Ethics.. It is undeniable that 80 percent of Canadians say they do believe in ethical values, and while they may not be practicing them always they still hold them to great values.. so pointing out the unethical behavior of any politician, such as lying, slander, stealing, failure to keep their promises etc  is a sure way, a  definitely destructive way  to destroy a politician's career, and their reputation especially with the voters.. for the ethical values are common, are even demanded and much appreciated to many voting persons still today.
A good example of this fact is that while many persons claim their believe in free sex, sex outside of marriages, these same persons often are the very first, the very same persons who label all those who do it as sluts, harlots, adulterers... thus they also do accuse these people of behaving unethical.
(Prov 22:1 KJV)  A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.
(Eccl 7:1 KJV)  A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth
As to why Stephen Harper still remains a big loser, it is still cause  the Harper new conservative government is getting weaker and  is still playing more politics than endeared with good governing, for they are not engaged in real governing  with policies and announcements that seemed more designed to appeal to the Tory base than the wide electorate, the majority of votes. And the Tory ongoing bashing of the Liberals will not help the Conservatives still, for it will not deny what the Conservatives really are like.. unfavorable to many voters.
The Conservative weak spots include , according to the Liberals and the Toronto Star, -

  • Harper's ideological alliance and affinity with U.S. President George W. Bush.

  • Ethics — the difference between what the Tories preached in opposition and what they're doing in power.

  • Treating the voters as stupid. Telling them, for instance, that the Conservatives are reducing taxes when they're actually increasing them, or changing their story on whether they actually promised to deliver a medical wait-times guarantee.

  •  The appeal to the Conservatives' base or "narrow-casting," as Ralph Goodale Liberal MP calls this government's style. I call it discrimination, showing false partialities.
    Goodale  insists, the people are starting to see through the "flimsy" promises on which the Tories have delivered — the vaunted GST cut this summer didn't make any appreciable difference in people's pocketbooks, Also Goodale says, and the $100 cheques for child care aren't doing much to make daycare more available.
    "The game, for all intents and purposes, is still in Quebec. If the Conservatives cannot pick up steam in Canada's second largest province then mathematically it will be difficult to form a majority government." They the new conservatioves are clearly lsoing Quebec and even Ontario still.

     and with a definite new leader the Liberals can only get stronger and not weaker.

    I amongst many other persons too  am rightfully getting rightfully now  tired of the still too often also incompetent, useless, pretentious, poor, lying  elected, or hired Ministers and  with any of their  poor civil and public servants, colleagues, subordinates  now as well, even under the new conservative government. Anyone abusing  even me is also a serious concern for the governments and I also do make sure of it too.  I  have clearly learned that if the wicked, evil, immoral persons, even these false abusers of me do not next now feel real personal negative repercussions they will have no reasons to even still stop their own immoral abuse of me, my human and legal rights and those of any other persons now too in Canada.  You and  I all always do have human and legal  rights you know even in Canada,  and I do  request the governments to do their  rightful duties and deal specifically with all of the abusers of the citizens, the professionals, lawyers, judges, cops and RCMP included  too. And if any of them they are not going to do this all properly they all  should clearly know by now that I will rightfully complain in writing again and again to all too till they do, or till they get kicked out, replaced.. and then I will also deal with their eventual replacements.. and I have dealt with many of them the last 15 years too. Eventually once exposed the bad guys even the elected ones in politics, in the civil and public services, churches too they do get removed, replaced by the demands of the news media, the citizens themselves sooner or later.

    Furthermore the Family Court in Canada now as well is supposedly a closed Court but it too now is not immune from any public accountability. Measures designed to protect the private interests of families and children, persons involved  ought not to be used to prevent me or the legislature, Parliament now rightfully highlighting, reviewing what I do believe is to be shortcomings in the applications of  laws. The lack of rightful prosecutions of persons who make perjury before the courts even.  My  own statements have made it plain for my  wish for there to be a full, formal inquires into the matter too. This is no different to those who have sought inquiries into any number of court failings over the years, decades and is a critical part of the democratic process.

    "OTTAWA (CP) - Environment Minister Rona Ambrose gave incorrect information on a key environment issue while appearing before a Commons committee last week.  The Conservative government now admits the previous Liberal regime did not spend a penny purchasing international carbon credits, contrary to claims by Ambrose, who told the Commons environment committee Liberals spent "at least $100 million" buying the credits.  Ambrose cited a long list of specific foreign projects, but her office now says that list was for the Canada Climate Change Development Fund, a separate program. "

    The new conservatives continue to show what they themselves are like.. bad...

    "TORONTO (CP) - An environmental group that tracks industrial polluters says Alberta leads the country in greenhouse gas emissions. says the oil-rich province produced 109 million tonnes of greenhouse gas in 2004 and was home to six of the top 10 polluting companies.  Ontario ranked second at 77 million tonnes, followed by Quebec at almost 23 million, Saskatchewan at 22 million and British Columbia at nearly 14 million.  Ontario's massive power utility, Ontario Power Generation, topped the list of polluting companies.  PollutionWatch says OPG generated almost 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.  The information is drawn from industry data collected by Environment Canada.  The provinces and companies were ranked by advocacy groups Environmental Defence and the Canadian Environmental Law Association. "  The biggest hypocrites the Conservatives  get rich by abusing the rest of the good folks.
    The Clean Air Act is not about cleaner air or action  Globe and Mail, Canada  Yesterday, however, having raised expectations of a substantive announcement, Prime Minister Harper essentially repeated what Minister Ambrose told the House Environment Committee last week. The government will introduce new legislation, the "Clean Air Act," designed to target smog, but not greenhouse gases. Canadians will not be tricked into thinking cleaner air can be delivered while the use of fossil fuels continues unabated. Will the new Conservative government keep its head buried in the tar sands, or will it come up for air?"
    "Ambrose Barely Seen, Not Heard CP VANCOUVER (Oct 11, 2006)  If there was a day for Environment Minister Rona Ambrose to display her savvy and intellect, it was yesterday, standing on stage for the biggest announcement of her portfolio, the Conservative party's Green Plan. Instead, she stood mutely alongside a bevy of other cabinet ministers as Prime Minister Stephen Harper did the talking, and took all the questions, too. "
    But maybe there is another explanation for the sexist's attitude, the suppression of even the conservative women ministers and for Harper wanting always to be the spokesmen, manager of everything... Harper's male chauvinistic tendencies maybe  his Christian Missionary alliance Church upbringing... and do not make a mistake that the Christian Missionary alliance church is vaguely a Christian church, for it is a more non Christian, religious organizations that worships men, particularly A B Simpson  and other   Alliance church men.  Stephen Harper was raised in such an intolerable and unchristian like  religious institution, the Christian Missionary  Alliance church.. as I have detailed before on the  net too.. and he Harper now behaves in a very similar unacceptable manner too. Not the way Jesus Christ himself now had behaved for sure. He clearly had respected the women as well. I  have for a decade attended this church as well and I had rightfully left them when they had abused me too.

    (Prov 22:6 KJV)  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    "History The Christian and Missionary Alliance

    1865 ~ 21-year old Albert Simpson, the American founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, preached his first sermon as a pastor in one of Canada’s most prestigious pulpits; became ordained; got married; honeymooned; and returned to his pulpit inside one week!

    1941 ~ The Western Canadian Bible Institute was opened in Regina as a direct result of the need for trained workers in Western Canada.

    1961 ~ The first Chinese Alliance church in North America was organized in Regina. The church had its beginnings in 1932 when Ruby Johnston of the Regina Alliance Gospel Hall had a burden for the Chinese of her city. Today, there are over 50 Chinese Alliance churches across Canada.

    1980 ~
    The first Canadian General Assembly convened in Winnipeg. Dr. Melvin P. Sylvester was elected the first President. There were 228 churches in Canada.

    1981 ~ The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada became autonomous on January 1st! The Canadian body had 251 churches, 44,549 inclusive members, 436 official workers and 112 missionaries. Global Advance Fund giving was over $3 million. 

    "Christians in Canada must realize that although most Christians are conservative (in the sense of preserving the core principles that undergird western civilization), that does not mean that Conservative = Christian.What the church in Canada must be told — loudly, clearly, and often — is that our goal is NOT to defeat the Liberals, but to lift up the name of Jesus and the authority of Scripture.You can be certain that will not happen with these "new" Tories" -Christian heritage party.. "