I have been involved and writing about Canadian Politics only about two decades.. and I have been right on almost all of what I write about too..  I wrote that The elected Canadian PM Stephen Harper will continue to have a minority government, he will not be popular with the majority of the voters and why as well.. I even wrote about what it will take the Liberals to get back into power

Any major political party that wants to be a majority government needs to  include now all of these items too.

1:   providing always, immediately  free, full effective medical care in Canada for all citizens of all ages, race, sex as well.

2:   an accountable and a fully held responsible federal, provincial, municipal  governments where each, every  individual(s) in the government  is next held fully accountable for how he or she uses, or abuses any of the tax payers' money.

3:   having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide laws and justice system in Canada, that treats everyone equally, fairly, all persons, citizens, professionals as well. That includes having fully independent regulating bodies, judicial legal appointed authorities, for the police, lawyers, accountants, doctors, civil and public servants, politicians included, to honestly, fully investigate and to deal quickly, effectively with any, all of the wrong doings now too

4   having adequate, uniform  Canada wide Consumer protection services as well.This includes having a fair, honest, uniform Canada wide  independent regulating  judicial, legal appointed authorities,to enforce, regulate, investigate all the false immoral,  misleading business practices and to honestly, fully investigate and to deal with any, all of the wrong doings now too.

5   insuring that our retired pensioners, veterans and disabled in health,  social welfare recipients, the poor, do always get adequate incomes to meet the actual costs of living and to do this we will insure that all, all Canadians do pay their fair share of taxes as well including the  professionals, self employed, business persons, and  corporations too.

Sadly it seems the new Canadian Conservative federal Government  and their new budget too also now are not governing but still electioneering, playing partiality, discrimination and favoritism and this is immoral even on their parts.

It is all still quite simple getting more new Liberals, or more new Conservatives, or more new NDP, BQ does not at all insure even next a good government.. as we know now many times too..  Bad managers hire bad persons mostly still too.Yes bad immoral leaders, Managers still do choose mostly bad advisers,  bad subordinates .. mostly the people with their bad own values.. and we get bad service thus..  Still doing not much good is still a sign of a bad manager, subordinate too.  The Liars especially make for very poor managers and poor cops, poor politicians  still.. for the really immoral persons still cannot think right or do right. You cannot expect to hire bad, incompetent  people and get good results.  And being an useless, ineffective, wasteful elected or career official is also the same wrong doing as being secretive  and there is no such thing as little bit pregnant, or a little bit acceptable abuses of democracy, freedom, human rights.

- Firstly choosing friends into a lead
ership position, or choosing some one at the suggestion of friends is the worst management thing you can do.. for next you cannot correct, punish, fire, discipline them.. ( Canada's number one hiring practice)

- Secondly Garbage in means still  garbage out and most of the politicians are still really just basic Garbage.. Allan Rock, Cotler, McLellan,  Mc Guinty, Klein etc.. I rightfully would have never hired any of them.. in the first place for most of them they are immoral persons, liars  and their behavior firstly shows it..

I have to say that the bad Liberals and King Ralph really do remind me of also the too many bad Pastors I have also encountered in Canada and this too is unacceptable.  

Here are 6 undeniable and unacceptable facts still even  about the Conservative political parties in Canada

1: The Federal Conservatives are now even really worse overall even in comparison to  the previous Liberals we had in power, for they the Conservatives are more pretentious and more inadequate in governing even as well. They do often even have a hidden agenda they are pursuing firstly.

2 The Conservatives in Ottawa under Stephen Harper  and those Conservatives in Alberta as well under Ralph Klein are unacceptably too now are not looking after the equal, good well being of all Canadians Canada wide, but only the minority few Canadians that hopefully will reelect them. keep them in power, and even thus their false hidden agenda is a self serving one. Many Liberals had warned us of this too and they were right.

3: The Conservatives clearly really do not care to implement or maintain a total adequate  universal and fully functional health care system Canada wide as well otherwise they would have implemented real positive needed changes here already too.

