The likely soon to be ousted  Liberal PM Paul Martin ( and he was next kicked out..) now proposes during the 2006 federal lections a Canadian constitutional amendment that would end Parliament's ability to invoke the notwithstanding clause to get around the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Canadian charter of rights and to next let only the Federal courts to have the final say in any of these matters. 
- Firstly it was not the courts who made the Charter firstly.. but Parliament and they thus can modify it too....
- Secondly Paul Martin and his Justice Ministers firstly have never dealt with the fact yet that some Judges are even  politically appointed it seems, the present Canadian federal and provincial judges selection  process are unacceptable and are  not really democratic, fully transparent..  and???
There has been already undeniably a false tendency to  pack the courts with their supporters by the Liberals.. dictatorship management is more signs of a personally  incompetent PM like Paul Martin.
- Thirdly the unacceptable  issue that in Canada some past lawyers could even buy their judgeship by contributing to Liberals party as  some allegedly have already should still be fully investigated by the RCMP still by now. I had asked the RCMP to do it myself too.. and???
-Reminds me still about the useless Canadian federal ethic Minister appointed by Paul Martin even who should have been fired by now too... and???
The Conservatives could call for an investigation of  the Ethics Commissioner -- whose office has been vilified by the opposition as a toothless lapdog of the Prime Minister's Office and  I have rightfully even many months ago said that the mostly useless ethics commissioner should have been fired.. he is just more abuse of the tax payer's money too.
-The same courts have yet to put  most if the bad Liberals who abused the tax payer's money into jail.. and why is that? and we are to always trust the courts?
The good, the bad and the Ugly.. Paul Martin said he was the one who called the inquiry by Justice John Gomery,  into the sponsorship program, as if he had a choice not too??? and that the commission cleared the current crop of Liberals. But Paul Martin forgot that a Poll of Quebecer's  70 percent still thought he Paul Martin was GUILTY..  and Liberals use the Gomery commission parts they like.. while the other half of the bad Liberals are suing the Gomery Judge for finding them Guilty of  wrong doings..
and the bad Dave Dingwall's and the Andre Ouelletes Liberals belong to another group of Liberals.. the uglies..

Two or three different crops of Liberals.. but only one Liberal party? How convenient.. hypocritical and unacceptable.

Conservative S Harper said there's no need for him to provide any further evidence than a spike in the stock market involving "often stocks closely connected to this government." He also attacked the income trust move as one that cost "ordinary people, literally billions," adding it was a "terrible decision, it should never have been made in the first place."   Harper also cited the recently announced Option Canada probe, saying "will you tell us, Mr. Martin, how many criminal investigations are going on into your government?"
And how many of the proven guilty Liberals have yet to spend one day in Jail under Liberal Paul Martin now as well? None? and why not????
Just cause the Canadian liberal courts even enshrines immorality, fornication, adultery , such as swapping sex partners , still really does not even make the court judges  any less immoral themselves , and the immorality.. and what next they will enshrine human  sex with animals, dogs, horses, children too?
(Jer 5:8 KJV)  They were as fed horses in the morning: every one neighed after his neighbour's wife.9   Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?
(Jer 5:28 KJV)  They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge. 29   Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?
CBC Two Quebec authors of a new book say Option Canada spent $3.5 million  illegally fighting for the No side in the 1995 Quebec referendum.    Norman Lester , and author Robin Philipot at the launch their new  book. ( The RCMP was asked last week to look into about $4.8 million in grants the  group received before the referendum, and how that money was spent.  Past government audits weren't able to account for about $300,000. Paul  Martin and his Liberals said the audits showed no sign of any wrongdoing.  The book alleges about $3.5 million of that money was illegally spent by the  No side.  The Quebec journalists say they were directed to documents from Option  Canada in a cardboard box behind a suburban Montreal shopping centre.  "We found them early in November and we decided to do a book on it because  the issue is very serious," Philpot told CBC Newsworld on Monday.  Reports surfaced last week that Heritage Canada recently asked the RCMP to  look into the allegations of misspending.  "As we began to investigate and we wanted to get comments from people who  were implicated by the document, that's when they decided they were going to  investigate," Philpot said in Monday's interview. "They did it after because  they knew we were going to find out what had happened."  Lester told reporters on Monday that Prime Minister Martin, who was then  finance minister, must have been aware of Option Canada and its spending.  The book also argues that cabinet ministers Liza Frulla and Lucienne  Robillard were also aware of Option Canada, as was Claude Dauphin, former  president of Option Canada and a former Martin adviser.  Philpot said the questions raised by the scandal are not limited to spending  abuses in the Quebec referendum.  "It's not (just) a question of corruption in Quebec," he said. "We're talking about  how Canada deals with Quebec."

