Dictatorship is the clear opposite of Democracy and general incompetent, immoral leaders resort to a dictatorial managerial style, Canada's Liberals, NDP and the Progressive Conservatives too now especially it seems.. where a free vote are not always allowed..
 That is why this News issue is relevant too. Ron Chyczij the president of the Liberal party' s riding association in Etobicoke-Lakeshore which has  as it's candidate the high-profile Liberal MP candidate Michael Ignatieff, has swung his support today to Conservative rival John Capobianco in Monday"s federal election. Chyczij also resigned as president of the riding association The controversial process by which Ignatieff was acclaimed the Liberal candidate over local hopefuls ruled ineligible by the party was a major factor in the decision, and "I can no longer in good conscience support the Liberal candidate in this riding,"  said Ron Chyczij, who had hoped to contest the nomination himself.  "After the nomination fiasco, I"ve purposely waited on the sidelines to see if Michael Ignatieff can in some way redeem himself as a credible Liberal candidate in this riding . . . this has not happened." "The Conservatives are the only major party on record to openly declare that they would end the practice of "parachuting" candidates," Chyczij said.  "This together with their platform on an elected Senate, fixed terms and free votes in Parliament I think are very appealing and go a long way in addressing my concerns.  Chyczij urges voters to cast their ballot strategically in this election to ensure that Michael Ignatieff, the touted heir apparent to Paul Martin, gets a time-out to reconsider his future political ambitions in this country." The declaration followed weeks of complaints by association members furious the Harvard professor was parachuted into the west-end riding after spending two decades in the U.S. Opponents charged the academic was brought in at the expense of Chyczij and another local member, both of whom sought the nomination in the Jan. 23 election.  Toronto-born Ignatieff   age 58 left his job at Harvard University near Boston in mid-December to run in the election and teach at the University of Toronto after being out of the country for almost 30 years.  He bought a condominium near the university last year; he does not live in the riding. His critics in the riding have also charged that Ignatieff made disparaging comments about Ukrainians in his book Blood and Belonging: Journeys into the New Nationalism, an explosive allegation in a riding where people of Ukrainian descent make up about 7 percent of  the voters. Contrary to the Liberal Paul Martin he is scheduled to replace likely Ignatieff's gave his qualified support for the U.S. war in Iraq.  Ignatieff accuses his  Muslim protestor Rizwana Jafri a vice-principal with the Toronto school board and a vice-president of the Muslim Canadian Congress of spreading "lies" that he supports torture  and many other inaccuracies. Ignatieff is also on record for censuring the U.S. government over its treatment of prisoners in the war on terror, particularly at the Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and for its justification of the Iraq war, which was to find weapons of mass destruction that were not found.  Ignatieff said he supported the war to depose former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein for his gassing, killing and torturing of the Kurdish people after a visit to the region in 1992 to make a CBC documentary.  "I saw things in Iraq that seared my heart," he said, acknowledging his support of the war is something "many Canadians find controversial.   I end up supporting an absolute and unconditional ban on both torture and those forms of coercive interrogation that involved stress and duress," Now while claiming to oppose dictatorship his own candidature election is associated with a dictatorially management style.. and many clear personal inconsistency too. But that is what many of Liberals now too often are as well .. inconsistent and dictatorial.
Incidentally I have been to a Progressive Conservative riding nomination where the local President with the help of his executive board stole the local MLA seat for himself..
Unlike the last many federal election issues which were mainly on the Liberals keeping Quebec in Canada, all  voting against the Bloc Quebec separatists this one has been now really different for all of the persons, Quebec included, they now have since agreed for the need for a real change, to have honesty, justice, accountability,  an overall  better government than what we have had with the too often immoral Liberals in Canada, and Conservative are the main choice for this. The Bloc itself  has been boosted by a series of scandals, especially revelations that the Liberals illegally funneled cash to a pro-Canada lobbying group during the last referendum on Quebec's future. 'The Liberal scandals have really hurt them, especially as it was about the issue that really matters in Quebec,'  And the whole country  of Canada is poised to swing to the right by electing a man   seen by the Liberals  as a Canadian version of President George W Bush. Conservative Stephen Harper is almost certain to replace Liberal Paul Martin as prime minister. Harper is supposedly hawkish on Iraq, sceptical of Kyoto, and wants Canada to co-operate in the US ballistic missile shield. He is also culturally conservative, being very critical of gay marriage and abortion rights. The only real question is: how much will he win by? S Harper said "I believe it's better to light one candle than promise a million bulbs."  and  "We need a government that will always stand up and work in the interests of the people who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules." His top five sated priorities are 1 to cut the national sales tax, 2 cut waiting times in the public health system, 3 crack down on crime, 4 give all parents of preschoolers a child-care allowance, 5 and clean up what he calls Liberal waste and corruption. This election has been fought with extremely non-Canadian bitterness by the Liberals. Liberal attack ads have even suggested that under Harper's rule Canadian cities would be subject to military occupation. 'Canadian cities. Soldiers with guns. The Conservatives have been playing to huge rallies across the country. Liberal support has collapsed almost everywhere. The Conservatives are poised to end 13 years of Liberal rule by replacing the  party in which an official often  called Bush 'a moron'. Many critics and US bashers have forgotten that many  Canadians do  share a lot in common with the US, many of their values now too..The Liberal's aggressive tactics have backfired. Even in Quebec, Conservative support has leapt. It is not necessarily bad news for the Quebec. Harper has promised more authority to Quebec, including diplomatic representation at such world bodies as Unesco, in an attempt to defuse secession demands.  Conservative S Harper has  even promised to give Quebec and Ontario more money to deal with the fiscal imbalances of the federal taxpayers money distributions and S Harper is now seen even in Quebec as a viable alternative to Paul Martin and the Liberals
"Reality Check from Canada writes:  Harper can run his campaign any way he wants to. Will the Liberal fear mongering ever stop? Look at the Liberal record. They have been doing more social engineering than anyone else. A gun registry, then an arbitrary handgun ban. We must take their institutionalized day care program, or nothing. They forced their idea of marriage into legislation without parliamentary debate. Am I the only one who finds that scary? A flip-flop on missile defence. Spending (and losing!) millions of dollars in questionable HRDC programmes. An anti-street racing bill? (Thanks for keeping us in power Chuck Cadman!). They enact knee-jerk legislation without proper debate. They know best about medicare, about aboriginal rights, about marriage, about everything. After all, the simple, ordinary Canadian people just want their popcorn and beer! This know-it-all approach is what got them into the sponsorship scandal in the first place.

The Liberals say things that make us feel good about Canada, but there is very little progress on issues that can make a real difference in our lives, like fixing medicare, or electoral reform. They make big speeches about Canada's role in the world while they reduce foriegn aid and allow Canada's military capabilities to erode.

You CAN love Canada and not be a Liberal.

Frankly, the record of Liberal arrogance scares me more than any threats they can ever make about "what will happen to Canada" when Harper gets elected.

(Election) Monday can't come soon enough."

and I agree...