Justice Inadequacies

1 As reported in the US news media.. Tuesday, February 7, 2006 Police report more cases of lottery scam  Winston-Salem police said yesterday that they are seeing more cases of a lottery scam that mainly targets the elderly. Known as the "Canadian lottery," the scam goes like this: Older residents get a call from someone telling them that they have won part of a lottery drawing. The scam artists then mail the victims a counterfeit check with directions to deposit the check, withdraw money and wire it to several locations either near the Canadian border or inside Canada, police said. The victims believe that the money they have sent is to cover taxes, tariffs and other fees from their winnings. Police did not say how many more cases they have seen, saying only that it was "a recent upsurge." The victims either never hear from the scam artists again or get asked for more money, according to the Web site of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police, Canada's national police agency. There are no prize fees or taxes in Canada, according to the RCMP.!localnews!education!&s=1037645509111
 "Scam From Canada Cost Victim Thousands A woman from Mooresville is out thousands of dollars after she answered a classified ad that turned out to be a scam. Now she wants to make sure others don't make the same mistake.  The classified ad for the perfect job couldn't have showed up at a better time. Gailanne Chavis was out of work and the job as a secret shopper for a company based in Canada looked promising.  Chavis applied and soon she was on her first assignment -- to go to a local Wal-Mart, send a Moneygram and rate their service.  The secret shopper company sent her a cashier's check for $2,830 with instructions to cash it at her bank, and then wire $2,500 to an address in Canada. The rest of the money would cover Wal-Mart's fees and her payment.  Chavis said she took the $2,500 cash to a Wal-Mart in Mooresville where she sent the cash and then filled out her report. A week later, the bottom dropped out. Chavis' bank told her the cashier's check she had gotten was counterfeit. "I was just floored. I really was shocked. When some people say, 'I'm furious. I'd be going through the roof.' I don't even know if it has all hit me," she said. It really hit her hard when her bank told her she would have to pay all the money back. Chavis said she tried calling the secret shopper company, but got a "customer temporarily unavailable" message.Even the Charlotte Observer -- the paper that ran that ad -- was apparently fooled. It said there were no red flags suggesting the ad was bogus. Once it found out, the ad was pulled immediately. "We do see a number of scams that are run from across the border in Canada," said Doug Wright, fraud detective for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Wright said they haven't run into the secret shopper scam before, but the Canadian phone number should have been a tip off. Chavis is hoping that others won't be fooled. "I don't want this to happen to nobody else," she said. Eyewitness News traced those phone calls to the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Unfortunately, federal agents said that unless the fraud amounts to more than $100,000, they're not likely to go after them. They said the victims are on their own. "
And what is being done about this too? RSVP you all know how usless the RCMP now really is in my experiences too. They have hired too many bad guys and have dressed them as cops firstly. Secondly there are two clasess of people, those important persons, who can get police services and those who wrongfully cannot in Canada, the rest, the majority of citizens.. The Number of complaints against the Police in Canada in fact overall is really unbelievable still.   The overwhelming majority of complaints against the police flow from private citizens. Ontario's judge  George Ferguson  had  also urged a more transparent Police complaints process too.  Supposedly in Toronto alone In 2004, these police complaints totaled 862 . And 335 of the 862 the police complaints went nowhere firstly and why?: they were deemed supposedly frivolous, inapplicable, rejected,  or were not filed within the requisite six months. How convenient for the police the six month limitations too.  Among the 527 police complaints that were investigated, accusations of discreditable conduct accounted for almost three-fifths; plus heavy-handed use of authority was the second-largest category. Incomplete data was the next majority category with more than 116 of the 527 were still outstanding when the 2004 report was written. Finally only  11/862  produced findings of  misconduct, clearly now which is too low in reality., especially when you consider that the majority at least 95 percent of the police tickets issues against the citizens tend to stick next in comparison , and how many of the police next actually got a rightfully termination, firing is another unacceptable bad issue too. 
Now firstly  how many of the civil and public servants, RCMP officers, politicians  included now, in the last year have been rightfully arrested for cheating, lying, stealing and/or abusing tax payer's money? only 1 or 2.. you really got to be kidding. In the unacceptable reality bad persons are not being adequately removed.

- I have also already put in writing that to  the past Federal Liberal Cabinet in Ottawa they wrongfully did not take any serious steps, laws, efforts to curtail the spread of pornography on the Internet, especially since it generates financial income for some..  they only cared about monetary issues.. Something no one in the federal cabinet has denied.

