No good
Truly all it takes for the evil, the evil persons with it to prosper is for the others to wrongfully do nothing about it.. the evil persons includes the lying, no good, immoral politicians, usless managers, usless  and immoral civil and public servants, the abusive cops and abusive professionals too. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone.
(Prov 27:2 KJV)  Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.
Surely as a professing Christian Stephen Harper should know how to apply this verse.. while Stephen Harper praises himself for the good work he is supposedly  doing, this praise is not met with corresponding praise from the citizens of Canada who are not happy as to how poorly he is dealing with the RCMP inadequacies, environment,  past promises, and many other issues....
"The biggest surprise of being prime minister is how much of my time is taken up with foreign affairs. It's enormous. Everything we do now is global, it's just the nature of the world" PM Stephen Harper

Which makes me ponder about some questions.
1: Why do we then need a foreign affairs ministers if Harper now does it all?
2: Did not other leaders also make the big bad mistake of neglecting domestic issues at the expense of foreign affairs and next  lose direct electoral popularity as a result?

The new Conservative government under the PM Stephen Harper continues to allow hypocrisy in their MP open, transparent accountability programs too and not just elsehwere too. .." Canada's federal politicians spend more than $33 million a year on travel allowances that largely pay their fares to Ottawa and around their ridings. That total includes both MPs and senators. Unlike ministers and senior bureaucrats, MPs aren't required to publicly disclose details of their travel expenses. Each member is allowed travel points equivalent to 64 round trips to and from their riding, some of which are transferable to family members.  Canadian Taxpayers Federation federal director John Williamson said it's absurd in the wake of the Liberal sponsorship scandal that politicians aren't required to detail those travel expenditures for public scrutiny. "What's happening is MPs aren't striving to get the best value for taxpayers in their travel," he said. "MPs still seem to book last-minute, one-off tickets that are very expensive and don't save money." All just the tip of the icebergs?

Mounties theft leads fed loss list . "A brazen theft of cash right under the nose of the RCMP is among the long list of losses due to pilfering from the public purse. Recently released government documents show the feds wrote off $258,181 that was stolen from the Mounties' training academy canteen shop in Regina. In addition to cadets' supply necessities like shoe polish, deodorant, flashlights and Criminal Code books, the store also operates an online ordering service for RCMP souvenirs such as mugs and T-shirts. ... The government's public accounts documents also reveal $49,855 in fraudulent overtime claims at Agriculture Canada, a $119,399 theft of personal income tax refunds at the Canada Revenue Agency and a loss of $122,640 in public money at the Canadian International Development Agency for "misappropriation of program funds" managed overseas. The documents also list a $9,221 loss at Veterans Affairs for fraudulent claims for veterans' travel and training allowance." All just the tip of the icebergs???

Audit slams weaknesses in Public Works' oversight- A good example of the lack of the New Conservative  accountability still in reality.  "The federal department is one of the largest, employing about 13,000 people with an annual payroll of $1.04 billion. Public Works spent $10.9 million in overtime pay in the year that ended March 31, 2006, about $700,000 more than the year before. In 2004-2005, 113 workers each took home overtime pay of more than $15,000, a threshold the department is required to monitor closely.  the department's payroll section has been improperly rubber-stamping claims without checking whether they were legitimate, as required.  "Unusual claims were processed without challenge," says the audit, completed last month. "Overtime was paid on all these claims, including one instance where an employee claimed 61.5 hours of overtime - meaning the employee worked 99 hours, including base hours, in a single week - without an indication of why the overtime was scheduled." Government-wide rules strictly limit the number of hours an employee can work each week to 48, including overtime, unless there are "exceptional" circumstances. Yet in the audited sample, 44 per cent of the overtime claims pushed employees over that limit with no explanation provided.  And almost two-thirds of the 140-claim sample lacked basic information outlining why any overtime was needed. " and where else are we abusing the taxpayer's money still?

