Health Care II
It is still true that Premier Ralph Klein   is "Darth Vader of health care, and he sure is not a NDP Tommy Douglas.
VANCOUVER (CP) - Alberta Premier Ralph Klein denies he's the "Darth Vader of health care," setting out to destroy the Canadian health system.    Klein told a fundraising luncheon for the blind on Friday that the typical reaction outside of Alberta to his suggested health-care changes has been to sound the alarm bells. "Once again we're looked upon as the bad boys of health care, the renegade province," he said. Klein told the crowd of about 200 people that Canadians need to have a serious discussion about health care because the system isn't sustainable in its current form. "I haven't come here as the Darth Vader of the health care. I'm not out to destroy the public system as we know it today," he said. He said the Canada Health Act wasn't brought in to prevent change. "It's not there to stop innovation dead in it's tracks and it's not there to protect a health system that can't deliver timely service." Klein said governments are throwing more money at health care, yet the results aren't getting better.
What Alberta's Premeir Ralph really means about discussion is that  it should be all his way still? and he should be doing all of the disucssion talking, and not any opposition members, who he too had wrongfuly tried to shut up, even persons like me. And yes putting money into pails full of holes is really a bad management skill, it is just as bad as appointing incompetent pretentious Health Ministers at the federal and provincial levels now too, and that is also something I have said for the last ten years too.
I got another undeniable fact for you if  all of the pretentious mostly Premiers, PMs and Health Ministers had really wanted to find a real solution they would have done it  a long long time ago.

 Alberta these days is not all rosy.  The very High costs of living, incompetence, mismanagement are the basic complaints one hears, experiences in the private and public, civil service sectors of Alberta.  Even Premier Ralph Klein came  into pwer because of the Albertan PC provincial government's own mismanagement   Premier Ralph Klein too now still is not generally respected outside of Alberta.   Under Premier Ralph Klein the consumer basic costs went  up seriously, sky high too.  My own valid experience is that Alberta lacks still even the adequate basic justice,  even the good police forces  for a start. 

It is still a real,  fact that the governments, federal, provincial, municipal ones and the related politicians, civil and public servants in Canada do still make too often an unacceptable  mere pretense , inneffective  effort in serving the welfare  of all of the good  citizens, and yes any related justice for them as well.   Let's face it most of them tax payer's paid civil and public servants, even politicians  cannot still be trusted, left unsupervised. Politicians, Civil and public servants, so called professionals too. Not even the Conservative ones.

Then there is the related issue of the pretentious Alberta Law Society, the pretentious RCMP public complaints Commission, the pretentious Alberta police Chiefs, the pretentious Alberta Polce  review board, pretentious aldermen, mayors, pretentious Members of the legislatures, pretentious doctors, lying accountants, crooked business persons, pretentious  bad pastors too, toomany bad used used car salemen, and the lack of viable basic consumer protection now as well. 

For years I used to take the commuter train from west island Montreal  to the downtown core, and I met a lot of working professionals on the train. I got to know many of them. In 1980 when the anglophonees got francophobia most of these same persons left the  province mostly for two places.. Toronto and Calgary ( only a few could afford to go to expensive Vancouver)  The second rate rejects all next seemed to go to Calgary, the purchasing managers, accounting and project managers too. The better ones went to Toronto.

Alberta has a one track add, come to Alberta and get a job, but preferably bring your money and spent it there. They need to look for new suckers to rob. Cause they certainly do not tell he real truth as to what Alberta really is like. Now I have been to and I have worked in For McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary, Exshaw so I also do  know the whole truth.  Alberta's biggest problem is not just their human resources, the still too often incompetent, pretentious, unqualified personnel, professionals and their inadequate supervisors too. but the pretentious governments.

"Time to still first clean up one's backyard of Alberta? "

Actually, really now who enforces any of the Professional standards and who honestly does investigate the related wrong doings, it is done by a totally unrelated independent body of competent judges, or mainly being done by the still masturbating self regulating bodies, or just as bad the also really incompetent pretentious commissioners ?

"Unprofessionalism" is the basic valid term, and yes today it applies also to too many of Alberta's so called professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, cops, wardens, and even by law enforcement officers, Realtors, etc..

