More Hypocrisy 
You have to be a non Christian, a Jew, Gay or even Muslim to get Canada's  supreme court's attention still?

"Supreme Court refuses to hear Kempling appeal "The enemies of free speech have gained a victory," said Chris Kempling, a Quesnel secondary school counsellor and evangelical Christian, after learning two weeks ago that the Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear his freedom-of-speech case stemming from disputes with the British Columbia College of Teachers.

The Teacher Chris Kempling was  suspended because he wrote published letters critical of homosexual behavior was properly punished with a one-month suspension, the British Columbia Supreme Court firstly had ruled.  As WorldNetDaily reported, Chris Kempling of Quesnel, British Columbia, was found guilty of unbecoming conduct by the B.C. College of Teachers. The panel asserted his letters to the editor, a research paper and other correspondence contained "discriminatory and derogatory statements against homosexuals."  Teacher Chris Kempling  -  Though none of the statements in question were made in class, the panel said the writings indicated the veteran teacher's attitude could poison the class environment.  One Kempling letter cited by the panel said: "Gay people are seriously at risk, not because of heterosexual attitudes but because of their sexual behaviour, and I challenge the gay community to show some real evidence that they are trying to protect their own community members by making attempts to promote monogamous, long-lasting relationships to combat sexual addictions."  Justice Ronald Holmes of the B.C. Supreme Court ruled   Kempling's comments were discriminatory and could reasonably cause disruption to the school system.  In a letter to supporters yesterday, Kempling said, "It is a black day for religious freedom in Canada."  According to Kempling, Holmes implied homosexual students would be unwilling to speak to him in his role as a school counselor, asserting the published comments reduced his credibility as a teacher in the eyes of students and the public.  "There was no evidence presented that this was true," Kempling said. "No evidence of a disrupted school environment was found. There were no complaints from students, parents or my supervisors."  He noted all of his former administrators wrote letters stating his public comments had no discernible impact on the operation of the school.  According to its rules, the teacher's panel does not need to find direct evidence of a poisoned school environment to determine that a member is guilty of conduct unbecoming. The panel said, "It is sufficient that an inference can be drawn as to the reasonable and probable consequences of the discriminatory comments of a teacher."  The teachers said they were disturbed by Kempling's statements that homosexual relationships are unstable, 'gay' sex poses health risks and many religions consider homosexuality immoral.  In his letter  Kempling pointed out three former students interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at the University of British Columbia said they were not even aware that there was a controversy at that time.  He insists Justice Holmes ignored evidence that homosexual students received impartial service from him.  "In fact, a prominent homosexual interviewed by college investigators offered no opinion that what I had written publicly was upsetting to homosexual people," Kempling said.  He argued that the fact he was appointed to be chair of the Community Health Council by the Minister of Health during this period showed his credibility as a teacher and community leader were not impaired.  The post is the highest non-elected appointment in his city, with responsibility for over 500 employees and a $22 million budget.  Kempling said the ruling "means that teachers who happen to be Christians or who belong to other religions proscribing homosexuality may not comment publicly on this issue."  "It means that disciplinary bodies do not need to provide any evidence of impairment or harm at a professional's workplace if they exercise their right to free speech in their off-the-job capacity," he said. "Inference of harm is sufficient to remove a teacher from his job. It is a serious blow to freedom of speech and freedom of religion."  Kempling said he will appeal the decision to the B.C. Court of Appeal, although the  battle has been tough on him and his family.  "But I am determined to see this through," he said. "I am a Christian first and a teacher second, and I will not compromise my faith or keep silent about what I believe."  Kempling appealed to the B.C. Supreme Court on the grounds that the decision violates Canadian Charter of Rights protections of freedom of expression and religion.  He argued no professional regulatory body had ever punished members for off-site conduct that had no demonstrable impact on their work.  Kempling insists a one-month suspension was particularly harsh since teachers convicted of threats, assault, theft and flashing have received only letters of reprimand.

Calling it “a sad day for all Canadians who value the free exchange of ideas in the public square,” he vowed to continue the fight to be free to express his point of view on homosexual behaviour which has led to repeated suspensions from his job and successive court battles with the college.  An initial one-month suspension without pay came after the BCCT objected to Kempling writing letters to the editor of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer between 1997 and 2000 protesting what he considered the promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools.  Although he wrote the letters on his own time, B.C. courts found that the College of Teachers had the right to impose disciplinary action.  Kempling is continuing to defend himself, pointing out that everything he has written about homosexuality “is backed up by solid research data” and that he has never had a human rights complaint laid against him.  Last April, he received another suspension, this time for three months, for penning a letter to the editor outlining his objections to the Liberal Party’s marriage legislation to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.  In September, Kempling returned to his job, after driving a truck over the summer “to make ends meet.”  Supporters of his stand have set up a trust fund to help with Kempling’s legal expenses.  The Christian Public School Teachers’ Legal Defence Fund will help Kempling with his ongoing legal challenges, including his intention to file a formal complaint with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. He hopes this will prod the Canadian courts into reviewing their “alleged commitment to free speech rights for religious minorities.”  The fund, said a spokesman, will also be available to help other Christian teachers who find themselves in similar situations.   Contributions may be made to account number 101-030-5 at any Royal Bank branch or by cheque to the Christian Public School Teachers’ Legal Defence Fund, c/o Jim Sagert, 798 Beaubien Ave., Quesnel, B.C. V2J 1S5."

I have said it before in Canada too when you use your free speech to speak against any of the wicked they likely will also set the law against you to try to obstruct justice.

It also never ceases to amaze me when the self appointed clearly slave drivers, many do say", you should love everyone and not condemn, Judge  anyone" yet, at the very same time, these persons are not practicing what they preach, not even their own professing values, they themslves firstly still are  judging the others, slandering them too, and are calling the others personally  every name in the book because they don't agree with what they have to say.

But "A Conservative government will be vigilant to ensure that freedom of religion is protected in Canada."  also still needs to deal with the negative reality of religious intolerance that significantly exist in Canada and even that there are still too many fundamental, evangelicals who practice name calling, and they  still do say that anyone who is a Pentecostal or a Charismatic Christian are  lunatics, mystics, too emotional, dumb, baby Christians and naive shut-ins. or  mentally deficient, or deceived or  are demon possessed.. etc., as I have too often heard evangelical pastors  in Canada, in the US too, even a Calgary  evangelical Christian Missionary Alliance Pastor saying this too..

and one cannot overlook Canada wide  the Jews also who still wrongfully do promote hatred of the Christians, and who  so readily  expose their supposed wrong doings too. Seen any of those too many movies produced by Jewish movie directors all about the bad Christians? Try to show a movie about any of the bad Jews or bad Muslims and you will see louldy what will happen likely next..

The Conservatives wow to clean up Canada's  justice system. The Liberals have clearly really have had now inadequate, pretentious, even incompetent  justice ministers. Professing Christians were even clearly being discriminated against.

There firstly really in Canada does now also needs to be one fair, honest, uniform Canada wide Canadian code of Justice Standard for not only the sentencing of persons who have done the wrong doings in Canada but also now  real accountability for every and all of the Canadian police forces, Justice Ministers now too,  who really also  should be also personally held accountable for all of  their management, charging policy implementation on behalf of not only all Canadian victims, but their actual  response to any other police- social issues e.g.,  shootings,  drinking and driving, violence against men and women, children too, the usage of drugs, the distribution of drugs, car thefts, break ins etc... and that includes the honest, fair, just, uniform citizen based Police Complaints review boards Canada wide.

POLICING STANDARDS MANUAL on "WIFE ASSAULT"   In Ontario "The police do not recognize that women are also perpetrators of domestic violence. There is apparently no such thing as "husband assault." Police are required by the various provincial Attorneys General or the Solicitors General to arrest the man and to provide all possible assistance to the women, in all domestic assault investigations.  The Police's "mandatory guidelines" & procedures which by themselves violate men's Charter rights. Use this manual to stay false wife assault charges. This manual or variations of it are in use across Canada. The Ontario Government says the manual is a set of "Mandatory Guidelines." How's that for "Orwellian newspeak?"  So called Domestic Assault courts in Ontario average 85% conviction rates. That is not justice, that is a star chamber. Do our courts discriminate.. ? Of course they do." .  Whereas In Calgary, Alberta the women were the ones who were mostly being arrested by the police in domestic disputes.. This all  itself firstly is really unacceptable.. really! Now when men and women are equal sinners, liars,  now in the eyes of God too now.. all of the police arrests thus should now even reflect a similar statistics now too in each  province even across Canada.. even for the too often mostly revenue generating speeding tickets as well...

And this really   reminds me do personally just stand in any of the Queen's  courthouse foyer and do there just listen to the many  cops going to court  talking amongst  themselves  as I have and do also now learn about the Police v John Citizen unacceptable negative, slanderous attitude many police now do  have even in Calgary, Alberta too. 

" Bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. Senator Cools' bill  Senate private member's bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. The chances of it passing are virtually nil. Read this bill and contact your MP and demand that s/he support it. Try not to cry when s/he laughs in your face." The Conservatives wow to clean up Canada's  justice system.   Senator Cools' bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts so what happened, happens to it too? and what about spouses who too often lie to the courts now too in separation, divorce applications and do not get prosecuted by the too often bad court judges too?