Long-standing concerns over pornography's corrupting influence are being confirmed by recent studies. Romance too often is still porno..  Porno is still the false worship of an imaginary, unreal sex  image.. and does  leads to marital breakups often cause the viewers are  out of touch with reality.. but are seeking an unattainable next,  false unbalanced supposedly perfection of sex.. and eventually will never be happy with it as a result too.  In past years restrictions on sexual content in the media were rejected by many secular observers. But the flood of Internet pornography is leading to second thoughts.    On Tuesday the New York Times reported about growing concern over the effects on children. The article reported on the findings published in last July's issue of the journal Pediatrics, in a study titled "Impact of the Media on Adolescent Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors."  There is no doubt, however, that young people are immersed, often without parental supervision, in a media culture abundant in increasingly graphic sexual content... Survey data collected at the November 2002 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in Chicago looked at the impact of Internet usage on marriages. At this meeting, 62% of the 350 attendees said the Internet had been a significant factor in divorces they had handled during the previous year.   They also observed that 68% of the divorce cases involved one party meeting a new love interest over the Internet. And 56% of the divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic Web sites.  Although Internet pornography is commonly consumed by one household member in a solitary fashion,  the impact of sexually explicit material is felt by the entire family, and the community in general.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church warns against pornography. No. 2354 noted that it not only offends chastity, but also does grave injury by making people the object of base pleasure. Moreover, "It immerses all who are involved in the illusion of a fantasy world." Fantasy or not, its impact is increasingly causing grave damage... see erotica, and divorce

- Motor vehicle collisions presently account for more than half of alcohol-related hospitalizations in Canada. The local  POLICE AND THE RCMP have been busy instead trying to generate revenues from traffic and speeding  ticket quotas, and they often have not been dealing with the drunk or drug impaired drivers adequately..  and even I firsthand do know that too.. even in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Canmore Alberta..  Severe and uniform Canada wide prosecutions of drunk or drug impaired drivers, drug abusers too  is still the best approach since firstly the drunk and impaired drivers drug hurt also the Innocent citizens... so do the drug pushers, users. Calgary motorists remain a gold-mine for city of Calgary coffers, with $11.8 million collected by photo radar last year alone , a  good revenue ticket-generator,

NOW YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW BY NOW THAT THE MAJOR CAUSES OF VEHICULAR ACCIDENTS ARE THE AGE OF THE DRIVERS, IMPAIRED DRIVING, ROAD RAGE, TALKING ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING, AND  FIRSTLY NOT THE SPEED. I who was a patron member of the Calgary Multicultural center too now was already  arrested in the Calgary Chief of police office while I was there was using my right of free speech telling the unpleasant truth and trying to complain about the quota money,  promotional oriented Calgary cop who gave me  3 speeding tickets in a row.. and before the arrest I saw and read in the police office the computer quota printout for the cops myself.. AND THE CALGARY BAD CIRCUS GOES ON STILL OVER TEN YEARS LATER TOO..
Canada: Judge, Cop Slam Speed Camera Traps An appeals court judge in Calgary, Canada and a former police officer criticize speed cameras in transitional speed zones. In a written opinion Thursday, Court of Queen's Bench Justice Peter Martin criticized the Calgary, Canada police practice of placing speed cameras in such a way as to trap motorists unfairly. Martin was considering the case of motorist John Hilton who had appealed an $87 ticket he received on July 31, 2004 for driving 84km/h past a speed camera placed at the transition from an 80km/h limit to 70.  "It is clear that the primary objective of the enforcement of traffic laws must be to ensure the safe usage of Alberta's highways and not to generate municipal revenues," Martin wrote. "If the traffic enforcement people are, in fact, concerned with giving the northbound motorists every opportunity to comply with the reduced speed, there is a place on the west side of the highway from which that can be done more fairly." Despite his sympathy for the defendant, Martin had no legal grounds upon which to overturn the conviction handed down by a lower court. Charlie Pester, a former seven-year veteran of the Calgary Police Service agreed with the judge.  "It's all about money," Pester told the Calgary Sun newspaper.  Pester also warned that focusing ticket efforts on areas where speed limits are in transition is dangerous. "What this will lead to is the slam-brakes mentality if that's the way police want to enforce it," he said. "What kind of idea is that? Talk about creating accidents
The Bible belt of Alberta has clearly become the Devil's belt where also the letter of the law has taken over the spirit of the law now as well, and the useless, pretentious  immoral still too  Police Chief,  justice ministers there still do need all to be fired, replaced, starting with the Progressive Conservative Premier of Alberta...
The rather masturbating self regulating even police commissions are mostly useless as well as I even I do know from firsthand witness and it has been unacceptably that way in Canada for decades now too.
3 - I also do know from firsthand experiences in 3 provinces now as well, in Alberta, Quebec, Ontario that lawyers too often do lie, they lie to the Queen's court judges and to the respective Law Societies now as well and wrongfully they tend not to be prosecuted for it. It would still take the   very immoral, Justice Ministers,  or a  Prime Minister of Canada to now to allow this, to really now also still do nothing about it.
4 - It still does not take millions of dollars to know, find out that if you put into place, hire bad, stupid, immoral managers and employees, and do not adequately supervise the managers and  subordinates in our civil and public services you will of course see major work degeneration.. and the simple solutions is always to firstly fire all of the people who hired them and fire the bad employees, as well as put them into jail..
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons is what serves all of the persons' good welfare.  Now please do use the most effective solution still just simply, economically do fire also all the bad cops, bad civil and public servants, their managers too, all of them and even do put them into jail like the rest of us do in the real world too..