More on  Hypocrisy II
The Spin Doctors now try to say that "The 12-year Liberal government of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin has presided over a massive redistribution of wealth to the most privileged sections of the population — a redistribution carried out through massive social spending cuts, the tightening of unemployment insurance eligibility rules, and a sweeping rollback of corporate, capital gains, and personal income taxes." The Chrétien-Martin Liberal government has done big business' bidding or it's own dirty Liberal Business?  Yet next some persons, spin Doctors who cannot face the neagtive reality,  would try to lie to us all that it was soley the Canada’s corporate elite that has been supposedly  involved an unprecedented attempt to manipulate the electorate, it had  mounted to shift politics far to the right and has used supposedly in pursuit of this aim done this with anti-democratic methods. That it was really not predicated that the Citizens would have rejected the governing Liberals.  The corporate media itself has supposedly served as a chorus for the Conservative Party in framing the 2006 election and has proclaimed the Conservatives a modern, moderate, mainstream party.   The drive to bring to power a Harper-led Conservative government has supposedly also now mainly drawn strength from an unprecedented intervention by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) into a federal election directed by the NDP too.  "Breaking with long established practice, Canada’s national police announced in mid-election campaign that it is conducting a criminal investigation into a possible leak from within the Liberal government of details of a forthcoming policy statement on the taxation of income trusts and stock dividends.  The senior political columnist at one of Canada’s two national dailies has called the RCMP’s intervention "inexplicable." His counterpart at the other national daily, Harper-supporter Andrew Coyne, meanwhile, has chortled that the RCMP's intervention was divinely timed. "And there has been no media outcry against  the RCMP dirty tricks. The RCMP has a reputation already of being incompetent. Supposedly still "Canada's corporate elite is none too anxious to see a full airing of the insider-trading/income trust affair, because it is entangled with corporate Canada’s successful campaign to pressure the Liberals to make a series of tax policy decisions highly favourable to investors just five days before the government fell. But the RCMP announcement that it was investigating whether some investors may have been tipped off about the tax policy statement was splashed across the front pages, because it could serve as fodder in the drive to stampede the electorate behind the Conservatives"  and is now tryting to shut down the need for a RCMP review supposedly indeed.
Yes clearly there always is still still is a need for all, even  more adequate,  and more honest, competent too, RCMP reviews of the past, present bad acts of civil and public servants, as well as the bad politicians in Ottawa, elsewhere. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty always also serves as the best deterrent to all next too.
"The Conservatives will be in power for a while likely with loads to do as well. The people living in  Canada’s heartland have rejected the Liberals concerns and values. Too many Canadians in small towns and rural areas simply do not see any longer the Liberal Party as representing their own way of life any more.   Their own personal feelings of resentment towards the Liberals now were also compounded  by the Liberal own measures measures towards  the gun registry, high taxes, a soft criminal justice system,  official multiculturalism,   political  scandals, tax payer's money absues, deplorable family and personal values,  the recent Liberal attempt to legalize gay marriage,  cheap Liberal anti-Americanism, Liberal's appointed activists judges,  the incredibly Liberal arrogance including the Liberal claim that only their party represents “Canadian values",  kick backs of  millions of taxpayers’ dollars from government contracts to the Liberal Party and its operatives, opened the eyes of many Canadians to the depth of Liberal sleaze and dishonesty too, to name only a few. ” The Liberals are really dreaming if they think they will easily make up any next government too."

Spain is also one of the few countries that had legalized gay marriages now too.  Friday, July 1, 2005;  MADRID, The Spanish parliament approved a same-sex marriage law Thursday, handing a major victory to the governing Socialist Party and angering such opponents as the Roman Catholic Church, which denounced the measure as "unjust." Spain's action follows similar moves by the Netherlands and Belgium, where same-sex marriage has been legal for some time. On Tuesday, Canada's House of Commons also passed a gay marriage bill.   Several European countries have sanctioned civil unions for homosexual couples.

"MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish police have arrested six people in Spain and shut down 62 international Internet "communities" that exchanged child pornography, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday. In an almost year-long investigation, Spanish police detected the Web connections of 2,870 Internet users in 40 countries, including Spain, who distributed pictures and videos of babies and children through online forums or "communities" of paedophiles. The investigation led to the arrest of six people in Spain who were accused of distributing child pornography, the ministry said in a statement. It carries a sentence of up to eight years in prison. "In these 62 dismantled communities, users exchanged and distributed pictures and videos of rapes and sexual aggression against very small children, even babies," it said. Whenever they discovered an illicit forum, Spanish police sought a court order and then shut down the community, in cooperation with Microsoft, the ministry said. They had also passed on the Internet addresses of users to police in countries where they lived so they could make further arrests, the ministry said. The list of countries included Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Germany, Italy, Britain, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Taiwan. "The police will continue to have a policy of 'zero tolerance' toward any use of new technology that could put our children in danger or that involves abuse of children," Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso said in the statement."

And Canada itself has shut down how many?????

Taboo. The World wide  sacred act of the ostriches too often is still  to overlook, cover-up the wrong doings of politicians, and even clerics, judges, police now  too .. and their taboo in not breaking a supposed sacred trust, to hear and to speak no evil of others, but now we do know the price for having turned a blind eye to the politicians abuse and to the clerical abuse, even  the paedophile priests.  "INSTEAD of confining the paedophile clerics to positions where they would have no access to children, the authorities transferred the likes of Fr Brendan Smyth to unsuspecting communities where they were able to offend all over again. Hence each of them had the impact of seven or eight different paedophiles. The issue that I had raised, however, was about the behaviour of the authorities who covered up for the paedophile priests and facilitated their perverted ways, especially the Christian Brothers who transferred offending brothers to industrial schools where the children had virtually no protection. If those in authority did not know this was wrong, they should have had nothing to do with children.   Of course, those authorities knew, but they were criminally indifferent."  In the process they not only betrayed the children, but God.. and the bad politicians did the same who betrayed the citizens
(1 Tim 5:20 KJV)  Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 21  I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality. 22 Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure.