God bless Canada
"God bless Canada, Alberta included. "Personally, I see nothing wrong with a politician invoking a higher power. I find some comfort in the idea of a leader acknowledging one" Rex Murphy's ability to say so much and to miss the point at the same time makes one wonder if he is applying for the soon-to-be-available job of communications director for Stephen Harper. Maybe even the Prime Minister's job. A prime minister is supposed to represent all of the people of Canada. Harper fails at this. He Harper certainly does not speak out now for our good health care, our good welfare cause he only cares about his own.
Posted by: God bless Canada, Alberta included. | 20-Mar-06 10:02:05 AM"
"Alberta is a prostitute trying to get rich of the oil and gas while other people pay the price
it spreds it 's legs really wide for all to see in Canada what she is like
Rest of Canada not like or respect Albertans
More make up will not help her bad image.
and anyone who says the truth is another Preacher
Alberta Today needs more good preachers like Tommy Douglas and not more sluts."
Posted by: Tell them the truth | 20-Mar-06 9:28:16 AM "
"...... would be wary about a more Christian Parliament today,
A more Christian parliament? HA HA HA
you are joking, and what a big Joke
still there is no difference between the red and blue ostriches
they are all self serving, hirelings, dictators,
there ain't yet a real Christian person amongst the whole Bunch,
and these cowards they all have been silenced too.
Christian? Not even especially Mr. S Harper who has yet to learn
44 and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.. 45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Mark 10: )
anyone yet seen any of them do now a decent Christian thing?
I have not.
Christian Parliament. That was a good joke.
Posted by: The Pretenders | 20-Mar-06 9:01:28 AM"

"Harper, Chrétien are alike, both manifested ruthlessness in dealing with contrariness, for they are despots, dictators, ostriches too as recently exhibited by the exercise of power turns out to be intoxicating. Harper by his cold, indifferent reaction to Alberta’s potential forays outside the Medicare box.. the unapologetic approach to political expediency, as shown in the appointment to cabinet of David Emerson and Michael Fortier last month and in the lackadaisical manner in which the decision was defended. All bad moves that have come to look like no-brainers coverup by lying spins that the end justified the means and that attitude eventually filtered down his government, leading the others too in their own dictatorial, unsavoury directions. Harper also shoots himself in the foot in Quebec while courting Quebecers. Major opposition to the Afghan mission runs deepest in Quebec, the very place where the prime minister is hoping to make gains in the next election. On this issue, On this critical peace minded libertarians Quebecers are Harper’s toughest opponents.. Harper's reluctance to delegate responsibility. to abdicate even a fraction of his considerable powers to Parliament, his caucus or his cabinet shows he is just another bad loser, bad manager, bad pm. "This all is a universe away from the participatory, grassroots democracy that Mr. Harper espoused when he was policy director of the Reform Party. It does a disservice to all those Canadians who voted for the Conservatives in the hope they would bring a new openness and accountability to government."

" Harper Restricts Ministers' Message : What is up with Stephen Harper? He's shortening the leash on his cabinet members so they can't talk to the media. Their words have to be approved by Mr. Harper first. I think the public would like to hear their own MPs' opinions. Those MPs are ultimately more responsible to their voters than to Mr. Harper, even if they are in cabinet. He's also trying to limit the number of public events, public accessibility and media scrutiny. There is something very scary about a government making itself less accessible to the voters. If the Conservatives need to resort to such tactics, they don't belong in office."

No matter how the Albertan Conservatives lie, twist and spin it Harper's reality is he does not care about anyone else's good welfare but his own still

Posted by: This is not supposed to be that way | 20-Mar-06 9:48:05 AM
And how long will these rednecks tolerate such explicit posts, not for long before they try to censor them again.
When you invoke God's name, do really try personally to act like his real representative still too. Otherwise you make a mockery of his good name.
"Still here is how I rightfully see it.
S Harper can spin his dictatorial approach all he wants even if he is sincere, he is sincerely wrong.
Democracy, Freedom, liberty, Equality, Justice are not just words, but real valid principles that need to be continually practiced by all, note all persons in Canada. PM, Cabinet Ministers, MP, MLA, professionals and cops too.
He S Harper  is still accountable to all the citizens of Canada and not just at election time
He S Harper  works, is responsible to look after all of the Good citizens of Canada, all of them.
But Harper left the Presbyterian church for the Christen Missionary alliance church cause he likely doe not support the new testament pattern plurality of elders, of elderships. he Harper likely prefers the one man show, the Judas approach or the King Harper approach.
He Mr. Stephen Harper has to stop pretending also he is any kind of a  Christian or needs TO GROW UP. MATURE, get back to the real Biblical apostolic approach,  become a mutual elder, practice reciprocal submission too, and not his  dictatorial one man ministry.
Valid, real Leadership is being mature to be one of the eldership."