For certainty implementing adequate Justice in Canada has been  very poor and a critical Liberal weakness, especially all of the past clearly very poor Liberal justice Ministers in office too, and I have rightfully even said so in writing now for many years too.

Conservative Stephen Harper is to be congratulated for making justice and full political accountability proper priorities again..  " A Conservative government would "completely overhaul" Canada's justice system, put more police on the streets and beef up security at the border, Stephen Harper promised Thursday.  Speaking in downtown Toronto, the Conservative Leader said he would introduce a series of mandatory prison sentences -- ranging from five to 10 years -- for those convicted of major firearms offences. Harper also said he would introduce a minimum sentence of five years for possession of a loaded restricted or prohibited weapon. "Not only will sentences be tougher, we will make sure the criminals serve those sentences," said Harper.  Also included in the Tories' five-year, $500-million initiative is a plan to put an end to the statutory release of prisoners, which allows for parole after serving two-thirds of a sentence.  Further, Harper vows to end conditional sentences -- or house arrests -- for violent, repeat or sex offenders. "Inmates should earn parole by showing genuine rehabilitation," said Harper." (This platform paid of and the Harper won the 2006  federal election over the Liberals)
Next "Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty unveiled a $51-million plan Thursday aimed at combating escalating gun violence, promising to put more police officers on the ground and hire extra prosecutors to handle cases when they get to court."  After a bloody year of 52 gun murders in Toronto, and growing criticism that Ontario's legal system allows too many offenders to go free to commit further crime, the government responded  .  "This marks the first time that an Ontario premier has formally and publicly recognized the need to add resources to all parts of the criminal justice system to effectively deliver public safety." "McGuinty has long faced pressure to speed up delivery on his election promise to put 1,000 new officers on the street but he has always said the government didn't have the money for something that was a high priority for the people of Ontario."

Whether it is Medicare, education or Justice.. With the Liberal's bandaid it is always an after the fact reaction and always much too little, not enough  and much too late still too.. and as always the solutions it does not deal with the root problems still too. The Liberals also at the federal and provincial levels now have always been also wrongfully really stingy, cheap at rightfully enforcing the existing laws in Canada, even in BC as well.. and the Liberal tend to always reserve the tax payers money for the Liberal friends first..

"The provincial government can not change the sentencing laws for gun crimes, that is federal jurisdiction! Today the provincial government announced more money for prosecutors in Ontario to help prosecute the accused of gun crimes in Ontario, and more money to the Metropolitan police forces so they can hire more police officers to find and charge accused offenders... but now it is to the federal government to help further"
Jail and prison alone are certainly not all of the answers.."  What we are seeing in Toronto's gang violence is the further bloody fallout of Mike Harris' and the Conservatives' Common Sense Revolution as it continues to play out on the streets.In fact, his government repealed employment-equity legislation. He cut social assistance by 21 per cent. He abandoned social housing, eliminated social programs... Longtime Progressive Conservative insider Hugh Segal saw the future in his 1997 book Beyond Greed: A Traditional Conservative Confronts Neo-conservative Excess. He was horrified by "a selfish barb-wire politics, one that seeks to destroy the conservative ideal that places order at the centre of a universe where individual freedom and social responsibility co-exist in real balance. " Eradicating that balance and replacing it with the law of the jungle is what neo-conservatism is all about.'' The ckearky Unbalanced law and order Harris was in fact just a bad uncompassionate dictator, tyrant and that also why he and his party deserved to also lose the Ontaruio provincial elections....  for there in reality are both Good and bad Conservatives...  sadly Harris and Eves were not at all good Conservatives... but the federal Liberal are even worse.. when they did very little or nothing about it too.. the last 12 years..
Do you think the law should automatically treat teenagers as adults when they are accused of gun crimes?
Yes  1712 vote s  (81 %)
No  413 vote s  (19 %)
   Total Votes: 2125
Is a teenager with a Gun  a new issue or has it been around for a long time? Not the black folks but the White folks need to die first before the federal government gets involved? Are gangs and violence really now a new event? are the Liberals ready to talk big mainly at election times too? I have to also to say I am shocked we do not hear too much or get too much good acts about this from our federal Justice Ministers the last 12 years?
Next us even Hiring more Cops, RCMP police officers firstly under the existing poor Police managers and existing poor cops still will only corrupt, hinder any of the future good cops.. and note more in numbers never means a better organization, or insures real effectiveness..  merely putting more money into a pail full of holes is the sign of another really bad manager too.
"SASKATOON Millions of dollars in crime proceeds seized by police would be reinvested into troubled neighbourhoods like those in Toronto that have been plagued by gun violence, NDP Leader Jack Layton  Layton, who has cited poverty as one of the major causes of the violence that has plagued Canada's biggest city, will outline a $1 billion law-and-order platform heavily focused on community investment and prevention. The federal NDP leader will also call for tougher criminal penalties for those caught with guns, according to the crime strategy, obtained by the Toronto Star. The NDP also intends to propose that young offenders age 16 ( should be 12)  and over (and all)   who use guns should be treated as adults in court. ( Jewishs relgious laws have long time held manhood at the age of 12) "Having a gun and carrying it around is just as bad as using it. These laws need to be changed," Layton  At that time, he said there must be more enforcement and pointed to criticisms from the auditor general about shortfalls in RCMP manpower."
What still no one managerial mature to deal with the fact the real managerial fact that too many of the existing RCMP are lazy, no good, pretenders, liars, they are just as bad as the really bad politicians?
Kick out the bad one first.. bad cops and bad politicians too and then you can manage all the cops better.
It is not  their good but often false public relationships that counts, and it is not what you think of the cops that counts but what they are really like by experiences when you go to use their services.. and too many cops in Canada are bad.. they rarely do adequate work.. not allowed?
At my first and last personal discussion with G Duceppe Montreal BQ MP  it was clear that  as a lawyer he had great faith in the justice system.. but not me.. now many years later I know for sure by experience he too now has found out the negative reality as to how bad the Police, justice systems are in Canada..  and always those too often useless Mounties and cops now too.. for you have to write a book to get them to act? what bugs me about the useless mounties.. as to how they are really useless... like the Liberals they do much too little and much to late..
and do note this you cannot retrain the really bad cops rather you need to fire them and hire new ones, rather hire now really good ones and and then you can train them.