"In the months to come, we are going to ask Canadians to elect the New Democratic Party to lead the next government of Canada. There are three very good reasons whyFirst, because Stephen Harper and his conservatives are unfit for office. Conservatives come in different flavours. I'd like to think my father was a pretty good conservative, "progressive", as even they used to say.But these conservatives, threw out the "progressive," and have come forward as angry, mean-spirited and out of touch with working families and what matters to working families.Even worse, Mr. Harper is deliberately misleading Canadians about who benefits most from his policies.. " Jack Layton 
You see I am also not the only one who does rightfully complains about the poor responses we as citizens get from the new conservative federal government and I am not the only one who posts my complaints on the net too..
"Ask the Gov a question - say on SPP?
Ask the Gov a question and you get a gov website link. That isn't good enough in my opinion. So I told them so....My response to a letter from PM Harper's Office on the SPP.(His letter followed by my original letter fyi)

Dear Prime Minister Harper
via M. Bredeson Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister's Office

I certainly do appreciate the fact that you responded to my letter, however I believe you have misunderstood it. Assuming we still live in a democracy, shouldn’t this SPP have been discussed with the people of Canada? I am well informed on the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), announced March 23, 2005, signed by then PM Martin and reconfirmed in 2006 by Mr.Harper. Telling me where to look on the government website is comparable to giving me a link to where our Canadian Soldiers are being sent into a country contaminated with Depleted Uranium. Something I also stand against. I will provide you with a couple of links in case you do not know what we know.
DEPLETED URANIUM IN BUNKER BOMBS - America’s big dirty secret
Depleted Uranium has a half-life of 4.2 Billion Years! - Please read on
and get the Canadian troops out!   (Watch the DVD)

I would like to know what you know about the Depleted Uranium, what you are doing to protect our troops, what follow up will be available to them when they are sick and unable to function? Further I would like to know why this isn’t being discussed in your recruiting advertising? I would like to know why our troops are in Afghanistan under U.S. command? I strongly object to this mission and want our military to be independant of the U.S. not integretated. Full informed consent ought to be the norm in a democratic society.

The primary reason for my letter to the PM and my MP is that during the election campaign of 2006 they did not discuss the SPP nor the North American Union. In fact all attempts to bring attention to these matters were ignored. I have researched the SPP in great detail, and although your definition of it sounds quite inventive and modern; I do not agree that we need to integrate our National security under U.S. command, or that the FBI should be operating in Canada. I do not believe that trade deals should be made by corporations with their security and prosperity the primary focus. I certainly don’t want our healthcare or environment under any form, to advance collaboration!

The ‘new’ Conservative party campaigned during the election on accountability and standing up for Canada. I see neither of these qualities in a government that has kept the SPP largely undiscussed, undebated and unreported in the mainstream media. Showing me where I can find the information on something that was decided, without the informed consent of the Canadian people is arrogant at best. My question is which elected Members of Parliament made the decision on our behalf and without our consent. During the last election Ted Menzies dismissed my reference to these deals as fearmongering; I suspect it was because he was not informed(although he was an incumbent, so he should have been) and did not want the public to see him as only an icon and that he did not have a say in these deals. If it is otherwise then I ask him and Mr. Harper to fully explain the lack of discussion during the election. Non-disclosure is something that the public should be aware of, don't you think, in an accountable government?

I need a clear concise response to my questions. As your government is putting Bill C-16 forward, to fix election dates, which will nicely coincide with the U.S. elections; the people are being told that it is also a benign Bill. We also know that the secret meetings in Banff regarding the North American Union were attended by both elected and unelected people. Why are decisions regarding the future of Canada being made by unelected, unaccountable corporate elites from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. without any discussion with the people of these nations? So in the spirit of the pre-election slogans for accountability and ‘transparent’(my word) accountability, I and many Canadians would like to know the full agenda.

