politics in late 2001, his "Common Sense Revolution" had changed the face of the province  His deep cuts to government services have been blamed for everything from the Walkerton tainted water tragedy to poor literacy skills to the current round of gun-related violence in Toronto. As this campaign unfolds, a public inquiry is examining whether inflammatory statements by Harris played a role in the 1995 death of unarmed native protester Dudley George at Ipperwash Provincial Park. "( Clearly for these above reasons not qualified to be a PM)

 Progressive Conservative leadership contender Jim Prentice, the MP for Calgary Centre-North;( One of the most useless pretentious , incompetent person too that I had dealt with)

 Jean Charest, the current Liberal premier of Quebec who led the federal Progressive Conservatives from 1993-1998; (another mostly useless pretentious   person too that I had dealt with)