4: Even the federal Conservatives for certainty now cannot be trusted to keep their election promises.
We continually and unacceptably in Canada seem to elect liars as leaders, people who break their campaign promises, Premiers and prime Ministers in Canada now too. Our new PM had prime minister campaigned on a promise of open government and an accountable one. He already has failed to live up too it and it did not even take him too long to do it too.

5 We have all now also seen that the wrongful, false  suppression of democracy, the practice of  dictatorship now is a classical Conservative philosophy, approach of too many bad Canadian Conservative leaders.

6 More Openness in the government, and Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone's best interest still too.

Most every bad guy who set out to do something awful wanted to do it in secret and keep it secret so he or she unlawfully could keep their false gains too. Most of the bad power hungry dictators started out pretending to serve the good welfare of the all of people now too. 

The rightful transparency in our federal government now as well is clouded by the false increasing Conservative government secrecy, and a dictatorship approach. Is now  "Muzzling the media, Harper style any more acceptable by him also now, next  muzzling the citizens as well? No, Never. It really is the same thing. 

7 It does not take a rocket scientist to know, to confirm these facts. One can easily tell who they are by what they do, have done so far. "18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Matthew 7  KJV)  

A good Canadian government would deal with these inadequacies as well

- Inadequate commercial crimes prosecutions, by the police and RCMP

-  Inadequate Consumer protections, prosecutions of false, planned bankruptcy, misleading false advertisement, corrupt business practices

- Inadequate self regulating societies of professionals including accountants, police, lawyers, judges

- The pretentious and inadequate public and civil servants, and their related services included even the Justice Ministry, Human resources, pensions services, immigration and refugee boards.

- The inadequate method of appointment of judges, commissioners including the police, immigration judges, human resources commissioners

- Theft and Expense account abuses by crown corporations, and the related managers, employees
Everyone says put me into power.. but few will not only not actually tell us what they will do if they are in power, and unacceptably few next also  will  really  keep their election promises,  rather next they  will look mainly after themselves and not after the good welfare of all the citizens.. 
the good welfare of the citizens includes issues just for a start such as -

1: The civil and public services in Canada are too often pretentious, inadequate, abusive even and no political party wants to really say what it will really do to fire them, to better manage them

2: None of the Political parties are discussing the overall better supply, management and delivery of our Health care system.. It seems for me the last 50 years the only way I get decent medical services is to go back a few times to the emergency departments.. for the local charge card happy  doctors do too often fail to do enough.

3: Rising costs.. we all know that fuel, energy, oil, gasoline costs are rapidly increasing.. and it is the poor people who will suffer the most for it too.. not the already too rich corporations.. and none of the political parties are presently adequately dealing with these unacceptable  facts.

4: Too many Politicians still do lie and do not keep their election promises and there still  is no provision to have them recalled.. there should be an opportunity to recall the lying, bad, unacceptable politician in mid term too. You know old fashion mid term exams..

5: We need an open, transparent  and fully accessible  government.. accountable and transparent on all of the tax payer's expenditures too..  with full disclosures.. not one that hides it's dirty deeds rather too often now.

6: Brain damaged alcoholic civil and public servants are not capable of doing good work.. really.. we know what impaired drunk driving does too.. Not one cent of the tax payer's money should be used to purchase any alcoholic beverages at any time.. not one cent..

Secondly all alcoholics, drug users in the governments must be given 30 days to sign up, attend a valid, certified drug treatment program such as alcoholic anonymous, their personally falling to do so they must be immediately fired from their jobs, or resign.

None of this is an option... none!  I also still do not have an extreme or unrealistic but rather rightful expectations   for I rightfully always expect all of the paid by the taxpayers public and civil servants, politicians not to get drunk on any of their working hours, and them not to be self serving but to really look honestly, fully after all the citizens good welfare in Canada, and no matter the citizen's status, colour, race and religion too. Not just to pretend to near the re-election times too.  I really do rightfully expect all these persons who do not measure up to this be fired too immediately, without any reservations too.  By the way it is estimated that at least 25 percents of the persons in the civil and public servants, working for the governments are heavy drinkers, alcoholics, drug users.. many citizens get really shocked to find that out still and that not much has been done about it still too..

Yes the governments ARE only as good as the people elected, hired, working for all of us, the taxpayers too.