I look forward to a transparent reply. I’m sure the many Canadians who write to me and share their concerns will be equally pleased to hear your answers.
Yours truly
Catherine Whelan Costen

cc: Connie Fogal, CAP Leader
Jack Layton, NDP Leader
Stephen Dion, Liberal
Ted Menzies

Prime Minister/Premier ministre wrote:

> Dear Ms. Costen:
> On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail regarding the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), announced March 23, 2005.
> The agreement provides a framework for Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to advance collaboration in areas as diverse as security, transportation, the environment and public health. You can learn more about the SPP by visiting the Foreign Affairs Canada website, at>BR> I trust that this information will be of some assistance to you.
> Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.
> M. Bredeson
> Executive Correspondence Officer
> for the Prime Minister's Office
> Agent de correspondance
> de la haute direction pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre
>>>> From : Catherine Whelan Costen Received : 05 Oct 2006 01:57:44 AM >>>
> Dear Mr. Menzies and Mr. Harper
> As reported from the House of Commons today. Although I have asked you
> these questions repeatedly Mr. Menzies and you have never answered. I am
> asking again. What role have you played in the creation of the North
> American Union? Did you agree with the Security and Prosperity
> Agreement? Why are you not discussing this with the people of Macleod
> Riding? When I brought this up to you during the election, you called it
> fear mongering? What do you call it now? I would like answers from both
> you and Mr.Harper on this issue and why you have not disclosed this to
> the Canadian people.
> In case you were not in the House of Commons today, please read the
> document below. I look forward to answers from my elected members of
> parliament promptly.
> Yours truly
> Catherine Whelan Costen

Note: No response from Ted Menzies yet. Also report from the House of Commons is on vive -NDP Julian's statements." 

Mr. Harper's new Conservative government may be forced into an election next summer and the outcome of that vote could have a major impact on Mr. Charest's own political future. But it is a chance Quebec's premier  Mr. Charest appears willing to take. and it is another reason why the federal BQ will likely force  an election next summer... trying to embarrass both of them.. I have already said that there will be likely a federal election in that period ending in another minority government, because all of the political parties except the conservatives are getting more stronger too... and none of them really care about dealing with the needs of all Canadians still.
The PM "Harper made good on his vow to reform the way Ottawa operates -- up to a point . Harper is at risk of forfeiting much of the credit for this and more by not moving to make government less secretive. His apparent fixation on controlling his message -- he demands strict discipline over what his cabinet ministers say, and shows obvious suspicion of the news media -- suggests a Prime Minister ill at ease with a free flow of information. There is more at stake, though, than the matter of his personal style. When the accountability act was tabled last spring, it failed to include most of the Tory campaign promises designed to beef up the access to information rules. Instead, a House committee was assigned to study possible changes to the law in the indefinite future. Critics accuse the Conservatives of trying to postpone and, ultimately, smother their own promised reforms under endless evaluation of the options. "It's absolutely a death-by-committee tactic," said NDP MP Pat Martin. "They chickened out. Their officials and senior bureaucrats got to them." The political challenge for Harper now is to somehow keep attention focused on what he's doing, rather than on what he isn't -- a task that could get that much harder if more of his own MPs join the ranks of those demanding more. " The losing PM is undeniably even losing support from his own party members now as well.
"Prime Minister Stephen Harper made much ado about nothing on the environment front on Wednesday,  As he grandly lifted the veil on the Conservatives' long-promised clean air plan, it quickly became clear that there was nothing underneath. The announcement was that there will be an announcement. Really, there will.Harper delivered nothing but a campaign-style denouncement of the Liberal record and yet another promise that a better plan would be coming soon."
"Surprise! Stephen Harper's announcement that his government will introduce a Clean Air Act next week was simply a political mirage. Stephen Harper wants to become known as the prime minister who tackled smog. But nothing he has offered thus far suggests that, when it comes to fighting bad air, he is anything other than just another disappointment".
Bashing the Liberals instead of being able to do their job effectively is a false common diversions of the desperately inadequate  new federal conservatives Ministers. Where are the promised good works of the Conservative ministers? where? A bad Conservative politician that lies, slanders, cheats, etc.,  does not do his job adequately, who does not keep his promises is still not any more acceptable than a Liberal, BQ, or NDP who do the same thing.