and more Liberal not upholding the laws, rather breaking the  laws..and more deviations, even false denials is really unacceptable.. and how many of the deserving Liberals will go to jail here? none again???
"Mr. Martin's  plan, announced yesterday, to clean up Canada's major bodies of water was  largely overshadowed by questions about why Canadian Heritage called in the  Royal Canadian Mounted Police to look into what is believed to be $300,000  that was used to pay for 50 Liberal volunteers working on the No campaign in  1995.   Reports suggest one of the volunteers was among those banned for  life from the Liberal party over his involvement in the sponsorship scandal.  Unlike the report by Justice John Gomery into the $250-million sponsorship  program, which exonerated Mr. Martin as finance minister of any wrongdoing,  this most recent police probe hits much closer to home."
Then the clearly Immoral Liberals demand that the others, NDP, Conservatives, BQ uphold the laws while they the Liberals can unacceptable break them is never kosher still too.
Furthermore More Liberal Equalizations payments  means more liberals still putting their hands into the till.. and withheld from the Citizens..

"Liberals seek fiscal high ground Toronto Star -   OTTAWA Switching the election debate Sunday to what they believe is safer ground," their  self centered economic picture of  Canada  and  their ongoing mudslinging, bashing still too, the same bad Liberals rather can really learn from the others.. about helping the poor people in Canada
"The South African president, Thabo Mbeki, announced plans yesterday to spend 400bn rand (37bn) over five years on the country's poor.  Mr Mbeki unveiled the huge public works programme to launch the campaign of his party, the African National Congress, for local elections to be held in March. It marks a sharp policy change for Mr Mbeki, who during his six years in office has restrained public spending to keep a balanced budget and assure economic growth."
Like I have said..
The clearly proven now abusive, perverse Liberals and the PM would of course refer to bash S Harper, talk about the future Liberal economic plans, to talk about anything but their Liberal past with their Liberal managerial incompetence, their  undeniable lack of integrity, their clear untrustworthiness in money matters too.
Speaking of economics the Tax cuts implemented by Liberal and Tory governments between 1984 and 2000 which have amounted to $250 billion, now going mainly to the top 20 per cent of income earners. During the same period, ordinary Canadians have been hit by even unprecedented Liberal cuts in the funding of public health care, education, child care, affordable housing and the other essential services. The Liberals were swept into power in 1993 with promises to restore basic social services downsized by the Mulroney Conservatives. But once in office  they the Liberal liars, promise breakers had wasted no time in further slashing many state-run program all while helping themselves to more money too.   In the current campaign, now both political parties are trying to lure all voters with new and renewed promises of social spending and tax cuts, without any definite detail plans to look after the needs of all Canadians, to also save Canada's faltering social programs such as the low cost housing, affordable university education, decent medical care. The rich  wrongfully continue to despise the poor both federally and provincially too and is another main critical reason the BQ are more popular in Quebec. In reality still 20 percent of Montrealers today even do live under the poverty line and is why so many of them they now do support the BQ and not the Liberals today, and without the support of Quebec voters no one Political party can really win or have a majority government, for the support of Ontario alone will always lead to a minority government in reality.  Qubecers also undeniably clearly also do not trust the NDP or the Liberals, Conservatives  now  to look after their good economic welfare. Without Quebec how can you get a majority Canadian government still too?

Conservative S Harper has said his two percentage GST cut, would help the more than seven million Canadians who do not pay income taxes. "Only our tax package helps the 30 per cent of poorest Canadians who don't pay any personal income tax. Those people get absolutely no benefit whatsoever under the Liberal plan and that's one of the reasons why our plan in total is so much more generous than theirs," he said. But even that now is not enough for the poor people Canada wide too. They need much more help, consideration from their governments.   continued