"Ottawa — The RCMP is looking into a controversial $4.8-million grant that was awarded to a pro-Canada group at the time of the 1995 referendum on Quebec sovereignty, officials have told The Globe and Mail. The money went out more than 10 years ago in three disbursements to a little-known group called Option Canada, which has since been disbanded. On Dec. 23, 2005, the RCMP quizzed two officials at the department of Canadian Heritage about the 1995 expenditure. It remains unclear to how the entire grant was used, but a source said that there are questions surrounding the distribution of an amount, believed to be $300,000. The RCMP review is the latest bad news for the Liberal campaign. Last week, the Mounties launched a criminal investigation into whether the government's November announcement of a tax change favourable for income trusts was leaked.   The RCMP would not confirm or deny any activity on the file.  However, an official at Canadian Heritage said the department called in the police after hearing that Option Canada was the focus of an upcoming book by Quebec investigative journalist Normand Lester. “Various information led us to believe that there were possible irregularities in the management of federal funds and it's in that optic that we asked the RCMP to look more closely at the matter,” Heritage spokesman Jean-Guy Beaupré said. Mr. Beaupré said the RCMP has yet to determine whether it will launch a full criminal investigation. The Canadian Unity Council, which is a non-profit organization devoted to “strengthening Canada”, is aware of the RCMP's interest in Option Canada, a group that the CUC set up shortly before the referendum to promote federalism in Quebec. The council couldn't undertake certain political activities because of its charitable status. “A bit before Christmas, we were told that there had been a request for the RCMP to look to see if there were grounds for an investigation,” said CUC spokesman Peter Cowan. “That's essentially what we were told. We have not heard anything that changes that to this point.” Mr. Cowan said no one at CUC has been contacted about the investigation. Option Canada was created on Sept. 7, 1995, and started receiving federal funds within a few weeks. It obtained a total of $4.8-million in three payments dated Sept. 24, Oct. 2 and Dec. 20. An internal review at Canadian Heritage criticized the disbursements, saying the process “lacked the rigour and scrutiny one would expect for such large sums of money being given to an unproven client.” Option Canada has been disbanded and its former president, Claude Dauphin, is on holiday and could not be reached for comment. Still, Mr. Dauphin has hired a spokesman in advance of the publication of Mr. Lester's book, The Secrets of Option Canada, which is due to be released next week. Through the spokesman, Mr. Dauphin said he is unaware of any allegations of wrongdoing, and that even though Mr. Dauphin signed the applications for funds, he did not oversee the federal money. “He was not involved in the day-to-day management, so he does not know how the funds were distributed and to whom, other than what he read in the media,” said spokesman Jonathan Goldbloom. Mr. Dauphin is a city councillor in Montreal and a member of the city's executive committee. Before going into municipal politics, Mr. Dauphin worked in the late 1990s as an aide to Prime Minister Paul Martin, who was minister of finance at the time. In his report into the sponsorship scandal, Mr. Justice John Gomery said that an advertising agency called BCP Group Inc., which worked on the federalist side, received some of the Option Canada funds. “From September 15 to October 5, 1995, shortly before the referendum, BCP invoiced Option Canada for a total of $2.6-million (including taxes) for media purchases and advertising related services,” Judge Gomery's report said. Senior government officials have asked for a briefing note from Canadian Heritage in anticipation of the RCMP interest in Option Canada becoming public, a source said. Heritage Minister Liza Frulla said in an interview that she is unaware of any developments on the file. Ms. Frulla said she has recused herself from the Option Canada issue because she was involved in the NO campaign in 1995 as a provincial representative. The Bloc Québécois has always been extremely critical of the grant to Option Canada, saying it likely bypassed Quebec's electoral law"
I still rightfully do openly have many beefs about the bad lying RCMP in Canada especially in Westmount Quebec, plus Canmore, Alberta  even those Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg  the details of which that I had also posted on the Internet, and I continually in writing  do remind all of Canada's major news editors, all of Canada's elected officials too about the bad cops.. I have the last many years worked really hard writing thousands of letters to slash the RCMP budgets as much as possible, Canada wide too, and I even have rightfully suggested that they be totally dismantled and replaced by a decent police force. Still do too.