It's an unacceptable  start. "Harper has already named several former Tory candidates, party fundraisers, family members -- including former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed's daughter-in-law, Vivian Lougheed -- to the Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal, one of those obscure agencies all governments find useful for rewarding cronies.It is mere coincidence, for instance, that Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice hired (the useless)  former Mulroney-era cabinet minister Harvie Andre to negotiate native land claims for the federal government. While a distinguished chemical engineer with ties to the oil patch, Andre is not a lawyer and has no background in land claims. Still, Prentice insists, he will do a better job than fired Liberal appointee David Peterson -- and for much less money. The fact that Andre's son-in-law heads Prentice's Calgary riding association and that his daughter has been an active supporter is irrelevant." Instead of the rpomsied Conservative honesty, accountability it is "dirty politics as usual." being played in Ottawa still.  "But what makes it so jarring is that the campaigning Harper was going to change the culture in Ottawa.For too long," he said, "the process of selecting people [for federal jobs] has been based almost exclusively on patronage and cronyism." Now it's only  unacceptable still  patronage..
A bad Conservative politician that lies, slanders, cheats, etc.,  who does not do his job,  keep his promises is not any more acceptable than a Liberal, BQ, or NDP who do the same thing. Get rid of them now, all of the bad guys.

Liberals say " John Baird Must Account for Treasury Board Leak of Confidential Contract to Media  October 11, 2006 OTTAWA – Canadian taxpayers may be on the hook for an unprecedented lawsuit after Treasury Board President John Baird’s department appears to have deliberately leaked a confidential municipal infrastructure contract to local media outlets, says Liberal Treasury Critic Navdeep Bains.  Mr. Bains called on Attorney General Vic Toews to immediately launch an investigation into the legal implications of meddling in a municipal matter where the federal government has no authority to intervene.  Mr. Bains was shocked to learn that Treasury Board officials appear to have circulated excerpts from the confidential Siemens-PCL/Dufferin light rail contract to members of the Ottawa media last night, following an interview during which Mr. Baird announced that the Harper government will withhold $200 million in funding for the project until a new city council votes on it following next month’s municipal election. “If he agreed not to release any specific details of the agreement, Mr. Baird’s announcement yesterday may have exposed the federal government to a potential lawsuit by Siemens,” said Mr. Bains. “However, circulating excerpts to the media from a confidential contract to which the Government of Canada is not a party certainly opens the door to federal legal liabilities. Mr. Toews needs to investigate the ramifications of such a breach.”   Mr. Bains noted that Mr. Baird’s decision to review Ottawa’s light rail contract is also unprecedented. Curiously, in a letter from the Treasury Board Secretariat to the City of Ottawa dated October 10, 2006, it appears Mr. Baird’s department approved of the funding commitment prior to Mr. Baird decision to personally review the file. “Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have long railed against federal interference in what they see as the responsibilities of other levels of government. Clearly, that principle only applies when it is politically expedient for them,” said Mr. Bains.   But this issue is about more than just politics – it is about an abuse of taxpayer money, added Mr. Bains.   “At best, Mr. Baird’s political interference will increase the cost of the project by tens of millions of dollars. At worst, the entire project will be scrapped at a cost to Ottawa taxpayers.”
Once again the Conservatives easily show to all what big liars they are when it comes to holding to accountability one of their own too.
"EKOS poll At the national level, the Conservative score of 36 per cent basically mirrors the results of the last election. That's despite the fact that the Prime Minister has had the stage almost exclusively to himself all summer and that he has been pounding away at new policy announcements since the return of Parliament. It's also despite the fact that the Liberals are still leaderless.. In Quebec, the bottom is falling out from under Harper. His party has now dropped to third place, well behind the Bloc Québécois (44 per cent) and four points behind the Liberals (21 per cent).  