The federal election  ultimately delivered a little something for almost everyone.
After feeling excluded the West is finally in again. Now Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and their bad boys and girls are also now  out! The Conservatives won, in a manner of speaking, they still are not a real national party, and will form a minority government. Conservatives now have parliamentary representatives in every province except Prince Edward Island and the Northern territories..  But it will be a weak one, 31 seats shy of a majority, farther from that threshold than the Conservatives had believed, hoped and expected. They need to improve their standing.  The Conservatives with 124 seats in the 308-seat House of Commons have a mandate to lead the delivery of cleaner government in Ottawa that Canadians demand, but their power is subject to a healthy check by 103 Liberals, 51 Bloc Québécois, 29 New Democrats and one Independent. The Quebec election result shows the majority of Quebecers still prefer the federalist option. The NDP under Jack Layton ran a progressive, well-focused campaign. It will have more members and a strong voice in Parliament. The West Coast bucks the Conservative trend in the West and elected the NDP in significant numbers in BC.. a fact Jack Layton reminds us often with joy.. The NDP, buoyed by a resurgence in last spring's BC provincial election that saw them become a strong opposition, was one of the big winner here Monday, doubling their B.C. seat total from 2004 to 10 on a two percentage point climb in popular vote to 29 per cent. The Liberals won nine seats in BC — versus eight last time — despite falling one point to 28 per cent popular vote support. They vow to be watchdogs on a Conservative government. The Liberals lost overall, but they did not lose big. They remain strong in Canada's major urban centres, have MPs across the country and are well poised to regroup, refocus, clean house and rebuild. Parliament will be strengthened by the introduction of fresh new faces in all three federal parties. The Liberals even continue to have a strong hold on the immigrant communities, successfully branding themselves as the real party of multi-culturalism.
Even the internal big  C and small C Conservative  impatience, conflicts, are clearly still self centered, and the selfish cycle of Western protest politics is related to them also wanting more money and more political power too but  to do what with it? More wrongful self exaltations? or really serving all of the the people honestly, rightfully, effectively? Will the new Conservatives really be better than the PCs or the Liberals in all of this now too?
Stephen Harper and  his Conservative  party failed to secure any seats in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver and voters in several other cities from east to west also rebuffed a Conservative message one analyst said was simply too ``small-town'' to appeal to urbanites.  80 per cent of Canadians live in metropolitan areas and one in three live in the three largest cities, a government cannot secure a majority without appealing to urban voters in large centres. "The election results really do highlight a disconnect between the Conservative party of Mr. Harper and urban Canadians and this  indicates the party has to pay more attention to urban issues" also like racism, affordable daycare, housing, poverty, poor people. Poor people live in the large cities too.
VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI  In the long-awaited document "God is Love," he seeks to return to the basics of Christianity with a relatively uncontroversial meditation on love and the need for greater works of charity in an unjust world. Benedict explores the relationship between God's love for mankind and the church's works of charity, saying the two are intrinsically linked and the foundation of the Christian faith. Benedict said the church's work caring for widows, the sick and orphans was as much a part of its mission as celebrating the sacraments and spreading the Gospels. The  Church has a duty  to influence political leaders to ease suffering and promote justice. Benedict stressed that the state alone is responsible for creating a just society, not the church. But he said the church has the right and the duty to be involved in politics by helping "form consciences in political life and stimulate greater insight into the authentic requirements of justice as well as greater readiness to act accordingly, even when this might involve conflict with situations of personal interest."  
There is still no room in the church or in society for the liars, abusers, thieves or the alcoholics still as well. Canada's long-running relationship with the Liberal Party ended after a major spat over the Liberal's trustworthiness and fidelity. Almost in spite, many angry voters have turned to the Conservative Party. These issues of fidelity, trust, serving others, helping the poor,  getting also now  enforced laws,  tougher laws on crime,  increased accountability and ethics in government are the also essential issues on which a political, national consensus may be relatively easy to achieve by S Harper, helping to enact all of them too.
"As dispiriting as it was for Liberals, one of the more encouraging results of this election is the opportunity it affords to rebuild the Liberal Party of Canada " In reality this is likely much too late for them, almost impossible, especially in Ottawa, Quebec . New Liberal clean blood is clearly needed.  Martin's demise can largely be blamed on the behaviour of his own too many immoral, unrepentant Liberal party members even when it was led by Jean Chrétien, ... "a colourless figure who managed the rare feat of being neither coherent nor convincing in both English and French" and  his successor failed to adequately deal with even the serious Liberal corruption scandal.  The  Liberal party has unacceptably, undeniably lost it's standards and has become a den of alcoholics, thieves, cheats, liars, abusers  and it has lost it's moral compass, directions, all truths firstly it still refuses to face, admit to. After so many years in power, the Liberals became too infected with arrogance and corruption. Personal accountability, responsibility is at direct odds with the Liberal Party values still. Finally what is the most heartening about the election results is the clear moral  rebirth of personal accountabulity in the NDP but now also in Quebec. The PM S Harper must really still fulfill his promise to enact legislation and safeguards for the federal moral accountability  too that will inoculate future Canadian governments against similar immoral past  Liberal afflictions. Harper has rightfully already succeeded in improving Canada's justice system.. he locked out the bad Liberals..