Especially when it is likely most of these rather out of towners likely lied on their resumes to get their jobs in the first place. Many person in Alberta have admitted to me they lie, they even lie on their resumes, they even have different resumes too. The average person lies once every 5 minutes, so why not the rest? Perjury even to the Queen's courts of Alberta is still an unacceptable practice that rarely gets prosecuted now too. Or lying on the expense accounts in the municipal, provincial governments.

Too many bad cops still in Alberta today Even in the provincial capital, In Edmonton. "Voices of discontent More citizens complaining about cops . More Edmontonians were complaining about the service they were getting from city cops last month - Citizens are still wrongfully and mainly allowed to be heard one time, one day , during the election.

As far as these cops, enforcement officers do seriously face it so many of these poorly educated persons are mostly still thugs especially in the backwards province of Alberta today where it is still really difficult to hire someone competent based on thee ridiculous salaries being offered to them compared to the actual high cost of living in Alberta.

So concern about the cops in Alberta is rightfully escalating these days too.. Such concerns such as " Armed transit cops slammed Civil liberties group says measure goes too far. An Alberta civil liberties group says arming special constables isn't the best way to make public transit safer, even though it's a growing trend across Canada." " Call out for more native cops Stronger policing in violence-plagued Hobbema is a saving grace, but more native cops are needed to be fully effective, says a spokesman for the Samson Cree Nation. " New powers over peace officers Province to have right to order investigations into actions of special constables The province will have new powers over municipal peace officers under a new bill being debated in the Alberta legislature. "

Here is the truth a related joke, a masturbation one rather, now I personally had met, known knew of a chief peace officer who for years and years stole, lied, lied even to get his job on the city of Calgary and he next was never stopped or reprimanded. His Bosses rather covered up for him.

"The province will have new powers over municipal peace officers under a new bill being debated in the Alberta legislature. Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko says the new Peace Officer Act will give the director of law enforcement authority to conduct investigations of peace officers - also known as special constables - hired by towns, counties and other employers. He said one of the goals of Bill 16 is to increase the level of oversight and accountability of peace officers. "It ensures the municipalities conduct a proper investigation," Cenaiko said. "If there's a concern there, the director of enforcement can order another investigation or he can call in another police resource to investigate." Currently, the director can suspend or cancel a peace officer's appointment, but their employers are responsible for reviewing complaints of misconduct. Under the new act, employers will still have that responsibility, but the director will have the "the power to review, oversee or investigate a situation that may be more serious in nature or if the complainant isn't pleased with the outcome of a review at the local level," Calgary-Hays MLA Art Johnston told the legislature last week.

But still how many cops are actually really punished now for wrong doings per year? one? There are too many bad cops still in Alberta today. The police complaint process and their conclusions are still rather still pretentious too often too.  I have been complaining about bad cops the first time I met a bad cop in Calgary in 1980's and I have yet to have one complaint of mine, even about Alberta's bad RCMP adequately dealt with since that time.

Are Calgary cops still driving home from the Police tavern they do now frequent too often? I also do attribute the bad cop scenario in Alberta, Canada due to their initially hiring bad, immoral persons to be cops, especially any of the Toronto rejects.  

"Federal officials are investigating an Ottawa-area public servant for alleged abuse of a government credit card. The unidentified employee of Public Works allegedly bought $545 worth of tickets to attend a minor league baseball game featuring the Ottawa Lynx. A document obtained under the Access to Information Act indicates an internal financial official alerted the department last August. And a preliminary review by Public Works' fraud directorate found evidence supporting the allegation, the document says. A spokesman for Public Works, Pierre Teotonio, declined to provide details on the case. "We cannot comment further until the matter is investigated fully," he said in an interview. Several federal departments and agencies have been rapped by auditors in recent years for credit-card abuse by employees, including Fisheries and Oceans, Justice and the Canadian International Development Agency"

The bad Ottawa circus  also goes on and on and on and on and on and on...none of this is acceptable now too. I often ask the Question if these elected politicians, the related managers and supervisors now are looking after us all, our tax dollars mow too, how come it is not visible evident? 

Like others too have said too it is time for Ralph also to go. We need really good managers in all parts of Alberta too in reality still.

Alberta also  is pretentious, pretentious, pretentious and all Unprofessional, Unprofessional, Unprofessional
 It really does also rightfully still upset me that the rather too often perverse applicators of the laws, the judges, self regulating bodies commissions and commissioners base their conclusions not on sound principles, morality, uniform and valid applications of the laws but rather their own personal preferences and perversely they are allowed to get away with it still.