With their support at 17 per cent, the Tories would be hard-pressed to get their 10 Quebec MPs re-elected, let alone win new seats. Their current standing is a full eight points below their score in the last election.Quebec is also the only province where a solid majority feels that the government is not moving in the right direction, another sign that the Conservative audience in the province is slipping away quickly. And that, no matter how you look at it, makes Harper's current approach a self-defeating strategy. " " Furtheremore "Liberal brand in Quebec on path to rehab. And while Ignatieff prompted an outcry this week after calling the Israeli bombardment of a Lebanese town a "war crime," the remark has barely registered in Quebec, the province where he made it.Ignatieff remarks not hurting party Polls.Ignatieff leads the pack in delegates from Quebec, The fact remains that Liberal leadership contenders have had much higher visibility in Quebec in recent weeks than either Duceppe or Harper.  " clearly all  show what I have said now for a while, and that Harper is a loser.. even cause he listens to the bad advice, and his potential replacement Prentice is not better.. For me it comes as no surprise, the loser  Harper has already gotten a reputation for one step forward, two backwards. 
 It is also still clearly misinformation that we can trust Harper and his Conservatives to tell us the whole truth still too... and to act upon the good welfare, behalf of us all , all Canadians, in every province now too.
You would think it would be a very simple thing to get good, honest, effective governments, and related competent  cabinet ministers at the federal and provincial levels.. but for decades in Canada that has not been too often the case, as long as we all still mostly continue to elect liars, dishonest, pretentious, incompetent managers,  persons of any political parties for that matter, all of the related  elected, hired persons who are generally bad as their predecessors we had rightfully kicked out. We see it over and over again that once elected too many politicians do not even keep their election promises and that is also clearly unacceptable. The solution of this problem is public exposure, prosecution, dismissal  of all of  the guilty, inadequate, bad  persons in the civil, public services, governments, until they all do really realize  that we the citizens rightfully still do always demand honest, transparent, effective governments.
I cannot also believe that in decades the ostrich federal government as well has not yet learned how to effectively treat, manage the Native, the aboriginals,  the original Canadians, clearly it is cause they do not care to do so as well.
"Federal report raises concerns about $34 million in Kanesatake police spending CP - Mon Oct 16, 10:16 PM  MONTREAL (CP) - A preliminary federal report has suggested the mismanagement of nearly $34 million handed to the Kanesatake band council for security on the aboriginal territory between 2003 and 2005." And so now what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are they all going to do about it as well? Do tell us all.
"Federal prisons discriminate against aboriginals, says ombudsman CP - Mon Oct 16, 8:02 PM OTTAWA (CP) - The Canadian prison system is practicing "systemic discrimination" against aboriginal offenders, says the federal ombudsman for inmates - a finding that his political masters in the Conservative government refuse to accept." And so now what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are they all going to do about it as well? Do tell us all.
"Tory ministers disagree over causes of forestry job losses CP - Mon Oct 16, 6:40 PM OTTAWA (CP) - Conservative cabinet ministers appear to be at loggerheads over whether environmentalists should be blamed for job losses in the forestry industry." And so now what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are they all going to do about it as well? Do tell us all.
"OTTAWA — Income trusts will cost Ottawa and the provinces $1.1-billion in lost tax revenue annually once Telus Corp. and BCE Inc. convert to the corporate-tax-avoidance structure, a new study says. The report by tax expert Jack Mintz shows that Canada's tax-leakage problem has doubled in two years — from $540-million annually in 2004 —Income trusts pay little or no corporate taxes, but instead shovel out the bulk of earnings and cash flow to investors. "  And so now what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are they all going to do about it as well? Do tell us all.
Stephen Harper campaigned on open and accountable government, but is now making it more difficult to get information under the Access to Information Act. Is that hypocrisy or just being a lying Conservative?
Privacy watchdog raises concerns  Toronto Star -   Canada's privacy commissioner has advice for banks and other organizations that require customers to log on and prove their identity, and one recommendation is not to use personal facts such as mother's maiden name or place of birth.
And so now what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are they all going to do about it as well? Do tell us all.