Putting an End to all of Ottawa's past Liberal Brats. The ex PM Paul Martin and the BQ, NDP got rid of Pierre Pettigrew and some of the other bad Liberals already.  But like I have said  the former very useless Liberal cabinet minister Allan Rock has come to enjoy his role as Canada's ambassador to the United Nations,  his tenure too should  be short-lived under the new Conservative government and even that of US Ambassador Frank McKenna  serving in Washington . S Harper will  naturally and rightfully also want his own appointees to these very sensitive  jobs.  And Good riddance to all of this past bad rubbish. In regard to the now ex PM Paul Martin 's poor  appointees.. Besides rightfully getting rid of A Rock and Frank McKenna  please do rightfully as soon as possible get rid of, fire the clearly useless ethics czar, the Federal ethics commission Bernard Shapiro for I too cannot find any evidence that he does a good job, and I am quite dismayed always by the political timing of his ethics findings.  The federal ethics commission has found no evidence that Liberal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh offered "specific rewards" for a Surrey Conservative MP's support to prop up the government in a key vote last May.  Obviously he cannot even read the former Conservative MP Garment Growl taped transcripts effectively.

If  the now ex US Ambassador Frank McKenna could not handle his last Ambassador Job effectively so how can next even be next  a Liberal Leader too?  As we all can know  Washington D.C. 's admiration for Paul Martin came to an end with Paul Martin and his entourage as well next seen  as very inadequate, untrustworthy, undependable  persons who had wrongfully used their Canadian public offices to  play dirty politics  One example was in  February 2005, when Paul Martin had  announced that Canada would not after all join the US missile defence plan while at the previous  Bush-Martin summit meeting in Ottawa in November 2004, Martin had led Bush to believe that Canada would join them. This unacceptable  reversal clearly startled and offended the Americans, and President Bush, who values the personal trustworthiness of international leaders. Some next say that "It's probably not a coincidence that Martin's about-face on missile defence was followed in August by an equal American breach of faith: the refusal to accept a NAFTA panel's ruling in Canada's favour on softwood lumber."  Another  critical major turning point in the Canada US relationship came recently when , after Martin's speech to a UN conference in Montreal, criticized the American position on climate change. The negative sequel was also disastrous, unacceptable where Canada's  Ambassador Frank McKenna had  requested a meeting with the US White House to hopefully explain away the Prime Minister's negative remarks singling out of the United States. McKenna next had wrote up the complaint in a cable, sent it to Ottawa-- where next the unrepentant  Prime Minister's own Office leaked it to the press, abusing the US relationship further and spinning it as a story of American arrogance and Canadian defiance: The "White House"  furious;y next   "summoning" the  Canadian ambassador for a "tongue-lashing." and the  bad unrepentant Martin  next proudly announcing he would not be "dictated to"  or bullied by the United States. The Americans  rightfully had felt they had been used, set up. And when the U.S. ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, had again asked that Canadians leave the United States out of their election, the Liberal campaign even swung around to target him. So much for the bad Liberal Brats. On top of that the very day that the experienced politicians Paul Martin  was slamming the United States on Kyoto, he consciously and knowing was preening for the cameras with former president Bill Clinton.  Martin clearly was suggesting that he had won the endorsement of George Bush's predecessor? over George Bush's urging the Canadians to vote for him as a way to register their preference for Clinton..   It's not something that  an experienced leader of a proudly independent country should have done in the first place. Hypocritical Martin himself said  in his final ad of the campaign. "The United States," he said, "is our neighbour, not our nation." clearly advice that the Chretien/Martin Liberals themselves could never follow.  Paul Martin exit now does something else too,  It now also opens the way to rebuild a mature, normal relationship between the two great North American countries.

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"S Harper he does not need the consent of Parliament. He will act on his own, launching the most profound changes to the shape of the Canadian federation since the patriation of the Constitution, the ultimate goal of this transformation will be to settle, once and for all, the Quebec Question. A Harper government will seek to sign with the provinces a new Charter of Open Federalism.  The charter would enshrine almost everything that premiers from Victoria to St. John's have been demanding for 20 years. Once it was signed, no federal government could enact a shared-cost program without majority provincial consent; any province could opt out of the program with full financial compensation, provided it created a similar program of its own.  Provincial governments would participate in the drafting of any international policy that affected their spheres of jurisdiction. Grant and equalization programs would be adjusted to redress the imbalance between federal revenues and provincial responsibilities. Finally, Quebec would have the unique right to separate representation at the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Add to that plans to elect senators."
Thank you for that Bit of Information, for the Quebec issue is one of the most important ones, no political party can expect to have a majority of it does not fully include the people of Quebec but still also the significant many poor persons in it.
But two things astound me still
1: Why did not one else do it before?
2: Also how come the Albertan Western Conservatives, such as the Western Standard clearly do not speak postive still about Quebec, the East? these items?
Thank you again.