 "Local members of the Conservative Party of Canada have submitted a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other party officials calling for “appropriate action” following alleged untrue statements made by MP Colin Mayes. According to the letter, Mayes made statements at both of the Conservative nomination meetings in September, denying that he was named as a defendant in a lawsuit before the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  The letter submitted by the party members says that it has since been revealed that Mayes is listed as a defendant. “This matter could seriously jeopardize his re-election and the hopes of the Conservative Party to form a majority government in the next election,” says the letter. The letter is signed by 33 party members and says only that the purpose of the document is to “bring this matter to your attention for appropriate action.The letter to the prime minister also raises the incident with the Conservative candidate in the B.C. Southern Interior riding who prior to the 2006 Election did not tell the party that he had been charged with attempted smuggling.  At the time Harper said that if the candidate won the riding he would not be permitted to sit as a member of the Conservatives. ” and what about the real promised Conservative accountability even if it involves still one of their own?"
"Williams says Ottawa too cozy with big oil firms  Tuesday's Globe and Mail OTTAWA — Danny Williams, the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, tore a strip off the federal Conservative government Monday for being in bed with the oil industry, and urged Ottawa to pass “use it or lose it” legislation to cover future offshore oil developments. In an interview Monday, Mr. Williams criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper for failing to pressure the companies with threats of legislation earlier this year when the province was trying to renegotiate a development agreement on the Hebron field. “My concern here is that the oil lobby is very, very close to this government,” Mr. Williams said of his federal counterparts. “They have a significant voice in this government. And as a result, they've dissuaded them from acting.”"
 "Last May, the Prime Minister told Parliament that ensuring equality rights for women was one of the key reasons Canada is waging war in Afghanistan. Certainly Harper's claims of championing the rights of burqa-clad women have helped him sell that unpopular war to Canadians. But when there's no war to peddle, Harper doesn't give a piffle about women's equality. Indeed, he seems downright opposed to it. In a recent move that got relatively little attention, the Harper government actually removed the word “equality” from the list of goals of Status of Women Canada, ending decades of advocacy for equality on the part of that federal agency. In Harper's world, it looks like girls will be herded back to the kitchen,"
By the way my direct undeniable experiences, is that when men personally do not give an equal place to women they tend to next see them the women mostly as a sexual  object, an object even of adultery and rape..
Three strikes and out Winnipeg Sun, Canada -  ... under the latest tough-on-crime bill introduced by the Conservative government. ... The bill, promised last week by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has won applause ...

Putting criminals into jail serves a useful purpose but that now also includes the bad civil and public servants, the bad cops, bad RCMP officers and bad politicians ... and not mainly just the bad citizens.. so now how many bad civil and bad public servants, bad conservatives has the new Conservative federal government put into jail this year.. please do tell us all the truth, list it for us...

N.S. justice minister wants stronger penalties in cases of police assault CP -  HALIFAX (CP) - Nova Scotia's justice minister is urging the federal government to bring in stiffer penalties for people who assault police and other peace officers.
Why don't you instead firstly, rightfully install fair, honest, decent police commissions to protect the citizens and then not so many people will want to assault the police too.. we already know how abusive and crooked the too often lying cops, their sergeants, superiors  and their commissions tend to be..
If Stephen Harper a real Christian he would have already understood  and would have already personally applied all of  these appropriate verses below, instead of clearly trying so hard in his  own strength to get reelected..
(Psa 75:6 KJV)  For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.7  But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. 8For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.
(Prov 3:35 KJV)  The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.
(Isa 10:4 KJV)  Without me they shall bow down under the prisoners, and they shall fall under the slain. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.
(John 15:5 KJV)  I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.
Now God does not discriminate, he requires of and applies the same verses equally to all persons too..